AN: written based on a line that came up in a convo with Icka and the gang (very big gang). Enjoy.



Kaito glanced at the store window.

He moved his hand around in his pocket.

Maybe next week.


A week passed.

Nakamori Aoko stormed off in huff.

Honestly what had the moron been thinking!

He shows up at the restaurant an hour late and he leaves his wallet in his Kid pants!

Which just proves how smart he really is – if he were caught Dad would just have to reach into that back pocket to have Kid's ID in his hand.

"Aoko! Wait!"

"NO! This is the fifth time you've done this because of your night job! I hope you and Kid have a very happy future together!"

"Aoko! It's not like that!"

One passerby who heard this thought to herself - Kid is gay? Oh well... Might as well go inform the fan club...

"Do what you like! TAXI!"

Kaito caught up to Aoko just as she was getting in. He held it open.

"Come on Aoko! I'm sorry. It will never happen again."

"That's what you said last time."

"No seriously, this time," he started.

"And last time wasn't?"

"No it's not that! Please Aoko! Listen to me-"

"No you listen. I need to know Kaito. I need to know if I'm really that number one on your list. You're mine. I've been patient with everything but Kaito... this is hard. You know how hard."

"Of course I know how hard it is! But-"

"But nothing Kaito! You haven't made it clear. You'll do these great and dangerous things but I don't know if you're going to make it home in one piece sometimes."

"Well you don't have to worry about that anymore because it's over!"

Aoko looked at him wide-eyed, "Over?"

"Over," Kaito's frown slid away to a smile.

"You... you found it!"

He nodded.

"Hey, lady – are you gonna get in or not?"

Aoko shook her head, "No no, I'm sorry."

She moved to the side and Kaito shut the door. The taxi driver drove off.

"So it's over?"

"Yep. In fact... the reason I was so late wasn't because your father kept me but because I was finishing," he pulled something out of his pocket, "this."

Aoko stared at the black box sitting perfectly in Kaito's hand, who was suddenly on bended knee.

"You can take it you know."

She looked at him as he handed her the box. She frowned to notice her hand shaking slightly. Kaito smiled, stood up, and opened the box for her.

"Oh! Shiny!"

"The jewel surrounding Pandora was a diamond. I used the biggest piece for this."

She grinned, "So... I don't believe there's a question that's been asked here."

Kaito looked up at the heavens, "God where is my head," and then back down at Aoko, "Will you marry me?"

"Umm..." Kaito looked nervous for a moment, "Yes. Yes I will."

"Good cause for a moment there I thought you'd prove the line that 'Diamonds are a Kaitou's best friend' wrong."

"Well that just would be a shame wouldn't it?"

"Yes, yes it would," said Kaito as he slid the ring on Aoko's finger, sealing the promise with a kiss.