Galactic Guardians

Author: Cure Leo AKA AshK1980

Fiction Rated T for Romance and some Language.

Summary: A new threat arises, or is it an old threat? Depends on who you ask. For the original Sailor Guardians they are old threats, for the Sailor Guardians that will be awakened it's a new threat. The Dark Kingdom has become much more powerful than they once were. They are so powerful that Usagi and her friends aren't nearly enough for it. Sailor Pluto seeing this, sets a plan in motion to bring back the Galactic Guardians. Starting with the Solaris Court and Sailor Solaris and Terra. What will happen and will the combined group of the two factions of the Sailor Guardians be able to combat this threat? Only time will tell. Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and Ranma 1/2 Crossover, with a few others thrown in from time to time.

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon Pokemon, or Pokemon or any of the various Anime teams that will show up throughout this saga. I do however own the Original Characters with the exception of a few that others proposed.

Pairings: Pokemon: Pokeshipping, Contestshipping; Sailor Moon: Usagi x Mamoru, Haruka x Michiru; Ranma 1/2: Ranma x Akane. Other pairings to be determined.

Ages: Nabiki Tendo: 17, Kasumi Tendo: 19, Ash Satoshi/Ashley Satoko Ketchum, Misty Kasumi Waterflower, Akane Tendo, Ranma/Ren Saotome, Ukyo Kuonji, Sayuri, Yuka, Duplica Imite: 16; Casey Nanako: 15, May Haruka Maple & Drew Shuu: 14; Inner Senshi: 16, Mamoru Chiba: 20 Outer Senshi except for Setsuna and Hotaru: 18, Hotaru Tomoe and Chibi-Usa Tsukino: 13 Setsuna Meiou: Unknown, looks 23 other ages and other characters to be determined.

Author's Note: This is a rewrite. It may take me a while to get through the entire Saga so please be patient. There will be a two year time skip between chapters one and two.

Editor's Note: Hello I'm Divine Saber! I'm a friend of AshK's and have participated in various RPs based on this saga. Now I'm here to help him revive it.


We all know the story of the Silver Millennium and the Moon Kingdom. How it was devastated by an attack by the kingdom of Earth and fell. We also know how the Solar System Sailor Senshi were resurrected. However, what if that was only part of the story?

It all started many years ago in an era known as the Silver Millennium. There were three kingdoms that worked closely together to safeguard the Galaxy. The Earth Kingdom, the Moon Kingdom, and the Solar Kingdom. Each Kingdom had their own set of protectors. However, since it was impossible to live on the sun, a space station was built in between the sun and the planet Mercury. This station was known as the Solaris Space Colony.

The Colony was the most technologically advanced structure in the Milky Way; despite being so close to the sun, the radiation shielding and climate control made living on board comparable to being on Earth.

The peace the Three Kingdoms shared didn't last as the Earth Kingdom; corrupted by the demon Metallia, launched a sneak attack on the Moon. Feeling the fiend's presence, Queen Solaria of the Solar Kingdom, sent the Princess and her protectors. Thus the 'Galactic Guardians' were called to action! Unfortunately, in the end their combined might wasn't enough to ward off the attack…

The Moon Kingdom fell, and with it the entire Silver Millennium in a single night. Queen Serenity was so thankful for the help that Queen Solaria offered that she agreed to send the Galactic Guardians forward as well. Queen Solaria accepted, but had a condition. What was this condition? It was that the Galactic Guardians were sent to another dimension so they could have normal lives free from Metallia's taint. Queen Serenity agreed and with the last of their strength; the Queens teleported the Solar Princess and her protectors to another world. A world inhabited by creatures known as 'Pokemon'. While Princess Serenity and the Planetary Senshi were sent to Earth…

Within a misty void a solitary figure stood holding a long staff with 'teeth' at the bottom resembling those of a key and topped with ah ornate sphere made of garnet. Scarlet eyes scanned 'windows' in space; through one such hole was a large field where horses with fiery red manes ran. Within another a disembodied specter licked the face of a small orange lizard with a flame-lit tail.

The eyes passed other images; such as one of a crystal city, but soon fixated on one. In this portal numerous individuals dressed in white coats operated a machine. Something resided within the device, something that caused the eyes to widen.

A man came into view, he wore a red business suit and oversaw everything. By his side was a large cat who instead of cuddling against his master's leg, shared the man's sharp that seemed to pierce the window...

The man's lips formed into a smile when his lead scientist; an older man with bushy white hair and a mustache, signified the team was ready to proceed. The machine's contents; a gem-encrusted black tiara, was bombarded with energy and in-turn began to radiate power of it's own; a cold black wave of light burst forth! The room's occupants were forced to the ground, except for the man and his pet, who simply looked on as the wave shattered the window...

Unable to see beyond a black sparking cloud, the figure sighed. "It seems I have no choice..." With a thrust of the staff, a large pair of double-doors, each engraved with the phases of the moon appeared.

Petalburg City, a bustling metropolis run by the Gym Leader Norman Maple and his family. At present the Gym was being looked after by Norman's 14-year-old daughter May Haruka Maple, who was wearing a red and blue shirt, short white skirt over a pair of black shorts and red and yellow shoes. Her brown hair was tied up with a red bandana.

May stood in the Leader's box, looking across the field at the Gym's current challenger, an 11-year-old named Brody from Kanto. On the field in front of the boy was his Bulbasaur, while before May...flat on his shell was...

"Wartortle is unable to battle." Standing off to the side was May's 12-year-old bi-speckled brother Max. Max, clad in a green collared shirt and khaki shorts, was serving as referee. After his call was made the above scoreboard changed to reflect it; Wartortle's display greyed out.

"Wartortle, return!" May held out the Turtle Pokemon's ball, calling it back. "Fantastic job!"

The board showed only one Pokemon each; Brody was down his Beedrill and Fearow, leaving only his Seed Pokemon. May was out her Glaceon and just lost Wartortle. "You're doing great! But the show's not over yet."


"Now the spotlight's on you!" She reached for her first Pokemon's ball, "Go Blaziken!" and tossed it towards the middle of the field. Out popped a lean, mean fighting chicken!

"Bulbasaur! Sleep Powder!" The challenger's partner complied and released a plume of white powder from the bulb on it's back.

"Blaziken, dodge it with Aerial Ace!" Before the cloud reached it, Blaziken launched itself into the air. The red chicken flew about the arena, gradually building up speed and momentum. Soon it was just a red blur. "Now let's finish things with Flame Charge!"

There was a roar of 'Blaze!' from...somewhere above. Suddenly that streak shot downward, making a beeline for Bulbasaur! There was a brief image of a large firebird...and then nothing until...


Bulbasaur's smouldering remains were sent flying from the smoking hole which the chicken now occupied.

"Bulbasaur, no!" Bulbasaur landed not far from it's Trainer. Brody immediately ran over and cradled the seeded reptile.

"Bulbasaur is unable to battle! The winner of the match is the Interim Petalburg Gym Leader May!" ...A title which caused his sister to sweatdrop.

"D-do you have to keep calling me that?" The bi-speckled youth merely smirked back at her while the board updated to reflect his final call.

"You did good buddy." Brody removed his partner's ball, "We'll get ya fixed up in no time." before recalling Bulbasaur. He met May at the center of the field where the two Trainers shook hands. "I heard this Gym was tough, but man!" Despite the loss, he couldn't help but grin. "Now I want that Badge even more!"

"Glad to hear, I look forward to battling you again Brody!"

May put down the phone, she called a repair man about fixing the damage from her earlier match as her brother walked into the office. "Will they be here today?"

"They're coming tomorrow."

"Good thing you don't have any more battles scheduled." Max placed today's mail on Nor...May's desk; it mostly consisted of bills and a few ads. However, the bi-speckled boy handed his sister one envelope. "You got a letter from Setsuna!"

"Set...suna?" The girl rose an eyebrow, there was something familiar about that name. "Didn't we battle her on Route 122?"

"Route 123." Max stated while adjusting his glasses

"Well whatever Route it was, I wonder what she's up to?" As she opened the envelope. "Maybe a rematch?" May began to read the letter, suddenly her eyes became saucers. "This is so...formal?" Regaining herself, May started to look it over carefully, seeing past the writing style and focusing on the contents of the paper...

May hung onto Blaziken as the fiery chicken ascended the side of a ten-story office building. When the pair reached the roof, Mays partner set her down before being recalled into its ball. (This place is creepy!) As her blue eyes surveyed the darkened roof, not a sign of anyone. May glanced at her watch, the time piece read. '11:59:50, 51, 52, 53...' She stayed on the brightest section of the roof, illuminated mostly from the other buildings as the clouds blocked light from stars and...

'57, 58, 59...'

The Moon...


The 'BONGS' of an old clock tower echoed as clouds parted revealing a full moon. Earth's Satellite's light bathed the roof. The once pitch-black section in the shadow of the stair entrance was brightened making two figures visible to May.

"Hi May, I'm..."

"IT'S TEAM ROCKET!" Three Pokeballs sped in the pair's direction. "Go Blaziken, Glaceon and Wartortle!" Back out was the red chicken, fallowed by the now upright turtle and accompanying them was an ice blue dog. May panted as her three Pokemon assumed a readied stance, However, things didn't play out as she assumed, there was no cackle or reciting of poetry. Instead the two came further into view.

"I told you this kind of thing would spook her." One said to the other, she was a tall, busty green-eyed teen who like May was a brunette, only her hair was tied in a ponytail and adorned with a massive bead of sweat. "Eheh, sorry about that, my friend?.." She glanced to the other woman then back at May. "...Can be a bit anti-social. Well...uh, my name's Makoto Kino, but you can just call me 'Mako'."

"N-nice to meet you Mako." May was still reeling a bit from what had just happened. "And these are my friends!" With the tension gone, May's three Pokemon relaxed their stance and greeted the pair.

"Hey guys." Mako waved back at the trio. "Wow, I think this is the first time I've seen them up close."

"Hmm?" May looked puzzled.

"Your Pokemon, we don't see many in Japan." Mako felt a tad awkward about this question. "Is it okey if we?" Her hand was extended to shake.

May didn't have to answer, her Pokemon sensed Makoto's intentions and offered a wing, flipper and paw respectively. (Ami's gonna be so jealous!) While grasping each of the offered appendages.

"So you guys came all the way from Japan...just to see me?"

"That is correct." the response didn't come from Makoto but her companion, another tall woman, like the Setsuna May knew, this woman had long green hair yet it was kept in a bun. She wasn't wearing punk attire but dressed as formally as the letter was written, wearing a maroon pantsuit. Then there were the eyes, rather than bright green they were scarlet that projected a feeling of age, of wisdom and something else...


"Greetings May, my name is Setsuna Meioh."

Episode 01: New Guardians Awakened! Out on a New World Saving Mission! Part I

After Ash returned to Kanto he went to see Misty, Misty was ecstatic to see her friend after nearly two years. The two teens sat on a bench in Cerulean Park as Ash told tales of his latest journey. "So you were the Runner-up?"

"Yeah, but it was an awesome battle! Ash replied with enthusiasm.

"That just proves you still have more growing up to do!" Well mentally anyway, in reality Ash had grown taller and a bit leaner, despite the lack of facial hair...Ash, to her, was starting to look manly. The redhead pushed those thoughts aside and a bit flustered asked. "S-so what were they like?!" ...Immediately realizing how that came off.

"Who?" Ash seemed puzzled.

"Y-your friends from Kalos!...I think you said their names were Bunny,"

"Bonnie." Ash corrected.

"R-right Bonnie! And Clairmont,"

"Clemont." He corrected again..

"Y-yeah Clemont! And Selena?"

"Serena." Correcting her for the third time...

"Sorry about that, I misheard." Having finally regained herself. "So, what are they like?"

"It's okey Mist." Without a trace of anger, perhaps it was good that he hadn't fully grown up yet...

"Let's see...well Serena is an aspiring Pokemon performer and Bonnie isn't quite old enough to have a Pokemon yet." Ash stated, then continued, Clemont is a Gym Leader like you," As well as Brock and Cilan. "who I won my Fifth Badge from."

...And they were back! Both at the mention of 'Serena'...despite her inquiry. And at being referred to as 'Mist'. With a bit of an edge to her voice, Misty asked. "A bit more about Serena, please?"

"Serena, I knew since I was little. We went to the same Pokemon summer camp, but I didn't remember her until after I lost to Viola the first time. It took me a bit until she handed me the handkerchief I used to cover her hurt knee when she fell down in the forest." Ash's gaze fell to the ground as he continued. "I thought she was the one for quite a while, but something really didn't click."

Hearing this, Misty's gaze mirrored Ash's. That tinge of jealousy was replaced with something else... "Ash, I'm sorry..." Now looking back up at him.

While simple, her words did cause him to smile and redden a bit. "Thanks, and it's not all bad. She's still one of my best friends!"

"I'm glad to hear." Well see is more appropriate as she noticed his expression. And that prompted her to... Um Ash..."


Now her face was as red as his was a few seconds ago. "W-when you t-travel again..." Boy this was easier back in the day, he and Pikachu wrecked then fried her bike and she fallowed out of anger..but that all vanished over the months and her accompanying Ash through the Orange Islands and Johto felt natural. There was no need to discuss it, but when they returned to Kanto...her bike was fixed and the trio split up... Well Brock met up with Ash in Hoenn but she...

"Sure, you can!"


"Yup!" His enthusiasm was tempered by a sweatdrop. "Course I don't know WHERE I'm going next."

As the two were conversing, a certain green-haired woman passed behind their bench. "There are many unique Pokemon in China." In a loud whisper.

Ash double-blinked. "What was that about China?"

Misty paused. "I didn't mention China, I thought you did?"

"No, I wonder..."

"Hey Brock." Ash and Misty returned to the Cerulean Gym. They heard their old companion Brock had gone back to Pewter and gave him a call.

"Hey congrats man!" Brock had heard about Ash's placing in the Kalos League from Professor Oak the other day. "Hi Misty." And gave her a wave through the call screen which she returned.

"Thanks! Misty and I are talking about China and wondered if you wanted to travel with us again?"

"Tempted but I can't, I just got back myself and things are a big hectic with the gym right now. Maybe I'll hook up with you guys later?"

"Alright, well we'll miss you."

"Take care you guys!"

The call ended and Misty couldn't help but let out a "YESSSSS!" whisper. Blushing a bit upon realizing her outburst was audible to the other person in the room...luckily, he was thinking the same thing.

Our two favorite heroes were traveling through China on their search for 'Unique Pokemon'. From their arrival in Beijing, they were met by a green-haired woman who directed them to a small village...Where a similar-looking woman lead them further inland; specifically, to the 'Quing Hai Province'. More specifically to a rundown mountain inn where yet another green-haired woman gave them more directions...

The pair didn't think much of it, just figured they were China's answer to Jenny and Joy, a 'Jiang'. While travelling, and the threat of Serena behind them. Ash told more about Kalos, and some of Unova with a hint of Sinnoh.

As Ash and Misty continued to walk, they entered a mountain pass that all of a sudden started to fog over. The duo found themselves going further down the hill. The high peaks of the Balalaika Range towering overhead. They reached the bottom of the path, the fog thinned enough for Ash and Misty to see a massive valley surrounded by mountains. They beheld...dozens, maybe hundreds of springs each with bamboo poles stick out of them.

Misty was normally at home with the water, but... "Ash I'm scared! M-maybe it w-was a b-bad idea to c-come here?" Misty said as she clung onto Ash's hand.

Ash winced a bit. "N-not so tight!"

"Oh sorry Ash." Misty blushed a bit before loosening her grip. "It's so hard to see." ...And getting harder as the fog behind them seemed to thicken. It looked much denser than a moment ago when the pair passed through. It was like they were boxed in...

Ash meanwhile, didn't share her growing fear, he was acting quite the opposite. "Aww, don't worry about it Mist. I won't let anything happen to you." Ash said.

"I don't know..." Misty said as her and Ash continued surveying all of the springs...the ones they COULD see anyway. "Something about this place...bothers me, it's like..."

"Welcome, honored guests to Legendary Ground of Accursed Springs, Jusenkyo!" The sudden appearance of a stocky man in uniform caused Misty to jump! ...Luckily not into a spring.

"I thought this place was weird but CURSED?!" Misty released Ash's hand and clenched the collar of the man.

"Yes, more than one-hundred springs. Each with own tragedy."

"What harm can a spring do? C'mon Mist let's explore this place!" As he walked deeper into the valley...

"Sir, very bad you fall in spring!" The Guide warned.

"Ash if you want to play in cursed pools that's fine. But I'm leaving!" Misty stomped her way back to the road they came from, only to be stopped by the Guide. "Get out of my way!"

"Not good idea, Miss. Fog roll in, very bad."

"I'll take my chances!" She huffed and continued on, only for the Guide to stop her again.

"No see, lose footing, fall into precipice." That got her attention. "Rocks break arm and leg then maul by animal. It not pretty."

The image of her body tumbling down the mountainside, limbs snapping and twisting as they impact jagged rocks was gruesome enough. Then add in her mangled, bloodied carcass being stalked by local wildlife then ripped apart while she's still barely alive, well...

"Y-yeah...not pretty."

"Yes, very bad." The Guide nodded. "Miss can come to hut, wait for fog to clear?" And motioned to a path devoid of any spring.

Ash and Pikachu were exploring the area. Misty was waiting for them in the Guide's hut.

"Quite a place huh Pikachu?" Ash asked his little buddy.

"Pika Pikapi."(Translation: Sure is Ash.) Pikachu said.

Ash and Pikachu came to a particularly narrow land bridge. "Uh-oh, we should be careful here." Ash stopped to let Pikachu proceed ahead. He slowly fallowed behind. "One foot in front of the other."

Left foot...

...Right foot.

Left foot...

...Right foot.


"Pika Pika Pika pi Pikachu!"(Translation: Ow ow ow ow Ash you stepped on my tail Thunderbolt!) Pikachu said with cheeks sparking and executing a Thunderbolt.

"Ahhhhhhhh Pikachu! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to step on your tail!" Ash said and then...


Right in the dirt! Ash pushed himself off of the ground, electricity coursing through his body. He'd almost returned to a vertical base suddenly his right leg twitched violently. Ash lost his footing and...


"Pikachupi Pik Pikachu!"(Translation: Misty help I shocked Ash with a Thunderbolt and he fell in a spring!) Pikachu cried wile running for the hut.

Inside, Misty heard the approaching Electric Pokemon. She started to have a bad feeling and rushed out the door to meet him. "Pikachu what happened?" Misty said as she rushed out.

"Pikachupi Pikapi Pika Pika chu! Pika Pika!"(Translation: Misty, Ash stepped on my tail on accident and I shocked him really hard that he fell into a spring!) While thrusting a paw towards a foaming spring.

"Oh no Ash!" Misty exclaimed. "Ash are you okay?" Misty asked as she went to the side of the spring.

Misty was anxiously awaiting Ash to surface. Instead of the six foot-two black-haired boy, a girl popped out of the water. This girl was Misty's height of five foot-seven with waist length blonde hair and brown eyes. Her build was much slimmer.

"I'm fine Mist." the blond girl replied.

Misty's eyes were saucers! "Ash? You are Ash...right?"

"Huh? Course I am...!" The blonde covered her mouth. "W-what's wrong with my voice?!" In the process, felt a swish of hair much longer than it should be. "...And how'd my hair get so long?"

"The Guide said they were cursed, remember?" Misty scolded as she helped her best friend stand up. Ash felt like his center of balance was off and almost stumbled back into the spring. Luckily Misty was there to keep that from happening.

"W-why did I almost fall over?" The blonde squeaked.

Misty sighed. "Here!" Then handed the girl her hand-held mirror.

"W-what the hell?!" Female Ash asked as she looked at her now feminine face in the mirror.

The Guide then came out of his hut. "Oh too bad, you fall in Nyannichuan-Spring of Drowned Girl. It very tragic story of girl that drowned in spring 1500 year ago. Whoever fall into spring take body of young girl."

"I-I'm a g-g-g-GIRL?!" Female Ash practically tore open her hoodie to get at her T-shirt... Two unusual mounds were on his, now her chest.

"Very strange, customers that fall in spring don't get long hair like you do? Oh well, Hot water reverses effect." The Jusenkyo Guide said.

...but that fell on deaf ears

"AAAHHHH! I'M A GIRL!" Female Ash shouted, well shrieked at the top of her lungs. She then proceeded to running all over the place...miraculously avoiding the other ninety-nine or so springs...

She nearly ate dirt a second time thanks to the now baggy pants. "Oh, I probably should..." And went for her belt, then a thought occurred. Ash reached into her pants and...


Misty's eyes narrowed...


...She looked like Brock's sister...


That face was beat red...


"W-wait Akane! It's not..." The naked, fanged boy leapt out of the tub. Hands waved defensively while feat were in overdrive to put some distance between him and the black-haired girl rising from the bath water.

"I don't want to hear it! You you...pig!" The sheer utterance of that word caused her stomach to twist. Bile rose while she stalked forward... it took every ounce of willpower to keep her dinner down. Eyes stinging with tears, Akane stood facing the taller boy. A hand rose and... "Get out...!"

"W-wait, please!" The boy braced himself but nothing came, instead she was point at the door behind him..

"What, is that soap in your ears or cu-uuughhh!" Akane's free hand cupped around her mouth, the thought of that stuff brought the bile back in full force. Now unable to keep it down Akane rushed to the toilet and vomited. "Get," Turning her head from the bowl and glared. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!"

"A-alright Akane, if this is...


Akane sat on the roof overlooking her bedroom window. The evening's events replaying for the last few hours...


"P-Chan!" Akane dropped her school bag next to a massive backpack with a red bamboo umbrella strapped to it. She bent down and scooped up the bandanna-wearing black piglet tangled in the straps...

"I was so worried about you, baby!" Akane nuzzled her pet, getting mud all over her. "Ohhhh! Someone's been a dirty boy! Let's go get cleaned up." P-Chan squealed and flailed about frantically...

...More so as the tub filled up.

The naked Akane held her pet close, she climbed into the bath and submerged P-Chan into the hot water. suddenly, the piglet's body expanded! Her arms were forced apart!

"P-Chan, what's to you...?" Her brown widened; no longer was she seeing the little black pig, but the muscular body of a BOY HER AGEy. The yellow and black-spotted bandanna now around his head. "Ry-Ry-Ryouga?! Yu-Yu-Yu-YOU'RE..."


Back in the Present...

Light from the full moon brought Akane back to reality as well as some mist back to her eyes...

"Back!" Came a male voice from down below, it's source rocketed up to the roof; a teenage boy with long black hair tied into a tight ponytail.

"Oh...hey Ranma." She greeted rather flatly. There was no retort however, the pigtailed boy merely sat down beside her.

"I lost sight of him downtown, don't think he'll be around if he wants a workin' left arm."

But Akane was lost in thought. (Like it would be long enough!) This was all so weird, if Ranma were the one in the bathroom, the rest of the household would time his near-fatal beating to the mill-second and say she broke that morning's record... But it wasn't Ranma, it was Ryouga.

"After showin' up late for that fight, he tailed Pop and me to..."

Ryouga was her friend and often helped in those beatings

"...And when I tried to skin Pop for draggin' my ass there...I kinda..."

...And he is P-Chan, her pet, he had seen her while naked, touched her while naked!

Finally, Akane spoke up. "Ranma...just-just drop it..."


"I mean it!" Tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Sorry Akane." A long silence fell between them. The pair looked at each other then seemingly off into space. Ranma stared at the moon, and the moon seemed to stare back... When it had previously brought tears to Akane's eyes, it brought a glaze to her fiance's... "Hey Akane?"


"This is gonna sound weird, but lately I'd been havin' this dream. An-And you're in it."

He's really doing this?! Right after what just happened with Ryouga? Akane's right hand tightened into a fist, "Ranma you..." and let out a low growl...

Ranma didn't see what she was about to do, his gaze was focused on the shining orb and he continued... "And we were in these suped-up sailor suits."

...But before her fist launched into Ranma's temple at 'Mach 2', Akane paused and her hand loosened. "Wait? Are you saying you had that dream too?" She hadn't mentioned this to anyone; her sister the entire student body at Furinken would laugh...except for Kuno who would just get a hardon. Her eldest sister Kasumi and any other adult would just treat her like a child...besides Happosai who'd ALSO get a hardon.

The pigtailed boy's trance broke with a double-blink. "Hu...wha...too?"

"Well, I think so...was yours like this?"

Akane began to recount her dream...

On a balcony of a white castle; a redheaded girl with flowing locks dressed in a gown stood. Her blue eyes affixed on the Blue Planet hanging in the sky above.

The door behind the redhead opened and a black-hired girl emerged, accompanied by music. "So there you are, Ren."

Ren didn't turn to face her life mate, "They are coming, Akana." maintaining her gaze.

"Do you mean?"

"Yeah those goddamned Terrans!" A goved hand slammed against the marble railing. "They got my sister and the others first, and now..."

"Ren..." Akana walked up to her mate and took a hold of the other girl's hand.

Suddenly the music stopped, replaced by alarm bells. "Emergency! Emergency!" The voice of a black cat with a Crescent-marked forehead interrupted the two.

It was fallowed by that of a white cat also bearing a Crescent Moon. "The Earthlings are attacking! Battle Stations!"

A black mass burst from the Blue Planet. As it approached the moon, a red demonic face could be made out.

The sounds of clanking armor drew their gaze to the castle gate as armed soldiers poured out to meet the Earth Army concealed within the creature.

Ren and Akana looked at each other knowingly. "We're needed, Ren."

"Yeah, let's go."

With fingers interlocked they called out in unison. "We call upon the powers of Phobos and Deimos!"

"Deimos Power! Make Up!" Akana was surrounded by crimson light. Fire burnt away her gown, leaving a white body suit. A dark-red skirt, sailor collar, choker and dangle-earrings formed next. The choker was adorned with a gold star. White elbow-length gloves trimmed in dark red covered her arms. A golden tiara with a dark-red jewel materialized on her forehead. Finally, a matching dark-green bow and ribbon appeared on her chest and back respectively. Akana was now Sailor Deimos!

"Phobos Power! Make Up!" Ren was surrounded by a violet-red light. Her uniform matched Deimos' with violet-red replacing dark. With the bow and ribbon being yellow-green. Sailor Phobos was now in Ren's place!

Back in Reality...

Ranma nodded as his fiancé finished with her dream. "Sounds just like mine."

Akane could tell the pigtailed boy that he wasn't lying...he did have a terrible Poker Face. "So we were Sailor Senshi?"

"On the Moon in the Silver Millennium." Ranma Added.

"I was 'Sailor Deimos'?" Akane said.

"And I was Phobos."

"We guarded the Princess of Mars?"

"Yup." Ranma nodded.

"Well at least someone's enjoying this!"

Ranma shrugged, "After all the time in this shithole, nothin' surprises me anymore..." ...which became a shudder at that realization. "...Might have to take Mom up on her offer."

"What 'offer'?"

"In her last letter, she mentioned comin' to stay with her."

"I see..." Her reply was flat almost disappointed. "Well you're free to leave any time, don't let me stop..."

"She meant it for both of us, Akane."

Suddenly her cheeks reddened. "She wants us both? When did you..."

"Two weeks ago."

"And you didn't say anything?!" Now showing a different kind of red...

"I hid the letter as soon as it got here. Mom may've put away the sword, but Pop still loads his gi when she sends word."

"You couldn't tell me?!" Her mallet had materialized...

"Sorry, I didn't wanna freak you out?"

"So, you waited until I was already freaked out?"

"Uh..." He couldn't think of a response.

"It's fine." Was she being sarcastic or serious? Ranma honestly couldn't tell, but the hammer returned to the ether, so... "It'd suuuuure be nice to leave all the perverts."

"That's for sure..." Happosai or Kuno AND his psycho-ass sister! Many others, but they probably wouldn't stray too far from Nerima...they'd be rendered powerless if they did. All that really left were Shampoo and her crew...

Ranma wanting to get his mind off the laundry list of loonies, looked at la Luna, "I hope that was all just a dream." and failed to notice some clouds rolling in... "Not really equipped to be a Magical Girl."

Rain began to fall. "I don't know,"Akane thrust an index finger forward, "You have plenty of gear, right here." playfully poking a mound that suddenly appeared.

"Very funny!" Where the black-haired boy sat, was now occupied by a redheaded girl. "Thought you wanted to leave all the perverts?!" The redhead shot back.

Akane responded with a playful laugh. After what happened earlier in the evening, this was quite comforting. "Sorry, Ranma."

"Eh, it's okay." Ranma-chan gave it a wave.

"...And thanks, I really do feel better now." Both girls blushed slightly. "Aaanyway, we could try calling your mom tomorrow."

"Let's try to do it in private, I don't want Pop or your Dad findin' out right away." S/he knew those two well enough by now; the sooner they knew what was up, the more time they had to plan something.

"Well," Ranma stretched her arms. "I'm sackin' it! G'night Akane." Before standing.

"Good night Ranma." And the two went their separate ways, Ranma to the room s/he shared with Genma. And Akane to her window below.

Ash and Misty fallowed the Jusenkyo Guide back to his hut. The portly Chineseman refilled the kettle that emptied earlier. "In cold water, you change." And poured the contents of the kettle onto Ash. "And in hot water, you change back."

As the blonde Trainer was doused with the heated water, her height and muscle-tone increased to what they were previously. The blonde hair reverted to it's natural black and miraculously shortened.

...Now if only that throbbing-red hand print vanished too...

"Yesss! I'm cured!" Ash beamed, water pouring from his eyes. "No more girl!"

The Guide shook his head. "You no understand."

Ash was in the process of ripping open his shirt, he wanted to run a hand through them chest hairs! But stopped short when the Guide spoke. "Whatcha mean I don't understand?"

"Oh! You grind meat on those a...s was saying. Hot water only temporary." The Guide shifted his gaze from Ash's chest to Misty. "Miss Customer please show Mr. Customer what I talk about?"

"I'd be happy to, Mr. Guide!" Misty wore a mischievous smile as she reached for a Pokeball. "Azumarril come on out!"

"Azumarril." (Translation: What do you need Mommy?)

"Use Water Gun on Ash!" Misty ordered.

"Azu Azu Marril!"(Translation: (Right! Water Gun!) Azumarril said as she sprayed Ash with Water Gun. The cold water once again changed his hair from black to blonde, its length was back down to his waist. His height reduced, meanwhile his chest expanded. Lastly his voice heightened.

"I-I'm a girl A-G-A-I-N!" Female Ash shrieked, causing the other four occupants to sweatdrop.

"I think that hair's seeping in..." This prompted a 'Pika!' "Well it's his own fault!" She then instructed the Water and Electric Mice to restrain the blonde. So they proceeded to tackle her legs, forcing Ash to the ground. The Guide poured the remaining liquid.

"Oh, I see! Hot makes me a guy again!" Ash's voice lowered in tone as he stood back up. "...And cold water turns me into a girl."

"Now he gets it..."

"Mr. Guide Is there a permanent cure?"

"No, Nannichuan-Spring of Drowned Boy dried up while ago.

Ash hung his head. "Dammit…"

"I so sorry Sir. Come back again someday and maybe it fill back up?"

"Well, thanks anyway Mr. Guide." Ash stepped outside. Looking back at his companions. "C'mon on, let's go find a place to camp..."

"Pika Pikapi. Pika Pikachupi?"(Translation: Okay Ash, ready Misty?") Pikachu said as he jumped on Ash's Shoulder.

"Yes. Thank you," Bowing her head to the stocky man. "Azumarril return!" Misty recalled Azumarril and returned the ball to her backpack. Misty walked with Ash and Pikachu to look for a place where they might unpack for the evening. As the trio were setting up, The Guide caught up.

"Honored Customers, fog thin now. I escort you out of valley." Taking point and escorting Ash-tachi back through the mountain pass.

Ranma was woken up the usual way… flung out the window into the Koi pond. Immediately after, his fat, balding father; Genma gave chase.

The shorter redheaded girl popped out of the pond. "Whadja do that for Pops?!" …Oh she knew the answer, but decided to humor him today; as things needed to seem normal.

"You're getting lazy boy!" Genma screamed angrily. "Training began an hour ago!"

"Hey Pops! Why don't you cool down?" While delivering a swift kick to Genma's flabby backside. Hurling HIM face first into the Koi Pond...

…But it wasn't the fat man that emerged, instead it was a bigger and even fatter panda! Unable to speak, Genma-Panda whipped out a sign reading: Just what I'd expect from a girl!

"Yeah, and whose fault is that?!" Ranma sniped back, which was met with more signing from the panda. The parent and child went at it until they were called in for breakfast. Upon changing back, Ranma gave his father one more swift punch to the gut and slipped something into his gi.

"Bye Mom, we'll see you later." Ranma hung up the phone, his blues darted around the room for probably the sixth time since he dialed his mother's number. While he knew Akane's and his fathers were out of the house…the pouch made sure of that… And that diminutive dick was out doing. (Screw it, I don't care!) The pigtailed boy couldn't shake the feeling that someone was aware of their plans.

Akane walked into the room. "So how did it go?"

"Mom said we can come any time, she's got rooms…ready…" Saying it out loud, Ranma couldn't help but roll his eyes. (This is supposed to be different!)

The pair sat at the dinner table; across from Akane's oldest sister, Kasumi. "What did you want to talk about Akane?"

"You see…" there was a long pause as her eyes went back and forth between the other two occupants.

Deciding to break the tension, Ranma spoke up, "Mom wants me to stay with her for awhile." Hopefully Akane would follow along with his slight modification.

"Oh…" Although smiling, there was a hint of indifference in Kasumi's voice. "I'm glad you're going to visit her."

"…And I'm going too!" Akane interjected, catching Kasumi off guard. There was another pause before the youngest Tendo continued. "I mean…after last night with P-ch…oh fuck it, Ryouga!"

"Akane!" Kasumi gasped and proceeded to scold her little sister. "You know better than to use…"

"So, I should just shrug it off?! Like everyone else does?!" Akane's eyes began to mist but resisted the urge to cry.

When Akane said 'everyone else', was her little sister saying she was also complacent? Had she become that complacent with the goings-on in her own home, let alone the rest of Nerima… "I didn't mean to upset you."

The youngest Tendo took a few breaths. "It's okay, I just think I need a change of pace, that's all. Ranma too." Remembering that he was in the room as well. "Besides, now that Auntie has accepted Ranma's curse and voided the Sepukku Contract it should be fun!"

"Don't worry about it Akane." Her smile seemed genuine this time. "I will keep it hush-hush!" And gave the pair across from her a wink. Surprised both Ranma and Akane looked at one another then back to the still winking Kasumi.

With things apparently settled, Akane embraced her oldest sister warmly, before heading upstairs to her room to pack…And failed to notice another presence in the house.

A bucktoothed ninja emerged from the floorboards and crept his way out of the house…

"And that is my full report, Master Kuno." The ninja bowed…so low he practically tasted the floor. Before him were a pompous teen with a wooden sword, "…Mistress Kodachi." and a girl wearing a leotard with her hair in a side ponytail.

"Excellent work, Sasuke." Tatewaki complimented his servant, "You have earned your dinner." And presented a bowl of rice topped with a pickle.

"Oh, thank you Master!"

"I will not let Akane take my Ranma Darling to another district! I, Kodachi Kuno, the Black Rose of Nerima will not rest until he is safely back in my arms!" Kodachi said as she vanished in a Tornado of Black Roses. "Ohohohohohohohoho!"

"Unacceptable, I the Blue Thunder of Nerima will not allow that evil Sorecerer Saotome to spirit Akane Tendo away to Juban!" Tatewaki proclaimed as he wolfed down the rice. Sasuke reached for a tiny piece of what was supposed to be his dinner, but the ninja's Master batted the chopsticks away. "Are you still here?! Go and ready my things!"

Ryouga Hibiki was covered in bruises. His right arm in a sling. The fanged boy stood in a large rocky crater. Mist filled his eyes and he let out a soft, sorrowful whisper. "Akane…" Ryouga looked up the stars…the mist MUST be playing tricks on him; the Moon was blue…and green…and brown? The fanged teen emerged from the crater and walked riiight past ten guys in Red Spandex duking it out with several meetle and monkey-themed humanoid robots...

The Jusenkyo Guide, Ash, and Misty reached the opposite end of the path. The two Trainers, especially Misty, were relieved to be out of the fog…Only to find rain clouds awaiting them. Ash took one step off of the path and down it came!

"One more thing. Customer is now water magnet."

"Cr-ap!" Female Ash sulked as she walked next to the still dry Misty.

"Look here a clearing." And stopped roughly five feet from the rain… "Very good place to camp. I help set up."

The stocky man then pulled a tea kettle out of nowhere and poured it over Ash, reverting her to him. Just to make sure that Ash fully understood his Jusenkyo Curse, the Guide reiterated his earlier explanation.

Ash wanted a bit more clarity. "Let me see if I get this straight? A girl drowned there 1500 years ago," Misty cringed upon re-hearing that. As she was a tad preoccupied when the Guide first explained it. "…creating Nyannichuan-Spring of Drowned Girl?"

"That is correct." The Guide nodded back to Ash. "Now when doused with cold water, you take body of young girl."

"And hot water changes me back!" Fallowed up by a fist pump.

"Yes." The sun set as the trio finished setting up. The Guide bowed his head to the Trainers. "Honored Customers I must return." They exchanged goodbyes and he vanished in the fog which now spread from the mouth, surrounding them.

Both Trainers looked about frantically, they could still see each other and Pikachu, but nothing else. The ground, what few trees there were and their camping equipment all blanketed by fog."

"N-not again! Ash, we…"

"Do not be alarmed!" Misty was cut off by a female voice…which also seemed to cut through the fog as a figure became visible. She wore a sailor suit and golden tiara. She carried a long staff that somewhat resembled a key capped with a red orb.

The woman's scarlet eyes met theirs. "Greetings Ashton Satoshi Ketchum," And bowed her head to the capped boy. "and Misty Kasumi Waterflower." And did the same to the redhead. "I am Sailor Pluto."


"…Pluto?" Both Trainers replied.

"Yes," Pluto refocused her gaze on the pair evenly, a hint of regret in her eyes. "you two have a destiny to fulfill."

"D-destiny!?" They both harmonized, each blushing slightly.

"That is all I am permitted to say," She rose her staff, "but soon everything shall become clear." The fog dissipated, Ash and Misty looked around; their camping equipment was once again visible. The sky had also greatly darkened in the short time. However, Pluto was nowhere in sight.

"Well…that happened."

"Y-yeah." Misty nodded.

"Farewell." The pair jumped! Both scanning their surroundings but saw no trace of her.

"…Think that's enough weirdness for one day…"

"…Took the words right out of my mouth, Ash." Misty kicked off her shoes and climbed into her sleeping bag. "Wanna call it?"

Ash was already zipped up in his bag and snoring, he wore a strained look in his face… Like she could blame him, his life DID turn on his head today.

That night Ash and Misty had a dream akin to those of Ranma and Akane…

A girl with long light red hair walked down a hallway. Her blue eyes scanned the doors as she passed by. "Solaria, Solaria?"

"I'm right here Kasumi." Princess Solaria of the Solaris Colony called back. Her hair was the same color and length as Ash's was in female form.

"We are to meet with Princess Serenity in the Grand Ballroom." Queen Serenity was going to announce her daughter's engagement to Princess Kasumi's older cousin, Prince Endymion.

"Oh, I'm so excited for them!" Solaria's enthusiastic smile faded. "And so would my sister."

"I know how you feel Solaria. I miss her too." Solaria's companion Orion nuzzled against his Princess' leg. "She was so nice to me."

"She was nice to me too. We were great friends." Kasumi wiped the mist from her eyes.

"Well we'd better get going." Solaria opened her locket and initiated a transformation. "Solar Prism Power! Make Up!" A yellow light surrounded her.

"Terra Power! Make Up!" Princess Kasumi called out; a silver light surrounded her.

After the transformation sequence, Sailor Solaris was wearing the standard Senshi garb. She had on a pair of yellow stud earrings. On her forehead was a silver tiara with a yellow stone in the center. Like the earrings, her choker was yellow. The chest bow and back ribbon were a matching shade of purple. Her fuku has a yellow skirt and sailor collar, with yellow piping on the forearm length gloves. And lastly a pair of yellow hi-heeled shoes formed. Sailor Solaris stood there in all her glory. Her waist length hair was blowing in a non-existent wind. Her locket was also located in the center of the bow on her chest.

Terra's skirt and sailor collar were silver. As were her choker and stud earrings. The tiara was silver with a black stone. Her white forearm length gloves had silver piping. The bow and ribbon shoes were a matching shade of black, while Terra's hi-heeled shoes were the same silver color as her sailor collar, skirt, and glove piping. Sailor Terra now stood and like Solaris, her flowing hair was blowing.

In Tokyo's Juban district; seven of the nine Sol System's Planetary Senshi, along with Tuxedo Mask had dreams about long-lost Sailor Senshi. Obviously, they were sleeping in their civilian forms. Mamoru had a dream of a long-lost cousin.

From Juban to China, the various people woke up with a panicked look on their faces and went to their respective kitchens or sitting areas to think.

A Week Later...

Ash and Misty caught a boat to Japan, instead of returning to Kanto Their destination was an area in Tokyo called 'Juban'. Meanwhile, Ranma and Akane were settling in with Nodoka.

The pair from Nerima were out exploring the town. Ranma grinned as this sixth day in a row without needing to chase down a panty-stealing midget, or a wannabe samurai wielding a bokutou..or nearly blind Chineseman with Kami-sama only knows under that robe! However, that didn't make Juban a paradise, for this place had its own reputation…

A series of screams brought Ranma and Akane a-running! They arrived at the source to find a vaguely humanoid female? creature attacking random people. Akane gasped. "I-it's just like on the news!"

The pigtailed boy was surprised too…due to being in another town…He assumed a fighting stance. "Akane, I need you to help'em." Referring to those around, as his eyes were focused on the monster.

Akane hesitated a bit but eventually complied and went off to a wounded old lady. The youngest of Soun's daughters extended a hand to help her up. "I'm here to help you ma'am."

"Oh thank you deary," With the young girl's aid she got back on her feet. "they stole my Pokeballs."


Laughter was heard above, Akane looked to see a hot air balloon shaped like a cat's head? Her eyes quickly darted to Ranma who was still sizing up the monster… inside the basked were a pair of girls; one with short blue hair and the other with long red hair. Both wore white uniforms with a large red 'R' emblazoned on the fronts.

"Prepare for trouble…"

"…And make it double!"

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all people within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love…"

"…and extend our reach to the stars above!"


"And James!"

…Well Akane thought they were both girls… Luckily she took the time to lead grandma away…

"Man, it sure is Kuno in he-YAAAHHH!" Ranma began to tremble as a small white cat jumped onto the edge of the basket.

"And Meowth's da name!"

…There was still more.

"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth, dat's right!"

The pair seemed to be commanding this creature, as she ignored their balloon's ascent into oncoming clouds. Instead she rushed the still quivering Ranma. With a swift arm movement, the pigtailed boy fell backwards, bleeding from the three claw marks on his chest.

The monster loomed over Ranma's body; she hunched over and slashed at him again, then suddenly his legs shot open between her feet! The monster lost her balance and barreled forward, Ranma rolled out of the way. He quickly rose to his feet and kicked the monster forward through a storefront window.

Panting, the pigtailed boy covered his chest and ducked into an alley. "Damn that was close…" Upon uncrossing his arms, blood trickled onto the ground. Ranma took in a few deep breaths while concentrating his Ki; a faint yellow aura now surrounded his body. Suddenly the bleeding stopped, yet the claw marks remained. Ranma's breathing returned to normal and the aura faded and he bolted up a fire escape.

"My prey! W-H-E-R-E-S M-Y PREY?!" The storefront exploded as the monster charged out; yellow-slit eyes searched the street, but only found the initial blood spatter, where was the rest?

"Hey freak! Up here!" She looked up as Ranma called down from a one-story roof across the street.

"I'll tear you limb from limb!" She hissed before taking to the air! Ranma flipped over the edge of the roof. His feet came together…right into the monster's face! Upon forcing her to the ground, Ranma landed nearby. While she was disoriented, the pigtailed boy launched himself with fists-a-flying!

"KACHU TENSHIN AMAGURIKEN!" With speed capable of safely plucking roasting chestnuts out of a bonfire; Ranma's hands became blurs to the naked eye…including the monster's. The only things truly visible were the impacts they left. (99-100!) After delivering the one-hundredth blow, Ranma broke off the attack; the creature slumped over, a once toned and frightening chest was not reduced to a blob.

"Time to finish this!" While she was stunned and coughing up some green liquid, Ranma focused his Ki. The yellow aura was much more prominent than before… "MOKO…" The blow that surrounded his body, was drawn into his hands. Ranma formed the energy into a yellow ball. "…TAKABISHA!" And fired away!

The Ki orb quickly closed the gap between them and exploded upon impact! She fell on her back, upper body smoking.

Ranma breathed a sigh of relief, was it over? It was difficult to tell as this…thing's aura was unfamiliar. Well he soon got his answer as a hissing sound came from the creature. (Son of a…) The body began to stir, Prompting the pigtailed boy to regain a fighting stance. "Round 2 Ugly!" The clouds above thickened as the monster rose to her feet.

"DIIIEEEE!" The claws on each arm doubled in length! And then she took off in a sprint, every now and then stumbling; arms flailing about. Ranma feinted to avoid a swing; instead of his torso it was a tall sturdy telephone pole that was sliced down. But that didn't stop her from taking another swing, then another and yet another…

Ranma was forced back; he continuously shifted his guard to avoid being hacked to bits. But his chance to counterattack was coming! All Ranma had to do was lock their footwork into a particular pattern…

…But what he wasn't counting on, was the red in the monster's eyes was now glowing around her claws… Another swipe forward released energy blades.

"Aw crap!" Quickly, Ranma refocused all of the Ki he was storing. "MOKO…" and fired! The two energies' collision resulted in an explosion; forcing them both to the ground. Ranma looked up; she was already on her feet. There was a sound in the distance, thunder? Ranma just THEN noticed the overcast. (Aaaaaand this is all I need.) If he was going to die, he at least hoped his manhood was in-tact…

Blue energy danced in the clouds above…but suddenly there were flashes of yellow?


A yellow bolt of lightning launched from behind the monster, engulfing her. She fell forward; her body smoked while surging with electricity.

"Ranma!" He heard Akane's voice calling from where the lightning came. Ranma looked to find her accompanied by two others.


…Three others…

The two humans looked about the same age as Akane and himself; one a boy wearing a ball cap and the other a redhead. "Thanks for the help…" Ranma got back to his feet. "…but this is my fight…!"

"Wait Ranma." Akane was now beside him, having assumed her own stance. She looked back towards Ash, Misty and the yellow mouse. "You guys should go hide somewhere."

Misty didn't like that idea one bit. "Like hell we will, after we just saved your boyfriend?"

Ranma's fiancé's eyes narrowed. "He's not my boyfriend!"

"Oh?" The redhead snickered. "Then why are you blushing?"

"I'm not blushing, I'm seething!" Akane shot back through clenched teeth.

"I-is this really the time?" Ash had liquid running down his face, but it wasn't sweat… The same happened to Ranma, a few drops trickled down…just before the shower.

The sniping ceased as both Akane and Misty noticed their male companions were now female! Akane's had red hair much darker than Misty's. The lighter redhead's friend was now blonde with much longer hair?

"Hold on, did you go to…" In unison, both Ash and Ranma were trying to ask each other when suddenly…

There was a shriek, all five sets of eyes were on the monster; her body convulsed violenty as the rainwater mixed with the lingering electricity from Pikachu's Thunderbolt.

…Speaking of Pikachu, or rather Pikachu speaks! "You're finally together!" And was now sporting a weird mark on his forehead.

Strange markings appeared on the four humans' respective foreheads. A circular heart with a dot in the center on Ash's. Misty bore a quartered heart. And the symbol for Phobos and Deimos, appeared on Ranma and Akane's. Their eyes glazed over as images of a long-dead Kingdom flooded their minds…

While in their trance, a raven-haired Sailor Senshi in red hi-heels appeared. This was Sailor Mars; she spoke but none could hear her words…And yet Ranma and Akane knew to take one of the Henshin Wands that she held. Pikachu, meanwhile flipped in midair. A locket bearing a Sun Symbol on it appeared in Ash's hand. The mouse then presented a third Henshin Wand to Misty.

The four girls regained themselves and thrust their Transformation Devices into the air!

"Solar Prism Power! Make Up!" Ash yelled as a yellow light surrounded her.

"Terra Power! Make Up!" Misty cried as a silver light surrounded her.

"Why do these things always happen to us Akane? Phobos Power Make Up!" Ranma-Chan wondered as a Violet-Red Light surrounded her.

"The hell would I know?! Deimos Power Make Up!" Akane said as a dark red light surrounded her.

And yet...

"Phobos Power!"

"Deimos Power!"

"Make Up!" The pair from Nerima harmonized, a Violet-Red light surrounded Ranma, while a Dark-Red one did the same for Akane.

After the transformation sequence, Sailor Solaris was wearing the standard Senshi garb. She had on a pair of yellow stud earrings. On her forehead was a silver tiara with a yellow stone in the center. Like the earrings, her choker was yellow. The chest bow and back ribbon were a matching shade of purple. Her fuku has a yellow skirt and sailor collar, with yellow piping on the forearm length gloves. And lastly a pair of yellow hi-heeled shoes formed. Sailor Solaris stood where Ash once did.

Terra's skirt and sailor collar were silver. As were her choker and stud earrings. The tiara was silver with a black stone. Her white forearm length gloves had silver piping. Misty's Hi-heeled shoes were the same color as her skirt, sailor collar, and glove piping. The bow and ribbon were a matching shade of black. Misty was now Sailor Terra.

Akane was surrounded by crimson light. Fire burnt away her gown, leaving a white body suit. A dark-red skirt, sailor collar, choker and dangly earings formed next. The choker was adorned with a gold star. White elbow-length gloves trimmed in dark red covered her arms. A golden tiara with a dark-red jewel materialized on her forehead. Finally, a matching dark-green bow and ribbon appeared on her chest and back respectively. Akana was replaced by Sailor Deimos.

Ranma was surrounded by a violet-red light. Her uniform matched Deimos' with violet-red replacing dark. With the bow and ribbon being yellow-green. Sailor Phobos was now in Ranma's place!

Now completely reenergized, Phobos slammed her right fist into the open left palm! "As I said before, this bitch is mine!" Her blue gaze locked on the monster. "Round 3, ugly!" Before the other four could protest, she was surrounded by a fiery red aura. "TIGER…" Phobos concentrated the energy into her hands. The ends of her palms were placed together; her hands took on the appearance of an open mouth. "…ROAR!" Phobos thrust her hands forward releasing the charged energy in the form of a flaming tiger's head! Living up to its name 'Tiger Roar' let out a fierce roar while flying towards the monster.

She shook off the electricity finally, and staggered upright…only to stumble into the tiger's open maw and be consumed! She let out a scream as her body ignited! Then fell silent into a pile of dust…

Akan…errr…Deimos watched with amazement. "That was pretty awesome, Ranma!" Then paused to correct herself. "I mean Sailor Phobos."

Phobos shrugged it off. "S'okey, Akane. If I'm still 'me' after bein' a girl, then I'm still me with this getup on." Right?

Deimos blushed a bit at being referred to as 'Akane' while transformed…something which caught Terra's eye; she gave a playful smirk and… "Looks like something is going on!"

Deimos waved defensively. "N-nothing like that at all!...I was just imagining what MY powers can do eheh, Hammerhead.."


…And Terra's sailor suit was completely ravaged...

Deimos sweatdropped and waved apologetically. "Oops! ...Sorry..."

Phobos laughed nervously. (Wouldn't be Akane without a hammer...) But snapped out of it as she found herself in the narrow gaze of the Blonde Senshi. "uhhh….If you're mad you didn't get a turn…" Well she technically did with Pikachu's earlier Thunderbolt. "the Pride Parade's pussyfootin' it in a balloon." Purr-furring that over the C-word, as that last panic attack nearly got her hacked to bits…

"Actually, I just wondered if you went to…" and then the realization of who Phobos referred to hit Solaris. "Wait, Team Rocket was here?!"

Phobos nodded. Not wanting to waste time, Solaris pulled out a Pokeball. "Charizard! I choose YOU!" Out roared a large orange lizard with a flaming tail! Solaris hopped onto the Flame Pokemon's back and thrust a hand upward. "Let's go!" Charizard roared in acknowledgement and the two were off!

The Meowth-shaped balloon flew through the blue sky having passed the rainclouds covering Juban. It's three occupants were gleefully playing with their ballsack…forty-five Pokeballs; not a bad haul given that only one person had a complete set of six on them!

The trio was so distracted that the sound of heavy flapping went unnoticed, until…

"Dirty rotten thieves!"

The pair of humans and one Pokemon looked out over the edge. What they saw approaching was a Charizard, his face flushed and blue eyes bloodshot! Standing on his back was a blonde girl in a sailor suit with an ornate tiara.

"How DARE she out-style us!" The redhead reached for a Pokeball. "Arbok…"

"You may have robbed those Trainers, but you'll NEVER steal their hopes and dreams!"

Jessie sweatdropped, "W-what?" and nearly lost Arbok's ball over the side…

James shook his fist. "Are you trying to crib our motto?!"

"Granny's Machoke was pushin' a shopping cart-eowth!"

…Charizard meanwhile… (Arceus in Heaven, PLEASE help me!)

Sailor Solaris placed her open hands around her locket, "Their determination burns as bright as the sun!" it's sun emblem was glowing bright-yellow! The clouds behind them parted and Solaris stood before the true blazing orb!

Charizard grimaced... (If you can fuse worlds, you can end my pain!)

"I'm the Solar Senshi, Sailor Solaris! Wanna fight? Then I'll light…" Solaris dug her heel deeper into Charizard's back; the flying lizard's eyes bulged out! …Before spewing a GIGANTIC stream of red, igniting the balloon's fuel supply!

A fiery explosion later and… "LOOKS LIKE TEAM ROCKET'S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!" Team Rocket screamed as a star twinkled in the distance…

Charizard landed near the other three Senshi and Pikachu. Upon Solaris dismounting from the orange lizard; Charizard did a massive stretch, there was quite the audible 'pop'. (Oh, thank you Arceus!) Solaris then recalled him to his ball.

"Thanks for your help, Charizard!" There was a bit of silence between them, but it was broken when…

"Excuse me." The four new Senshi turned as Sailor Mars approached. "There's a shrine nearby if you guys want to unwind."

Solaris chose to answer first. "That's a nice offer, but I don't want to impose."

Mars waved it awy, "Oh don't worry! I know the family who runs it." Giving them all a wink, before walking down the street…

Sailor Pluto watched as the four new Senshi, fallowed Mars to the Hikawa Shrine; they would have many questions and no doubt the others would be called in. As she made ready to return to Earth, another portal appeared. The image was…fuzzy, and forced her to look closely at it. Within the portal was a pale-skinned, green-haired green-eyed boy whose clothing was in tatters. Suddenly his image emitted a warm, white light that blanketed the entire portal.

Her scarlet eyes narrowed…


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