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Summary: it's the Valentines ball at Hogwarts and two people just can't seem to get the courage to ask the other to dance. Slash HP/SS

Pairing: HP/SS

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Care To Dance?

I can't stand these things; I don't see why Dumbledore asked me to over see it. Bloody Valentines Day ball. I now have to spend my night with stupid dunderheads instead of sitting in front of my fire with a good book like I planned. It's not like I can ever enjoy Valentines Day anyway, it's not like I can spend it with who I want. The idea is laughable to say the least, to think that the one I love would even consider being with me is ridiculous. I might as well forget about him and just make tonight difficult for everyone else. Shit! I better get there now before someone spikes the punch.


Valentines Day again. And Dumbledore has gone and organised some dance to celebrate it. I swear I curse the day Lockhart came here and led Hogwarts into the tradition of Valentines Day. It's not so much that I hate today it's more the fact that I have no one special to spend it with. Sure I receive my fair share of cards but they are all so meaningless. I'd never get to spend the day with the one person I truly care about. But he would never look at me after all he hates me, but I suppose I can't blame him I've not exactly made life easy for him after all. Oh well I suppose I better make my way down to the great hall I owe Dumbledore that much anyway. I should at least make an appearance.


Well I was late down and someone, I suspect Draco, has spiked the punch so now I am left dealing with drunken teenagers. Still it's a better use of my time than feeling sorry for myself, just because I can't have him. But still just because I can't touch doesn't mean I can't look. He looks great tonight, dressed in tight, black muggle jeans and a white shirt with the first few buttons undone to show off a bit of that chest. Gods I want him, but no I can't have him so get over it. But still he does look fine. Damn it he saw me looking at him. Great now he'll look at me with disgust and think I'm a pervert. Damn it why did I get caught staring? Oh wonderful now I'm blushing! This is just perfect! He's still looking at me but it's not disgust, it's, I'm not sure what it is. His look seems to be hopeful, eyes filled with desire. No stop it you're seeing things he would never look at you like that, never, not in a million years. Still only one way to find out.


Well the ball isn't that bad I suppose. Malfoy spiked the punch and challenged Ron to see who could drink the most. They ended up kissing and I haven't seen either of them for about an hour but never mind. Hermione and Ginny have also disappeared so I am left alone. But this doesn't bother me, it means I'm free to admire him without my friends asking me why I'm staring. They wouldn't understand, being gay was one thing, they would be hypocrites' if they didn't accept it, but I'm sure they won't accept this. But as I said before no use dwelling on it he'll never like me anyway. He is of course wearing his usual outfit which is a shame, I would kill to see his arse in jeans but never mind. He's still hot! Oh shit he's looking at me, damn it, fuck fuck fuck! Oh god now he'll hate me and think I'm stupid. Then again I could use this as an opportunity. I wonder why he was looking at me anyway it's not like he has would have a reason to. Oh wow, he blushed. He's really hot when he does that. Hang on a minute why is he blushing? Does this mean he likes me too? Can I hope for that? Nah, don't be stupid he must be overheated that's all. It is rather hot in here after all. Still I wonder maybe I could give him a sign and see how he reacts. Yes I could do that after all what's the worse that could happen, he rejects me and then I haven't lost anything and I know where I stand. Crap! He's coming over here. Oh why the bloody hell did I wink at him, now he is coming over here and will probably curses the living shit out of me. Oh fuck!


Do I go over or not damn it I don't know what to do. If only I had some kind of sign to let me know if he liked me to. Then I could approach him no problem at all. Damn it why is this so difficult, I'm acting like a bloody teenager again. Oh my god! He winked at me! He definitely winked. He likes me to. That answers that question then, I'm going over to him. The worst he could do is telling me to get lost and die after all. Here goes nothing.


Here he comes. This is it the end of my life. He will kill me. Why did I do that, I just couldn't content my self with staring could I? I just had to be greedy and try and get more, I am such an idiot. Oh god now he is right in front of me. God this man is sexy, it just radiates off him. If he wasn't about to kill me I swear I would take him right now. Ok he's raising his hand now, probably to perform some deadly curse. Goodbye world………..

Hang on a moment I'm not dead. He hasn't killed me. He is holding his hand out to me. It's only just registered that he is speaking to me. I breathe a sigh of relief as I answer him.


Oh well here goes nothing. He seems to be flinching. I offer him my hand and he shuts his eyes like he thinks I'm about to kill him. As if. I better just ask him and get it over with. I can feel Dumbledore watching me and I know his eye are twinkling in the annoying way that they do. Ok here I go.

'Mr Potter, would you care to dance with me'

'Certainly Professor Snape, I would love to'

The End

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