Shoujo Manga

Author: Kazumi Kairi or Kairi-chan

A brand new fanfiction I've came up when I'm working on my current 'I Hate What I Hate' Chapters. I think I was reading so much shoujo manga that's how I came up with another idea. Also I love making my own manga too 'coz they're fun. I even remembered making a doujinshi of Cagalli and Athrun one time although I lost them.(tears) Amyway enjoy reading it.

Summary: Cagalli Hibiki is also known as thefamous shoujo mangaka under the name of Cagalli Yula Attha. She needs to improve her story to make it realistic until she meets Athrun Zala. Will she able to improve or falls in love like the heroine of her manga? AC

Volume One

In DESTINY Academy, in one room a group of girls were sharing and reading on one manga that was entitled 'Promises'. The girls were so touched when they read and looked at the gorgeous pictures of two couples were in love. That is one or the ordinary things that girls love, reading romantic shoujo manga.

"Attha-sama's works are as brilliant as always." The girls commented.

"I liked her other manga like Moonflower Girl." One smiled with stars sparkling in her eyes, "It was so romantic. And the boys were so handsome too."

"But that story has tragedies about a princess and three princes were reincarnated then their story were being repeat." One complained.

"Still her artworks and story are still brilliant." One girl argued. "Also she discontinues it."

"Yeah… But I liked Promises the best!" the fourth one exclaimed excitedly

"But didn't you noticed this manga was somehow similar to Lacus-sama and Kira-sama's love story?" another one inquired.

"You're right. How come she seems to know what's going on between them."

"Well that is a mystery for all for us." She point out. "We all knew she is Cagalli Yula Attha but she doesn't show herself in public but wears a mask."

Outside of the classroom, one girl with short blonde haired was listening to the conversation of the class. She seems really excited and happy hearing the comments from the girls. He let out a low 'yes' excitedly. Then she walks out slowly and normally like any ordinary high school girl.

"CAGALLI!" one girl with pink haired called out the name of the blonde haired girl. "Have you finally finished your manga?"

"LACUS KEEP IT DOWN!" She, Cagalli Hibiki, yelled at her friend Lacus Clyne.

"What's the fuss now with my girlfriend, Cagalli?" one male voice asked them.

Cagalli and Lacus all turned around and saw one certain guy with brunette haired and pair of violet eyes. He looks exactly like Cagalli, although their differences between each other is their gender and the hair and eyes color. He is Kira Hibiki, Cagalli's twin brother and Lacus' current boyfriend.

"KIRA! I've been waiting for you." Lacus smiled as she gives him a hug and a kiss right in front of Cagalli.

"OK! WILL YOU TWO GIVE A ROOM!" the blonde haired girl shouted as a crimson color on her face.

"You're just jealous 'coz I have a girlfriend now." Kira smirked.

"Oh Kira stop it." The pink haired goddess giggled with slight blush on her cheeks.

"But its true." He said.

Cagalli's POV

My name is Cagalli Hibiki. I live a double life as an ordinary high school girl of DESTINY Academy and a mangaka under the name of Cagalli Yula Attha. The girl with long pink hair was Lacus Clyne she is my best friend in the whole world and she is the only one who knew my secret. And that guy, who was hugging Lacus, was my twin brother Kira Hibiki. I'm not like any ordinary girls who wear dresses, mini-skirts and make-ups. Well you could say I'm a tomboy. Also I usually daydream even during class but the teachers hadn't caught me yet. Lucky me.

Like I said earlier I'm a famous Mangaka, I usually romance story even tragedies. I draw couples hugging, kissing and also some pervy stuffs. I've finished one of my famous manga called "Promises". It's a story about two childhood friends a pop singer, Lily, and a shy guy, Kon, were in love to each other and they have difficult times how they cope each other's feelings. They went through a lot of obstacles in the end they became a couple. Lacus and Kira were my inspiration to my manga and yep they are officially a couple just like in my manga. I knew they looked so good together.

End of Cagalli's POV

"Now that you and Lacus are together how will you manage Flay? I mean she is still into you." Cagalli asked her brother.

"I know how to handle now Cagalli." Kira smiled then place his arm around the pink haired goddess. "As long as I'm with my Lacus she won't hurt her."

Lacus cocked her eyes to Kira. "Oh yeah how about the time when she almost blackmailed me?" she told him.

Kira laughed out. "That won't happen. Promise." He smiled as he near his face to Lacus'.

Lacus blushed when she saw Kira's face was near to hers. Their lips almost meet again yet they were going to do it right in front of Cagalli. The blonde haired girl looks happy seeing them in love although part of her was hurt. As she is seeing that the couples are making a scene she began to walk away as she wants them to do their time alone. Lacus noticed her friend, as she looks at Cagalli sadly even the twin brother too.

"Umm… Kira I think Cagalli is lonely." She pointed out sadly,

"I also thought so to." Kira agreed. "All she ever think about is her manga."

"You think someone will capture her heart?"

Kira thought a while then he smile. "There is I hope." He replied.

Away from Kira and Lacus, the blonde haired girl was on the school's rooftop watching at the blue sky admiringly as her mind could drifts off to another of her famous daydreaming or to another world that could send her.

"I wish my life would be the same as my manga." She whispered.

Cagalli continue to look at the sky admiringly and wished she could be one of the clouds so she could forever float in the sky with the birds. Like that would ever happen, she whispered. Then her thoughts brought up as she recalls Kira and Lacus were together happily.

"Yah right what if I ever fall in love to some… guy." She pouted. "I mean who would be interested to a girl like me, who isn't like other girls? I don't wear skirt a lot, likes make-ups or even tie my hair!"

"Still you're popular as the shoujo mangaka." Someone reminded her.

"Was that you Shiho?" Cagalli sighs.

Another girl was standing next to the famous mangaka. She is Shiho Hahnenfuss another of Cagalli's friend also she knew her secret as the mangaka. Like Cagalli she isn't like any ordinary girls in their school, as she also dislikes make-ups and wear some girly things. She has long copper brown haired with her hair tied loosely at the end and she has pairs of pierce violet that any boys could adore her beauty.

"I want to congratulate my friend for finishing her manga." She told her. "I was totally amazed of your works even though it was Kira and Lacus' story."

"Whatever… also their story really inspires me." She argued. "That's why I made that."

"I see you really want to have a boyfriend were you?" Shiho teased her with a smirk.

Cagalli blushed at Shiho's comments then she started to yell at her, then they heard a loud screaming yet hurtful to their ears that were coming from the school ground. Cagalli and Shiho looked down to see what's going on below. They see a swarm of girls were staring dreamingly with heart-shape in their eyes. They were all staring at one hottest guy with navy blue haired and pairs of emerald green eyes.

"Who is that guy?" Cagalli wondered while looking at the guy.

"What! Have you forgotten Athrun Zala is Kira's, your brother, best friend." Said Shiho sarcastically. "Also he usually comes to you and your brother's home together before school starts."

Cagalli blinked her eyes. "No really?" she replied as she tries hard to recall.

"You aren't paying attention weren't you?" she sighed at her friend, "You still have your head in manga, I supposed."

"Well you can't blame it that I have no time to bond with other people." The blonde haired girl corrected her. "What about the other guys who are with that Zala?"

"The tanned guy was Dearka Elthman, a comedian but his jokes are lame. Nicol Amarfi the one with green hair and pair of brown eyes loves playing piano." Shiho explained. "Lastly but not least is Yzak Joule… the only guy with silver platinum hair and pair of cobalt blue eyes. He hates Athrun's guts, that's all I could say."

"Wow… where did you get all those information?" the blonde haired girl awed at her friend's useful information. "Tell me you didn't uses the hack didn't you?"

Shiho smirked evilly. "You know who I am, Cagalli. I can get information anytime I like." She said as dark aura began to surrounds her.

"You're scaring me." She shivered while looking at her friend.

The blonde haired girl goes back looking at the boys from below. She was watching at the certain guy with navy blue haired and pair of emerald eyes. Looking at Athrun for somehow his gorgeous looks seems to be a perfect figure to her new project. Aside to his good looks, part of her seems to be pounding when he saw he smiles to his fan girls. This made a hint of her brain.

"Looks like I have my inspiration to my next manga." Cagalli declared as she took out of her notebook and pen from nowhere.

"Just where in the world did you got those?" the copper brown haired girl asked Cagalli.

Cagalli ignored her and continue what she was doing while she was doing it the long copper brown haired girl just sighs softly at her friend's action then she looks down. She was staring at some guy that she could find from the school's ground that she had admired. Then again she snapped out from her daydream and turned her attention to Cagalli.

"Also your manager was expecting your newest manga." She reminded Cagalli.

"Don't worry, Shiho. I already got the idea!" she exclaimed excitedly.

The copper brown haired girl stared at her friend with slight sweat-drop above her head. "You don't have to pretend that you are excited." She said. "I know you are stressing from your work."

The blonde haired girl ignored her friend and continues writing it down and starts drawing. "Athrun Zala will be the perfect shoujo hero to my latest project." She glee. "And I know what I will title my story."

School was finally over, the students were already heading home or cleaning their classroom. In the library Cagalli was making some doodles but not some ordinary doodles there are some sketches of the characters and some scenes that may be possible on what the story contains. The blonde haired girl was really smiling excitedly. But she isn't alone as Lacus and Shiho were there with her just in case when someone comes and asks what their blonde friend was doing they'll cover up for her.

"So what's this new project you're making this time?" Lacus asked her kindly.

Cagalli smirk. "You'll see soon, Lacus." She told her.

"Come on tell us at least give us a hint." Shiho pleaded.

"No way… you'll have to wait." She said as she puts all her drafts in her brown envelope. "Now will you excuse me I have to go and meet my manager today so he could see the samples."

"Good luck, Cagalli!" Shiho and Lacus cheered for her but not loud.

The famous mangaka blonde haired girl went her way out of the library. She was smiling excitedly as she could not wait when she reaches to the building where she publishes her works and also to see her manager's reaction. As she was almost at the exits she bumps into someone that she didn't quite expect. Then she felt she was falling although she didn't.

"I'm glad I didn't fall." She sighed in relief.

"Cagalli?" he said.

The blonde haired girl perks up when she heard an unfamiliar masculine voice out of nowhere. She knows no one around in school since she had never interact because she was too absorbed of her making manga and reading them. She looks up and gasped as she saw the person whom she had collide and met was Athrun.

"Umm… have we met before?" she asked him. "Zala?"

Athrun smile at her kindly. "No but I heard from Kira. I'm sure you heard I'm a friend of your brother." He told her. "So are you gonna let go of me?"

Cagalli stared at the navy blue haired guy confusedly to what he said. As he mentioned she suddenly felt the warmth feeling that she had never felt it before. She seems she wanted to put this feeling in her manga then again she noticed that she was hugging Athrun. She blushed as she lets go of him fast not knowing that her brown envelope drops. Then she also remembers that she must hurry up to meet her manager.

"SORRY! BUT I HAVE TO GO!" she shouted.

Athrun watched then chuckle lightly as the blonde haired girl ran so fast as she could then he noticed the brown envelope that was on Cagalli's bag he took it then take a peak inside of it. As he looks at the numerous pages of the papers a tiny sweat was forming on his face.

-In some building where mangaka publishes their works.

"Congratulations for finishing your manga, Cagalli." One man congratulates her. "As usual your fan really supports your manga."

The man was Cagalli's manager Ledonir Kisaka. He has been her manager for times he supports her works and even encourages her whenever she was feeling down. You could say that he is a father figure to her. The blonde haired girl smiled nervously.

"As usual you did very fine good after you finished this work. Your fans really loves it." He compliments her as he was reading the fan letters.

"Still most of the scenes I put on my works are pervy." She pointed out gloomily.

Kisaka laughed a little. "I wouldn't worry 'bout that." He told her. "Besides even other mangaka do draw things like that too. It's like part of the scenes were based from their experiences."

"Kisaka…" she muttered.

"Also even though you're only a high school yet you still don't have a boyfriend." He pointed out.

"DO YOU NEED TO POINT THAT OUT, KISAKA!" she yelled at him angrily with a huge veins popping above her head.

"But Kisaka was right. Even other mangaka became famous their drawings and feelings became realistic." She thought. "I wonder if I ever experience… will my drawing be improve?"

"Then I'll try my best to improve my drawings!" she declared excitedly like a child.

"You don't have to decide all the sudden." He said with a slight of sweat-drop. "Then again did you brought the sample on your new project today?"

"Yes, I made a new shoujo manga." Cagalli smiled, "It's called 'Fall In Love Like Comic Book'."

"Hmm… I can't wait to see that." He smiled at her back. "May I know what's the story about?"

"Well… it's about a girl, as usual, was always drawn into shoujo manga and she had never time to for boys in real life." She explained. "She wished she could find an ideal guy like one of the shoujo hero."

"Sound just like you." He commented, which gives another vein popping on the blonde haired girl's head.

The blonde haired girl took her bag then she began to scramble it as she was searching for the brown envelope that was put her manuscripts manga there. She was excitedly to show him the samples until… she noticed that the envelope was… gone. She looks at it again but none.

"NOOO! I KNEW I PUT IT SOMEWHERE HERE!" she continues to shout as she took all her things out of her bag.

"You can submit it tomorrow, Cagalli. You don't have to be hurry." Kisaka told her with a smile.


"If that is the case… I'll wait here until you found it,okay." He said.

Cagalli thanked her manager then she speeds up and started to look at the place where she last has been although she found none. Except there is one place that she hasn't visit. That is her school.

"Oh no! I left my drafts at the library!" Cagalli screamed. "If the school finds out that I'm Cagalli Yula Attha… I'm doom."

Night was drawing down, Cagalli ran all the way in the school hallway. She was running hurriedly while she was wishing that her manuscript of her manga would be still there in the library also hoping that no one would ever find out what was inside of the manga. She went inside of the library then began to search around the place.

"Ohh… where could that be." Cagalli whined. "Please don't be lost!"

As the blonde haired girl still continues looking for her brown envelope then she went to the next place where there are some sofa chairs for the people who are much comfortable with soft chairs. As she arrives there, she saw one certain person was sitting comfortably. And that person was no other than Athrun Zala.

"What are you doing here in a time like this, Zala?" she asked him. "Shit! I can't tell him what I'm doing."

"Were you looking for this?" he asked her while he was holding the familiar brown envelope on his hand.

"That's mine!" she exclaimed as she took the brown envelope away from Athrun. "Thanks for giving it back to me."

"I hope he didn't take a peak on it." She hoped.

"Your manga is really pervy." He commented with a smile.

Cagalli screamed loud surprisingly. She could not believe that the first guy who could find out her secret was Athrun. She really wished only Kira since he was the only person who knows where she put things that she misplace but this is totally different from her brother.

"So are you going to tell me what's that for?" he said still smiling.

"Then I'll tell everyone tomorrow that you're Cagalli Yula Attha." He blackmailed her.

"ALL RIGHT I'LL TELL YOU!" she cried.

Eventually, Athrun started to asks Cagalli as he was throwing some questions as soon she started to tell everything about being a famous mangaka as Cagalli Yula Attha. She even told him how she started it and also told him the people who knew her secrets.

"I see so you're the famous shoujo Mangaka that every girls admired." Athrun smirk. "I never thought I would be so lucky to find you."

"Shut up. You can't tell them my secret, okay." She yelled at him.

The navy blue haired lad looks at the angry blonde haired girl then he extends his hand and strokes her beautiful golden hair. Cagalli gasped when he was stroking her hair in affection ally. It was like she was in a scene of one of her manga or probably from other manga that she had read. She wanted to leave and go back to the building again but she couldn't as her gaze was lock when she saw Athrun's emerald eyes.

"Say you do romance story right?" he asked her. "But you never gotten yourself a boyfriend how can do possibly do as a mangaka?"

"Well… I…" she stammered.

"Kisaka told me everymangaka get good stories and drawing when it comes to their experiences. I wonder if I go on a date with Zala will I improve my manga?" she asked herself.

"Hello, you listening to me?" he called her.

"WILL YOU HELP ME OUT ON MY MANGA?" she shouted out.

Athrun started at her surprisingly at what the blonde haired girl had said it out loud. Then Cagalli noticed that she really blurt out from her thoughts. She started to panics and she really wanted to run away.

"Oh nuts! Did I said that out loud?" she gasped.

"Why not then I'd be happy to help you out." He smiled at her. "If that makes you happy."

"Thank you very much, Zala." She thanked him.

Before Cagalli could move Athrun kissed on her lips passionately, the blonde haired girl felt she was in heaven. Then again she was kissing to a hottest guy in DESTINY Academy also girls would be really jealous if someone took Athrun's first kiss. Once someone finds out she is toast for sure. Then Athrun stops kissing the blonde haired girl then he stared at her golden orbs again passionately.

"Do you want to go on further just like from your mangas?" he asked her.


"Just kidding. You should have seen the looks of your face." Athrun laughed really hard.

"Hey you're mean!" she yelled at him still blushing.

The navy blue haired lad gave out another serious look to Cagalli, which literally shuts up immediately. She began to feel really nervous at what he is going to do next then again he near her again and kiss her. This time he kissed her on her forehead, which blushes again for her.

"I can't wait for tomorrow." He said as he began to walk away.

"Will this really help me improve my manga?" she screamed panic.

Back from the building where Cagalli left, Kisaka was still in the room while looking at the clock that was hanging on the wall.

"Where is Cagalli?" Kisaka wondered.

To Be Continue… Next Volume

Kairi: So what do you think of my first chapter? My first chap was different from I Hate what I Hate, also I think too much romance scenes and my imagination was getting much higher than I thought. Also the summary that Cagalli thought on her newest work 'Fall In Love Like Comic Book' was somehow my idea… I mean based from me(it's true) since I was so absorbed to shoujo mangas too much and I don't have time to look other guys in real life. Poor me…

As you could see Moonflower Girl was actually a fanfiction from Digimon then I started to make my manga based to it. I was much happy working on it until I lost them.(Tears) I worked so hard on it. Manga means comic book, Shoujo mean girls and Mangaka means comic artist. Please review to all anonymous or non-anonymous are welcome as usual.