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Chapter 18

The sound of the waves against the large rocks weren't as calming as most people suggested. It was actually a rude awakening for Satoshi. He scratched the back of his neck as he pried his eyes open. At once, Satoshi was confused. Why was he sleeping on a balcony? Attempting to sit up, Satoshi felt the blanket covering him and paused to see whose it was. He pushed himself off the chair to see an ocean in front of him. "You want me to remember, huh?" Satoshi whispered to himself. He chuckled, leaning against the railing. "How long is it going to be, I wonder..."

"You really need to start watching out for yourself." Satoshi was suddenly blinded from the sunrise and showed the same perspective, but now it was late at night.

"You saved me again." Risa's smile. It would mean the world to save. "You're kind of like my guardian angel. You keep saving me..." The feeling of her against his shoulder lingered forever. "But how can he protect me and make me happy if he isn't here? What if he's the thing that makes me happy?" She made him feel so selfish though... "It's you, isn't it? It's Satoshi..."

He took a great gasp before backing away from the railing. "What in the world was that?" Satoshi asked himself. Taking another glance over the balcony, he watched the blanket float on the surface of the water. "Great, how am I supposed to get that back?"

After sighing, Satoshi fell back down in his chair. "We talked up here, didn't we? And she knew it was me...even though I looked like Krad."

"Are you alright?" A soft hand touched his shoulder. Satoshi turned his head to see Risa. She was smiling warmly, like she always did. That smile that was as bright at the sunrise. "Hey, I'm talking. I said, how was your sleep?"

"Just fine." He said in a bit of a grumpy tone. Watching Satoshi scratch his side, Risa chuckled.

"Good to see you're getting back to normal." She leaned her head on his shoulder. With a soft laugh, Satoshi rustled Risa's hair. "Hey! What was that for?" She shot, trying to flatten her hair.

"It's not like you've gotten ready for anything yet, have you? Plus, it's a Saturday." He grinned widely at Risa, the look on her told him he was right.

"Yeah, well that doesn't matter. I don't want you touching my bed head hair." Risa stuck out her tongue playfully. After a few seconds of laughing, Risa yanked Satoshi's arm. "Come on, breakfast is ready."

"Ok mom, slow down." Satoshi joked, following the girl.

Together, they sat at Risa's family table eating the bacon and eggs she had made. "Where's Riku?" Satoshi asked as he shoved a large piece of bacon in his mouth.

"She and Daisuke were going to go to the Zoo today. And if you choke on that, I'm not saving you." She giggled.

"Also, did Daisuke tell her know."

"About what?" Risa had a clueless expression on her face. Satoshi would have thought, by now, Daisuke would have told Riku like he did Risa.

"Nothing." Satoshi ate another piece of bacon. He glanced up to see Risa staring at him oddly. "Yeah?"

Risa looked away quickly. "I was just thinking about something."

"Like what?"

"But I'm not sure if you would remember it. It was back in the...artwork thingy."

"So. You can't tell me? I could at least put my thoughts in it." Satoshi shot Risa a smug grin. She let out a growl, annoyed by his cockiness.

"Fine." She sighed, her eyes traveling up to Satoshi. He seemed a little anxious to hear about it.

Why are you letting her answer this? You don't remember one thing from that time. Krad argued with his host.

But you do.

"How come, when Daisuke wanted to go search for a way to get out of the artwork, you wanted to just "relax"?" Risa questioned Satoshi.

I did?

Let me explain. Repeat after me.

"Um...Well, I guess, since Daisuke and I were in there longer, the cleansing had already taken a deep effect on us and we were becoming more unlike ourselves. I was undetermined and Daisuke was in a state of panic." Satoshi repeated. When he gazed back up to Risa, he discovered her eyes were filling up with salty water.

"I-I never want to see you like that again. I don't like it when you're like that." She said quietly. Satoshi gave a small laugh.

He gave her a motion to wipe her eyes and nodded. "You don't need to worry about that. I'll make sure I don't act like that." Satoshi told her while picking up his plate and taking it to the sink. Reaching for the faucet to turn the water on, Satoshi felt his phone vibrate against his leg. With a disappointed breath, he took it out to see his father was calling him. "I'll talk to you later, Risa. My father wants to speak to me."

"Be careful." Risa whispered.

Standing outside his father's door, Satoshi flattened his hair and straightened his glasses. One of the butlers next to him opened the door and Satoshi walked in. His father sat in a large chair across the room, watching his son happily. There was a moment of silence before Mr. Hiwatari broke it. "Your memories of me are fuzzy? I do have to say that I'm a little depressed. I was the first one you remembered but the last too."

"What are you talking about, father?"

"Do you remember your old vice principal at your school?" Kei changed the topic.

"Only a little. Why?"

"He was arrested. And a doctor named Fujisaki?"

"He was arrested? But-" But Mr. Hiwatari interrupted him.

"Don't change the subject, Satoshi. Do you remember from the doctor?"

"I-" He had to pause to hear what Krad was telling him. Glancing up, he saw his father's eyes lower.

"May I remind you that your other's memories are not, in fact, yours." His voice was quiet but loud enough to hear. At once, a cold feeling spread through the room.

Satoshi nodded. "I know that, father. I remember the doctor a little. She fixed my shoulder when it was displaced."

"Do you know what has become of her?" Satoshi began to wonder why his father was interrogating him like this. What was his purpose?

Shaking his head, Satoshi said, "No, do you?" He had not meant to say, "Do you?" out loud but it fell out. Satoshi wanted to cover his mouth but he knew he couldn't take back what he had already said.

A deep laugh came from his father. "In fact, I do. She was let off, innocent, and she received a new job as a nurse somewhere else. They said something about not being able to trust her." Kei's hair covered his eyes as he said the last few words.

"Not being able to trust her? Why not?"

"Something about suspecting she was deceiving people." He chuckled.

Satoshi cocked his head. "But...wasn't she a friend of yours?"

Mr. Hiwatari's laughter became louder. "I see you're still listening to him." He pushed back his chair and stood up. As Satoshi's father took a step towards him, Satoshi unconsciencly stepped back. "You remind me of a child without your memories. Did you know that you used to be very grown up with them?"

"I still have them!" Satoshi shouted. "They're just slowly returning."

"Do you know what that means?" Mr. Hiwatari seemed to completely ignore his son's comments. Continuing to walk towards to Satoshi, the boy was trying to find a way out of the room. "That means that there's something that you haven't remembered yet that is a part of you. But I have a question." Satoshi hit the wall. He was trapped and he could no longer escape. "Who's stopping that memory from returning? Is it you? Or is it someone else?"

Slowly, Kei put his hands on his son's shoulders and stared into his eyes. "Your Hikari eyes no longer seem like they would belong to a Hikari. Hikari's are fated to be alone. Alone and miserable. But not you. Somehow, you are different."

With one swift movement, Satoshi pushed away his father and ran out of the room.

Even after the door had slammed shut, Mr. Hiwatari remained in his spot, snickering to himself. The image of Satoshi's wide, surprised expression could not escape his mind. There was something he was avoiding.

"What does he mean by that? 'Who's stopping that memory from returning?' 'Somehow, you are different?'." Satoshi said to himself as he was running up the stairs of his apartment.

"Sato-" Mike and Kyle popped out from behind the wall.

"Not now, guys." Satoshi hurriedly opened the door to his apartment and slammed the door shut. Inside, he tried to catch his breath. He paced to the sink to grab a cup of water. Then, Satoshi collapsed on his couch, letting out a great sigh. "What did he mean by all those things he said?" He asked himself out loud.

I, myself, am not even sure. Krad told Satoshi. That man is not only suspicious, but really confusing. For once, acting as one, both Satoshi and Krad put their hands on their foreheads.

I thought by now, I had remembered all the important things. Or as father said, the things that were parts of me. What is missing? Satoshi sourly looked over at his mirror to see his blonde alter-ego giving him back the same look. He suddenly sat up straight. Waving his hand, Satoshi watched Krad follow him. Is that...? Now, Satoshi bent his arm but Krad was not doing the same. Instead, he was laughing hysterically.

You was actually you! Krad gasped for breath. That was brilliant.

And not nice, asshole. You scared me. Satoshi scowled.

Memory of the day: Mirrors are easy way to chat with tamers.

But- Satoshi sighed, giving up. There was no winning with this blonde idiot. He slumped down on his couch, staring at a blank TV screen. What did Satoshi normally do during these kinds of boring times?

I could always help you.

"Thanks, but no thanks." Growled Satoshi, turning his head. Sitting next to him was a thin image of Krad, smiling grimly. It took a few seconds to sink in, but once it did, Satoshi flew off the couch. "Is this another prank of yours? Is it, Krad?" Satoshi shouted.

Nope, not at all. Krad reached down and cupped Satoshi's cheek in his hand. Satoshi's eyes were wide with fear. You know, a little birdie yesterday told me that we had the same "number one". His tamer had no idea what a number one was but he still tried to move, though he felt petrified. I don't mind having the same number one. I'll share but I won't let her have you all to herself. It just wouldn't be fair.

To Satoshi's surprise, Krad bent down and placed his lips on Satoshi's. He could feel them and it made Satoshi's heart sink to his stomach. "Krad! Get off me!"

Can't I have a little fun? I've been helping you all day and this is how you repay me? Krad took advantage of Satoshi's moment of thought and kissed him deeper. Once he returned to reality, Satoshi attempted to fight Krad off. The blonde held down Satoshi's arms and laid on his waist, holding him still. Nothing bad will happen if you just accept it.


"What is it, Satoshi?" Risa Harada burst through the door, frantic and scared. "Satoshi?" She glanced around, looking for him. "What are you doing down there? And why are you laying like that? Is that a kind of stretch?"

"Sorry sir!" Mike and Kyle walked through his door, saluting him. "We could not hold off the enemy. We greatly apologize."
They, too, stared down at him. "Why are you down on the floor?"

Satoshi gasped. "You mean you can't see him?" He pointed to his left and looked to discovered Krad had disappeared.

"See who?" Risa asked.

"Do have ghosts in your apartment? I can get rid of them as fast as you can say melted cheese on an Italian sausa-" A sudden yelp came out of Kyle's mouth. "Mike! What was that for?"

"There are no ghosts." He growled to his twin.

Melted cheese on an Italian sausage? What the hell? Who in the hell says that? He really is an American. Krad said.

Why couldn't they see you? Satoshi asked.

Let's just say I'm for your eyes only.

"Why are you here, Risa?" He asked, pulling himself up.

Risa returned to her normal peppiness. "Riku and Dai invited us to go bowling with them! Come on! Let's go!" She tried to grab his hand but Satoshi kept it out of her reach. "Why don't you want to go?" A now sad expression filled her voice. Satoshi was staring at his feet.

"I just...need to change and get washed up."

"YOU IDIOT!" Satoshi's eyes snapped open as he quickly bent down to avoid the couch flying at him. "You scared me! Don't give me that 'I'm seriously serious.' face!" Risa screamed at Satoshi.

"I couldn't help it!" He said, dodging a chair. "You should have seen your face!" Laughing, a table came flying. "Don't be so angry!" Satoshi said, yet he was still laughing. Tons of things came charging for him. Tables, chairs, pots, pans, the twins, ramen packets and many other things. "I am going to go change." Satoshi waved and dashed to his room.

Risa was left staring at her pile of vented anger. "You know," Mike and Kyle said from the top of the pile. "We're not going to clean this up..."

"Daisuke! Could you at least try to catch the ball?" Takeshi shouted to him, anger seeming to steam around him. Satoshi and Risa stared at the boy, annoyed and disappointed. Saehara tossed the ball into his glove and waited for the umpire to be ready.

Mashahiro (in the umpire's gear) leaned forward, shaking nervously. "Please Riku, can you please hit him in the head?"

Riku laughed and twisted the bat in her hand. Satoshi stood at second base, (and had been yelled at by Takeshi for letting people pass him. Satoshi just told him he wasn't good at sports.) Daisuke and Risa were both standing at left field. The truth was no one really cared about the game, except for Takeshi, (but he was a different type of breed.) and just wanted to go back inside to their next class.

Takeshi held the ball close to him. Then, in a quick but swift movement, he winded up the pitch and the ball went flying towards Riku and Mashahiro. Both of the two backed up. And, of course, Takeshi began to get angry...again. "WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING? I THREW THE BALL! CATCH OR HIT!"

"There is no way I'm hitting that thing." Riku dropped the bat to the ground and walked away.

Satoshi chuckled softly, Takeshi obviously didn't know what he was doing. But when he raised his head, Riku was walking towards him. "Satoshi, you hit it."

"Me? I'd...rather not..." Satoshi muttered.

"Great idea, Harada!" Takeshi smiled widely. Sending Riku an icy glare, Takeshi grabbed him by the collar and dragged him to the batting area. "Just wear this and everything will be fine." The brunette shoved the helmet on Satoshi's head and ran to his little own space. Sighing to himself, Satoshi prepared to bat. "Take this, Smart Boy!"

Once again, the ball came speeding at him. Master Satoshi, do you really plan on hitting that?

I don't think I have a choice...

Well, the ball has a slight curve to it. Take a quick step back and swing.

Satoshi did as Krad instructed and swung. The ball went flying past Takeshi and to the outfield. "It worked." A small smile crept on his face. With that, Satoshi dashed to the first base, second base, third and was heading home.

Saehara noticed this and began to panic. From the corner of his eye, Takeshi spotted the ball, and, as if it were about to explode, he winged it to the home plate. Mashahiro had taped an extra glove to his hand. He watched Satoshi head to the home plate and held out his hand.

Eyeing over at Saehara, Satoshi gave a burst of energy to try and make the home plate. Unfortunately, he couldn't beat the ball to the plate...they had a tie. "Satoshi!" Risa sprinted to him.

"Is he ok?" Daisuke came with her.

"Ouch..." Riku covered her mouth.

"Haha, that thing is as big as the baseball." Takeshi laughed loudly, only to be hit by the three.

"Satoshi! Please get up!"

"What happened?" he whispered softly.

Looks like you have another injury to add to your list. Krad snickered in the back of Satoshi's mind. Satoshi felt himself being lifted by his arms.

Rubbing his forehead, Satoshi heard the teacher shout, "Take him to the nurses' office! She'll get that cleaned up."

Satoshi was still unaware of what was going on as they dragged him down the halls. He could only listen to what they were saying and try to figure out what had happened.

"I didn't mean to hurt him! I just got a little competitive."

"Yeah right! That's why you had to throw it at his head at eighty miles per hour." He heard the girls shout.

There was a knock, a small, "Come in!" and they opened the door. Satoshi didn't mind just hanging where he was, feeling dazed out. But he was quickly knocked out of his relaxation.

"Satoshi? I haven't seen you in forever!" A high pitched voice shouted. She jumped up, flew at Satoshi and embraced him.

"Who are-" Satoshi began to say, but Daisuke instantly warned him. "you doing?"

She cocked her head. "Who am I doing? Now that just doesn't sound right..." A smile remained on her face. "So, my dear Satoshi, do you remember me at all? You know, Haruhi Fujisaki?"

"Haruhi?" Satoshi's eyes shot wide open. She smirked her usual smirk, and wrapped her arms around her. "I...I am happy that you are ok." Satoshi chuckled.

"Well, I am happy you actually remember. That one day, you looked at me with nothing but confusion."

Satoshi buried his face in her chest, she was so comfortable. I forgot about her?

Raising his head, Satoshi saw that Risa looked a little hurt and pushed away from Dr. Fujisaki. "I'm sorry...I must, I need to get back to class."

"But Satoshi, we need to get ice for your head." The red head resisted.

"If that was all, then why did we need to come here?" Almost as if Satoshi's personality had changed in a second, his voice was cold and uncaring. But then, something freezing hit his chest and he glanced up.

Haruhi was giving him a serious look. "Don't be so rude to your friends. You can't get an ice bag from anywhere else." Satoshi's cold expression immediately disappeared.

"I'm sorry."

"It was nothing serious. Don't worry about it, Satoshi." Risa smiled to her love. "And don't think I'm angry at you just because you hugged Ms. Haruhi. I know you just think of her as a mother."

But I don't think "Ms. Haruhi" really thinks of you like that. The blonde chuckled, making kissing noises.

"You're right, Risa." Satoshi held the bag of ice up to his head. He strode to the door, waved silently and left the group.

Black feathers surrounded the area as the thief soundlessly touched down to the ground. A single ray of light from the moon aimed at his target, a bottle of medicine supposedly known to cure any disease. The Hikari's did come up with the silliest things. It was even believed to have been made with snakes' blood.

"Speaking of cold blooded reptiles, what is going to happen, Hiwatari?" Dark laughed. "This is the first time I've stolen since your little 'accident'."

Laughter arose from behind Dark. "It was not an accident, but yes, it has been a while."

"Seems as though you regained your creepy attitude. Damn..." Dark swept around to meet his blue eyes. At once, he wished he didn't. Satoshi was giving him the same innocent look he did when he asked him about the scar. But why? He knew what was going on, but why was the Hikari looking at him like that? "What is your problem now?" Dark snarled.

The expression was cleared by a smile. "Never mind."

Dark felt like he wanted to punch the blue haired boy but he couldn't. Daisuke did not want him to. "So, is Krad going to help you tonight?" Meanwhile, Dark was slowly backing up, reaching for the bottle. He, then, heard the clicking of handcuffs and twisted to the bottle.

"Great job." Satoshi was heard.

"Risa?" Saying that Dark was surprised would be an understatement. He jolted to the side, avoiding both of them.

On the other hand, Risa was her usual, bubbly self. "Did I do well, Satoshi?"

Nodding to Risa, Satoshi snickered when he saw Dark's eyes widen. "You turned her into one of your lackeys?"

"No, I wanted to help Satoshi." giggled Risa. "Don't get me wrong. You're still as good looking as ever, but I will always stay loyal to Satoshi."

Dark's face changed as quickly as a light bulb turned on. "I have to say, I am impressed, Satoshi." Dark smiled, red swirled in his eyes. The clicking of handcuffs was heard again and Dark shot up. "But I need to take this. Until next time, my dear Hikari." Black wings appeared on Dark's back. He jumped and disappeared out of the room.

"Satoshi! He's getting away." Risa said.

"Don't worry about it." Wrapping his arms around her waist, Satoshi kissed Risa on the cheek.

"Satoshi?" He felt his chest begin to become warm but held the feeling in.

"Why don't we head back to my place? Saehara loaned me this movie in an apology to hitting me in the head."

"You think a movie he would lend would be good?" Risa couldn't help but laugh.

Satoshi smiled, and it made Risa surprised again. "Actually, yes. So do you want to?"

"Sounds good to me."


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