Dear Tom,

Harry's been ignoring me, walking right by me, glancing into my eyes, and quickly glancing away. I don't know what to do!

Talk to him, tell him you like him.

Tom! I told you that wouldn't work, it just wouldn't be right.

Then why do you like him? Fame? Looks?

None of that. . .I don't think. I like him because, well, he's nice, and sensible, and doesn't want any of the fame.

Then he might understand, if you'd tell him.

It just wouldn't work. . . What with my other brother's plain out ignoring me, my Father never being here, and Mum only noticing me when she need's another pair of hands. I could die and nobody would know I've been gone!

Of course not, Ginny. Don't think that way, you have so many wonderful qualities! You're sweet, gentle, caring, and so many other things. Never forget that.

Thanks, Tom. I wish I could talk to you any time.

You can, you just have to come and write in my journal.

I know, but I wish I could, you know, just, see you.

Would you like to?

Very much so, how?

I can show you a memory. Are you ready?


"So persuasive, you are, a tongue of gold. Power, oh, the power. You're in for great things, you are. Intelligent, courageous. Where to put you? Hufflepuff? Surely not, you have much more potential. Gryffindor? The courage is there, yes, but your heart's not. Intelligent enough, to be sure, but Ravenclaw's not for you. Well, that say's it all then." The hat's wide brim opened, and shouted, "SLYTHERIN!" A round of clapping followed, as a mousy boy with coal black hair and pentrating eyes took his seat. Ginny was standing right beside Tom, and followed him to his seat. Apparently no body could see her.

Did you like that?

Very much! Can we do that again some time?

Anytime you'd like.

You were in Slytherin?

Yes. What house has your family been in?


A good house, to be sure.

I've heard Slytherin is-

Slytherin has had a reputation for some time now. It was said Salazar made a secret chamber where he stored a beast to rid the school of muggles. Do you believe it?

I think if there were Dumbledore would have found it.


Thank you Tom, it was nice to see you.