Curiosity's a Threat

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Curiosity's a Threat

Chapter 1

Just as the streetlights flickered on, the twins started to jog.

"Riku! Slow down!" Risa Harada whined. "I can't keep up with you if I have all the bags in my hands. Will youtake them?" she held out her arms and tried to get Riku to take the grocery bags in her hands.

"Two? Oh come on, you'll survive." Riku smiled. "It's about time you pulled some of your work."

The two had just been walking home from the store. With their parents gone and butler on vacation, they now had to take care of the house. As they walked, they noticed spotlights and looked up. All the lights were pointed to a museum, while news vans and people surrounded it.

"I didn't know that Dark was stealing tonight. I should've watched the news." Riku said. "You wanna watch Risa?" she stopped in place

Risa was quiet for a moment, thinking about it. "No, let's get home." she said without looking back. Riku started walking again with a smile from ear to ear. She began to strut as she caught up with Risa. "What are you so happy about?"

"Not only did I get you to help me with groceries but to actually hear you say you don't want to watch Dark, life is good." Riku giggled as Risa growled and looked at the ground.

"It's just that...I'm tired. Your stupid bags are heavy." said Risa. She was lying though. Ever since she had seen Dark almost die from being attacked by another guy with white wings, she had convinced herself to stop liking Dark. It had actually been going well, it was easier than she thought for some reason. Probly because now her eyes had opened for someone else at school.

"Why does school have to be so early?" Risa whimpered, scratching her head.

"It's not that bad is it?" Daisuke Niwa, a tall boy with spikey red hair, smiled. He was Risa's boyfriend and had been for a few months now.

"No, she just likes to complain and hear herself talk." sighed Riku. Risa glared over at her with a "Hey!". Riku waved her hand at her and giggled. "I am just kidding."

Risa walked in silence for a few minutes, listening to her sister and Daisuke laugh. She thought to herself for a minute, how come she didn't have a boyfriend? She was much more attractive than Riku but all she could get was Takeshi to ask her out multiple times, each time she replied no.

Then, she spotted someone walking alone up ahead. It was like there was a huge neon sign hanging over them saying their name because she knew who it was in a second. "Well look at the time. If I don't make it to class early, I won't have time to-"Risa paused not knowing what to say to get away from Daisuke and Risa. "I won't have time to brush my hair!" she squealed then ran off.

This was her chance. This was Risa's only chance to get to talk to Satoshi Hiwatari alone. Just the thought of it wanted to make her hug anyone that passed her. As she got closer and closer to him, she slowed down from a run to a fast walk. Then, acting like she just spotted him, she shouted, "Satoshi! Hey, what are you doing?"

He slowly looked over his shoulder. Risa could hear him grunt but to her suprise, he stopped and waited for her. When she arrived at his side, he just murmured "Yes?"

She froze. Risa didn't know what she was supposed to say. What should I say to start a conversation? she asked herself. "Nice weather today, right?"

Satoshi looked up at the sky, then back at her and said, "Yeah, it's nice." They both walked in silence for a bit. Risa was so happy. Oh my gosh. I can't believe he's talking to ME! she screamed in her head.

"I don't see why the teachers gave us so much homework on the second week of school." the soft voice of Satoshi said. Risa could have sworn that her heart stopped that moment. Did he just talk to her without her having to bug it out of him? She wanted to faint then and there.

"I know!" she said a bit too loud. Satoshi looked over at her and Risa could see a flicker of amusement in his crystal blue eyes. "I was busy last night so I didn't have a lot of time. Maybe they just have it in for us."

Satoshi nodded. "I was busy too." Without thinking, he pushed his elbow from his side and Risa looked. There was a bandage that was lightly stained with blood popping out from his rolled up sleeve.

"What happned?" she asked quietly. He looked down and said "I cut my arm on the side of a table." The bandage was much too big for just a slight cut injury, he was lying but she wasn't going to make him mad. Not when they were have such a perfect conversation.

"Well, I cut my finger on a can." she held out her finger, which had a small band-aid on it. He nodded. "My sister says I'm clumsy but it doens't happen a most times."

Suddenly, Satoshi reached out and lighty grabbed her finger. "That's because you are clumsy." She stared at his eyes, which were now flashing desire. She had never seen Satoshi act like this, it was so...different.

Risa could feel her face begin to burn. Her heart was starting to race, faster and faster, like it wanted to just bust out.

Before she wanted, he let go, looked straight ahead and walked on. Why did he stop? she asked herself over and over. Risa watched as he pushed up his glasses and kept a straight face. Something was eating at her while they were walking, he was hiding something, wasn;t he?

Five minutes after Risa got to class (with Satoshi), Daisuke and Riku came. Risa watched Daisuke walk over to Satoshi who was already sitting at a desk, reading. He said hi, Satoshi smirked (Risa wanted to scream out of excitment) and they began to talk. Risastill listened.

She heard Daisuke say, "Sorry about the vase. What an idiot." Satoshi nodded to this and replied,

"Don't worry about it,Daisuke. You know him the best." they chuckled together. "but I think you-know-who got a bit out of hand. I'm sorry about that." Satoshi looked down at the desk.

"Satoshi, it's not your fault." Daisuke sat down in the desk next to him and pulled up his left pant leg. There was another bandage.

What is with these guys and getting themselfs hurt? Risa asked herself. She shook her head, then concentrated back on their conversation.

"It still stings a bit." Daisuke said in almost a whisper. "My mom was so mad." Satoshi nodded again. Daisuke had now stood up, waved to Satoshi and walked back over to Riku.

The second Satoshi's eyes left his book, they met Risa's but this time, they seemed filled with suspicion.

The bell rang, the teacher came in and she did her work, but the one thing stuck in her head now, they are hiding something.

Next class was gym, the class Risa hated the most besides Home Ec. Her sister and Risa both walked out of the locker room in their gym uniforms, a white t-shirt with a red stripe and red bloomers. Next to them came the boys walking out, wearing the same shirt with red shorts.

They all walked up to the coach, who immediately called out, "Get with a partner." Risa looked around franticly, seeing everyone partnering up with someone. She spotted Riku smiling at Daisuke and wished that Satoshi was in this class. Then, she felt a hand wrap around her waist to see it was Takeshi. He was grinning that horrible grin of his. Everything about him at that moment wanted to make Risa kick him where the sun don't shine and run. There was no one left so Risa guessed she was stuck with him.

They all walked with the teacher, Takeshi not letting go, to a small building that kept all the school sports equiptment. The coach reached into her pockets looking for something but couldn't find it. "Oh no, It seems I left my keys in my office back at school." yes no teaming up with Takeshi. "Does anyone want to run back to the school and grab my keys?" Risa's hand shot up. "Goahead Harada, but hustle!"the couch shouted, since Risa already started to run away.

She slammed open the doors, looking around. She then remembered where the coaches office was and ran up the stairs. Risa walked into the office,grabbed the keys, then walked out. She was quite relieved, being able to get away from that idiot, Takeshi.

Risa stopped at drinking fountain to get a drink of water. As she drank, she accidently got some water on her shirt. "Crap!" she rubbed it to try to make it go away.

While she jogged down the hall, she still tried to rub off the water. She turned as she saw another hallway. As she turned, Risa saw another figure and tried to stop but it was too late.

The two collided. Risa squinted her eyes while she heard boxes fall to ground, then felt herself hit the floor. She opened her eyes and saw blue out of the corner of her eyes. No, please don't be but unfortunatly, it was.

Satoshi laid there on the ground, his eyes were wide with suprise. But then Risa relized something worse, she was sitting on his waist.

"S-S-Satoshi, I'm so so sorry." Risa said. Satoshi groaned and tried to get up but Risa was still on him. She kept telling herself, Get up! Get off of him! but her body seemed petrified. She stared down at Satoshi, he now seemed to be smiling but he looked like he was going through pain.

"Y-you're so clumsy." he managed to say. Underneath her, she felt his stiff body twitch a couple time. Now finding the will power, she shot up. Risa's heart sank, she hoped that she didn't hurt him.

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