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Because Of You

Neji's P.O.V.

It was two weeks since I got the girl I love. I really never cared about her. As the days passed, I know that I'm already falling for her. At first, we only talk on the phone then, it's like I felt so different. When I wake up every morning, she's always on my mind. When I sleep every night, she's always on my dream. I don't know what's inside me. When I look at her, I feel like its eternity. I know I will confer my love to her. I will even give her my life. I won't leave her because she is the girl I want to be with for the rest of my life. I love her believe me. She's the only one who captured my heart. Her love is hard to erase. Just like a stain, even when you wash it, it won't get off. She's like my heaven. The only one who gives me happiness. My life is never been the same since the day she came. My love for her is not really a game and that's for sure. I really love her and that's the truth.

I can't handle it if she's gone, because I love her so much. I will die for her. It came from my heart not my head. Sometimes, I feel like she can't see me but then, I'm so emotionless, I'm the one that seemed who can't see her. Before I told her I love her, she already told me that she loved me. I don't know what to do that time so I keep on avoiding her. Then one day, I just realized that I do love her. She's the only one who gives me inspiration in my life. That's why I'm being true because it's true life. This is not just a love story that you can watch in TV. If she's not with me, I feel like someone stepped on me. I can fight my love for her if it is needed because she is the only dream that came true in my life. I love her more clearly than the brightness of the sun that you can see. She is my mission in this world. To love her, to make her happy, all of it is destined. She made me happy. I wish she won't go. Even in my journey in life, I will hold her hands. She… she is Tenten.