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6. The Morning After

Blonda moaned, waking up slowly. Why was her bed was so uncomfortable? She moaned and rolled over to find Juandissimo and fell right off the couch. Waking up very quickly, Blonda rubbed the back of her head, thankful nobody had been around to see her ungraceful tumble. She yawned and delicately stretched her wings. Flying up with a promise to herself that that would be the last time she fell asleep on the couch, she flew to her room, thinking that a nice lie-in with Juandissimo might make her feel better. She opened the door then stopped dead at the sight that greeted her. "Well of all the mornings this had to happen…"


Meanwhile, in Timmy's room, a pink-haired fairy was floating worriedly, holding her baby.

"Daddy, have you seen Cosmo this morning? He didn't come to bed last night and I can't find him anywhere."

"No I haven't, sweet potato," answered Big Daddy, poofing Timmy out of his pyjamas and into his clothes. "I wouldn't worry though."

"Why, do you think he's okay?"

"No, I just wouldn't worry."

Wanda frowned at her father's insensitivity and turned to her godchild.

"What about you Timmy? Did Cosmo say anything to you about going somewhere?"

"No he didn't. Is he missing again?" asked Timmy, a note of concern in his voice.

"I'm afraid so sport."

Before Timmy could comfort Wanda or start thinking of places the fairy could be, Blonda poofed into the room.

"I think I have something that belongs to you," she said, grabbing Wanda's arm and rasing her wand to poof out again.

"Blonda, whatever it is I don't have time. I've got to find Cosmo and…"

"Believe me, you'll have time for this." Not giving Wanda another chance to protest, Blonda poofed them to the hall outside her bedroom. Wordlessly she swung open the door and pushed Wanda inside. What she saw made her gasp then laugh. There on the bed was Cosmo and Juandissimo, lying next to each other fast asleep.

"Aww, that's adorable! And I always thought they hated each other!"

"I think their new-found friendship had some help," said Blonda darkly, pointing to an empty bag on the floor that still had some remanent powder in it. Wanda flew down suspiciously and tasted it.

"Icing sugar," said Wanda grimly. "I've told Cosmo a million times to stay away from it." She tutted and shook her head. "Here, hold Alska for a second, I've got to poof home and tell Timmy Cosmo's okay. Or at least, that I know where he is."

Before Blonda could protest, Wanda bundled Alska into her arms and poofed out of the room.

"Hello baby," said Blonda, holding her awkwardly. Alska gurgled and drooled on her.

"Eww," said Blonda with disgust, holding Alska at arms length. "And to think I'm going to have something like you. You're just lucky this dress wasn't designer."

Alska gurgled and squirmed, uncomfortable in the grip of her aunt. Thankfully for her and Blonda, Wanda reappeared quickly.

"Babies are gross," complained Blonda as she passed her niece back to Wanda.

"You'll be such a good mother Blonda," said Wanda sarcastically.

"Hey, just because I'm not like you!" snapped Blonda. "I never wanted to be a mother! I never asked for this!"

"I bet that's not the story Juandissimo would tell," said Wanda, aberrantly crass.

They glared at each other for a few moments before Wanda's expression softened. She had been kind of harsh.

"Blonda, I'm sorry…" she started to say, but Blonda interrupted her angrily.

"Whatever Wanda. Why don't you just leave?" She was furious at her sister for saying she wouldn't be a good mother. How dare Wanda say that, to rub her face in it when Wanda seemed to be made of nothing but maternal instincts? Wanda had thousands of years of godparenting experience plus a loving husband to help her. Blonda didn't have any of those things.

"Fine, maybe I will!" Wanda was just as angry at Blonda; she always brought out the worst in her. She'd tried to apologise and Blonda just threw it back in her face; it happened since they were kids and Blonda apparently had not grown up since. She was mean, petty and selfish. Wanda was just about to tell her so when she hesitated. It looked like Blonda was about to start crying. Whilst Blonda crying wasn't a very rare event, genuine tears were, and there was real emotion on her face.

"Blonda?" she said gently.

"Just go," she said, turning her back on her.

"No," came Wanda's gentle but firm reply.

"Just take your stupid husband and get out."

"I won't do that Blonda." She knew her sister's pride was getting in the way of her sharing her problems, but it didn't look like she could hold out for long.

Blonda turned around and looked at Wanda fiercely. Wanda returned a calm but determined look. They could both be extremely stubborn when they wanted to be and they could have continued to glare at each other all day. But Blonda's emotions were stretched thin enough. Her resolve weakening and unable to help herself, she started to sob. Wanda gently placed Alska down between Cosmo and Juandissimo and flew over to hug her sister.

"What's wrong Blonda?" she asked gently.

"It's this baby, of course" snapped Blonda in reply. "Wanda, I don't want a baby! I never did! That's why I became an actress instead of a fairy godparent. I wanted to be part of a glamorous power couple, carrying a small dog and sippping down mojitas in between being seen at fashionable parties and going on exotic holidays! I want to be the one looked after and pampered, not me doing it for something else!"

"That's what growing up and being a mother is about, Blonda," said Wanda, unable to keep a tone of annoyance and condescension out of her voice. "Actually thinking about someone other than yourself. And besides," she continued, before Blonda could snap at her, "there's still Juandissimo. He's pleased about the baby at least."

"You mean Mr. Mid-Life-Crisis over there?" she said, glaring at her boyfriend with disdain. "It's only a matter of time before I wake up and find him gone. He even had to go out and get sugared to forget about this mess." Blonda glared at him some more. "And so what if he does want it? I don't! He doesn't care about that, he doesn't have to carry it, he doesn't have to have his life ruined by it! He can leave any time he wants and go back to chasing after whoever he wants and doing whatever he wants."

"You keep going on about wants," snapped Wanda, beginning to get frustrated. "I want this, I don't want that, want want want! This isn't just about you or Juandissimo or what either of you want! It's about what you need to do, it's about what the baby needs, it's about you needing to grow up instead of wanting to stay a spoiled brat!"

Blonda eyes flashed with anger. "I think you should go Wanda," she said, in a very soft and dangerous tone, her teeth and fists clenched in fury.

"Fine," said Wanda, floating over to Alska and grabbing Cosmo by the hand. "Thankyou for finding Cosmo for me," she said stiffly.

"Thankyou for being an irritating know-it-all."

Raising her wand and gving one parting glare, Wanda poofed back to Timmy's room, leaving Blonda alone with her thoughts and an unconscious Juandissimo.