Chapter the Eighth

Some time later

Everyone was stood outside of NG, waiting for the speed demons to pass them. Fujisaki and Sakano stood a small distance away from the others, trying to ignore them. Hiro was shooting nervous looks at K, who had decided to juggle grenades to amuse himself. Tatsuha was leaning against a wall, pouting, and wishing Ryuichi was there. Yuki was smoking like a fiend, almost finishing a whole pack of cigarettes. And Tohma was glancing around suspiciously, eyes narrowed and one hand holding his pimp hat to his head. He'd be damned if the same thing was going to happen twice.

They heard a familiar, jack-hammering, bass beat, and saw Tyrone flip them the finger as he bounced passed them. Moments later, they heard the screech of tires. They turned to face the approaching three cars, surprised to see Taki's POS in the lead. Suddenly, Shuichi and Ryuichi shot forward, overtaking Taki, and levelling out with their cars next to each other.

They thundered along, most likely grinning insanely. A kid suddenly began crossing the road. By the time they reached her, she had walked far enough to miss Ryuichi's car. But Shuichi was heading straight for her. She heard the approaching cars, turned, and screamed.

Shuichi swerved sharply, missing her and moving to the other side of the road. Everyone sighed with relief, before seeing the car now in Shuichi's path. It was too late to do anything. The group outside NG could only watch as Shuichi's car impacted with another. As the amazingly loud crash sounded, Shuichi flew forwards, smashing through his windshield. He flew through the air, before landing on his ass with a 'CRACK', splitting a section of the road, and skidding a few feet.

Meanwhile, so worried about Shuichi he could barely think, Ryuichi zipped across the finish line. He would have stopped to help his friend, but knew that if Shuichi was okay he would not thank him for losing, and dooming them to becoming 'Taki's bitches'.

So, seconds after he won, he turned and headed straight back to his friend.


Yuki sprinted to Shuichi, worried beyond belief. Shu was sat where he landed, wide eyed, not blinking, and not moving. The blonde waved his hand in front of Shuichi's face. "Hey… Hey! Idiot! Wake up!"

Yuki looked around at the others, silently asking for help. K stepped forward, gun in hand. "Listen up, fuckwit… you either wake up, or I put some holes in your car."


After everyone had gotten over their temporary deafness, they held K back. He obviously didn't appreciate being called an 'American bastard'. They knew it wasn't the first insult that got to him. People called him psychotic on a daily basis, and he would merely smile.

Ryuichi screeched to a stop near them, quickly getting out of his car and kneeling beside Shu. "Shu-chan! Are you alright?"

The other racer scowled. "No… MY ASS HURTS!"

Ryuichi snorted. "Want me to rub it for you?"

Yuki scowled. "Hey! Back off moron. If anyone's going to be doing that, it's me!" His face darkened like a thundercloud when he realised that he sounded like the possessive boyfriend he was, but denied himself to be.

Shu and Ryu laughed at him, while everyone else turned to hide their smiles. All except Tohma. Instead, he smiled at Yuki. "I always knew you had it in you to act like a frantic husband."

Yuki glared at him. Shuichi, stunned, looked at Tohma. "Frantic husband?" He scowled and glared. "Who the fuck did he marry while I was away!" He levered himself off of the ground, scowling, and tried to storm away. Instead, he ended up waddling, looking like he had just shit himself.

Yuki quickly grabbed the insane boy's arm, turning him around and wrapping his arms around him. "If I ever marry anyone, it'll be you!"

As everyone except Shuichi gaped at him, Shuichi blinked rapidly. As they used to, his eyes slowly turned into hearts. Seeing this, Yuki's face broke into a smirk that was more like a smile. "Thinking about it, I don't see why we shouldn't." Shuichi joined the others in their gaping.

They were all knocked out of their shock as they heard Taki's unhealthy POS chugging by. He was obviously trying to get away. Shuichi and Ryuichi lunged at K, who yelped in surprise, grabbing his guns from his holster.

They took aim.


Say goodbye to your tires, Taki. The incredibly shitty car died, fumes emanating from under the hood.

Ryu stomped over, opening the door. He reached into the car, grabbed Taki, and literally hauled him out of the car.

Shuichi smirked, forgetting his pain for a second. He and Ryu squeaked when K ripped his guns from their hands, clutching them to his chest. "Don't. Touch. My. Guns… retards." He muttered, glaring at them.

Taki, still on the floor where Ryuichi had dropped him, scowled, looking like a petulant child. He hauled himself off of the ground, and glared at Shuichi.

Shu, seeing the weak glare, rolled his eyes. "Okay, we won and you lost… this means you dance naked at the next race, no matter who's racing."

Taki snorted. "No way. You cheated, and there's no way in hell you could make me, anyway."

Tohma stepped forward, his smile suddenly a thousand times creepier, and more deadly. "I think the win was fair, and the deal still stands. And if you try to back out, I'll push you in front of a car again. Only this time, the car won't have enough time to stop."

Taki trembled in fear, like the wuss he is, and nodded quickly.

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