Galactic Guardians

Author: AshK1980

Summary: A new threat arises, or is it an old threat? Depends on who you ask. For the original Sailor Guardians they are old threats, for the Sailor Guardians that will be awakened it's a new threat. The Dark Kingdom has become much more powerful than they once were. They are so powerful that Usagi and her friends aren't nearly enough for it. Sailor Pluto seeing this, sets a plan in motion to bring back the Galactic Guardians. Starting with the Solaris Court and Sailor Solaris and Terra. What will happen and will the combined group of the two factions of the Sailor Guardians be able to combat this threat? Only time will tell. Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and Ranma 1/2 Crossover, with a few others thrown in from time to time.

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon Pokemon, or Pokemon or any of the various Anime teams that will show up throughout this saga. I do however own the Original Characters with the exception of a few that others proposed.

Pairings: Pokemon: Pokeshipping, Contestshipping; Sailor Moon: Usagi x Mamoru, Haruka x Michiru; Ranma 1/2: Ranma x Akane. Other pairings to be determined.

Ages(For Episodes One and Two): Nabiki Tendo: 17, Kasumi Tendo: 19, Ash Satoshi/Ashley Satoko Ketchum, Misty Kasumi Waterflower, Akane Tendo, Ranma/Ren Saotome, Ukyo Kuonji, Sayuri, Yuka, Duplica Imite: 16; Casey Nanako: 15, May Haruka Maple & Drew Shuu: 14; Inner Guardians: 16, Mamoru Chiba: 20 Outer Guardians except for Setsuna and Hotaru: 18, Hotaru Tomoe and Chibi-Usa Tsukino: 13 Setsuna Meiou: Unknown, looks 23 other ages and other characters to be determined.

Episode 01: New Guardians Awakened! Out on a New World Saving Mission! Part I

Author's Note: This is a rewrite. It may take me a while to get through the entire Saga so please be patient. There will be a two year time skip between chapters one and two.

We all know the story of the Silver Millennium and the Moon Kingdom. How it was devastated by an attack by the kingdom of Earth and fell. We also know how the Solar System Sailor Guardians were resurrected. However, what if that was only part of the story?

It all started many years ago in an era known as the Silver Millennium. There were three kingdoms that worked closely together to protect the Galaxy. The Earth Kingdom, the Moon Kingdom, and the Solar Kingdom. Each kingdom had their own set of guardians. However since it was impossible to live on the sun, a Space Station was built in between the sun and Mercury. It was known as the Solaris Space Colony. Being close to the sun, you think the people would fry, but that was not the case, the Solaris Space Colony was climate controlled. It's climate matched Earth's perfectly as well as the kingdoms of all the planets at that time. When the Earth Kingdom attacked, Queen Serenity and her Moon Guard fought well, but it wasn't enough. The group had to call on a bit of back up, the Solar Guard. Also known as the Galactic Guardians. Also Prince Endymion was not the only royalty on earth, a young lady by the name of Princess Kasumi of Atlantis was also royalty.

When the Earth Kingdom Attacked the Moon Kingdom the group needed some back up, so Queen Solaria of the Solar Kingdom offered the help of her daughter and her guardians. Queen Serenity accepted the help of the Solar Kingdom. The Galactic Guardians were called to action. Unfortunately, in the end even the help of the Galactic Guardians weren't enough to ward off the attack. The Moon Kingdom fell and so did the Silver Millennium. Queen Serenity was so thankful for the help that Queen Solaria offered that she agreed to send the Galactic Guardians forward as well. Queen Solaria accepted, but had a condition. What was this condition? It was that the Galactic Guardians were sent to another dimension so they could have normal lives apart from the normal lives of the Solar System Sailor Guardians. Queen Serenity agreed and with the help of Queen Solaria of the Solar Kingdom, sent the Galactic Guardians and their advisers to the Pokemon World, while sending the Solar System Sailor Guardians to the Earth of the Sailor Moon Dimension.

One day after the end of all the threats in the Sailor Moon World, the Dark Kingdom and several other of the enemies that once invaded Juban invaded the Pokemon Regions prompting the Galactic Guardians to be awakened.

It was a beautiful day in the world, birds and bird Pokemon were chirping, fish, and water Pokemon were swimming. Forest creatures and all the Forest Pokemon were just going through the motions of their everyday life. However one person was not relaxing. A new threat was awakening, well an old/new threat. The time had come to awaken the Galactic Guardians starting with the Solaris Court, Sailor Solaris, and Sailor Terra. Then moving on to the Sailor Guardians of Nerima. Setsuna Meiou, also known as Sailor Pluto was scanning the time gates for any strange anomalies. She came across one of Scientific proportions, it was only a matter of time before the threat would become too much for the current Sailor Guardians to handle. She quickly portaled to Juban, picked up Makoto and then portaled to Petalburg City. where she met a young lady wearing a red bandana, red and blue shirt, short white skirt over a pair of black shorts and red and yellow shoes. Around her waist was a fanny pack. By her side was a Glaceon.

Petalburg City, a bustling metropolis run by the Gym Leader Norman Maple and his family. Currently tended to by one May Haruka Maple and her younger brother Max. Max was a young man wearing glasses wearing a green collared shirt and pair of Khaki shorts.

Setsuna arrived in Petalburg City and sent a note to the Petalburg Gym asking for a conference with May Haruka Maple.

Sure enough, within a few minutes May walked through the door to see two Sailor Guardians in front of her, one of them was holding a Transformation wand with the symbol of Io on it.

"Who are you?" May asked of the two Sailor Guardians, "Why did you call me here?"

"You have been chosen to become the first Sailor Guardian of the Solaris Court," Pluto said, then pointed to the tall girl holding the wand, "I'm Sailor Pluto, and the young lady holding the transformation pen is Sailor Jupiter. You have been chosen to take on the mantle of Sailor Io. This world is in danger and you are needed. Do you accept? Don't worry you aren't desperately needed yet, but you will be soon. If you choose to become Sailor Io, all you have to do is take the pen from Sailor Jupiter hold it up in the air and shout Io Power Make Up! Do you accept?"

May had to think about for a while, but then realized that something was off in the earth's crust. She could sense the Magma down in the Inner core stirring. Something big was going to happen soon. She took the pen from Sailor Jupiter and held it up in the air.

"Io Power Make Up!" May shouted as she held up the transformation pen in the air. Suddenly she was engulfed in a green and yellow light. Once the light show died own a new person stood in May's place.

May's Sailor Guardian outfit is the Standard Sailor Guardian outfit. Gold Tiara with a green gem in the center materialized on her forehead, Yellow earrings, Yellow choker materialized on her neck and ears. The skirt and collar are green. Her bow on her chest and ribbon on her back are yellow. Her Boots are high-healed and come up to her knee and are also green. her gloves are white Elbow length gloves with green piping at the top. Her hair came out of her two ponytails and became free-flowing. Where May once stood, Sailor Io was in her place.

"Welcome to the team Sailor Io," Jupiter happily said to the new Sailor Guardian, "until the time comes you can relax, however if you see any unusual activity, transform and stop it. You will know what your attacks are right when you go to execute the moves."

Io nodded and waved goodbye as Pluto and Jupiter teleported back to where they came from.

After Ash returned to Kanto he went to see Misty, Misty was ecstatic to see him. She then decided that it would be great to travel with him and Pikachu again. Brock went back to Pewter. He decided to stay in Pewter to help his family run the Gym and continue his quest to become a Master Breeder. Misty and Ash decided that they should try to see if they could catch more Pokemon. They decided that they should probably explore China. Little did they know in a little place called the Quing Hai Province of China, one of their lives would be changed forever thanks to a certain Green-Haired Sailor Guardian of time and space.

Our two favorite heroes were traveling through China. To be exact they were traveling through the Quing Hai Province of China, Of course they were looking for more Pokemon. Ash was telling Misty about his journey with Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie through Kalos. He talked all about his Gym Battles, the people and Rivals he met and all the Pokemon he caught. Misty was really excited about Ash's story.

"Oh wow Ash! You won the Kalos League? That is great!" Misty exclaimed happily.

"Yeah I did! It wasn't as fun without anyone but Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie to talk to. I missed talking to you, as well as May, Max, Dawn, Iris, Cilan, and Brock I took the Kalos Gym Challenge as well. I missed all of our fights that we used to have in the olden days. I am really glad that we decided to travel again." Ash said.

"I was happy when we were reunited. I just hope my sisters can handle the Gym." Misty said, then continued as Ash was talking about Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie, "so what were Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont like? My Curiosity is peaked."

"I'm sure they will be fine Mist. They have improved quite a bit." Ash said.

"I know that Ash. I just hope I don't regret leaving them in charge." Misty said, "so tell me about this Serena person as well as your other traveling companions in Kalos.".

"Oh okay, well Serena is an aspiring Pokemon performer, Bonnie isn't quite old enough to have a Pokemon yet," Ash stated, then continued, Clemont is a Gym Leader like you, Brock, and Cilan. He is the fifth Kalos Gym Leader. Serena, I know her from childhood. We went to the same Pokemon summer camp. I didn't remember her until after I was defeated by Viola the first time. It took me a bit until she handed me the handkerchief I used to cover her hurt knee when she had fallen in the forest. I thought that she was the one for quite sometime, but something really wasn't clicking in the romance department with her, but she is one of my best friends. I thought we would give a relationship between us a try. It won't have to be real serious right away, but we can start off slow. How's that sound?"

Misty nodded and happily smiled as the two unknowingly linked hands and continued journeying together. Ash continued to tell Misty about his Kalos Adventure. She was relieved that Serena wasn't of any interest for Ash except for a best friend. Something was telling her that they were meant to be together for some unknown reason, having to do with a past life or something like that.

As Ash and Misty continued to walk the headed into a valley that all of a sudden started to fog over. They found themselves going further down the hill. The high peaks of the Balalaika Range towered over them. As they reached the bottom of the valley, they came across several springs with bamboo poles sticking out of them. Misty got scared and grabbed on to Ash.

"Ash I'm scared. Maybe it was a bad idea to come here we should go back. It's really hard to see." Misty said as she clung onto Ash's hand.

"Mist don't grab so tight. You can hold onto my hand but try to loosen up a little bit will ya?" Ash pleaded.

"Oh sorry Ash." Kasumi said.

"Don't worry about it Mist. I won't let anything happen to you. Look at all these springs. I wonder where we are." Ash said.

"I don't know." Misty said as her and Ash continued to look at all of the Springs.

"Welcome, honored guests to Legendary Ground of Accursed Springs. Jusenkyo. I am the Jusenkyo Guide. More than one-hundred Springs here and each one with own tragic story. Very bad if you fall in Spring." The Guide warned.

"What harm can a spring do. Mist let's explore this place." Ash said as he dragged Misty all over the place.

"Ash! I can walk by myself! You don't have to drag me." Misty said.

"Oh sorry Mist." Ash said.

"No problem Ash. I will let go now thanks for making me feel secure." Misty said.

"No problem what are best friends for?" Ash said.

"You're right." Misty said as her and Ash continued to explore.

"Please be careful honored guests. Very bad if you fall in spring." The Guide said as he continued to watch.

"We know we know." Ash and Misty harmonized.

"Perfect. I will start to complete the circle. Those two travelers have had many adventures in this life and the previous. Don't worry my Princess, I will make sure that you all succeed. The only way to do that is to make a minor adjustment. I must involve these two travelers. Misty will probably be fine. It's Ash that I'm worried about. This experience at Jusenkyo will change his life forever. He will suffer the most. Please forgive me Usagi, but it's the only way I can assure Crystal Tokyo will exist. I'm sorry Ash." One Sailor Pluto said from the shadows. She then teleported to the Time Gate.

"Mist did you say something?" Ash asked.

"No Ash I didn't." Misty said.

Somewhere beyond reality...

"This is going to be hard on Ash and Misty. Ash especially. I'm sorry but I must interfere." Pluto said.

"Don't worry about it. Ash will be fine. He will just have to get used to it." Future Pluto said as she appeared.

"If it must be done to assure Crystal Tokyo will happen." Pluto said.

"It must be done. Goodbye." Future Pluto said as she disappeared into the Time Stream.

"Let's see here a little move here. A tiny adjustment there. I'm sorry Ash. One more adjustment to the Spring to lengthen Ash's hair to Waist Length. There finished." Pluto said as she manipulated Satoshi's movement and the magic in the spring.

"Please forgive me majesties, but it's the only way to be sure the Crystal Tokyo will exist." Pluto said

"The Circle will soon be complete." Pluto said.

Back to Jusenkyo...

Ash and Pikachu were exploring it more. Misty was cold so she went into the Guide's hut.

"Quite a place huh Pikachu?" Ash asked.

"Pika Pikapi."(Translation: Sure is Ash.) Pikachu said.

All of a sudden Ash stepped on Pikachu's tail.

"Pika Pika Pika pi Pikachu!"(Translation: Ow ow ow ow Ash you stepped on my tail Thunderbolt!) Pikachu said with cheeks sparking and executing a Thunderbolt.

"Ahhhhhhhh Pikachu! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to step on your tail!" Ash said and then Splash! He fell into one of the springs.

"Pikachupi Pik Pikachu!"(Translation: Misty help I shocked Ash with a Thunderbolt and he ended up falling into a spring!) Pikachu said.

"Ash! Oh no! Pikachu what happened?" Misty said as she rushed out.

"Pikachupi Pikapi Pika Pika chu! Pika Pika!"(Translation: Misty, Ash stepped on my tail on accident and I shocked him so hard with a Thunderbolt and sent him into that spring!) Pikachu said as he pointed to one of the Springs.

"Oh no Ash!" Misty exclaimed. "Ash are you okay?" Misty asked as she went to the side of the spring.

Misty was anxiously awaiting Ash to surface. Instead of the ASh she knew, a girl popped out of the water. This girl was Misty's height with Waist Length Blond hair and brown eyes. (5'7" Satoshi is about 6'2" in his normal form.) Her build was similar to Misty's.

"I'm fine Mist." Female Ash said."

"Um Ash you don't look fine to me." Misty said.

"What do you mean Misty? What is wrong with my voice? How did my hair get so long?" Female Ash asked.

"Here Ash let me help you out of that spring. The guide told you that it was a bad thing to fall into a spring. Did you listen to him? No." Misty scolded as she helped her now female best friend stand up. Female Ash felt as if his center of Balance was off. He now she almost fell face-first again into the spring. Misty kept him now her from doing so.

"Why did I almost fall over? What is wrong with my balance?" Female Ash asked.

"Um Ash you might want to take a look in my mirror." Misty said as she handed Female Ash her hand-held mirror.

"Wha what happened to me. I just thought it was an ordinary spring. What happened?" Female Ash asked as she looked at her now feminine face in the mirror.

The guide then came out of his hut.

"Oh too bad honored customer, you fall into Nyannichuan-Spring of Drowned Girl. It is very tragic story of girl that drowned in spring 1500 year ago. Whoever falls into Nyannichuan-Spring of Drowned Girl take body of girl when hit with cold water. However I'm stumped, Customers that fall in spring don't usually get longer hairyour hair is now Waist length and Blond, the hair color change is expected, but not the length change. Oh well, Hot water reverses effect." The Jusenkyo Guide said.

"I'm a girl? No way." Female Ash said as he looked underneath his hooded sweatshirt at the T-shirt he now she had on. Two unusual mounds were on his now her chest.

"No it can't be." He now she said as she felt down below.

"Ahhhhhhhh I'm a girl!" Female Ash screamed at the top of her lungs with her new higher voice. She then started running all over the place. She had to tighten her Belt because her pants were baggy on her new smaller form.

"Ash! Calm down! Pikachu Thundershock!" Misty said.

Pikachu did so. Ash fell on her back shaking.

"Th-thanks Mist and Pikachu." Ash said as she shook off the Thundershock.

"I can't believe it I'm stuck as a girl forever!" Ash screamed.

"Calm down honored customer. Like I said, you aren't stuck like that forever. You and Friends follow to hut." The Guide said.

"Okay. Come on Mist, Pikachu let's go." Ash said. Misty and Pikachu followed. Pikachu stayed away from Ash because he was scared.

"Okay Ash. Come on Pikachu." Misty said as Pikachu hopped on her shoulder. Ash, Misty, and Pikachu followed the guide.

"Honored customers, welcome to hut. Nyannichuan Curse is not permanent as I said before. Hot water reverse effect see." The guide said as he poured the Tea Kettle over Ash reverting her back to his male form. His hair returned to normal length.

"Yes! I'm cured! No more girl!" Ash said.

"Honored Customer no understand." The Guide said.

"Whatcha mean I don't understand?" Ash asked.

"Hot water not permanent cure. It does cure you, but only temporary until you get splashed again. Miss Customer could you please show Mr. Customer what I talk about?" The guide asked.

"I would be happy to guide! Azumarril come on out!" Misty said.

"Azumarril." (Translation: What do you need Mommy?) Azumarril asked.

"Use Water Gun on Ash!" Kasumi said.

"Azu Azu Marril!"(Translation: Right Water Gun!) Azumarril said as she sprayed Ash with Water Gun turning him into her and lengthening her hair to Waist Length.

"Oh I see. Hot water reverts me to my natural form and cold water changes me back into a girl. Is there a permanent cure guide?" Ash said and then asked.

"No, is no permanent cure anymore. Nannichuan Spring of Drowned Boy dried up a while ago for some reason. I so sorry honored customer. Come back again someday and maybe it be full again." The guide said as he dumped hot water on Ash's female form changing her back to him. His hair was normal length now.

"Thanks guide. Come on Pikachu, Misty let's go find a place to camp." Ash said.

"Pika Pikapi. Pika Pikachupi?"(Translation: Okay Ash, ready Misty?") Pikachu said as he jumped on Ash's Shoulder.

"Yes. Thank you Azumarril return." Misty said as she recalled Azumarril and walked with Ash and Pikachu to try and find a place to camp. A few minutes later they set up camp. The guide stopped them.

"Honored Customers, this is not good place to camp. I will escort you out of this valley. That way you can find camp." The guide said as he went with Ash, Misty, and Pikachu.

Meanwhile in Tokyo's Nerima Ward, Center of Chaos for the entire world...

Ranma and Akane were having the strangest dreams of a long dead kingdom, that somehow they were involved in. Ranma was in Female form wearing a really abbreviated version of some school uniform. Akane was also that way.

Begin Ranma and Akane's Dream Sequences...

Silver Millennium Moon Kingdom: A red-haired girl with flowing locks was having a conversation with her life mate.

"Akana, what are we going to do about this threat that is bound to tear the Moon Kingdom to shreds?" Ren asked.

"Mars is having a hard time protecting her planet. Especially since my Sister died of that sickness. We not only have to protect Serenity but the ruler of Mars also." Ren said.

"I don't know Ren. I guess we need to call upon the powers of Phobos and Deimos. Deimos Power Make Up!" Akana said as a Dark Red light surrounded her. Dark Red Flames surrounded Akana. A white body suit materialized on Akana. This was then followed by a Dark Red Skirt(Darker than Mars'). Which was followed by white elbow-length gloves trimmed in dark red. It was then followed by a Dark Red Sailor Collar. A Golden Tiara, Dark Red Dangly Earrings and a dark-red choker with a golden star in the center materialized on her forehead ears and neck. The Tiara had a dark red jewel set in the center of the forehead. A dark green bow materialized on her chest. Then it was followed by a ribbon of the same color at her lower back. Where Akana once stood, Sailor Daemos now stood.

"Well okay here I go. Phobos Power Make Up!" Ren said as a red-violet light surrounded her. Her uniform was essentially the same as Daemos' but where ever dark-red was, violet-red was in it's place. The Bow on her Chest and the Ribbon on her back were yellow-green. Sailor Phobos stood where Ren once was.

End Ranma and Akane's Dream Sequences, back to the real world...

Ranma and Akane shot up out of their respective sleeping areas and headed downstairs to the Kitchen to talk.

"Hey Akane, what are you doing up?" Ranma asked.

"Oh hey Ranma, I couldn't sleep. I had a strange dream about Sailor Senshi." Akane said.

"Really? You too huh? Is there any chance that in this dream of yours, that you and I are some sort of magical girls and were once part of the Moon Kingdom back in the Silver Millennium?" Ranma asked.

"Yeah exactly. You were Sailor Phobos and I was Sailor Deimos. We were best friends with Sailor Mars and we were also her guardians." Akane said.

"Your dream was just like mine. I guess this chaos is really getting to us. We need to leave this chaos behind. I wonder if we could move in with Mom. What do you think Akane?" Ranma asked.

"Maybe we could see. I just hope if we do that we won't have to worry about all the chaos here." Akane suggested.

"At least it was only a dream. I can't really see myself as a magical girl can you? I'm a guy." Ranma said.

"You're right. It was only a dream. I can't really see you as a girl either. Let's get back to bed. We could contact your mom tomorrow." Akane said.

"That will work. G'night Akane." Ranma said.

"Good night Ranma." Akane said.

Ranma and Akane went back to bed.

Nabiki got wind of the conversation between Ranma and Akane before they went to bed. The yen signs were blazing in her eyes.

The next morning...

Ranma was woken up the usual way. A trip out the window into the Koi pond. Genma jumped out the window.

"Whadja do that for Pops? Ranma-Chan asked angrily.

"Your getting lazy boy. It's already 6:30 in the morning! We always get up at 6:00!" Genma screamed angrily.

"Hey Pops! Why don't you cool down." Ranma-Chan said as she kicked Genma into the Koi Pond activating his curse.

Genma-Panda hopped out and signed this: Show your father some respect boy! I gave you life!

"Yeah and subjected me to 17 Fiancees, caused me to get an insane fear of C-C-cats, and gave me this body. Akane and I didn't sleep very well last night because of strange dreams. It was more of a nightmare for me! I was wearing a horrificly short School Uniform and I was a girl. Akane and I are sick and tired of all the Chaos! We want to get away from this place! We are moving in with Mom in Jubaan! Oyaji if you follow us, we will kill you understand?!" Ranma-Chan screamed as she stormed back into the house.

Okay okay! Just stay away from me! I won't follow you!" Genma-Panda signed as he cowered in the corner.

"So Saotome, I couldn't help overhearing, you and my little sister are moving in with your mom in Jubaan. I am going to have to let the rest of the people know. You still have a debt to pay off. I will get my due!" Nabiki said as Ranma-Chan stormed past her.

"Nabiki, you are to leave Akane and me alone! Do not follow us!" Ranma-Chan said.

"100,000 Yen and I will leave you two alone." Nabiki said as she held out her hand.

"I'll give you 50,000 Yen." Ranma-Chan said as she pulled the cash out of subspace. How she could do that even she didn't know.

"60,000 Yen." Nabiki said.

"55,000 Yen and that's my final offer! No more Negotiating." Ranma-Chan said as she handed Nabiki the 55,000 Yen.

"Pleasure doing business with you Saotome." Nabiki said as she gladly took the money.

Unknown to Ranma-Chan, someone else was listening in. It was Soun Tendo. He went to the cabinet and got a bottle of Sake and went to find Genma-Panda who was still out in the back yard after the morning spar.

"Saotome my friend, let us celebrate the joining of the schools after all this time! Our retirement is assured.

Well put Tendo after all this time the schools will be joined. Genma-Panda signed.

"So Akane you and Ranma are going to move to Juban with Auntie Nodoka? Any particular reason Imoutochan?" Kasumi Tendo asked.

"Well Oneechan Ranma and I are tired of the madness here in Nerima. Let's just say that it is a change of pace. Besides, now that Auntie has accepted Ranma's curse and voided the Sepukku Contract it should be fun. We promise we will write Oneechan, please don't tell the others except for Doc Tofu, we would really appreciate it." Akane said.

"Don't worry about it Akane-Chan I won't tell anyone but Doc Tofu. Nabiki on the other hand well um I will just keep an eye on her." Kasumi Tendo said

"Domarigatou Oneechan! I really appreciate it. We will write as much as we can. See ya!" Akane said as she went to her room to pack.

"You're Welcome Imoutochan!" Kasumi Tendo said as she gave her sister a hug.

'You know what I could make a bundle of money if I tell my customers about Ranma and Akane's move to Juban.' Nabiki thought with yen signs in her eyes.

Later that day at The Kuno Estate...

Nabiki just got through talking to Kodachi and Tatewaki.

"I will not let Akane take my Ranma Darling to another district. I don't care where that Pigtailed Harlot goes she does not concern me. I Kodachi Kuno the Black Rose of Nerima will stop Akane and that pigtailed Harlot from taking my Ranma-Sama to another district. Ohohohohohohohoho." Kodachi said as she vanished in a Tornado of Black Roses.

"Unacceptable, I the Blue Thunder of Nerima will not allow that evil Sorecerer Saotome to kidnap Akane Tendo and the Pigtailed Girl and go to Jubaan!" Tatewaki said as he picked up his boken and headed to Jubaan.

"Ranma Saotome prepare to die! I will not let you take Akane! Where on Earth am I now?" Ryoga Hibiki said. The fact of the matter is that he got lost. He wasn't even on Earth he somehow found his way to the Sea of Tranquility after he heard what Nabiki said to the Kunos.

Onto the Cat Cafe...

Nabiki did the exact same thing.

"So Tendo-San, Son-in-law and your sister are off to Juban huh. Shampoo I want you to follow the Son-In-Law." Cologne said.

"Yes Great Grandmother Shampoo follow Airen to ends of Earth. Is Shampoo's destiny to marry Ranma and get him for tribe." Shampoo said in her ever present broken Japanese.

"Where Shampoo goes, I go. I can't let my darling Shampoo fall victim to Saotome." Mousse said.

Splash, "Stupid Duck Boy no follow Shampoo. Great Grandmother please cage Stupid Duck Boy." Shampoo said.

"I will Shampoo. Sorry Mr. Part-Time you are going to stay here." Cologne said as she locked the cage.

Shampoo was then off.

Onto Uuchans Okonomiyaki...

"Nabiki what are you doing here? Have you got news about Ranchan?" Ukyo said.

"10,000 Yen and I will gladly share the information with you." Nabiki said.

"Okay, I will pay anything to get some information about Ranma Honey." Ukyo said.

"Okay Ukyo, here is the scoop. Ranma and Akane are moving to Juban with Auntie Nodoka. They said that they were tired of all the weirdness here. Although, Juban's weirdness rivals Nerima's as does Kanto with all of the monsters that attack Juban, and Team Rocket and their schemes in Kanto and Johto. Also Hoenn has weirdness with the likes of Team Magma and Team Aqua. I think Sinnoh has a team called Team Galactic. Are you interested in tracking down Ranma?" Nabiki asked.

"Yes I am. By the way, are there any other reasons Ranchan and Akane want to go to Juban?" Ukyo asked.

"5, 000 more Yen and I will tell you." Nabiki said.

"Fine here you go Nabiki." Ukyo said as she pulled out a wad of bills. Konatsu was also listening in the shadows.

"Another 10,000 yen for your Ninja friend clinging to the ceiling." Nabiki said as she pointed up toward the ceiling.

"Okay Nabiki here." Ukyo said as she pulled out another wad of yen.

"Thank you. Ranma also said something about a strange dream that he and Akane were having about something called the Silver Millennium and Crystal Tokyo." Nabiki said as she turned and walked out the door counting her yen.

"Thanks Nabiki." Ukyo said.

"Hey don't mention it. Pleasure doing business with you." Nabiki said as she continued walking.

Ukyo and Konatsu along with the various other members of the NWC sans Cologne and Mousse headed off toward Juban to search for Ranma and Akane. Taro was also flying over head.

Back in China...

The guide, Ash, and Misty were on their way out of Jusenkyo Valley. A sudden downpour started and shifted Ash to female form again lengthening his hair to waist length.

"One other thing when you Jusenkyo Victim. You become water magnet. Look there a clearing. Very good place to camp. I help set up." The Guide said.

"Thanks guide!" Ash said. The guide then pulled a tea kettle out of nowhere and poured it over Ash reverting her to him. Just to make sure that Ash fully understood his Jusenkyo Curse the guide explained again. His hair returned to normal length.

"Let me get this straight a girl drowned in here 1500 years ago creating Nyannichuan-Spring of Drowned Girl?" Ash asked.

"That is correct honored customer. Now whoever falls in this spring takes the body of a girl when hit with cold water. You are the third customer to fall in this Spring in the past two or so years. I still can't figure out how your hair became so long. That never happen before." The Jusenkyo Guide stated.

All of a sudden Pluto appeared out of nowhere.

"Ashton Satoshi Ketchum, Misty Kasumi Waterflower, you two have a destiny to fulfill. You will be encountered with a couple of dreams tonight. Ash, as for why your hair got so long and the others' hair stayed the same length. Well, I had to manipulate the magic of that spring just a little bit. It will only occur on you. When your in male form your hair will remain the same length as you originally had it. In female form it will grow until it is Waist length. Each time you switch back and forth your hair-length will change. It will just take some time to get used to. Don't worry later on you will like the long hair on your female form. Goodbye." Pluto said as she disappeared.

"Oh so that's why my hair-length changes with my forms that girl Pluto is behind it. I guess I will get used to it. I wonder what she meant when she said that I will like long hair on my female form. Oh well. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it." Ash said.

"Let me see if I got this right, Ash changes into a female with cold water." Misty said as she poured cold water on him. He then changes back with hot water." Misty said as she poured the Boiling hot water on Ash causing her to scream.

"Mist, it does not have to be boiling!" Ash exclaimed angrily, then shouted at Misty, "What are you trying to do?! Set me on fire!" .

"Honored Customers I will see you later. I must return." The guide said as he waved goodbye. Ash and Misty did the same thing.

"Sorry Ash, are we still best friends forever?" Misty asked scared.

"Of course we are best friends forever. Nothing will ever change that." Ash said.

"I am glad Ash." Misty said.

"Come on let's get some shuteye," Misty suggested, "We will continue our journey tomorow." Misty said.

"Good idea Mist." Ash said as he hugged his best friend. "Good night Mist." Ash said as he hugged her.

"Night Ashy-Boy sleep tight." Misty said as she returned his hug.

"Ashy-Boy?" Ash said with a blush toward his friend.

That night Ash and Misty had the same strange dreams as Ranma and Akane. Ash was in his female form.

Begin Ash and Misty's Dream Sequence.

Silver Millennium Moon Kingdom...

"Princess Solaria where are you?" Princess Kasumi said looking for her best friend.

"I'm right here Princess Kasumi." Princess Solaria of the Solaris Colony said. Her hair was the same length as Ash's hair in female form was Blond.

"We have a meeting with Princess Serenity in the grand ballroom. Queen Serenity wants to officially announce the engagement between my older cousin Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity.

"Okay Orion let's go. I so wish that my sister was here to see this. If it weren't for that disease that took her from this place, she would be able to be here with Kasumi and me." Solaria said to her other best friend.

"I know how you feel Solaria. I miss her too. She was so nice to me." Orion said.

"She was nice to me too. We were great friends." Kasumi said.

"Let's Transform and get going Kasumi. Solar Prism Power Make Up!" Princess Solaria said as a yellow light surrounded her.

"Yeah, let's do so. Terra Power Make Up!" Princess Kasumi said as a silver light surrounded her.

After the transformation sequence, Sailor Solaris was wearing the Standard Senshi Garb. Her earrings were yellow stud Earrings. Her tiara was silver with a yellow stone in the middle of it. Her choker on her neck was yellow. The bow on her chest and the ribbon on her lower back were purple. Her Fuku has a yellow skirt and sailor collar, with yellow piping on the forearm length gloves. She also had yellow high-healed shoes on. Sailor Solaris stood there in all her glory. Her waist length hair was blowing in a non-existent wind. Her locket was also located in the center of the bow on her chest.

Terra's skirt was silver. She had silver knee-high boots on. She also had Forearm length gloves with silver piping and a silver sailor collar. Her bow was black with a ribbon of the same color on the lower back. Her tiara was also silver with a black stone in the middle. Her choker was silver. Her earrings were silver stud Earrings. Her flowing hair was also blowing in a non-existent wind.

End Ash and Misty's Dream Sequence.

In Juban the original nine Sailor Guardians and Tuxedo Mask had the same type of dreams about long-lost Sailor Guardians. Obviously they were sleeping in their Civilian forms. Mamoru had a dream of a long lost cousin.

From Juban to China, the various people woke up with a panicked look on their faces and went to their respective kitchens or sitting areas to think.

The next day after camping in China...

Ash and Misty caught a boat back to Japan. They were going to head back to Kanto, however for some odd reason they felt they had to take the ferry to Juban.. Ranma and Akane after calling Nodoka to see if it was alright to move in with her, which it was, headed to their new home in Juban. However something else was pulling them toward Juban as well. No one knew exactly what. They arrived in Juban they then saw a huge vaguely female humanoid monster. They felt that they had to do something. Team Rocket also was there trying to snatch Pokemon.

All of a sudden it started to rain, shifting Ash and Ranma to their female forms. Pikachu had a weird mark appear on his forehead. Ash's hair grew again.

The monster was heading toward Ash, Misty, Ranma-Chan, and Akane. Strange markings then appeared on their respective foreheads. A Circle(Though the circle looked more like a heart.) with a dot in the center on Ash's forehead, a quaretered heart in the center of Misty's. The symbol for Phobos on Ranma-Chan's forehead and the symbol for Deimos on Akane's forehead.

The Sailor Guardians that were fighting the monster saw this. Out of nowhere Mars had two Henshin Wands in her hands. One for Ranma-Chan and one for Akane. Pikachu did a flip in the air and a locket similar to Usagi's original one only with the Sun Symbol on it appeared in Ash's hand. A Henshin Wand appeared in Misty's Hand. The New Guardians knew exactly what to do.

"Solar Prism Power Make Up!" Ash said as a yellow light surrounded her.

"Terra Power Make Up!" Misty said as a silver light surrounded her.

"Why do these things always happen to us Akane? Phobos Power Make Up!" Ranma-Chan said as a Violet-Red Light surrounded her.

"I have no idea Ranma. Deimos Power Make Up!" Akane said as a dark red light surrounded her.

After the transformation sequence, Terra was wearing the Standard Senshi Garb. Her earrings were stud Earrings. Her tiara was silver with a black stone in the middle of it. Her choker was silver. The bow on her chest and the ribbon on her lower back were Black. Her Fuku has a Silver Skirt and silver sailor collar, silver Knee-High Boots and Forearm Length Gloves with silver piping. Her flowing hair blowing in the non-existent wind. Where Misty once was, Sailor Terra now stood.

Solaris' skirt and collar were yellow. She had Yellow High-Healed Shoes on. She also had Forearm length gloves with Yellow Piping. Her Bow was Purple with a ribbon of the same color on the lower back. Her tiara was also silver with a yellow stone in the middle. Her choker was yellow. Her flowing hair was blowing in the wind as well. Her Locket was located in the center of her Bow on her chest her long golden blond flowing hair waist-length and also blowing in a non-existent wind Where Ashley once stood, Sailor Solaris was in her place.

Dark Red Flames surrounded Akane. A white body suit materialized on her. This was then followed by a Dark Red skirt and collar. This was then followed by white elbow-length gloves trimmed in dark-red. A Golden Tiara, Dark Red Dangly Earrings, and a dark-red choker materialized on her forhead, ears, and neck. The Tiara had a dark red jewel set in the center of the forehead. Also Knee-High dark red boots materialized on her legs and feet. A dark green bow materialized on her chest. Then it was followed by a ribbon of the same color in the back. Where Akane once stood, Sailor Deimos now stood.

Phobos' uniform was essentially the same as Deimos' but where ever dark red was, violet red was in it's place. The bow on her chest and the ribbon on her lower back were yellow-green. Sailor Phobos stood where Ranma-chan once was.

The original Senshi along with the four new ones started kicking some butt. The monster was then turned to moon dust. Team Rocket was quickly taken care of with a well placed Thunder Attack from Pikachu.

As usual Team Rocket went... "Blasting off again!" Team Rocket screamed as a star twinkled in the distance.

The original Senshi headed off to Rei's Shrine for a Debriefing after De-transforming. Ash, Ranma-Chan, and Akane felt like they needed to follow them for some unknown reason. Hikawa Shrine...

"Setsuna, how come you didn't tell us about the four new Sailor Guardians? We could have used their help in some of the scrapes we have gotten into." Usagi muttered.

"Yeah Setsuna, why? Why didn't you tell me about Sailors Solaris, Terra, Phobos, and Deimos. Terra seems familiar to me. Do you know why?" Mamoru also asked.

"Because, it wasn't the time. Queen Serenity sent them foward in case of a bigger threat. They are now reawakened because of a big threat. It is quite a shame that Solaris and Phobos were reincarnated as male. That is why I made them both fall into Nyannichuan-Spring of Drowned Girl at Jusenkyo. In order to answer your question Mamoru, Terra was your cousin in the Silver Millennium. Solaris was a Princess of the Solaris Colony. Their used to be two Princesses of Solaris Colony. Unfortunately, one died of a terrible disease. The Solaris Colony was located between the Sun and Mercury. There were also two Princesses of Phobos. Just like one of the Solaris Princesses, one of Phobos Princesses died of a terrible disease. That is the reason why only one of each of them was reincarnated. Original they were the Solaris Duo and the Phobos Duo. Unfortunately only one of each of them was reincarnated because the other two were still born in this time. That is why there is only one of each now. One more thing Solaris and Phobos could switch between Male and Female at will. We have to try to get them to be able to do that again." Setsuna said.

"Are Solaris, Terra, Phobos and Deimos a threat?" Haruka asked.

"No Haruka they aren't." Setsuna said.

"Hey Setsuna, who are Phobos and Deimos? Their Senshi names match the names of my Companion Moons. I thought that Phobos and Deimos were not big enough to support Senshi." Rei said.

"True Rei, but they were your guardians in the Silver Millennium. They also helped us out so much that we had to make them Senshi. Together the three of you have even more power than Saturn did before she was born an infant and now a two year old. Let's just say that you three are only at a third of your power when you are apart. Together you make up the Mars Triad. Phobos and Deimos protect you, and you protect them. In the Silver Millennium you were actually best friends. That is the reason why they were Reincarnated." Setsuna said.

"Why didn't you let me know?" Rei asked quite angrily.

" a secret. Not even Chibiusa knows about your two guardians who also happen to be best friends, however Chibiusa and your guardians are Best Friends in the future. Which means you are also one of Chibiusa's best friends in the Future. Titan and Rhea will be awakened once Hotaru-Chan becomes Sailor Saturn again. She is growing up quite fast. Ami who are the remaining Senshi to be awakened after the four that just were?" Setsuna said.

Ami pulled out her Mercury Computer and scanned it. "The ones that still need to be awakened are as follows: Io is much like Venus was; she is awakened, but she is not currently active at the moment, well she is active, but she is mainly focusing on the Hoenn Region at the moment and the threats there; Callisto, Ganymede, Europa, Triton, Charon, Titan, Rhea, Titania, Miranda, Oberon, Haumea, Eris, among several others," Ami said.

"Titania, Miranda and Oberon?" Haruka asked, "the moons of Uranus?"

"I never thought that would be possible as small as those moons are," Michiru started then asked, "wait a minute, Triton as well?"

"Neither did I until now," Ami said with a nod toward Michiru's question, "Triton is also included."

"Oh times ahead must be dark indeed." Setsuna said, "not too mention Hydra and Nix as well."

In her room in the 30th Century, Chibiusa sneezes...

"Oh I never believed that stuff about sneezing when somebody is talking about you but then again." Chibiusa said.

Back to present just as the meeting is about to adjourn... the doorbell rings.

"Hi my name is Ash Ketchum." What's your name?." Ash asked Ranma-Chan and Akane..

"My name is Misty Waterflower. I'm from Cerulean City on a smaller island called Kanto. Ash is from Pallet City." Kasumi said.

"I'm Ranma Saotome. Nice to meet ya. This is my Fiancee Akane Tendo." Ranma-Chan said.

"It's not our fault. Our fathers made the decision." Akane said.

"Yeah who could love a Tomboy like that!" Ranma-Chan said jokingly.

"Ranma no -." Akane was cut off.

"I didn't mean it Akane. You know I was just joking." Ranma-Chan said.

"Sounds like us don't it Mist?" Satoshi-Chan asked.

"Exactly like us Ashy-Boy." Kasumi said.

"Ashy-Boy?" Akane asked.

"Mist?" Ranma-Chan asked.

The front door of the Hikawa Shrine opened revealing Rei. Her friends were behind her.

"Can we help you?" Rei asked.

"Yes you can. I'm Ash, this is Misty, that's Ranma, and that's Akane." Ash said pointing to the respective people.

"We were drawn to this district for some reason. Then we ran into this big monster that attacked us." Misty said

"We saw some color-coded magical girls. They then disappeared. You were in their place." Akane said.

"We would like some answers about these. We would also like two glasses of cold water and two glasses of hot water." Ranma-chan said as Satoshi-Chan pulled out a Locket with the symbol of the Sun on it, and the others pulled out Henshin Wands.

"That seems to be an odd request. We will oblige though." Makoto said.

"Yeah we would be happy to do so, it is always good to meet new people. The more the scarier." Minako said messing up another saying.

"I believe that is 'the more the merrier.'" Misty corrected.

"That too." Minako said.

"Well come in already." Rei said.

They all went into the kitchen. Rei got the hot and cold water. She still thought that was a strange request. This is Juban though. The only other wards to come close if not surpass Jubans weirdness is Nerima as well as Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh.

"By the way my name is Usagi Tsukino." Usagi said.

"My name is Mamoru Chiba." Mamoru said.

"My name is Ami Mizuno." Ami said.

"I'm Rei Hino." Rei said.

"I'm Makoto Kino." Makoto said.

"I'm Minako Aino." Minako said.

"Haruka Tenoh." Haruka Tenoh said.

"Michiru Kaioh." Michiru said.

"Setsuna Meioh." Setsuna said.

Little Hotaru-Chan was sitting in the corner just playing with her toys.

"Nice to meet all of you I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet City. This is Pikachu. He had some strange Crescent Moon mark on his forehead earlier today. That is how Kasumi and I got these." Ash said as she showed everyone her Locket.

"My name is Misty Waterflower. I'm from Cerulean City. Yeah that's right we would like some answers." Misty said as she pulled out her Henshin Wand.

"Ranma Saotome. I need some answers." Ranma-Chan said as she held up her Henshin Wand.

"Akane Tendo. I would like some answers too." Akane said as she held up her Henshin Wand.

"First we need to know why you needed the water. I will get you fresh glasses. They are probably the opposite temperatures they were." Rei said as she got up, but was stopped by Ranma-Chan.

"These will work." Ranma-Chan said as she dumped the warm water that used to be cold over her head returning to his/her birth form.

Minako and Makoto drooled at the sight of Ranma-Kun. The other girls did the same thing except for Haruka, Michiru, and Usagi because she had Mamoru.

Ash repeated what Ranma-Chan did. His hair returned to normal length. The reactions were the same. Akane and Misty glared daggers at the other girls. Gee I wonder why?

Ash and Ranma explained their curses to the girls. Needless to say, they were quite amused. They kept on pouring hot and cold water on Ash and Ranma, activating and deactivating the curses. Ash's hair kept lengthening and shortening with the change of form.

"Could you please stop that!" Ranma and Ash exclaimed in stereo.

"Yes please stop! Ash and Ranma are not toys!" Misty and Akane exclaimed in unison.


Next Time: Over the next two years, various Senshi would awaken, specifically the Solaris Court and some of the Phobian Enforcers. The others would have to wait for two years until they were reawakened. What will happen? Be on the look out for more as Galactic Guardians continues!

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