Chapter 1

Van Helsing let out a heart-tearing scream as Dracula in his bat form rammed one of his razorsharp claws right through the werewolves heart. But his action came far too late. He turned into ashes within seconds.

Now Van Helsing, back in his human form, collapsed right into Anna´s arms. "No!", she whispered under tears. "I´ll always... love you", Gabriel´s voice fading away as he took his last breath. Sinking with him to the ground Anna still held him. Slowly more tears fell from her face as she closed his eyes. But soon her sadness was replaced by another feeling. A feeling that was much stronger than the previous one. Anger!

She got up, letting her first and only love lie at the ground, "HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME, DRACULA!" Anna screamed so loud that she was sure he´d even heard her in hell.

"EVEN IF YOU´D BEG ON YOUR KNEES I WOULD NEVER FORGIVE YOU! I SWEAR IT TO GOD! HE CAN DAMN MY SOUL IF I EVER DO!" She swore this to him and would never forget about that.

(End Flashback)

Anna was in castle Frankenstein, destroying everything she could find. Her anger at Dracula was so big that she cursed everything that reminded her of him.

The pain in her heart sat deeply. But from that day she´d lost Gabriel she didn´t lose a single tear. Even Anna herself hadn´t expected that she could even bare his death but turning in such an uncontrolled creature?

She had no clue that someone was watching her from the shadows...

I know the first chapter was short but the following ones will be longer. Let me know what you think about this story!