Chapter 1- The wish

One day at the robot

Chiro walked out of the robot and went to the park. He found a bench and sat on it. He looked at the stars and found a star brighter than the others.

"The wishing star." He said in astonishment.

He got down on his knees and made a wish…..

"Oh, wishing star, I've always wondered what would the monkey team be like as babies?" He prayed. Suddenly a big ray came out of the sky and hit the robot. Chiro closed his eyes and hoped that the robot was alright, he opened his eyes and was shocked. The robot was still standing! It was like the flash didn't do anything. Chiro ran back in the robot to check on the monkeys, he looked in the main room and his mouth dropped. The monkeys were a lot smaller than their regular size. Then the whole monkey team started to cry. "Just great." Chiro said in misery.

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