Title: Not Alone
Spoilers: 'Ravenous' I guess...
Rating: K
Author's Notes: Just a quick fic that popped into my head about Ziva and Ari. nods
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me. Again, I just enjoy playing with them!
Summary: He would be proud of you. I know that I am.

Twelve year old Ziva David peeked out the curtain anxiously, searching eagerly for a familiar face. It was the end of the year recital and she had practiced so hard.

She needed him to come. She wanted him to come. And he promised that he would.

She pulled her unruly hair into a bun, carefully lacing up her ballet slippers. 'Please let him be here.' She prayed to a God that she wasn't so sure she believed in, as she fondled her necklace, seeking comfort. Her oldest brother Aaron had died earlier that week. He always used to come to her concerts. Her mother had died a few years ago, and her sister Talleh was in training right now. Ari was in town, but she was sure that he was busy.

She danced just as she had rehearsed, just as she had practiced for weeks. She kept a keen eye out on the audience, observing just as he had taught her to.

There was no one.

After the concert, all of the other parents came to hug their children, congratulate them, praise them. Ziva stood in the corner, waiting patiently with her bag for one of the company cars to inevitably come and get her. She was used to it now.

But it didn't stop the stinging tears from lurking.

One by one, each family left, and Ziva had slumped down onto the floor. Suddenly, a rose came into her line of vision. She looked up, vision slightly blurry, into the warm brown eyes of her brother. "You danced beautifully little sister." He offered a hand to her, pulling her up.

"Why wasn't he here?" She asked quietly, wiping angrily at her face. Ari stopped her hand, and brushed his thumb over her cheeks.

"He asked me to apologize for him. Something at work came up. He wanted to be here Ziva. He did." He wrapped an arm around her and dropped a light kiss in her hair. "He would be proud of you. I know that I am."

She looked up at him and smiled sadly. She opened her mouth to say something, but quickly shook her head. "Will you take me out for an ice cream Ari? Please? We don't get much time together anymore…"

He smiled and nodded. For tonight, they were happy.

They were all each other had.

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