Chapter 4- Baby Sparx's chance

One Valentines Day night, Baby Nova was watching Barney, in the main room. Baby Sparx saw a flash in the main room and saw Baby Nova sitting there. He crawled over to Nova and scared her.

Baby Nova: Don't do that!

Baby Sparx: I'm sorwy.

He sat down beside her and handed her a cookie

Baby Nova: Thank you.

Baby Sparx: Your welcome.

Baby Nova: Are you gowna call me anything

Baby Sparx: No, your prettiful.

Baby Nova: You wike me?

Baby Sparx: Yep.

Baby Nova blushed and pushed Baby Sparx

Baby Sparx: Do you wanna be my gwirlfwiend?

Baby Nova hugged Baby Sparx and hit him in the nose

Baby Sparx: Owwie

Baby Nova: hehehehehehehehehehehehehe. Your cute.

Baby Sparx: Does that mean you wanna be my gwirlfriend?

Baby Sparx got on his feet hugged Baby Nova and kissed her on the cheek.

Baby Sparx: I'll walk you to my room.

They walked there Baby Sparx hopped on the bed and Baby Nova joined him. Soon Baby Nova got tired and Baby Sparx did too. Baby Nova yawned and fell asleep, Baby Sparx gave Baby Nova another kiss on the lips and went sleep with her.

Awww so cute