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"But sir, this is the first mistake I've made in my 10 years of work here. Please reconsider." Middle-aged man begged before his boss. Sitting in a plush leather chair, the boss stared at the pleading man with cold blue eyes.

"This may be your first mistake Andrew, but it has cost me a lot already." He said in a cool voice.

"I understand Mr. Kaiba. And I apologize for--."

"An apology will not mend the damage you have caused." Kaiba growled, scaring the begging employee.

"I know Mr. Kaiba, an--." He tried again, but Kaiba cut him off.

"And you know what my policy is about employees who fail to do the task I assign." A cruel smile had taken refuge on kaiba's features. The man before him fell on his knees, begging.

"Mr. Kaiba, please. I have been nothing but a faithful employee to Kaiba Corp for the past 10 years. I've carried out all your orders without any hesitation whatsoever, and with perfection to the best of my ability--."

"And your failure at this task brings me to the conclusion that you are no longer capable of carrying out my orders to my satisfaction. And so, as much as it pains me to say it, I have to."

"No please. Give me another chance. Anything. I'll do it. Please don't--." Words were flying out of the middle aged man in absolute desperation, but nothing could deter the man in front of him from doing what he intended.

"You're fired." Kaiba said plainly, silencing the man for good. "Feel free to take anything you wish from your office… but I want it cleared in 5 minutes."

"But Mr. Kaiba, I can't clear all of my stuff in 5 minutes." The man said in a dazed fashion. Kaiba smirked and spoke.

" See Andrew, you can't even carry out a simple order anymore. You have just justified your own termination." The man stood up on shaky legs and glared at kaiba.

"You." He said in a spiteful tone, finger pointed at him. "You are an ungrateful, selfish, cruel, heartless, disrespectful, and a despicable human being."

"Thank you for enlightening me. Kindly remove yourself from kaiba corp. before I lose my temper and have you "escorted" out with all the "respect" and "honor" you truly deserve." Kaiba said in a sickly sarcastic voice. The man turned to leave, but kaiba spoke again. "You only have 2 minutes left." Andrew slammed the door behind him as he exited, but he didn't care.

He was Seto Kaiba, multi billionaire, owner of Kaiba Corp, and the richest man on earth. He was cruel. He was ruthless. He was heartless. And he was proud of it. It had gotten him where he was today, and he wasn't going to change. He was a businessman, and to survive in this cruel world, he had to be cruel. So what if he had lost an experienced employee? With the reputation and status his company had, and the money he offered for even the smallest job, he would have no trouble finding a replacement. One ad, and people form all over the world would be flocking over to Domino for this position.

Glancing at the clock, he stretched, suppressing a yawn. 'I need to get home. Mokuba will be calling soon. I missed his last call, but not this one.' He thought determinedly and stood up. Mokuba was his little brother, though he wasn't so little anymore. Mokuba was currently in Sydney, studding in a Tech university. While passing his secretary, Seto noticed she was half- asleep. Normally, he would yell at his employees for slacking off and fire them, but he couldn't fire her. She was a competent women, and best of all, she was in her late thirties and married.

Being a young, single, rich billionaire had some disadvantages along with the advantages. Crazed fan girls were one disadvantage Seto Kaiba dealt with most often, much to his displeasure. Every other businessman wanted his secretary to be young and beautiful. Seto preferred older, married women. That was one of his requirements. At least most of those women had some shame and didn't sexually harass him… much.

He tapped her desk, bringing her out of her state. Noticing her short-tempered boss was standing over her abruptly woke her up. Seto had to suppress a smirk at her panicked and frightened look. It would be quite funny if he fired her. But he wasn't going to go through hell to find another secretary.

"Maria, I'm leaving. If you have finished your work, you can leave as well." He said in a somewhat rude manner. The women, however, only sighed in relief.

"Yes sir. Thank you Mr. Kaiba. Have a good night." She said with a true smile on her face. He left without giving her a second glance.

As soon as he was out of his office perimeter, two men in black suites, who looked like secrets agents, started walking beside him. Their eyes sharply scanned the area for any danger. Seto was well aware of their presence and didn't protest. Recently, he had received some death threats, and even had to endure a few assassination attempts. Those men were the best in their profession and were there to ensure his safety.

As he stepped out of the building, two more men joined him, one in front of him, and the other behind him. He was completely surrounded by human shields, yet he still felt unprotected. His sixth sense kept warning him about some misfortune that was waiting for him. He himself glanced around to spot any assassins, but saw none. Maybe he was just being paranoid. Sighing, he slumped his shoulders in frustration and defeat. Suddenly, he felt a chilling feeling at the back of his neck. It felt like someone had placed an ice cube in his collar. Sharply, he turned around and caught a glimpse of a black arm hiding behind on the roof. Before he could warn his "skilled" protectors, a bullet came speeding towards him. But since he had already seen it coming, he managed to move out of the way. However, the bullet did manage to graze the skin of his arm ever so slightly.

His bodyguards, now noticing the danger, took out their guns and shot in the direction the bullet had come from. One of the men grabbed Seto and pulled him towards his limo. Once inside, he seated beside him, and waited for the others to come as well. After searching the area for the attacker and failing, they returned to the limo. Seto sharply glared at them.

"Well, did you capture him?" he asked. They shook their heads.

"No sir. He managed to escape us." One of them spoke.

"But you are unharmed." Another spoke, and seto balled his hands into fists.

"Yes. No thanks to you. I was the one who spotted him and managed to move out of the way in the nick of time. If I had completely relied on you fools, I would have been dead. You would have been taking my body to my house instead of a screaming me." He yelled on the top of his lungs. Every time the same thing happened. He always had to rely on his own instincts to save himself. They were there as a show. They weren't much help, and he continued to pay them huge amounts of cash. He was a fool.

"I'm sorry sir. We all are." One spoke, and Seto grunted, not bothering to look at him. He would have to think of another way out of this. He had no intention of dying so young.

The rest of the ride towards his mansion was silent. Seto didn't bother to wait for them to completely surround him as he got out of the limo. He marched swiftly into his house and slammed the door in their faces. His mansion had the best security system so he didn't need those morons inside as well. He would have continued to curse them, but the ringing phone interrupted. Already knowing it was his brother, he picked up the phone and slumped on the couch.

"Hey Seto. How are you?" a cheerful voice came from the other line.

"I'm… fine mokuba." He replied, after a short pause. But it was long enough for mokuba to know something was wrong.

"You are hiding something from me Seto. I know it. So spill it." his brother said a scolding voice. Seto hadn't told mokuba of the troubles he was having. He didn't want to worry him.

"I just escaped an assassination attempt." He finally said. There was no point hiding it any more.

"WHAT?" his brother screamed on the other line. "And you never told me this? Why?"

"I didn't want to worry you. Besides, I have bodyguards who protect me. At least they try." He grumbled.

"But they fail." Mokuba said knowingly. "Seto, you once told me that to beat a businessman, one must think like a businessman."

"Yeah. I remember." Seto said, not quite getting what his brother was trying to tell him.

"So if you want to beat an assassin, you must think like one."

"In case you haven't noticed yet, I'm not an assassin." Seto said in a highly sarcastic tone. Mokuba chuckled from the other side.

"Yeah. But you can hire assassins to protect you. They'll know exactly what the other is thinking and will be able to keep you safe." Mokuba explained and Seto's eyes widened at the prospect.

"That's a good idea mokuba." He said in amazement. Why didn't he think of that?

"See, talking always helps." Mokuba said knowingly and Seto smiled.

"So, do you want to talk about your grades… or maybe your playboy tactics?" he said in an accusing tone.

"No. I'd rather not talk about that." mokuba replied urgently. "I got to go. Love you big brother." And with that, the line was dead. Seto let out a hearty laugh. His brother was still as childish as ever, and he had a feeling he would remain this way for the rest of his life. Placing the phone back, he walked towards his bedroom. The sight of his comfortable bed told him just how tired he really was. Stripping his clothes away from his tired body, he fell on the welcoming bed. He would hire the best assassins in the world to protect him.

Seto briskly entered a small insurance office. His walk was laced with pride, power, and arrogance, enough to scare people out of his way. But the small office was empty. Was this place deserted? Did he come to the wrong place?

Female laughter coming from ahead told him otherwise. He increased his speed and reached a small lobby. It contained a small desk and a few chairs. Behind the receptionist desk sat a busty woman with golden blonde hair and purple eyes. Seated on the desk was a red head with brown eyes. Upon his entrance, they turned to look at him. The blonde girl let out a low whistle and eyed him up and down. He felt disgusted at her actions. What was up with blondes and him? He didn't know. All he knew that more then half of his fan club consisted of blondes who drooled at the mentioning of his name. The other half consisted of red heads.

"What do you want handsome?" the blonde receptionist asked seductively. He felt like he had stepped into a strip club.

"I need to speak with your boss." He said a firm voice. The red head giggled and he glared at her. She wasn't fazed by his glare at all, which surprised him.

"Do you have an appointment?" the red head asked.

"I don't need one. I'm Seto Kaiba. Just tell her my name and she'll tell you what to do." He said arrogantly. The blonde smirked, but reached for the phone. While she talked, the rd head walked up to him.

"So, what do you want insured?" she said smiling innocently at him. "Perhaps yourself. You're definitely worth it."

"Get out of my face." He said, trying not to yell at her.

"Oh come one. I'm only asking you a question." She whined and he growled, ready to answer her, but the blonde interrupted.

"Leave him alone serenity. Ishizu wants him in." the red head, named serenity, pouted at the blonde, but moved out of the way nonetheless. Without another word or glare, Seto walked forward. He reached a door, which, he assumed, was Ishizu's. He knocked and upon hearing her invitation, stepped into the small office. A woman with raven hair and blue eyes stood up to greet him.

"Please have a set Mr. Kaiba." She said, pointing to a chair in front of her. He seated himself and stared at her.

"I hope Mai and Serenity didn't give you much trouble." She said apologetically. He grunted and decided to get to the point.

"I'm sure you have heard of the recent attempts on my life. I need to hire your assassins to protect me." He said with an expressionless face. The same look appeared on Ishizu's face as well.

"I don't know what you mean Mr. Kaiba. I run an insurance agency."

"Don't try to fool me. I have done my research and I know you have exactly three assassins. This insurance thing is only a cover-up."

"You are mistaken Mr. Kaiba." She said plainly. "I don't--." But her phone interrupted her. "Excuse me for a moment." She said and picked up the annoying device.

"Hello. Ishizu Ishtar speaking." She said in a confident tone. But her face drained of all color soon.

"No. Don't do it," she said urgently. "Try to listen to me. You can't hurt him. It wasn't part of the deal." She was completely oblivious to Seto who listened with a smirk on his face.

"No matter what he did or does, you can't kill him. This is my order." A stern tone had replaced her concerned one. Seto raised an eyes brow in amusement.

"Give him the phone." Ishizu said. Seto may not have been able to listen to what the person on the other side was saying, but this new man was screaming so loud, Seto had to cover his ears.

"Please. Don't kill me. I'm sorry. I'll do anything you say. I'm sorry. Just don't hurt me."The man on the other linebegged/screamed. Ishizu sighed as the loud voice disappeared and was replaced by the previous voice, Seto guessed. Ishizu listened to the person on the other line for a while and hen sighed in defeat.

"Ok. You can hurt him, but only slightly. That means no bone breaking."

"No. Not even the arm… or leg." Seto wondered what was the deal, but straightened as soon as Ishizu placed the phone away.

"What am I going to do with--."? She mumbled to herself but stopped as soon as she noticed Seto still sitting there.

"You're still here?" she asked incredulously and he chuckled.

"Yes. And I heard everything. You can't deny it any more Ishtar." Ishizu nodded.

"You have to understand that we only take special clients. And we sign explicit contracts to seal the deal. Our only condition is that you can never reveal or identity." She explained and he nodded.

"I'll keep your identity secret if you keep me safe. If I go down, Ill be sure to take you down with me." He said coldly. She nodded in agreement and placed a paper before him.

"Read it and sign it. Our service doesn't come cheap." She warned. He dismissed her comment and read the contract. After thoroughly examining it, he signed it and handed it back to her.

"Good." Ishizu said taking it from him.

"I am expecting perfection since I'm paying you a lot." He said. "When will I see them?"

"Tomorrow. I'll call you later on today and give you the details." She said. He turned and left without another word. Ishizu sat back on the chair and called the two girls in her office.

"You called Ishizu?" serenity said.

"Yeah. Serenity, Mai, have a seat. I need to tell you guys something."

"You have a secret boyfriend and you never told us about him." Mai said excitedly.

"Because he's super hot and you thought we'd try to steal him from you." Serenity added squealing with joy. Ishizu sweat dropped at their assumptions.

"Don't worry about a thing Ishizu. We would never do anything like that to you." Mai said comfortingly.

"Yeah. You need to trust us." Serenity said, reaching forward to tap Ishizu's hand in assurance.

"Ok. Enough." Ishizu said in a serious tone and the girls smirked. They loved antagonizing the serious woman.

"Don't worry Ishizu." Mai said and Ishizu glared at her to silence her.

"As you already know, Seto Kaiba came in here. He is having some trouble with assassins lately and he ahs requested our services." Ishizu explained.

"Requested? Seems impossible." A new voice joined the conversation. " He is the kind of guy who would command rather then ask." The girls turned around to come face to face with a girl with short brown hair and blue eyes. She smirked at them and stepped forward.

"Did you miss me?" she said coyly.

"No. But I'm glad you are here Tea." Ishizu said. "I told you not to hurt the man. Did you?" Tea sighed and sat on a chair.

"No. The temptation was great, but I resisted it." Tea said causally, but then her face turned serious. "I swear, if anyone else tries to touch me, I'm going to chop their hands off. And I won't care what you say." She growled. Mai and Serenity snickered.

"It's not our fault. You always attract old, fat businessmen." Mai said between laughs.

"I don't. They are just attracted to me. I'm their daughter's age, but do they care? No." Tea grumbled.

"They are your clients Tea. And plus they are men. What more can you expect from them?" Serenity said, and Mai nodded in agreement.

"Anyway, as I was saying." Ishizu interrupted. "He has hired you three as his personal bodyguards."

"Cool. We get to be with Mr. Tall, dark, and handsome." Serenity said happily.

"Can I be his protector in the bedroom?" Mai said.

"I call the bathroom." Serenity said and her and Mai exchanged naughty looks. Tea only laughed.

"Girls." Ishizu said in an exasperated tone. "You are there to protect him, nor harass him."

"Yeah. That's his job." Tea said.

"You will stay with him all the time and ensure he is protected 24/7. For this purpose, you'll live with him." Ishizu said.

"How are we going to live with him? Are we going to be his girl friends?" Serenity asked with a glint in her eyes.

"No. You'll be his employees." Ishizu said. "Serenity, you'll be his maid so you can watch him in the house." Serenity smiled, satisfied with her job. Ishizu turned to Mai.

"Mai, you'll be his secretary. This was, you can keep an eye on everyone in the office." Mai nodded as well.

"And for you Tea, you'll be one of his body guards." Ishizu said and Mai and Serenity snickers.

"I get the worst job. What a shock." Tea said sarcastically.

"It is the most important of them all. All of the attempts have been outside. So you'll be the one who will have to be extra careful. Mai and Serenity will only do research, but you'll do the protecting." Ishizu said.

"I presume all of his guards are men." Tea said and Ishizu nodded.

"Ok then. I'll have to dress like a man to fit in." Tea said and Mai and Serenity broke into fits of laughter.

"Why?" Serenity managed to ask.

"I don't want him to think I'm weak because of my gender. Also, I don't want those guys to bother me. If I lose my temper, Kaiba will be some bodyguards short." Tea said.

"You can do whatever you want Tea." Ishizu said. "I'll inform Kaiba right now. You three can leave and prepare." The girls nodded and left, talking amongst themselves. Ishizu called kaiba. He picked up the phone and spoke in a robotic voice.

"Mr. Kaiba, tomorrow, you'll have a blonde secretary, a red head maid, and a new bodyguard." She said. He grunted, and Ishizu wondered if he had a problem.

"Bye Mr. Kaiba." She said and hung up. She wasn't worried about the mission, just about the girls. Mai and Serenity were bound to bother Kaiba, and she didn't know what Tea was planning. She just hoped it wouldn't cause much trouble.