When The Sky Falls-XX.Angelchan.XX

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Ritsuka Aoyagi was sitting at his desk in his room, just watching the rain come down. Ritsuka glanced at his cell phone that Soubi Agatsuma gave him. 'I do have a reason. It's so you'll never be lonely…' Ritsuka sighed as he remembered, why was he tortured by his feelings? One minute he loved Soubi, the next he hated him. Soubi was tearing him apart without knowing it. Ritsuka looked down at the math textbook in his hands, remembering that he had been studying. But he put down his book and laid his head on the desk, glowering at the cell phone.

"You know, if you want to hear my voice you could always just call me."

Ritsuka spun in his chair to face the soaked college student that was climbing in through his window.

"That's what you said last time you came in and you were soaked then too."

Ritsuka stated dryly as he threw Soubi a towel. Soubi grinned as he caught the towel.

"I love you Ritsuka."

Ritsuka blushed as he turned away from Soubi.

"Stop saying that! You only say it because Seimei told you to! I'm sick of it! If you don't mean it, don't say it!"

Loveless picked up his textbook and plopped down on his bed, shooting the textbook a death-glare as if it was responsible for all of his problems.

"Jus-" Ritsuka was stopped, mid-word, by a kiss from Soubi, who was sitting next to him now completely dry.

"It's not just because your brother ordered me to love you Ritsuka, its because I do care for you."

Ritsuka blushed and looked away from Soubi. 'I bet Seimei ordered him to love me unconditionally…' He thought.

'Harsh Ritsuka, harsh…' Soubi thought back. Ritsuka got off the bed, placed the textbook on his desk and settled in his chair, trying to study. Really, he was just trying not to look at Soubi. He finally just gave up studying and tried to write his report for history. (Which is due tomorrow) He was just starting to write why the invention of Kanji was so important, when Soubi's arms wrapped around his shoulders, restricting his movement. Ritsuka sat still as he heard Soubi's husky whisper in his ear,

"I love you Ritsuka."

Ritsuka was about to answer, when he felt Soubi's lips on his neck. Ritsuka was slowly spun around, so now he faced Soubi. Ritsuka's newly formed retort died in his throat as Soubi kissed him hotly. His arms wrapped around Ritsuka, pulling him up. Ritsuka couldn't take it anymore. He suddenly pulled back from Soubi.

"Go Home, Soubi! Stop torturing me! I'm tired of always thinking of you! Just go. I have work to do anyway…"

Ritsuka turned around and sat back at his desk, picking up his pencil and pretended to continue to write his report. His eyes were actually squeezed shut. He felt Soubi kiss the back of his head and say,

"See you later then."

Ritsuka got up to give Soubi his umbrella, but Soubi was gone. The only proof that Soubi had been there, was the wet folded towel placed on Ritsuka's dresser neatly. Ritsuka leaned on the windowsill.

'I want to see you…I don't want to see you…why do I feel this way? I don't understand it!' Ritsuka gave an exasperated sigh and returned to his desk. He hadn't noticed the note on top of his computer monitor until now. It was from Soubi, he must've placed it there when he had his eyes shut. It read:

'I'll pick you up from school tomorrow. Get your work done and try sleeping, Ritsuka. Oh, and remember, the phone only works if you pick it up and press buttons.


Ritsuka glared at the note, but put it back on top of the computer monitor, as he finished his homework. He glanced at it once more before going to sleep and turned off the light. Inside, Ritsuka wanted to see Soubi after school tomorrow. Then again, he didn't. "I'll figure it out eventually, I'll just have to try not to go mad before then…"he chided himself before he drifted off to sleep.

Soubi was walking down the street as the rain stopped. He stopped walking and glanced in the direction of Ritsuka's home.

'I never knew I'd love him…now he doubts my love…I'll just have to prove it…heh, he'll see. Good night Ritsuka…'

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