The Story of Us

By: Inu-Tenshi

Disclaimer: I don't own any Inuyasha characters.

Chapter One: The Love Letter

(A/N: This is an AU -alternate universe- fanfiction. Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha and everyone else are all humans. With their original features. You know, silver hair, golden eyes... Characters are...well, OOC -out of character-...)

Sesshoumaru's P.O.V. -point of view-

"Don't flatter yourself," a feminine voice said.

I halted my walking and stayed hidden behind a wall. You would say I was eavesdropping. Think what you will.

"Keh, then where were you going with that?"

I know that voice. Inuyasha.

"This is my business, not yours," the voice was louder this time, and I identified it as the voice of Kagome. Kagome Higurashi. The only girl I ever had any sort of interest in.

What was she doing here with Inuyasha?

"Must be a love letter," Inuyasha snorted.

After a short pause,

"Right on target, eh? You look like a tomato," he pointed out. "So who's it for?"

I found myself curious of her answer, and at the same time, a hint of jealousy towards whoever she was giving it to.

"None of your business!" I heard her footsteps, indicating that she was starting to walk, then a swift sound of fabric.

"Let me go!" Inuyasha had grabbed hold of her arm.

It was then that I decided to show myself and interfere. I stepped out.

"Inuyasha, picking on freshmen, I see."

"Sesshoumaru! What the hell are you doing here?"

"It does not concern you."

I looked over to Kagome. She really did look like a tomato.

"You may go," I dismissed her.

"Hey you're not my boss, you know," she huffed before walking off.

The girl captures my interest more and more, I found.

I, too, began to walk away. Until,

"You like her, don't you?" It sounded more of a statement to my ears.

Leave it to Inuyasha to know his brother well.

I paused before continuing on as if nothing happened.

The question, though left unanswered, was understood.

Kagome's P.O.V.

Leave it to Inuyasha to ruin my perfect plan. I didn't eat lunch just to do this, too!

I had waited until everyone left for lunch before proceeding my plan of slipping my letter inside of Sesshoumaru's locker.

Why? I was too shy. What letter? You guessed it, a love letter. I'm confessing, well, going to.

Then Inuyasha had to come along. Joy.

"So...something for me you got there? I was thinking how long it would take you," he smirked.

Ugh. This guy is so full of himself. Disgusting.

"Don't flatter yourself."

"Keh, then where were you going with that?"

"This is my business, not yours."

"Must be a love letter."

I blushed. Hit the mark. Luckily, he didn't know who it was for. He'd probably laugh in my face.

"Right on target, eh? You look like a tomato. So who's it for?"

"None of your business!"

I wanted to walk away. It was bad enough that I didn't get to do what I wanted to. I didn't want him to find out anything.

Curse my luck, he's not letting me go that easily, I can tell. Determined one, huh?

"Let me go!"

"Inuyasha, picking on freshmen, I see."

I almost jumped 5 feet in the air hearing his voice. Yup. Sesshoumaru. My crush.

"Sesshoumaru! What the hell are you doing here?"

"It does not concern you."

What they were discussing did not concern me, however, when he looked at me...

"You may go."

I don't know how I did it, but I blurted out exactly what came to mind the very minute he said those words.

"Hey, you're not my boss, you know."

My face flushed and I could feel the heat in my body rising. I just had to go and say that. Good going.

Before they could see anything, however, I walked away as fast as possible.

Damn Inuyasha. Guess I'll have to try for another time.

Sesshoumaru's P.O.V.

The next morning, I was surprised that a single letter fell out of my locker when it was opened.

I never received any letters, love or otherwise.

The cause was not my looks, nor my intelligence.

People were afraid of me for some crazy reason they made up at the back of their minds.

So why now? Who would give me this?

Carefully, I opened the letter.

Meet me by the Cherry Blossom trees at one o'clock.

There was no signature. Anonymous.

Hn. Although I was surprised of this brave girl, assuming it was a girl, I would not just go and confess my love, if it was what she was expecting.

No. She would be receiving something else shockingly unexpected. For her, I mean.

Kagome's P.O.V.

I was too slow huh?

I should have known someone like him shouldn't be kept waiting for that long. He has too many fangirls.

I was watching him when he opened his locker and a letter fell out.

That was when I felt depressed. I mean, who doesn't like Sesshoumaru?

He's just so...noticeable. Even if you didn't want to notice him.

He was like a tree, the only tree, in the middle of an open meadow filled with grass. You would be able to see it before you looked at anything else.

That's how Sesshoumaru is. You notice him right away.

But for wasn't like that. For me, I didn't even know his existence until just recently.

Last month. Last October.

I don't know how or when it happened, it just...did.

Sesshoumaru's P.O.V. to reject her...?

Tear the letter up before her very eyes? Too cruel.

Never arriving at the meeting place? Too rude. She is a girl afterall. I hope.

Ideas, ideas...

Straight out reject her and tell her exactly how you feel. Yes, that would do.

Now...all that's left is to wait for time to tick by and walk to the dreaded meeting place.

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