When the Sky Falls – Chapter 8 Yearning

I know, I know. This took way longer than expected. I apologize to all of you readers out there- I actually did kind of forget about this! I have a life, okay?! But I digress; I need to learn to manage my time better. X3

So, without further stalling for time: here's the long awaited chapter eight- Yearning.

Soubi eased back on top of Ritsuka and continued his kisses. He stopped to lick, and then nip at his collarbone, adoring the gasp that came from beneath him.

Ritsuka tugged at Soubi's turtleneck, struggling to get it off with shaky hands. Soubi sat up; he thought Ritsuka was trying to tell him to stop! He looked down at the boy; the confusion etched on his face was plain to see- until he realized that Ritsuka was only trying to strip him. Soubi placed his hands over Ritsuka's to steady them.

"Calm down. Are you still determined to go through with this?"

"Yeah," Ritsuka breathed, still trying to remove Soubi's clothes.

Soubi sighed affectionately, 'Finally Ritsuka's stubbornness put to a good use…'

He held Ritsuka's frustrated hands, chuckling softly.

"It's simple, you pull it like this," Soubi said, demonstrating how to take off clothes.

"Just like that." Soubi couldn't hold back a grin at the sight of Ritsuka's blush.

To try and mask his embarrassment, Ritsuka reached up and ran his hands through Soubi's long blonde hair and pulled him down so he could kiss him. Ritsuka ran his hands up and down the lean muscles in Soubi's back, loving the feeling of skin on skin.

Soubi wrapped him in his arms, luxuriating in the kiss Ritsuka had begun. He was surprised when he felt Ritsuka's tongue skim his lower lip, begging to enter his mouth. Soubi parted his lips, their tongues playfully wrestling; they only broke away to let Ritsuka breathe.

Soubi leaned down, kissing his way down Ritsuka's neck to his chest. He went straight for one of Ritsuka's nipples, running his tongue over it then grazing it with his teeth. Ritsuka gasped, then Soubi flicked his nipple with his tongue and began to suck. Ritsuka moaned and wound his hands in Soubi's hair, holding him there for a few more moments before Soubi moved.

Soubi tilted sideways and left a hicky, just below the other nipple, hearing another moan erupt from Ritsuka. He began a trail of butterfly kisses down Ritsuka's stomach, brushing his skin with his tongue. Soubi's lips lingered at the top of Ritsuka's pants; he glanced up at his face, and then undid the button and zipper without thinking twice.

Ritsuka stared up at the ceiling; he wasn't sure what to do. 'How is it possible for one person to make another feel so good? What will happen next? How am I supposed to react? What am I supposed to do?' He felt his pants and boxers slip off. 'Guess I'll find out…'

Soubi dropped Ritsuka's clothes in a random direction, and then stripped off his own. When he was naked, he climbed back into the bed and kissed Ritsuka. He kissed all the way down Ritsuka's body until he had reached his destination. He took Ritsuka's member and slowly lapped it with his tongue. Ritsuka gasped at the sensation and whimpered, begging for more. Soubi was happy to oblige, gently scraping Ritsuka with his teeth.


Soubi slowed to look at his sacrifice's face; Ritsuka's face was flushed and his eyes were half-closed with pleasure. Soubi chuckled mentally; he loved how easily Ritsuka responded to him.

Soubi circled Ritsuka's head with his tongue and began to suck. Ritsuka gripped the sheets and arched his back, trying to delve himself deeper into Soubi's hot mouth. Soubi took all of Ritsuka into his mouth and sucked harder. A husky groan issued from Ritsuka as Soubi idly started to pump.

Up…..down…..up….down….up….down…up…gradually gaining speed.

Ritsuka could barely stand it- especially when Soubi began to hum, slamming shivers of pleasure up his spine and through his entire body. A feeling like hot magma was pooling in the pit of his stomach.

Ritsuka threw back his head,

"S-Sou…bi- unh!"

Soubi swallowed as Ritsuka came, licking him clean. After he was satisfied that Ritsuka was clean, Soubi laid down and gathered Ritsuka to his chest. Ritsuka was panting lightly, making Soubi smile softly.

"Are you sure you want to go all the way? We could stop here if you're unsure." Responsibility wrenched the words from Soubi, his lust trying to hold them in.

Ritsuka gazed into Soubi's eyes and could clearly see the desire, the unveiled lust, and the love reflected in his eyes.

"N-no," Ritsuka paused, calming himself a little and continuing, "I want to keep going." Ritsuka didn't fail to notice that a look in Soubi's eyes deepened and made feel hot all over. He didn't time to place it as Soubi kissed him fiercely and laid him on his back.

"This will be a little uncomfortable. Try to relax, it will hurt less." Soubi explained as Ritsuka nodded.

Soubi kissed Ritsuka and at the same time, eased a finger into Ritsuka's entrance. Ritsuka inhaled sharply at the intrusion, his muscles tensing. Soubi kissed him again, and he remembered that he should relax. He tangled his hands in Soubi's hair and lost himself in the passion of their kisses.

A few moments later, Soubi added another finger as Ritsuka got used to one. When Soubi had inserted three and Ritsuka was still relaxed, Soubi removed his fingers and prepared to enter Ritsuka.

Ritsuka tried to brace himself, grasping the sheets around him. Soubi saw this and leaned forward to kiss his forehead.

"Relax, love. It will only hurt for a moment."

Ritsuka let go of the sheets, only to clasp his hands behind Soubi's neck and kiss him. Soubi chose that moment to thrust into him.

"Ah!" The cry escaped Ritsuka before he could stop it and a tear ran down his cheek. Soubi wiped away the tear and kissed Ritsuka tenderly.

"It's okay. That was the hardest part. Tell me when you're comfortable enough for me to move."

Ritsuka bit his lip and nodded. Soubi gently leaned forward until their lips met, letting Ritsuka have control of the kiss. That is, until Ritsuka bit down on Soubi's lower lip, making him hungry for more than gentle kisses. As Soubi leaned a little more forward to have control of the kiss, Ritsuka's breath caught in his throat.

"Soubi…you can move now."

Soubi kissed his forehead and started to slowly move inside of him. Ritsuka let out a low moan as Soubi moved faster.

"uhn, Soubi…harder."

Soubi replied by driving himself harder into Ritsuka, his need for him growing.

Ritsuka moaned louder as Soubi stroked his erection in time to his thrusts. Soubi pumped and thrust harder and faster as he felt what Ritsuka felt. The liquid fire was gathering at the bottom of his stomach.

Ritsuka and Soubi moaned, almost in time with each other as Ritsuka came, then Soubi.

Soubi pulled out of Ritsuka and rested next to him, breathless. They were still breathing hard as Ritsuka curled up on Soubi's chest. When his breathing had slowed enough for him to talk, Ritsuka wrapped his arms around Soubi's neck,

"I love you, Soubi."

"I love you too, Ritsuka," Soubi answered as he draped his arms around Ritsuka's waist and held him close.

'Yearning,' thought Ritsuka before falling asleep, 'the look in his eyes was yearning…'

So, there's eight. It didn't come out as well as I'd hoped, but let me know what you think. No promises for the time schedule for the next chapter. Although, it will probably be soon because my summer is lame. XP Thanks for reading, stay tuned!