This is a story idea that I came up with along time ago. I'm just now writing it. Please review, I like feedback. This, hopefully, is the shortest chapter, as I usually have issues starting and ending fanfics, so please stay with me!

Ginny is Normal font.

Tom is Bold.

Dear Diary,

I found a journal today. Mr Malfoy slipped it into my cauldron, or at least that's what I. . .


Who are you?

My name's Tom. I cast a spell on this diary forever ago, to preserve my memories.

So this is a spell? My father say's that. . .

It's perfectly safe, I assure you. What year is it?

1992 depending on how you look at it

Oh, is Hogwart's still around?

Of course, silly.

Well, fifty years changes things. Who is the Headmaster, if you don't mind me asking.

Professor Dumbledore is.

Right, what is your name?

Ginny, Ginny Weasley.

Nice to meet you, Ginny.

I have to go, my Mother's calling me!