A Friend's Return

Summary: Someone from John's past has returned…sans memory.

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Chapter One-The Girl from the Bay

San Francisco, CA

"Dr. Morales! Doctor!"

Dr. Lily Morales turned around upon hearing her name. Running down the hall was one of the ER's residents, a young man by the name of Dr. Chris Mullin.

"Yes, Dr. Mullin?" she answered as the young man stopped to catch his breath.

"The woman that those fishermen found in the bay is awake and asking for someone she calls 'John Doe.'" Dr. Morales turned around and quickly walked the direction from which the young resident had come running from.

"Has she said anything else?"

"No. She doesn't seem to know who she is or how she got in the Bay." The two doctors ran down three flights of stairs and emerged in the emergency room of San Francisco General.

"Hey, Doc," one of the orderlies greeted her as she hurried down the hall to where the girl was being kept until her body temperature rose.

"Marty, has anyone come by to take fingerprints and a picture of our Jane Doe?" she asked as the man called Marty walked beside them.

"Yeah. They were here about twenty minutes ago, came, took the prints and pic, and left," he replied.

"Page me as soon as we know who she is."

"Got it."

Dr. Morales, who, having worked for the a few police departments before becoming a physician, was the hospital's resident forensic specialist for the night shift. When she and Dr. Mullin arrived to where the girl from the bay was being looked after, another doctor was already checking her vitals and reactions.

"Hello, Max how's our patient?" she asked when he was done noting his observations.

"Other than the memory loss and hypothermia, she is healthy. Her temp has gone up and at last check, she was at 96.7. How are you feeling, my dear?" he asked the dark-haired girl lying in the hospital bed.

"Cold. Where's JD?"

Lily looked at her colleagues and the mysterious girl. "I'm assuming JD is short for John Doe?" Max nodded.

"Well, you seem to be making a fast recovery for someone who was pulled out of San Francisco Bay only five hours ago. I'm Lily; I'd like to ask you how much you remember before being brought aboard the fishing boat. Is that okay?"

The girl nodded. "All I remember is being in Seattle and talking to JD. That's it. Why? Who are you?" The girl was becoming frantic over the questions this woman called Lily was asking her.

Max, seeing the panic his patient was having, tried to come her down. "Miss, it's all right. Lily just wants to know who you are so that we can tell your family where you are."

The girl looked confused. "I don't have any family, except for JD."

"Okay. That's okay. The police will try to find out." Max turned towards Lily while Dr. Mullin talked with their patient. "What did you think you were doing? She doesn't remember who she is."

Lily put her hands up in a defensive gesture. "I'm sorry; I just want to find out who she is so that someone can be contacted as to her whereabouts."

Max sighed once a cop, always a cop. "Okay. Just, don't ask her anything else about herself. Look, the police sent someone to take her prints and picture; they left ten minutes ago. Maybe we'll get somewhere as to who she is. For the time-being, I'm going to stay here as her physician."

"I'll stay, too. Just in case they get a hit and we find out who she is."

"Fine; but for the now, you're a doctor, not and officer of the law. Got it?"

"Got it, Max."

Several hours later, one of Lily's old police buddies came by with a folder. "Hey, Lil', you've got to take a look at this." He handed her the folder that he was carrying. "You're not going to believe what I found out about your Jane Doe."

"What?" She looked at the information printed out on a sheet of paper that had been stapled inside (A/N: I know, too much detail. Please bear with me).

"Her name is Karen Kowalski and she has been legally dead for three years."

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