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"What?" Seto found Duke's words hard to believe. Yami had cheated?

"Yeah." Duke said in a tired voice. "They were perfect for each other you know, in every way. They were always smiling, always sharing everything. But there were secrets. There were times when we felt Tea was hiding something from us, from Yami, but she never told us anything." Seto was sure he could guess what secrets she must have been hiding.

"There were times when she would cancel their dates without a decent reason, times when she would "leave" for days and not tell him the reason." Duke continued. "Yami asked her many times, but she always refused, asking him to trust her. But Yami began to question if she trusted him. I mean, Yami was dating her, and he didn't know any more about her than Bakura and I. It started frustrating him to a point that it threatened to cause a rift between the two. Yami began doubting her and she didn't even know. I tried to contact her to let her know, but she was never available to talk. She was always busy." Duke took a deep breath before continuing again.

"Yami started spending more time at the office. I thought he was drowning himself in his work, kind of like you do, to escape the harsh reality. " This earned him a glare from Seto, but Duke ignored it. "So I decided to visit him and take him to a club or something, rid him off all the stress he was experiencing. But when I went to his office, I found the real reason behind his sudden love for work.


"Ooh… ah, ah, ah, ummm." Moans and groans seemed to echo through the hallway, much to Duke's confusion. What was going on? He knew Yami was working alone here. He said he had lots of work to do. But then who was making those noises? Maybe there were people still in the office, doing what they shouldn't be. A frown appeared on his face. Whoever they were, he hoped they had good qualifications to look for another job because they won't be staying here anymore.

He kept moving towards the source of sounds, not realizing that he was moving closer to his initial destination as well. The door was slightly ajar. Ready to slam the door open and bust whoever was inside, he reached for the knob. But utterance of a few words inside the room caused his body to freeze.

"Oh Yami… ooh… harder… pl.. ease… harder."

A female voice…. Who did it belong to? Was it Tea? But why would Yami hide his meeting with her from them? His rational mind concluded it was someone else. Being very careful and silent, he opened the door more and peeked inside. The first thing he was Yami's bare back that was moving in a rhythmic motion. He was standing before a wall, palms resting on the concrete for support. Beside his head was the head of a female that Duke recognized as his secretary, Annabelle.

Yami was cheating on Tea with her?

"Ooh… yes… more…. More." Her moans tore through the otherwise silent air, bringing Duke's mind out of shock. But his body remained rooted to the spot. His body refused to move. His eyes refused to blink, to shut. And his voice refused to come out.

Duke just stood there, crouched slightly, staring at the two. He watched as Annabelle raked her nails over Yami's back, encouraging him to please her more.

He watched as Yami brought her legs to wrap around his pants clad waist, thrusting almost violently.

He watched as she kissed and nipped at his neck, leaving small marks all over before meshing their lips together.

He watched as Yami's mouth lowered to her breast while his hands remained on her hips.

He watched as they both moaned louder and louder, aching for release.

He watched as their backs arched, their breathing stopping only for a second, before falling limp.

He just watched… watched and couldn't believe his eyes.

Yami had cheated on Tea.

Yami had cheated.

Unable to hold his crouched position any longer, his knees wavered, causing him to stumble onto the floor with a thud. Before he could collect himself, the door was thrown open and he was face to face with an enrage Yami. But the rage was replaced with shock as soon as his eyes met with Duke.

"D… Duke?" Duke stood up, not breaking his gaze from Yami's. Behind Yami, Annabelle made her presence known.

"Who is it?" She asked, now dressed clumsily in her clothes. She too, was shocked to see Duke standing there. "Mr.… Devlin?" Duke ignored her and turned his attention to yami.

"Yami." He said in a deadly calm voice. "We need to talk." Yami shifted on his feet uncomfortably, withdrawing his gaze to the floor.

"I'll… leave." Annabelle said hurriedly and swept past them, not risking a look back. Yami didn't make a move to stop her, or look at her, or even move his head. He stayed still like a statue. Duke walked pat Yami into his office, that now reeked of sex. Behind him, Yami followed with defeated steps. Once the door was closed, Duke spoke.

"Yami… what are you doing?" He even surprised himself with his calm voice. Yami didn't respond, just stared at the floor like a child caught stealing candy. Duke remained silent, giving the man before him a chance to speak, a chance to explain his actions, but when it became clear Yami wasn't planning to respond, Duke let it loose.

"What the hell were you doing? Have you lost your mind? Why would you sleep with her when you already are with Tea? Are you insane?" Yami, apparently, had no answer to Duke's questions.

"Dammit Yami, answer me. Why the hell are you screwing that girl? Is Tea not good enough for you? Is you relationship with her worth nothing to you?"

"What relationship?" Yami suddenly yelled, raising his eyes to meet his. "What relationship are you talking about Duke? Me and Tea?" He let out a bitter laugh. "We don't have a relationship. No. We don't have anything." Duke stared at his friend in confusion.

"Yami… what are you saying?"

"I'm saying what you already know and see, what Tea and I are." His hands balled into fists. "We are nothing. We can't even be classified as close friends because even close friends share their secrets."

"Yami… I understand your feelings." Duke said sympathetically, but Yami snorted.

"Sure you do." He said sarcastically. "You know what's it's like to not know where your girlfriend is for days, without a contact number. You know what it's like to know she will leave you for a phone call, without an explanation. And you obviously know what it's like to have doubts about the woman you care about. To imagine her with another man behind your back, to… " He took a deep breath to calm himself before speaking again. "Trust me Duke, you have no idea." Duke sighed. It was true.

"Tea and I are not dating. We are playing hide and seek. She hides and I seek. But…" His voice lost the octave it held before and his shoulders slumped, "I'm tired of seeking. I'm tired of looking for her and then not finding her. I'm tired of waiting for her to come out of hiding Duke. I'm tired of waiting. I'm tired of this game." Duke took a step towards his frustrated friend and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Isn't she worth waiting for?" Yami's head shot up at Duke's soft words.

"Duke, you don't understand the stress I have to go through because of her, because of us." Yami said, shrinking away from Duke.

"I can only imagine." Duke said. "But do you really think this is going to make it all better?" Yami didn't answer.

"I may not know her very well, but I know you." Duke said in a steady voice. "You are a loyal person, a loyal friend, and a loyal lover. And this is not like you. You're not the kind of person to cheat on your girlfriend." He finished, staring at the back of his friend, whose form seemed to radiate regret and shame.

"You're right." He finally said. "God… what was I thinking?"

"More like not thinking." Duke added. Yami only sighed.

"So… you're going to end this, right?" Duke said in a hopeful tone.

"Yeah." Yami replied and a smile broke on Duke's lips.

"Good. So now I don't have to write a eulogy for your funeral after Tea kills you." Yami let out a chuckle but grew serious immediately.

"You won't tell her, would you?" Duke shook his head.

"Of course not." Yami shot him a grateful smile and reached for his shirt.

"You know," Duke spoke as Yami out on his shirt, "I was thinking of going to a club to get you to de-stress, but since you have already done that, I feel this trip to your office was a waste."

"Shut up Devlin." Yami grumbled, leading the two of them out of his office.

"But at least I got some dirt on your perfect life. Now I can blackmail you." Duke said with a devilish grin

"Say one more word and I'll kill you right here." Yami threatened, and both shared a laugh.

"But all things aside Duke," Yami spoke softly, "thanks." Duke smiled.

"You're welcome my misguided friend. You're welcome."

(End flashback)

"I didn't tell Tea the next time I saw her. Because I saw no need for it. I was sure Yami had gotten rid of his secretary and his fling with her as well. But apparently, I read the guy wrong."

"You mean, he…" Seto left it hanging there, already knowing the answer. Duke sighed.

"Yeah. I never knew because I didn't bother to ask. I trusted his word. And later found out he was lying."

"How… how did Tea find out?" Seto asked. This was what he was most curious about.

"She went to his office to surprise him, after an absence of two weeks. And she caught the two in the act, just like I did. But unlike me, she didn't just stand there. She went in, she slapped him and dumped him right there." Seto nodded his head. It didn't come as a surprise to him that Tea had done that. She seemed the kind of girl to confront the person there and then.

"Yami tried to apologize many times." Duke continued. "He begged her to give him another chance, but she refused. It's been almost a year since their break-up, and still, he is trying to get her back." Seto nodded. He was glad Tea hadn't forgiven Yami. Otherwise, she wouldn't have shown any interest in him at all. Speaking of his date for the night, he turned to Duke.

"Keep Yami busy. Don't let him go to her again. He's already ruined half of this night for me and I don't want him to ruin the rest as well." With that said, he marched outside, in the direction Tea had went to earlier. He found her standing in the garden. By the looks of it, she was angry.

"You okay?" He said, walking up to her. She turned and gave him a small smile.

"Yeah." He nodded and stood beside her.

"Devlin told me what happened." He stated, squinting to see her immediate reaction. There was none. "I understand what you meant earlier."

"It was partly my fault. I was keeping secrets and expected him not to have any." She said with a sigh. Silence settled in the air. Seto chose not to disturb it. After a while, Tea turned to him with a smile on her face.

"But that's not the case with us. You already know my deepest, darkest secret. So if you do something stupid like that, I won't just leave you." Seto raised an eyebrow and she let a smirk appear on her beautiful face. "I'll castrate you." A laugh rumbled through his chest at her threat. Soon, she joined in.

"I'll keep that in mind." He finally said when the laughter died out. "But for now, let's go inside." Instead of answering, she stared of fin distance.

"What are you--?" He didn't get a chance to finish his sentence because Tea had jumped on him, knocking him on the ground. And not a millisecond later, he felt a slight whoosh sound, like an arrow flying through the air.

"What… what the hell was that?" He said, trying to get up, but she pushed him back down. Her hand reached for her purse and she took out a small gun. So that's why she had brought the damn thing? Before he could inquire what the hell was going on, she was speaking into her bracelet.

"Stay down and don't move an inch." She said in a strict tone before getting up. He obeyed, watching her move towards rows of bushes with stealth. There was some shuffling behind the bush before Tea dashed towards it with full speed. Unable to hold his curiosity, he sat up, trying to see what she was running after. His eyes caught sight of a figure, possibly a man, running. Every now and then, he would turn his head and fire his silencer gun at Tea. But thankfully, she dodged them just fine.

Tea was glad she had noticed the man before Seto had gotten hurt. Seto had a tendency of making her very forgetful and relaxed, not a bad thing in life, but a death wish in a job like hers. All she had to do now was catch the idiot before her and they could wrap this mission. Damn that man could run. Where the hell were Mai and Serenity? As if on cue, a body tackled the man to the ground. Another came soon after, holding a gun over the man. Tea slowed her pace and approached the trio.

"About time you got here," she grumbled, trying to calm her breathing. Mai, who was holding the man's arms in her grip smiled whereas Serenity blushed.

"We were… kind of occupied." Serenity said, tying the man's limbs. Mai's grin widened.

"Speak for yourself hun." Serenity's blush deepened. Tea sighed, knowing whatever it was involved Tristan. Under Mai, the man grunted, struggling to break free.

"Stop it. You're ruining my already ruined dress." Mai said, hitting him on the head. He grunted, stopping his struggle momentarily.

"So, what are we going to do with him?" Serenity said, looking at Tea for a response.

"I think I can decide that." The three girls immediately turned around to face the authoritative voice of their boss, Ishizu. Seto was accompanying her.

"Ishizu, didn't expect to see you here." Mai said, smiling cheekily at the older woman. "I like your dress."

"I came as a guest as well." Ishizu explained and turned her attention to the man being held captive. "Turn him around." She commanded. Mai nodded and got off the man, helping him sit up and face Seto and Ishizu.

"I don't recognize him." Seto said, staring intently at his scowling face.

"I don't expect you to. He is just a hired goon, nothing more." Ishizu explained and turned to Tea.

"If you will please." Tea nodded and stood in front of him.

"Who sent you to kill Kaiba?" She demanded in a strong voice. He only grunted, clearly showing his defiance. Tea held her gun before him.

"You see this?" She said, waving it before him. "It's not an ordinary gun. It doesn't kill on the spot. No. It paralyzes the area that is hit." The man's eyes widened. "And the paralysis lasts forever. If I shoot you in the head, you'd feel a tingling sensation before burning pain takes over and turns you into a vegetable. It's much worst than death, trust me."

"Yeah." Mai said. "So be a good boy and tell us so we can go back in and enjoy the party."

"You don't scare me." The man said, sneering at them. There was a whoosh and his pupils shrank. Tea had shot his shoulder. His torso began convulsing, his arm twitching.

"What the hell? What did you do bitch?" He scream in rage and pain. Tea shrugged her shoulders.

"Just letting you know that I'm not kidding."

"Aah." He screamed before Serenity clamped a hand over his mouth.

"Geez. He will wake the dead with his screaming." She said with exasperation. The man shook his head violently, trying to break free. His arm had stopped twitching and his body would shake every now and then.

"You are probably feeling a cold wave moving over your arm muscles." Tea said in a bored tone. "That means your muscles are being paralyzed." His struggles stopped and he stared at her in shock and fear. Tea continued. "In just a few moments, your arm will be useless forever."

"No. Don't do this." He screamed. "Someone help me." Tea delivered a bunch to his face, shutting off his screams.

"Tell me the name of the bastard who sent you." She demanded.

"Please help me." The man turned to Seto now. "I don't want to be a cripple. Help me."

"I don't want to be a corpse." Seto sneered at him.

"Listen." Tea said, grabbing their prisoner by he collar. "I have an antidote for the paralysis." She took out a small bottle from her pocket. "We keep it in case one of us gets hit accidentally." The man's eyes were glued to it immediately. "You need to take it within 10 minutes or it becomes permanent. So start talking."

"You promise to give it to me, right?" The man said in a desperate tone. Tea nodded her head. He stared at each one of them before his eyes settled on Seto.

"It was…. Mokuba Kaiba."

Seto's eyes went wide. Impossible. That wasn't true. Mokuba would never do something like that. The man was lying. He had to be lying. Before he could demand an explanation from him, another whooshing sound was heard and the man screamed in pain. Tea had shot his leg.

"Stop it." He screamed. "Why are you hitting me? I gave you the name."

"You're lying." Ishizu said flatly.

"I'll give you 1 more chance." Tea said. "You've already lost one arm and leg. This time, I'll aim for the head." She pointed the gun at his forehead, between the eyes. The man gulped visibly.

"Ok, ok. It was Hoshi."

"Kane Hoshi?" Seto questioned. The man nodded his head and turned to Tea.

"Now give me the antidote. You promised." Tea tossed Mai the bottle that she caught and fed him since his hands were tied.

"I find it very hard to believe that it was Hoshi." Seto said. "He is the most intelligent and loyal worker I have come across."

"Yes Mr. Kaiba." Ishizu said. "Mr. Hoshi is very intelligent. But he is also very ambitious. Ambition makes a man do many things." Mai nodded her head.

"What do we do with this loser? Should I knock him out? We need him to testify later." She said, pointing to the man who was trying to wiggle his arms and legs.

"Yes." Ishizu said. "But there is something else he must do first." Seto shot her a questioning look.

"He needs to tell Hoshi that you have been eliminated. Knowing him, he will want to confirm it himself. When he comes out, we'll bust him." Tea explained.

"I won't do that." The man said, giving them a stubborn look. Mai sighed and took the gun from Tea.

"Do we have to start over again?" Serenity let out a giggle at the man's expression. Tea began untying his hands.

"Remember." She said to him with a glare. "We are watching you. If you even think of making a wrong move, we'll kill you."

We won't hesitate because we already have your confession on tape." Serenity said, showing him s small recorder. He sighed in defeat and proceeded towards the main hall. Serenity followed him since she was the only one not covered in mud and gras stains, fixing her appearance along the way.

"Lay on the ground Mr. Kaiba." Ishizu said and Seto followed. The three girls hid in the surrounding bushes and awaited their target's arrival. Not long after did they spot Hoshi. He walked towards Seto's "dead" body, a delightful smirk on his face. But that smirk faded when he neared the body.

"How come there is no blood?" He asked his henchman, who hesitated with an answer.

"Are you trying to fool me?" Hoshi barked, drawing out his gun, but his gun was directed at Seto. Immediately, Tea jumped out of the bush, her gun aimed at Hoshi's temple.

"Drop it." She hissed. Hoshi smirked.

"I think it's better that you drop it."

"You're in no position to make any demands." Mai said, also showing herself, her gun held at him. His smirk only widened.

"Oh, but I think I am. Look over there." He motioned to the direction of the hall. The girls turned their heads and were surprised to see two men holding a gun to Serenity's head.

"You bastard." Mai yelled, hands shaking with anger, her gun now pointed to the henchman they had captured before. "You told him." He smirked and took out a gun as well.

"Tell your dogs to drop their weapons or I'll kill you." Tea breathed, pressing her gun into Hoshi's skin.

"If you kill me, then my men will Kill Mr. Kaiba and your friend. And you won't leave unahrmed either." He said confidently. Tea gritted her teeth. What to do in this situation? Her eyes caught sight of the still hidden Ishizu and a plan formed in her head. She withdrew her gun from Hoshi's temple.

"I'll let you go if you let my friend go." She said, causing the already "dead" Seto to sit up straight and glare at her. Hoshi let out a laugh.

"So you'd abandon Mr. Kaiba here?" Tea nodded her head.

"Yes. Now let her go." He smirked and motioned to the two men behind them. They brought Serenity forth, their guns still held at her head.

"Ok. We have a deal. As soon as you drop your weapons, I'll let the girl go. You can take her and leave me to have an important discussion with Mr. Kaiba." Tea nodded her head in agreement and turned to an angry looking Mai. Hey both dropped their weapons and stared expectantly at Hoshi.

"I thought you were stupid to let an ambitious man like me get to close to you." Hoshi said to Seto with a laugh. "But hiring female bodyguards to protect yourself from me, was even stupider a decision. Now I feel like I'm doing you a favor by taking over your company." He then turned his attention to Tea and Mai. "And you girls… so innocent… so stupid. Do you actually think I'd let you leave after revealing my intentions to kill Mr. Kaiba here? Do you think I'll let you be the eyewitnesses and then leave to report to the authorities? No. That's not me. I'll kill you all and bury this nonsense here." His straightened his gun towards Tea. "And I'll start with you."

Seto's eyes widened. He was going to shoot Tea. He was going to shoot his Tea. His body lurched forward on it's own accord, ready to protect the girl that had protected him, and was still attempting. But before his body could reach hers, a gunshot was heard, followed by an agonizing scream of pain

Seto's heart stopped. He was too late. His shrank pupils glanced fearfully in her direction, prepared to see her spilled blood, but were shocked to see her perfectly fine.

"Now." A scream was heard from behind the bushes and the three girls leapt into action. Tea immediately went for Hoshi and the man beside him. Her body jumped in the air and kicked the gun out of the henchman's hand. Mai and serenity went for the goons who were holding Serenity captive, knocking them unconscious. In the blink of an eye, the three girls were holding a gun, pointed towards Hoshi and his loyal dog. There was slight movement in the bushes and Ishizu emerged, looking surprisingly graceful and clean. Seto's brain struggled to comprehend the events that had transpired.

The gun shot. Who had shot that? Who had been hit? His eyes fell on a few red spots that were staining the green grass. He followed their path and saw Hoshi holding his bloody wrist. Ishizu had shot him in the wrist, causing him to lose him gun. The gunshot also baffled Hoshi and his accomplices, giving Tea and the others a split second to turn the tables. Seizing the opportunity, the three had attacked the men, rendering some unconscious, and one very injured.

"Are you ok Mr. Kaiba?" Ishizu asked the baffled man, offering him her hand to help him off the ground, an offer that he refused.

"Yes. I'm fine." He said and walked towards Tea who was holding Hoshi at gunpoint.

"Are you ok?" He asked her in a very low tone, eyes focused on Hoshi. She nodded her head and gave him a very small smile. Ishizu came up to stand beside them.

"Here is your culprit Mr. Kaiba." Seto nodded and glared at Hoshi.

"You're right." He admitted. "I was wrong to trust a snake like you. I should have known better. But I won't let a snake like you live to bite me again." Hoshi's eyes widened. "I'll make sure you are dead before the end of this month. Mark my words." Hoshi immediately fell to his knees.

"Please, forgive me. I was... misled. Greed overtook me. I'm sorry. I... I promise to be loyal from now on. I promise to be a slave to you and Kaiba Corp. Just give me a chance." He begged for his life... literally. But Seto Kaiba never forgave.

"If I let you live, I'll allow you to grow on hate and come after me again, a risk I refuse to take. You're a dead man."

"No." Hoshi said desperately. "Please, no. I'll do anything." Seto only grunted in annoyance. When it became clear to Hoshi that his pleas were falling on deaf ears, he decided to make a break for it and ran. Immediately, Tea fired her gun, shooting Hoshi in the leg. His body stumbled on the ground and he let out wails of agony. Mai walked up to him and hit him on the head, knocking him unconscious.

"Well, I think it went smoothly." Ishizu said, earning a grin from all her agents. "I think we should call it a night."

"You said it sister." Mai said. "I can't wait to go home, get rid of these rags, and take a long, relaxing bath."

"Not to mention think of a decent excuse for Joey and Tristan as to why we ditched them… again." Serenity pointed out. Mai's face fell.

"Well, that shouldn't be too hard." Serenity said optimistically. "We can always tell them we were abducted by aliens."

"You guys are so lucky they are stupid." Tea added and they all shared a laugh. Even Seto cracked a smile.

"Well, Mr. Kaiba," Ishizu said, facing the man. They all sat in his luxurious living room. "The threat to your life has been successfully eliminated. You have your culprit behind bars, and a witness to testify in your favor. I think our job here is done." Seto nodded his head in agreement, trying his best to not let his eyes wander off to Tea.

"I think it's time for us to take our leave. Hopefully, no other such situation will occur in your life to cause you to seek our special services again." Then she turned to the three girls.

"Let's go." The group got up, heading for the door, when one stopped.

"Mr. Kaiba?" Tea said, staring at his hand holding her wrist, then at his face.

"Stay." He whispered in a very soft tone. All eyes turned to him, especially Ishizu.

"Tea, what is going one?" She said in a stern tone.

"I… well…" For the first time, she was at a loss of words.

"Ishizu, it's not her fault." Mai finally spoke in her friend's defense. Ishizu's eyes hardened.

"She has been working with me for years. She should know our policy regarding clients by now." Ishizu's tone didn't change.

"But you can't help things like these." Serenity piped in.

"Tea, stay here… with me." Seto said to her, ignoring the other occupants of the room.

"Seto…" Tea said nervously, glancing back at her co-workers. "I… I want to… but…"

"Then stay." He said, pulling her body towards his. "You can work for me, in my company, and stay here." Tea sighed and turned to Ishizu. The older woman was now staring at her with an expressionless face.

"Tea…" She finally said. "I have known you for years, and I think of you as family, as a little sister. I expect you to be straight with me and tell me what you want."

"Ishizu, I'm sorry about breaking your rules." Tea said, eyes moving to the floor in shame. "You're right. I should have known better. But like Mai said, I couldn't help myself." She lifted her eyes to meet Ishizu's. "I really like Seto… and I want to give this relationship a shot." She felt Seto wrap his arms behind her. "I want to stay with Seto." Ishizu sighed in defeat.

"If that's what you really want, I won't force you." Breaking free from Seto's hold, Tea jumped on Ishizu, hugging her tightly.

"Thank you so much." She said with a bright smile.

"While we are on the topic, I think this is a good time to tell you guys my news." Serenity said, drawing the attention to her. "I got engaged last night." Gasps filled the air, followed by hurried shuffling of feet and soon, Serenity was surrounded by Mai and Tea.

"What? Tristan proposed? How?" Serenity blushed.

"Well, I told him that I had ruined my dress outside and had to leave, just like we decided." She said, turning to Mai.

"Did he ask for proof? Joey did and I had to show him the dress." Mai asked and Serenity shook her head.

"No. Actually, he just accepted it and asked me out to dinner." Her blush intensified. "It was so romantic. And then he proposed."

"So, you want to leave the business as well." Ishizu stated flatly and Serenity nodded her head. Ishizu sighed.

"Fine. I can't stop you anyway." More happy squeals filled the air. Mai cleared her throat and opened her mouth to speak, but Ishizu beat her to it.

"Don't worry Mai. You are free to go as well. In the light of recent events, that is the best decision for me to take." The three girls threw their arms around their former boss and forever friend in gratitude.

"Well, let's go to the mall." Mai suggested.

"Celebratory shopping spree?" Serenity inquired.

"That. And we have to select our bride's maid gowns." The two girls giggled in excitement. "Tea, we'll pick one for you and you can decide on it later." With that. They departed. Ishizu turned to a smiling Tea and Seto.

"I'm happy for you Tea. Enjoy your new life." She too, walked towards the door, leaving the Seto and Tea alone.

"That went well." Tea said, turning to face her lover. He smirked and held her waist.

"Exceptionally." He commented. She raised an elegant eyebrow.

"How so?" He smirked.

"I don't have to share you with them anymore. I don't have to hide from them anymore. No more sneaking into your room and planning to leave undetected. No more hiding my affections." His smirk widened as his face neared hers. "And of course, now I can do a lot more of this." His lips enveloped her in a surprisingly slow and gentle kiss. She felt her toes curl at the pleasure that roamed her body. Just as she was beginning to get used to this side of Seto, his one hand moved to her hip, caressing the inner thigh. His other arm snaked around her waist, pressing her body flat against his.

"Mmm." She moaned in response. Immediately, Seto picked her up in his arms, bridal style. She shot him a questioning glance and was once again, surprised to see a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

"I have a much better place where we can continue this." She couldn't help but blush at his words as he led her upstairs towards his bedroom… correction, their bedroom.

A smile glowed on her face. She loved this new life.



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