12: Battlegroup
by Chaos_eternus

In the shadow of the events and chaos of Disclosure, the first Battlegroup is formed...
And sent straight into action!


He learnt much, enough on its own to cover the loss of a few ships.

The destruction of Anubis's construction base and so many of the guarding ships was just a bonus.

He had blatant confirmation that the Tau'ri had a capital ship of their own and he had many scans of it in action. The results were intriguing.

A massive ship, but one which appeared to once have had more of the Tau'ri CIWS' weapons then it currently did. A refit vessel, definitely not Tau'ri construction, but a well built, solid vessel.

Built by a race that knew what they were doing.

The Colonials of course.

Still, it was interesting.

Like a Ha'tak, it was neither true warship or carrier.

It didn't matter really, what mattered was he now had a good look at its capabilities and with Pierces unwilling assistance; he should be able to derive strategies to counteract its strengths.

As he should now be able to do for the Dauntless'es, Sentinels, Prometheus's

Oh yes, they taught him much.

The Dauntless's and Prometheus class ships had had older scans of of course, but nothing compared to the quality you can obtain when you know in advance the opportunity is going to present itself.

He had hoped for a Britannica to appear, but that was not to be.

A pity.

Those Merchants too, quite interesting ships in themselves. It was certainly rare that a freighter could claim quite rightfully to have killed a capital ship. In fact, it was almost unique in his experience.

Destroyers, even Ha'taks had been killed by such before, but not a capital ship. He would have to watch those ships closely, perhaps move more forces into the space between Earth and Edonia. An opportunity would present itself in time of that he was sure.


It had potential.

Not just for the intelligence it would provide him, not just for the technology but also the Tau'ri could ill afford to lose any ship and if rumour and his overpaid spies were to be believed, the Tau'ri had only three ships of that type.

The resulting disruption to their supply chains would be appropriately disproportionate, he was sure.

Oh yes, the idea had potential.

Of course, if he was caught doing such a thing, it would mean war once more.

Best not to caught then.

They think I am dead, they think I am defeated.

They are wrong.

They are right.

I am dead, dead in my heart, dead in my soul for the evil they have allowed, for the slavery they have allowed of my daughter, the slavery they have not ended.

The slavery they tried to hide from me, then tried to make me be quiet about.

The fools.

They may have ensured my initials strikes did not go entirely to plan, they may have ensured the continued rule of their corrupted Admirals and Generals, they may have bought the support of the people, but their punishment is not finished yet.

I hear the delightful chaos of my disclosure is reported to be the cause of almost ten million deaths.

A mere drop in the ocean compared to what is to come.

By the time I am done, the name of Pierce will be known for thousands of years as they very definition of vengeance.

For I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.

Starting with this one.

That was a bold move they did.

An unfortunate move for them as well. He could no longer afford to ignore their incessant buzzing and their pin pricks of damage.

He could no longer allow his subordinates to deal with the Tau'ri threat; they had failed him too many times. Now, he would have to devise a plan to deal with those pests himself.

Woe betides them for gaining his personal attention.

There would be a response, and it would be a response like they had never seen before.

And it would be the last thing they would see; they were too much of a threat, too much like rats. Once you thought you had eliminated the threat, they returned and brought plague once more to his domain.

No, they would have to die.

Every last one of them.

They think they destroyed us, drove us to ground as if we were the criminals and then picked us off one by one.

They think we are no more, only scattered remnants too weak and disillusioned to be any threat.

They are wrong.

The shackles they have placed over America shall not be tolerated; there will be no more cooperation' and alliances' with other nations and worlds.

Those shackles shall be broken and once more we will stand in the background, ensuring this, our great nation controls and dominates the Stargate and the space forces. We will break the other nations to our will once more as we did to Russia and any who disobey will know the control of the skies now extends into the black of space.

We shall take what we need to ensure the security and power of the United States one way or another.

They shall regret the day they ever decided to resist the NID.

While the humans remain strong, we will never be safe.

They must be destroyed or bent to our will.

With the Loyalists broken, that task has become easier and harder. So many of their ships have turned to our cause and so many of the human forms as well.

Of course, having turned traitor once, they may do so again.

Best they do not realize then when we have finished our looting of Loyalist space, they too will be looted and then destroyed.

The Unforgiven stand in our way, but they are barely a threat now. With the end of the Loyalists we can gather enough strength to purge the heretical Unforgiven and with their nursemaids gone, the Tau'ri should fall soon enough. With them, the Colonials die and our pain, the threat to our dominance is largely finished.

Anubis and Maktenos will need to be watched of course, but they need not concern us. With the humans gone, we can start the seed of Civilisation in the galaxy at last, free of their threat.

It will be a civilisation like the galaxy has never seen before.

We just need to deal with the rats in the basement first.

Thundersdawn control, this is courier 28-3 out of Edonia. I am carrying despatches for command. Priority is Thunderbolt, repeat priority is Thunderbolt!

To be continued...