Hey guys!

You just read the ending of my story the Princess' Revenge. I know I took very long and I apologize for that. As you might have seen I completed also Ocean Gypsy and added a OneShot. With that I finish with Van Helsing Fanfiction for now. Dance of Fate I'll either complete much later or never, I'm not sure.

Fact is that I wrote down everything I had on my mind for VH and I'm writing other stories now. So this note means goodbye. I want to thank you for reading and reviewing my fics. FF.N brought me that far and I've been here for years now. My writing skills could improve with your help.

Thanks a lot for your support, I hope you all likes what I wrote during almost four years. (I know I was gone very long cries )

The two biggest Thanks go to:
Princess Airiana. I finished our last story without your help. You were a great friend here on FF.N but we'll stay in contact, k?
Remember. You have submitted so many long reviews for my fics and really kept me writing when I had writer's block again.

Of course huge thanks to all my readers, I'll never forget you! hugs and kisses to ya all And when you hear the name Tanja Riddle on the internet, you'll see me there.

With huge love,

Angel of Beauty