Chapter 3 – That Evening

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It is not at all necessary, but if you wanted to know a little more about Stephanie – go read my fic "Daddy ate the Cat" – it would be set probably around 10-12 years before this one.

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After the meal, Chris and Jocelyn stood at the front door. Chris grabbed his broom, which was leaning against the wall, and opened the door. As soon as he did, he was pushed back inside from hurricane force winds and the 3 feet of snow that came through the front door.

"I guess I'm not going home by broom anymore. What about the Floo?" he asked as he brushed the snow off of his shirt, pants and hair.

Jocelyn shook her head, "We aren't connected to the Floo network. During the 2nd War with Voldemort it was too dangerous to have the Floo network linked to our house with both my parents as spies."

"Can I side-along Apparate with someone?"

Katrina and Severus walked out of the kitchen and into the front hall. Severus looked particularly grim and Katrina looked amused. It was Katrina who answered the question, "Spinners End has been warded so that no wizard or witch can Apparate in or out. If you try, you will end up splinched from Edinburg to Ireland."

Chris cringed, "Even the two of you?"

Severus glared, "I had believed that you had two working ears, but since you require an explanation I gather that you do not. To say it again, no we cannot Apparate out of here. We did it protect our children from themselves and to keep out unwanted guests. For example, since he couldn't Apparate, Alexander once attempted to leave by hiding in Minerva's suitcase."

Chris smiled at his girlfriend. The smile that only a boy with an attractive girlfriend can have, "I suppose then, sweet pea Jocelyn, that you were a good girl and never did anything bad?"

He backed away suddenly his girlfriend's black eyes bored into him, "Actually, I am the main reason for the protection. When I was five, I convinced Madame Pince that Sebastian had run away and that we needed to go look for him. We Apparated to London to find him, and I ran away and got lost in the underground."

Chris cringed again. This time looking apologetic, "Was it the nickname in front of your parents or the fact that I implied that you were a good little girl that made you angry?"

Jocelyn's glare softened, "I'm not always the good, sane, sensible one. And I hate that nickname."

Severus was stuck between a disapproving glare and smile of fatherly pride.

Katrina suppressed a chuckle, and brought everyone back to the topic at hand, "I'll contact your parents through the toaster to tell them that you'll be staying here tonight."

Chris opened the door and looked out again, weighing his chances. Spending the night at the Snape residence verses flying home through the snowstorm. A gust of wind blew icy pellets in his face. His Potions Professor became the lesser of the two evils.

Chris looked at Jocelyn, "I'll stay."

Jocelyn cheered and hugged him. If a glare could peel the paint from the wall, the one that Severus was giving the wall behind Chris' head, would have done the trick. He grabbed his wife's elbow and pulled her into the living room. After a few minutes of hushed conversation the two teenagers heard him bellow, "I will not have two teenaged nitwits, two lust crazed imbeciles, and two hormone addicted dunderheads staying in my house."

The response was dryly acidic, "That is six, my idiot husband."

"You know what I meant-"

"If they want to have sex Severus, it will not matter if he stays or not. They will have sex. Get over it. Or shall I have to remind you of the three broom closets, the Room of Requirement, the Shrieking Sack of all places, the…"

"We were-"

"Older, wiser?! We were eighteen and didn't know if we would survive the summer."

Jocelyn wasn't surprised at this news. 'Uncle Padfoot' had told her most of this already, though not the part involving the Shrieking Shack. Chris looked positively ill. Just the thought of his Greasy Git of a Potions Professor going at it in a broom closet in Hogwarts was horrifying. The conversation in the living room went back to whispers.

Jocelyn looked at Chris, "Mom's got a point. We could always have sex in the prefect's bathroom seeing as how we're both prefects."

Chris' blood started flowing away from his head and towards fantasies involving hot water, bubbles and then it actually hit him, "You want to have sex with me?"

Jocelyn gave an unapologetic shrug.

Unfortunately Severus and Katrina came back into the room at that exact moment. Hell broke lose in the front entrance of the little house on Spinners End.

After the chaos had ended and the conversation had been explained, Katrina told Chris that he would be staying Sebastian's room, which would be warded so that she and Severus would know if Chris left the room. Jocelyn's room would also be warded in the same manner. Jocelyn and Chris where instructed to change the linen in Sebastian's room, while Severus and Katrina retreated the living room to plan the warding hexes.

Jocelyn grabbed some sheets out of the linen closet, handed them to Chris and walked up the stairs. Sebastian had password protected his door. Jocelyn mumbled something and walked in the door. Sebastian's room was a disaster. No, it was worse than disaster. The floor was completely covered in unwashed quiddich uniforms and books. In one corner of the room there was a mini lab complete with scorch marks and ominously bubbling liquids on a table. Jocelyn started ripping the sheets off the bed. She turned to Chris, "Don't look under the bed."

Chris wasn't looking under the bed. In fact, he was looking above the bed, shocked beyond belief, "That is…she is…that's my… that's Aunt Gabby."

Jocelyn looked at the poster above the headboard, "Gabrielle Delcour. She and Alexander dated for a while. He gave the picture to Sebastian when he started dating Stephanie Lupin."

The picture of Gabrielle in the poster was wearing her long silver hair and a mini-skirt. She tossed her head, threatening to disturb the strategically placed hair. Jocelyn passed the corner of the bottom sheet to Chris who distractedly tucked it in. Jocelyn completely ignored the picture, "Don't worry, it has no-pornography charm on it. Nothing above a T-rating. Gabby and Mom would kill the boys if it was any more explicit."

Chris still looked horrified, "I sit across from her at Christmas dinner. How am I supposed to look at her after seeing that?"

"I'm sure she has a picture of Alexander somewhere. I wouldn't worry about it too much."

They finished making the bed and kicked some of the rank uniforms aside. They sat down on the bed and talked until Severus shoved open the door and told Jocelyn that she needed to get to bed. Jocelyn went into her room, while her father warded the room Chris was staying in. Katrina did the same to Jocelyn's room, but she winked at Jocelyn before leaving. Immediately Jocelyn knew her mother had made a flaw in the ward so she could get out of her room.

In master bedroom Severus silently preformed wandless magic to add a truth spell to the hexes around the room Chris was in. Katrina soundlessly walked up to the room Chris was in, and undid the alarm spells that her husband had set up. Christopher Potter looked surprised, but stepped across the hex line. Katrina re-applied the hexes and quickly told him what they were. Jocelyn Snape casually applied countercharms to her mothers work and wandered into the hallway, and re-applied the hexes again to her room so that if her father went checking, they would still be up.

Chris and Jocelyn went down the stairs and into the living room. Katrina joined her husband in the master bedroom and pretended to sleepily wrap her arms around her husband so that if he left, she would know. Severus stared off into the darkness for several minutes before it struck him. No child of his or Harry Potter's would ever accept rules. The next realization on this train of thought was that they had probably already escaped from their rooms and were making out in the bathroom. He untangled himself from his wife's arms and marched off down the hall.

His usually impressive display of stalking down a hall was somewhat diminished by the fact that he was wearing black chenille slippers and green plaid pajamas instead of the layers of billowing black robes. Katrina trailed after her husband as he crept towards the room that Chris was supposed to be. Severus stopped a quarter inch from the hex line and peered into the dark room. The dratted boy wasn't there!

When he spun around to go check Jocelyn's room he knocked right into Katrina. Startled, he stepped back. Right across the hex line. Instantly, the whole house lit up, alarms blared and the greatest Potions Master that Hogwarts had ever seen, found himself hanging upside down from the door frame.

Downstairs, Chris and Jocelyn stopped snogging. Assuming that they had been caught they sprang apart and looked around. Jocelyn looked towards the stairs, "Bloody hell… what's going on?"

Chris got off the sofa and stuck his head out into the staircase, "No one's there. The alarms must have misfired. Let's see if we can sneak upstairs before your parents notice."

They slipped up the stairs and nearly ran into Katrina who was laughing at her husband, who looked extremely undignified. Jocelyn and Chris looked around her shoulders. Jocelyn was failing miserably when it came to not laughing, "Having fun Dad?"

Snape gritted his teeth, "No."

Tears of mirth where rolling down Katrina's cheeks, "It's a truth hex. He can only tell the truth and only answer yes or no. Jocelyn, please transfigure the couch downstairs into a bed for Chris, and go back to your room. I have a few questions that I need to ask Mister-no-one-is-good-enough-for-my-little-girl while he is still truthful and upside-down."

Jocelyn and Chris supported each other as they attempted to walk down the hall and laugh themselves sick at the same time. Katrina turned around and addressed her husband, "I'm right, aren't I? About no one ever being good enough?"



Breakfast the next morning was, well, stressful. Severus glared at the other three people at the table. Katrina looked smug. Chris and Jocelyn alternated between laughter and forced sobriety when Severus gave them a death-glare.

The snowstorm had ended sometime during the night, so Chris decided to leave as soon as breakfast was over. He and Jocelyn said goodbye again, and he was just reaching for the door handle when the door flew open and the one of the eldest Snape children barreled in, dragging a reluctant figure behind him. Katrina and Severus came to the front door to see what all the fuss was.

Alexander Snape shook the snow out of his hair and gestured expansively, "Mom, Dad, I am going to get married. Stephanie has agreed to marry me."

Stephanie Lupin took off her hood. Severus Snape went pale and stalked back into the living room.

Katrina looked over at the group of people standing in her entrance, "My children are masters at dramatic timing. But one of these days," she paused, "you are going to launch your father into a murderous rage or a massive heart attack. Oh, and congratulations you two. You might want to try telling your father again in a couple of days, after he's stopped grumbling like a dragon with indigestion."

Everyone just laughed, and congratulated Alexander and Stephanie.


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Just in case anyone was interested here are the people's ages and their Houses at Hogwarts.

The Snape Family

Severus Snape – approx. 56 – Slytherin

Katrina Snape – approx. 56 – Slytherin

Christiana Snape – 19 – Slytherin

Alexander Snape – 19 – Slytherin

Sebastian Snape – 17 – Slytherin

Jocelyn Snape – 16 – Ravenclaw

The Lupin Family

Remus Lupin – approx. 56 – Gryffindor

Miranda Lupin – approx. 56 – Ravenclaw

Stephanie Lupin – 18 – Ravenclaw

James Lupin – 17 – Gryffindor

The Potter Family

Harry Potter – approx. 36 – Gryffindor

Ginerva Potter – approx. 35 – Gryffindor

Christopher Potter– 16 – Gryffindor

Robert Potter – 15 – Gryffindor

Selena Potter – 14 – Gryffindor