12: Battlegroup
by Chaoseternus

In the shadow of the events and chaos of Disclosure, the first Battlegroup is formed...
And sent straight into action!


Disclosure: An event feared and anticipated by the forces of Stargate Command and the Royal Space Service has been and gone.

All that remains is the ruins and the clean-up.

No-one was ready for it, the general public were being subtly prepared but a rogue reporter, now erroneously believed dead, forced the issue, publishing proof of the existence of the SGC and the RSS in a manner designed to punish those forces not just for the effrontery of trying to hide information from reporters but for keeping the secret of what happened to his beloved daughter, Colonel Pierce now host to Maktenos, Goa'uld Lord.

His actions were made with little thought for the consequences to the general public, his mind solely on vengeance, on punishment, on control. The results were catastrophic.

Looting, rioting, protests, religious fervour and worse spread across the planet, military uprisings destroyed several lesser nations and underneath this all, forces moved to take advantage.

Anubis sent his servant, Lord Iblis who corrupted the city of Paris, turning both its citizens and much of the French army against the free peoples of the world through the use of the mind controlling drug Nish'ta, in response British and German forces led a spearhead into France in an attempt first to contain the corrupted units and citizens and then to liberate.

But Iblis had placed his servants well and several regiments seconded to the UN were ordered to reinforce his position against an 'illegal' invasion, this units too were mind-controlled, corrupted as swiftly as they entered the cities boundaries.

Paris was destroyed, immolated in nuclear fire, the Commander of the Allied Liberation forces deeming the city unsalvageable, a move which allowed the bulk of the forces under his command to be released to other tasks. By this time, religious fanatics had almost seized control of the African Hellmouth, killing the bulk of the American and British defenders, the cylons were already launching swift hit and run attacks against Earth and Iblis had moved with the bulk of his forces to seize the London hellmouth.

Stargate Command had been seized by Mr Pierce, the reporter employing the services not just of several mercenary companies but of the dreaded Teraken order of assassins.

The mountain was eventually retaken, but not before being damaged to the point of uselessness, requiring a major rebuild before the base could be considered safe to enter, let alone operational.

The African Hellmouth was retaken and fortified, but thousands of troops gave their lives in its defence, only a swift reinforcement by Free Jaffa forces prevented the final collapse of the defences, arriving as the fight spread into the Allied base itself.

Iblis unfortunately was reaping the benefits of the chaos both he and Pierce had sown, having successfully seized the London Hellmouth, he found himself facing spirited but ultimately weak opposition, the Royal Air Force units still with Great Britain having been mostly annihilated in his first moves of the invasion of London and the Army being spread over Africa, France and attempting to maintain order in a large number of cities found itself stretched far too think to effectively respond.

The British were quick to recall as many units as they could as well as conscripting everyone who could handle a gun. The Russians and the Free Jaffa were quick to send as many people as they could to help retake the London Hellmouth, resulting in a massive airlift operation into the many airports surrounding London.

The Allied forces were quick to push the Goa'uld forces out of London itself but were quick to realise they didn't have the time to push Iblis's forces all the way back into the base Iblis had constructed over the hellmouth.

The result was an ambitious airdrop, the Free Jaffa forces regrouped aboard their two Ha'taks and forced a landing right next to Iblis's base, whilst wave after wave of Paladin transports moved Russian and British army and scratch company infantry to reinforce the assault, effectively leap-frogging a large proportion of Iblis's forces.

Iblis was quick to retreat and abandon his position over the hellmouth when he realized he could become trapped but by then he had already set the wheels for the hellmouths opening in motion, nish'ta'd mages were actively attacking the ancient Hellmouths seals under the protection of a strong shield. The allied forces launched a massive assault with every unit they could gather together, eventually retaking the entire base apart from the small but crucial area covered by the shield; they were aided by the last of Iblis's forces who turned against their master for the 'illegal' action of attempting to open a hellmouth.

The shield could not be breeched completely by the Tau'ri but the arrival of Agent Frank Parker of the NSA gave the allies an option, he had possession of a book which told the Devon Coven how to make the shield completely permeable to gases.

The mages were destroyed by the detonation of several Fuel Air Explosive bombs placed immediately adjacent to the shield, the gaseous explosives passing easily through the shield before ignition.

The mages work might not have been complete, but the wards sealing the hellmouth had been severely weakened, the effects of this are yet to be seen.

In the chaos following disclosure, Los Vegas, Buenos Aires, Vladivostock, Exeter and Paris had been utterly destroyed, indeed, Exeter had been left a radioactive ruin, poisoning the surrounding land for centuries to come and London was burning massively out of control.

In the last days, the Tau'ri were finally able to complete the refit and construction of several warships and the first Battlegroup was officially formed.