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Chapter Ten: Where Angels Burn…

"If I save Bella's life I get to take yours." Damion said. Emmett held his ground even though he wanted to pounce and kill the guy right now. Edward glared at him.

"So? Do we have a bargain?" Damion asked. Edward nodded once.

"We have a deal, unless Bella dies." Edward said. Damion smiled.

"Well then, take me to her." Emmett and Edward led the way to the house. Emmett kept thinking: What are you crazy?! Bella is going to die when she finds out you're dead!

Edward shook the thought off. Just as long as he knew Bella was alive, he didn't care what happened to him.

Once Edward is dead, Bella will be mine and no one will stop me! Damion thought. Edward growled under his breath as they reached the house and went inside.

"Edward!" Alice exclaimed.

"Are we too late?" Edward asked rushing to Bella's side.

"No, she's still alive. But…" Alice trailed off. Edward knew though what she was going to say.

"So what do you want from me?" Damion asked.

"We need you to bite Bella again." Alice said in response.

"In the same spot?" Damion asked walking towards Bella's body.

"Yes, exactly in the same spot, or else we would overload her blood with venom and then she will definitely die." Damion nodded and leaned down over Bella's neck, where Edward had bitten her. Most of the family except Carlisle, Edward, and Alice had to leave the room because of the scent of her blood. A few seconds later Damion rose his head and licked his lips.

"Mhm, tasty." He said. Edward glared and a low growl rose from the bottom of his throat. "Well, I've done what I came to do, I'll be leaving," Damion walked towards the front door. "When she regains consciousness you'll know where to find me." Edward nodded and moved to Bella's side. Bella groaned.

"Are you sure this will work?"

"No," Alice said.

"What do you mean by no?" Edward asked.

"I mean that…Edward it's going to work but…" Alice trailed off.


"She might not remember." Alice said.

"Not going to remember what?" Edward asked.

"She might not remember us." Alice said. Edward glanced at her,

"What are you talking about?"

"I could be wrong, but we'll see." Alice said nodding at Bella's waking form.

I opened my eyes. It felt like an elephant had sat on my head.

"Where am I?" I asked. A pixie looking girl responded,

"Hi, Bella, how are you feeling?"

"Who are you? (scream)" My head pounded.

"Bella, how are you feeling?" A guy who sat next to me asked.

"Who are you people and where am I?" I asked feeling another scream racing up my throat. I tried to swallow it back down.

"Bella, my name is Alice Cullen and this is my brother, Edward Cullen. Do you remember anything?"

"Can you be more specific, Alice?" I asked.

"Do you know what year it is?"

"2005," I replied.

"Do you know what town you're in?" Edward asked me.

"Forks," I responded.

"Do you remember a guy named Mike Newton and his girlfriend Jessica?"

"I used to…but they're both dead aren't they?" I asked trying to think and hold back my scream.

"Yes, they are both dead. Do you remember going to prom?" Edward asked me.

"Yes, I do. Didn't I go with you?" I asked trying to remember.

"Yes, that's right. What else do you remember?" Edward asked.

"Wait…let's see James, Victoria, Damion. Ack! Damion! What happened with that fight between you two? Is he dead?" I asked.

"No he is not. But…you remember?" Alice asked.

"Obviously. It is still a little fuzzy but I remember you guys and your," I dropped my voice, "secrets." Edward smiled at that. The smile that I love.

"You had me scared there for a little while." He told me.

"Why what happened?" I asked.

"We almost lost you." He responded.


"You were allergic to our venom. Damion had to bite you to save you." Alice explained.

"WHAT?!" I exclaimed.

"Yes, speaking of Damion. I have a debt to be paid." Edward said getting up.

"Edward…"Alice trailed off.

"Wait, what's going on?" I asked. Edward sighed and sat back down.

"I almost killed Damion when Emmett got the call that you were dying and that Damion could save you. So he made a deal with me. If he saved your life, he got to take mine." Edward said and got up. I screamed. When it stopped I cried.

"You can't leave me, Edward! You can't let him kill you!" Edward sat back down and held me to him.

"He saved your life, Bella. What else can I do?" He asked.

"You can at least fight!" I exclaimed.

"No, I can't." Edward responded.

"And why not? Damion didn't have any terms, he just said that if Bella's life was saved he would take yours it doesn't mean you can't fight back." Alice announced. I looked at her and then back at Edward.

"She's right." I said.

"Of course, 'I'm never betting against Alice.'" He quoted. I nodded.


"Again, there's no point in saying good-bye to you." Edward said and left the couch.

"Not at all." I responded and watched Edward whisper into Alice's ear.

"Of course." She whispered back.

"I'll return." Edward said and left the house.

"He isn't going to lose is he?" I asked Alice. She smiled.

"Of course not."

"I'm holding you to that Alice." I said and closed my eyes. Hoping that when I awoke, Edward would be by my side.


(AN: I'm joking. Of course I'm not going to leave it off like that. )

It was in the middle of a clearing surrounded by trees. I could see something sparkling in front of me. It was a marble statue. That wasn't moving. I rushed to the statues side blood pooled underneath my knees. The statue was Edward, his eyes were closed and I had the worst feeling that they would never open again.

"Your beloved Edward is dead Bella." A voice whispered, "you now belong to me." I turned around. I was certain on who I would see. Damion.

"I'll never belong to you!" I spat. His finger traced my skin.

"You and I are the same now. We thirst for blood." He said. "I've already had a taste of yours. We'll always belong to each other."

"Got to hell!" I exclaimed stepping out of Edward's blood.

"You'll see it's meant to be in time." Damion said and disappeared. I looked down at Edward and cried.

"You betrayed me," His lips moved. I gasped shocked.

"What?" I asked.

"Don't bother denying it. You betrayed me. I wouldn't be dead if it wasn't for you."

"No! That's not true!" I exclaimed.

"Betrayed me. Murderer." His voice whispered. I clamped my hands over my ears.


"Bella!" Alice shook me awake.

"No…" I sobbed.

"Bella? What's wrong?" She asked me.

"I saw him."

"Saw who?" She asked.

"Edward. Dead. He said I betrayed him that he wouldn't be dead if it wasn't for me." I sobbed even harder.

"You know that's not true." She consoled me.

"Take me to him." I said.

"What?" Alice asked.

"I want to see, Edward. Please Alice." I begged.

"Okay." She said gathering me into her arms, and we were out the door. Alice ran and stopped at the entrance to the clearing that I saw in my dream.

"You have to be quiet just in case they're still fighting." She told me as she walked forward with me still in her arms. I was worried about what we would see when we entered the clearing. Would my dream come true?

"You never did tell me why you were screaming?" Alice whispered.

"Edward." I whispered as we came into the clearing itself. There was a body that glittered in the sunlight, and laid unmoving.

"No," I whispered. Alice rushed forward, the body was Edward's. I jumped out of her arms and kneeled down next to him. There wasn't a pool of blood like in my dream, but he was dead.

"Bella, stay calm." Alice whispered in my ear. I looked at her tears slipping down her cheeks.

"What did you see?" I asked her. She shook her head.

"You saw this a little sooner then I anticipated." A voice said from behind us.

"Damion, you bastard!" I exclaimed.

"Ouch, I'm hurt. This is what I get for saving your life?" Damion asked.

"You should be lucky that's all we're doing." Alice told him. Damion smiled.

"So you finally figured it out? This was my plan all along. Edward is dead, and Bella is mine." He said.

"I'll never be yours!" I exclaimed.

"With time you'll forget about Edward, and I'll be there to take his place."

"She'll never forget about Edward. You and I both know that." Alice told him. Damion smiled at her.

"YOU!" I exclaimed finally putting two and two together. Damion's smile grew wider. "You knew this whole time!"

"Bella, calm down and breathe. Now what are you talking about?" Alice asked.

"Damion is like you! He can see the future!" I exclaimed. Alice stared at me.

"You can't be sure." She told me.

"Can't I? You said Damion had to bite me again to save me, didn't he?" I asked. Alice nodded.

"Remember when I was at the house, and screaming in my dream? Well, I had a dream that Edward was here in the middle of the clearing, dead." I said staring at Damion's smile.

"But that means…" Alice trailed off.

"I'm going to forget about Edward." I said sadly.

"Indeed you are." Damion said. I stared at him thinking and then I saw it. He was going to rush me, and I would be left helpless. The transformation was leaving me weak and vulnerable, and I still had a few days.

"You can't make her forget him. She'll always remember him no matter what you do to her." Alice told Damion. I started moving towards Alice, because she could help me. I stopped in my tracks as I heard a voice whisper, "Betrayed me. Murderer."

"Who said that?!" I exclaimed looking around.

"Bella?" Alice asked. Damion smiled.

"No matter what I do to her?" He asked. Alice gasped.

"She won't forget!" She exclaimed anyway.

"True no means of human ways will make her forget about him, but she still has a conscious doesn't she?" Damion asked and rushed me. My head hit a rock as I connected to the ground. Because I was not yet a full vampire, my human side reacted and I lost consciousness. With the words "Betrayed me. Murderer." Ringing in my head.


When I awoke I was in a dark room. The shadows folded in on themselves to cause an endless abyss of darkness. I knew I had to do something, so I called forth the ruler of this darkness.

"Damion," I choked out. My throat was dry. I heard a chuckle from the corner of the room. "Damion, show yourself, dammit!" I exclaimed.

"No need to shout." (AN: Anyone remember what movie that line was from? Send me your answer in your review!) His voice whispered near my ear. "I apologize for the terrible conditions that you are in since you've last been here, but it had to be done." He continued to whisper.

"I don't remember Alaska being so dark." I said calmly. Damion chuckled as light flooded my vision. As it cleared I saw him standing in front of me with a black piece of cloth in his hand.

"You blindfolded me! Are you insane?!" I exclaimed.

"Studies have been done, but I'm not." He grinned.

"They might have been themselves." I muttered.

"Not likely." Damion said, "but that's not why you're here. You're here because we're going to make you forget about Edward."

"You won't succeed." I said. Damion leaned forward so our eyes met and I could feel him breathe.

"Bella Swan, you will forget about Edward, and become queen of this clan." He said.

"I'd die first." I told him.

"Honey, I hate to break it to you, but you already are." Damion said.

"Well, then that explains why I'm in hell." I retorted to which Damion only smiled and said,

"If this is hell, then I'm one lucky devil." He kissed my lips. I stared at his closed eye lids. How could he make me forget about Edward? As he broke the kiss he whispered, "Forgive me." Within a few seconds he was by the door and flipped a switch. Roaring pain split through my head and threatened to tear me in two. But Damion stood behind a black curtain, that he was starting to unveil.

There was a picture of Edward and me. Why? What was the point of this? Damion said something, but I couldn't hear him because I began to hear the whispers again.

"Betrayed me. Murderer."


"She's starting to come around." I heard a voice say.

"Bella? Can you hear me?" Another voice asked.

Yes. I don't know if I was speaking aloud.

"Bella, do you know where you are?" The voice asked.

Yes. I'm in Alaska. I answered even though I couldn't hear myself speak.

"That's right. Think Bella, do you know an Edward Cullen?" The voice asked.

Edward? Who was this Edward Cullen? "Betrayed me. Murderer."

No. I responded.

"Very good. Do you know Damion?" The voice asked. My mind raced at the name. Then there were snap shots of the night a few days or weeks ago.

Yes. I said. Is he here?

"Yes, I'm right here, Bella." The first voice said squeezing my hand.

"Do you know who Damion is?" The other voice asked.

Vampire King, I think. I said unsure.

"And who are you to him?" The voice asked.

His Queen.

"Very good." The voice said. "She's done. I don't think she remembers him at all, or if she does it's too painful to remember."

"Good, everything is working out exactly the way I want." Damion said.

Several months later…

"Damion! Don't surprise me like that!" I exclaimed as Damion laughed.

"But you're so much fun to surprise!" He exclaimed as he pouted like a little boy. I giggled.

"Stop it. Act your age, Damion." I scolded him. Damion smiled.

"That wasn't harsh enough. Besides you can't pull it off, you're too sweet." He told me.

"Me? Too sweet? Please!" I turned around and walked down the hall.

"Oh come on Bella! You know that wasn't what I meant!" Damion exclaimed.

"My liege, lady." A vampire said to us.

"I've told everyone before, don't call me lady, just call me Bella." I said.

"My apologies, but they're waiting." The vampire said.

"Oh, well aren't we tacky?" Damion asked.

"Too tacky. How could we be late to our own wedding?" I asked. Damion and I looked at each other and smiled.

"Shall we?" Damion asked and offered his arm. I took his arm and nodded. We walked towards the doors that led to the Great Hall where the rest of the clan and the clan's elder waited. When the doors opened the clan stood and smiled; their teeth flashing. As we stopped in front of the altar the elder stepped before us.

"Finally these two will join together in blood and lead this clan strongly together." The elder said. He motioned for us to face each other and hold each other's hands.

Damion was smiling like he was crazy. I was probably doing the same.

"Damion Schwarz do you take Bella Swan in blood no matter how deep the darkness carries you?"

"I do," Damion said and then whispered. "Especially in bed." I "blushed" as the elder gave Damion a dagger. He took it and cut a slit in my palm. He brought it to his lips and drank.

"Bella Swan, do you take Damion Schwarz in blood no matter how deep the darkness carries you?" The elder asked.

"I do." The elder gave me the dagger, and I did the same as Damion did.

"With the sealing of their blood, I now present the King and Queen of our clan." The elder bowed to us as did the rest of our clan. Damion and I made our way back down the aisle and out the doors.

"Bella, I'm so happy right now." Damion said holding me close.

"Me too." I whispered even though I felt hollow inside.

"Let's get out of here." Damion said taking my hand and running.

"And where exactly do you suggest we go?" I ask.

"I have a surprise for you." He replied.


"Really." Damion said and stopped in a hallway that I didn't notice.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Your surprise." He said placing his hands over my eyes. I shivered.

"You know how much I hat being blinded." I mentioned.

"But you trust me." He replied steering me towards something. After a few minutes a few doors closing, Damion removed his hands from my eyes.

"What…" I started to say but looked around the room. Most of the walls were covered by bookshelves. In the middle of the room was a desk covered with paper, pencils, a laptop, and a printer.

"Why did you do this?" I asked.

"I know how you like to read, and maybe you can try your hand at writing." Damion said.

"Thank you." I replied.

"It's the least I can do." He told me and placed his arms around my waist and brought me to him. His lips came crushing down on mine, and his tongue was in mine. He broke away and whispered,

"It's time for our wedding night." I giggled.

"In here?"

"Why not? It's not like we have to worry about being interrupted." He replied.

"Yeah, okay, I just think it's amazing." I said.

"What's amazing?" He asked me while kissing me.

"Your control." I responded. He laughed.

"Mind over matter." He told me and resumed kissing my mouth. I stopped as my mind reacted to his words. Where had I heard those words before?

"Bella, are you okay?" Damion asked me.

"I think I'm experiencing déjà vu. I've heard those words said by someone else. I just don't know who." I responded thinking and being met with Damion's calm eyes.

"Someone told me that once too when I found out he was a vampire." He said thinking.

"Who was he?" I asked.

"His name was…" Damion's eyes grew in fear.

"His name was what?" I asked again.

"Don't worry about it, Bella. Look can we finish this up later?" Damion asked.

"Sure." I said worried about him. He walked out, but I still heard his voice in my head.

"Edward Cullen! How can she still be thinking about Edward Cullen?!" Damion exclaimed in my head.

Who was this Edward Cullen and why wasn't I supposed to think about him? I thought back to when I last heard those words "Mind over matter," but I was met with a searing pain and the words, "Betrayed me. Murderer."

Who was betrayed and who was the murderer? What exactly was Damion hiding from me? Then I felt it again, that empty hollow in my chest. Something was missing from my life and I had a feeling it had something to do with Edward Cullen.


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