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Chapter the First

Once again Shuichi is having an argument with Yuki, Shu is sobbing hysterically and Yuki is shouting until he's hoarse in the throat, by the smell emanating off of Yuki's clothes, it's apparent that he's just came home from the bar, Yuki suddenly snapped and yelled "Shut up you fucking pansy-assed fag!"

Shu suddenly became quiet, staring at his supposed lover, Shuichi suddenly dropped his head to stare at the floor, his shoulders began to shake, Yuki, thinking he was crying, rolled his eyes, but stopped mid-roll when he heard laughter, he looked back to see Shu staring at him, laughing hysterically, he blinked, slightly disturbed, to hear such an insane sound coming from the baka's mouth.

"You're a fine one to talk, you hypocritical bastard!" Yuki's eyes widened at hearing such language from the normally hyper-sensitive boy. Straightening his shoulders, still chuckling slightly, he stormed into the bedroom, threw open the wardrobe door, pulled out a suitcase and started haphazardly throwing his clothes into it, Yuki, who followed him, spoke "What do you think you're doing you damn brat?"

Without turning from his packing he replied "What does it look like you blind wanker?" Shocked and slightly angry that Shuichi would talk to him that way, he strode over to him, spun him around and grabbed his shoulders, shaking him "You. Are. Mine. Don't talk to me like that!"

Shuichi gave him the coldest glare he'd ever received. "I'm yours? Not any more." With that he snatched up his suitcase and crashed through the door, leaving dust and debris in his wake, Yuki lit a smoke. "Baka, you'll pay for that door when you get back."

But Shuichi didn't come back.