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Chapter 1: Unlikely Meetings

The Colorado Springs mall was packed with late night shoppers. Rebecca Mayers was focusing on getting to the supermarket and getting back home as soon as possible. With a relieved sigh, she collected a trolley and started pushing it through the aisles. It was far less crowded in the supermarket, and she set about finding everything that was on her list.

Passing through, and picking up a jar of coffee, she saw a group of four people looking at the selection of biscuits. They were all clad in military dress. One of the men was saying to the only woman, who was on crutches, "Carter, come on, you can't let Daniel choose, you know what he's like!"

"Jack, from past experience, I think we know my choices are always better than yours." The man Rebecca assumed was Daniel responded.

"Sir, why don't you let T choose, or just get both?" The woman replied, running a hand through her blonde hair.

That voice! Rebecca stared intently at the woman. Could it possibly be -?

"Sam?" She asked slowly, pushing her trolley towards the group. All four of them turned to look at her, the three men moving In front of the woman protectively. She looked at Rebecca carefully, recognition flashing across her face.

"Bec? No way!" Her face grew into a huge grin and the three men relaxed. Sam hopped forward on her crutches, and Rebecca gave her a careful hug.

"Oh my God it really is you!" Bec stepped back and studied her intensely. Sam had small cuts and bruises all over her face and hands, and was leaning heavily on her crutches and right leg.

"You look great, Bec," Sam was saying.

"Thanks. I wish I could say the same, but…" Bec's voice trailed off.

Sam smiled ruefully. "I know. I'm a mess at the moment, you can say it, I won't take offence."

"What happened to you?"

Sam shared a quick look with the silver haired man, before saying, "I was injured at work in a lab accident."

Bec nodded in agreement. "Yeah, we had quite a few of them at school, didn't we? Never quite so serious though."

Sam laughed. Behind her the silver haired man coughed.

"Oh, yeah. Bec, I'd like you to meet my team. Colonel Jack O'Neill, my Commanding Officer," She indicated the silver haired man, "Doctor Daniel Jackson, and Murray Teal'c. Guys, this is Rebecca -?" Sam looked at her questioningly.

"Mayers." Bec said quickly. Sam nodded.

"Bec was one of my best friends at school."

"I'm very pleased to meet you all." Bec said, smiling widely.

"Likewise." The colonel replied.

"Same for me." The bespectacled doctor smiled.

"Any friend of Major Carters is a friend of mine." Murray said solemnly.

"Uh, thanks." Bec turned to Sam. "Major?"

"Yeah." She replied, blushing a little.



"His names Aaron. We've been married 10 years now, two daughters."

Sam's mouth fell open. "You have kids? But you always said-"

"I know. I used to think they were smelly, noisy and downright annoying, but now I have them, I wouldn't have it any other way."

Sam smiled. "That's great Bec. Surprising, but really great."

"What about you? No husband or…"

"No. Work is way too important at the moment to even think about that sort of thing."

"Well if you're happy. So, did you keep in contact with Lauren at all? The last time I talked to her was about a year after we left school."

A shadow passed over Sam's face quickly.

"After we left school, Lauren joined the air force, like me, except she became a doctor of medicine. We were both transferred to the gulf. She was killed in the field about a month before we were due to come home." She took a breath. "I'm sorry Bec, I should have tried to find you and tell you. I didn't find out til I got back here."

Bec stared at her in shock. Lauren was dead? She looked at Sam again. Her face was tired and the blank expression Bec remembered so well was in place. From past experience, Bec knew her friend was close to losing control of her emotions.

"It's okay Sam. You probably wouldn't have been able to find me anyway."


"It's okay. I know now."

Sam shifted on her crutches uncomfortably. Bec recalled that she would want to retreat and lick her wounds in private, so to speak.

"Sam, why don't you come and stay with me, while your leg gets better?"

Sam looked around at the three men, before smiling and saying, "Thanks Bec, I appreciate it, really, but the guys are going to look after me. They're great mother hens."

"Carter." The Colonel said warningly.

"Sir." She replied penitently.

Bec laughed. "I can see you'll be just fine, but call if you need anything okay? Even if you don't need anything; we should catch up."

Sam nodded fervently. "I'd like that."

"Okay." Bec smiled.


After exchanging phone numbers with Sam, Bec carried on rushing around the supermarket, trying frantically to complete her shopping.

Thinking of her friend, she smiled. The shy, smart girl that had been terrified of talking to boys was gone, and had been replaced by a woman who was still intelligent, and had three men that obviously cared about her very much.

'It's strange how much people can change,' she reflected. 'Sam was the one who always wanted kids, I never wanted them and now I love them to bits.' With a shrug she continued through the checkout and back towards her car.


(Two weeks later.)

Bec walked in the door of her house to hear her phone ringing. Cursing about the fact that the phone was all the way down the hall, she ran and skidded to a halt in the kitchen before picking up the phone.

"Hello, Rebecca Mayers."

"Uh, hi Rebecca, It's Daniel Jackson, we met a few weeks ago, I was with Sam Carter?"

"Hi Doctor Jackson, I remember you. How are you?"

"I'm good thankyou. How are you?"

"Yeah, great, thanks." She waited for him to speak.

"I got your number from Sam's phone, I hope you don't mind. The reason I'm calling is that we're having a surprise party for Sam getting off of her crutches, and we thought it would be nice if you could come."

"That sounds really great. So when is it?"

"It's on Saturday at one. Ummm, you'll need directions. We're having it at Jacks place so, oh, I forgot, the rest of your family is welcome to come, General Hammond's grandkids will be there too, so it's no problem."

"Okay, umm Aaron won't be able to make it, he's in New York this weekend, but I'm sure Sarah and Kellie would absolutely love it."

"Great, well Jacks place is pretty easy to find…"

After she had clear instructions and had said good bye to Doctor Jackson, Bec hung up the phone and went in search of her daughters.

They were playing outside.

"Sarah, Kellie, would you guys like to come to a party with me on Saturday?"

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