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Chapter One: If the doors had locks (Written by NL)

Lily hummed happily as she slid slowly into the bathtub, shivering as the hot water overlapped her. She sighed blissfully, her eyes closing in ecstasy. Just as she was about to turn the classical music on, and rearrange the pore cleansing mask on her face, she heard the doorbell chime.

"Darn," she grumbled, reaching for a towel. "Oh Lily, you'd have the house all to yourself for four hours, have fun! Sure, mum. What'd you do now? Forget the keys?"

While mocking her mother in a shrill tone, she made comical faces in the mirror, patting her pore cleansing mask down.

She huddled her bathrobe together, not bothering to remove her green mask, as after all; it was only her mum.

"I'm coming," Lily snapped irritably, as her mother insistently rang the doorbell.

Making sure that the bathrobe's knot was firm, as she didn't want to be revealed to the whole neighbourhood, she clattered down the stairs.

"All right, mum!" she cried again, hurrying towards the door and throwing it open. "There, I knew you forgot the ke-"

Lily broke off her triumphant shout, and her jaw literally dropped.

"Po…Pot-Pott," she stammered, her green eyes bulging out.

"Potter," clarified the young man standing outside the door. "Although, I would prefer it if we use our first names now, shall we? Just seems a tad bit immature."

"Y-yo…you," Lily said, stumbling over her words as James smiled.

"Mind if I come in?" Potter asked, nodding to the house. Without waiting for Lily's reply, he pushed his way through and sat himself comfortably on the couch.

"Nice place you got here," he commented, as stretching himself out luxuriously.

"Wha-what ar…are you doing here, Po-potter?" Lily said, pleased that she'd managed to get the whole sentence out.

It didn't matter: James Potter was now stretching out on Lily Evan's couch.

They were hatred enemies, ever since Potter laid eyes on Lily, and decided to push her in the lake. Unluckily for Lily, the giant squid decided that she was an enemy too.

Lily had arrived at Hogwarts, soaking wet with seaweed in her hair, but that was when she too, proclaimed her hate for James Potter.

Remembering back to the days where Potter had teased her, literally drooled over her, and even stole her precious chocolate muffin she'd gotten from Jack Stone; Lily had completely no idea why he was here.

"You might be wondering why I'm here," added Potter casually, running his hand up to ruffle his hair.

"Possibly," said Lily stonily, all traces of a stutter vanishing as she remembered the ol' good days.


The cold exterior of Lily completely vanished, at that one word.

"Really?" she asked, leaning forward eagerly. "What about it?" Potter shrugged calmly.

"He sent me here." Lily's eyes opened expectantly.

"Really?" she questioned. "Why?"

"Oh you know," said Potter. "My parents were busy. So I've been staying with Dumbledore, but he told me to come here. Bonding with the new Head girl you know," he finished off with a wink.

Lily nodded with Potter's reason, but abruptly stopped when she heard his last sentence. "Head girl?" she breathed. "Me?"

Potter nodded, confirming Lily's goal for six years.

Lily let out a shrill shriek. "ME! HEAD GIRL!"

She started to jump around, hugging Potter, hugging her cat, and even hugging the couch.

Potter looked on, quite amused with the girl delirious with happiness, and still wearing a rather ugly green mask.

"That's fantastic!" Lily cried, her wet auburn hair frizzing up with excitement. "I love you, James!"

She hugged him again, tightly. The tall boy patted her on the head awkwardly. It wasn't everyday that the girl of his dreams came and hugged him, even though she only reached his shoulder, and told him that she loved him.

"Um, I love you too, Lily," the boy said quietly, making sure that Lily couldn't hear him.

"Oh, that's just great!" babbled Lily. "I have to go owling everyone, tell my family, oh gosh, mum's going to be so happy! Hah! You know that girl, with the bad-breath? Susan Hammertoes or something? I got Head girl! And she was so sure she was!"

"Lily?" said Potter cautiously; trying to loosen the grip she had on him.

She turned towards him with shining eyes, her arms still clasped tightly around his waist.

"Oh," she said, hastily releasing her grip as she realized it was Potter she was hugging. "Well, I'm so happy, anyway! Potter, do you know who got Head boy? Is it Jack Stone? Oh please, tell me it's Jack Stone."

Jack Stone was a boy that Lily had fancied, for a matter of five years now. Unbelievably smart, with exceeding good looks to go along, he was the only competition that James Potter ever had.

"No," said Potter with a frown. "It's not Jack Stone."

"Oh," Lily said sadly, but then regained her hopeful look. "Remus then?"

"No," sighed Potter. "It's me." Lily blinked, and blinked again.

"You?" Potter nodded.

"Well," said Lily slowly, not really wanting to hurt Potter's feelings, after all, he was the one who brought her the good news about the Head girl. "That's okay."

"Yes," said Potter brightening up considerably. "And guess what the good news is? We're spending three months together! Three whole months!" Lily gawked at him.

"Three months?" she said, her voice croaking. "Why?"

"Oh, you know," said Potter, waving his hand around carelessly. "So we can…bond."

"Bond," repeated Lily.

"Yeah. Bond. That's what I said," said Potter.

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