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The sun had been up for maybe an hour. Cameron pulled her car in front of the hospital killing the engine. She turned her head to check the back seat groaning softly. Chrissy was still asleep. "Good girl." Thought Cameron. She turned her head toward the driver's window seeing it was open and closed her eyes leaning her head back against the headrest. She wouldn't know how long it would take someone to find her. "I'm so sorry House." She thought and let herself fall into a sleep that she hoped wouldn't last long.


Wilson yawned locking his car and started his daily trip from the parking lot. He and House had stayed up half the night waiting for Cameron to come home from the supermarket with Chrissy. House still had yet to fall asleep and Wilson told House he would ask around the hospital and inform Cuddy of his absence for the day.

Wilson turned the corner toward the front of the hospital and stopped short. That was Cameron's car, wasn't it? He rushed over to the driver's side of the car and gasped. Cameron was there with ripped clothes and bruises and blood all over her body and face.

Wilson reached through the window checking for a pulse and sighed in relief as in felt the light movement, she was still alive. He unlocked the door from inside and reached in checking for further injury. She wasn't bleeding, or at least not anymore. He came back out of the car when it hit him, Chrissy. Where was Chrissy? He looked though the back window and began to panic. Chrissy was there buckled up but not moving. He threw open the door and checked for a pulse while unbuckling her.

A strong pulse, thank god. Chrissy stirred, looked up at Wilson, and smiled.

"Unk Immmeee!" Chrissy said holding out her arms.

"That's right Chrissy." Wilson lifted her into his arms and ran into the hospital yelling out for help.

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