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She was flying; of course, it always felt like that when she did this. Faster and faster she leaped from branch to branch. Quickly pushing off each branch and launching herself to the next. It was exhilarating, knowing that if you made one false step, you'd plunge to the bone shattering ground below. She smiled as her muscles in her legs lightly burned with every push. Absentmindedly, she lightly placed her hand on the scroll like bulge under her sweatshirt. This was the ticket to passing this test, this would bring her teammates and herself one step closer to the Chunin rank. They would have to rip this Heaven scroll out of her cold, dead, fingers before they got to it. Hinata shivered softly at the thought, knowing full well that killing was the intention of most of the applicants in the exam.

She looked back to her teammates to see how they were faring. Yoko smiled at her and Yami gave a soft smirk. Then Yoko's smile got bigger as she practically shouted "Race you to the clearing!" She easily sped up and was able to reach and pass by a startled Hinata.

Yami gave a soft growl of annoyance but let off a small smile as he too, sped off in hot pursuit of the long haired kunoichi. Hinata's smile grew as she felt the wind brush her cheek as Yami sped by her. The clearing was somewhere in the center of the woods, well at least they hoped it was. It was easily spotted by Hinata's enhanced Byakugan, and they were planning to set up traps to try to get an Earth scroll more easily, and fighting only if they had too. Hinata gave a soft sigh as she quickly released more chakra into her legs and rapidly sped up her pace, not wanting to loose sight of her teammates.

She quickly came upon the small clearing only to see Yoko jumping up and down with excitement, a large grin spread across her face.

"Hinata!! Hinata-chan! I won! I won! I beat the invincible speed demon Tsuki Yami!" At this Yoko made a face at her male teammate and stuck her tongue out.

Hinata let out a small laugh and happily exclaimed "Congrats Yoko!" she then turned to Yami and questioned him, "Haha Yami what happened? I thought you were unbeatable!"

Yami rolled his eyes and let out a soft snort as a smile spread upon his features "Well of course she won, she gave herself a head start. It would have been a different story if we raced fairly."

"Hah! Yeah right Yami!" Yoko cried, sticking her tongue at her teammate once again.

Hinata smiled, knowing full well that Yami had let her win. Underneath his somewhat cold and irritable exterior, he was incredibly caring, especially to the people he cared about. He knew that Yoko was getting down on herself, and by letting her win this little race, it boosted her morale ten fold. That was Yoko though, she was always positive, so very true to her name, when she gets depressed one little thing can make her glowing with happiness again. A warm feeling softly filled her as Hinata watched them. These two were her teammates, her best friends, and most importantly her family and she wouldn't trade this for anything in the world.

Hinata was quickly snapped back into reality as Yami's mood turned serious and said, "We should set up now, Hinata you keep look out, Yoko help me with setting everything up."

Yoko and Hinata gave a curt nod. "Hai!"

Hinata quickly leapt up into a nearby tree, her Byakugan already activated as she scanned over their surroundings. Yoko and Yami quickly got to work on the traps.

10. Spark. 9. Spark… Hinata tensed as she carefully watched the oncoming team come closer and closer to the clearing. She let off a light spark to alert Yoko and Yami as the rival team came closer. She lightly crouched into position, ready to launch herself from her branch onto the arriving opponents.

Yoko's whole body was rigid as she kept her eyes focused on the small sparks alerting her of the upcoming team. Some beads of sweat slowly rolled down her face as she nervously waited, the suspense taking its toll. Her body gave a soft shiver but she kept her hands steady as her fingers tightened around the metal wires which were practically invisible. She didn't dare to even breathe as she softly counted down with the sparks, her heart thumping wildly in her chest. It was almost time. I won't let them down!

Yami's body was perfectly loose as he waited and watched the sparks counting down to the anticipated arrival. He played softly with the kunai that would be used to cut his wire, his eyes never leaving the sparks of chakra. His body gave a soft shiver, not of fear, but pure excitement. As the countdown was to its last numbers, he quietly changed his posture into a crouched, defensive one. His hand tightened around the silver kunai as he held it to the thin wire. He gave a smirk. It's Showtime!

Hinata gave the final spark and she began releasing chakra into her legs ready to pounce.

The rival team quickly ran into the clearing.

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