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Author: Kazumi Kairi or Kairi-chan

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Volume Twenty Three

The mysterious middle-aged man still sits behind his seat while looking at the two photos resting on his desk. His expression stays no reaction until he heard his door opens quickly also heard two familiar male voices. He looks at the direction as he sees Athrun and Heine were standing with a sour expression.

"Hello boys… I see you two have grown better." Said the middle-aged man.

"Stop acting like you're happy, darn uncle.!" Heine yelled at the old man.

"Don't shout at Master Patrick, Master Heine, even he's your cousin's father!" lectured the man in all black.

The middle-aged man, Patrick Zala, looks at Heine with a fierce look then he look to his only son who is glaring at him. "So Athrun, my son." Patrick starts to say but Athrun interrupts him.

"My answer is still no, Father. Mom doesn't want me to follow your footsteps. Also Heine doesn't want to be like you!" Athrun yelled at his father bravely. "You should give up!"

"I see… then you leave me out no other choice." He said as he snaps his fingers. "Take them to that cell again."

Athrun and Heine gasped at Patrick's order as they began fear and shiver hearing at one certain word that they hate most. They were about to run for their life once more but then more men in black appear in front of them. They hold the two boys more firmly as they began to struggle free although more men appears and get a hold on them really tight while they were trying to send them to the place. Patrick just watches at the two young lads with emotionless face.

"Those boys are so stubborn." He mumbled.

Few days have passed, Athrun has not appear at the Hibiki residence nor at school like he usually do. Teachers say that he must be absent and it's normal any students would get sick. But Cagalli finds it unusual for him to be absent. She even looks around in DESTINY Academy for Athrun or call his house but she finds none. She even asked Kira or the teachers if they ever saw the handsome lad passes by although they didn't. It makes her feel sad and worry. Her twin brother tries calming her down as she tells her Athrun might have gotten sick yet the famous mangaka still worries Athrun much.

"Tell me the truth sis… Did Athrun confessed you the other day?" asked the twin lad.

"Errr… I… er… he…" stammered the blonde haired girl nervously.

Kira watches his twin sister's expression then he flashes a smile and pats her head like a dog. "It's okay, Cagalli. I knew he would confess his feelings for you… plus I approve it." He smiled at her kindly. "Is that enough for you?"

The famous mangaka smiles at her twin brother and hugs him. "Thanks 'bro you're the best!" she exclaimed happily.

"However in return you have to tell me what he did to you." Kira told her which he receives a hard punch from her hand.

"STUPID BROTHER!!" she yelled at him angrily.

While Cagalli is busily beating the crap out of her twin brother, Shiho and Lacus were trying to ignore the Hibiki twins' fight as they focus on reading the famous mangaka's latest volume of her manga. The two were enjoying the silent until the great fashion designer suddenly looks around in the classroom searching for a certain person but none as she sighs sadly.

"I don't think Yzak will be coming here." Lacus informed her which alarms the long copper brown haired girl.

"Wh-wha-what are y-you talking about Lacus? I'm not looking that JERK!" Shiho shouted with deep crimson blush on her cheeks, which it's really obvious for the pink haired goddess to see.

"You're really stubborn you know Shiho." Lacus replied

Shiho stares at the pink haired goddess then she looks at the Hibiki twins as Cagalli keeps on beating on poor Kira. Then the two girls pull them off yet the famous mangaka really wants to kill her brother for somehow. Away from them, Yzak watches the great fashion designer at few distances away. His cobalt blue eyes follow Shiho's every movement as his face begins to blush plus his heart races faster than ever. Dearka is standing next to him caught his pal staring at the certain copper brown haired girl sighs.

"Hey Yzak it would be really weird for you staring Shiho like that." Dearka complained.

"Are you high!?" Yzak hollered him.

The tanned skin lad sighs again expecting that would be the silver haired lad's reaction. "I think it's best for you to tell your feelings now. It would be a waste if your feelings weren't told." He advised him.

Yzak clenched his teeth together yet he holds his anger for the very first time. "Anyhow this is the first time Athrun isn't here for a few days. Usually he comes along with the Hibiki twins in the morning." He said.

"Now that you mentioned it, I did notice it. He wasn't the type of person to get sick, was he?" said the blonde haired lad while thinking something else.

While Dearka and Yzak were talking, outside of the school the mysterious young man again in his casual clothes is staring at the school building where the Hibiki twins and her friends attend. The young man looks really determine to who he is looking for while he is holding a picture on his left. The picture contains Athrun with Cagalli, Kira, Lacus and Shiho.

"It's about time for me to reveal Young Master's secret." He muttered.

As the school finally ends, Kira, Lacus, Cagalli, Yzak and Shiho head out together to Athrun's apartment and while they were walking Lacus try to bring up a cheerful topic but the famous mangaka shows less participation to their conversation. This makes Kira really worry than ever yet aside from his brother's instinct he also feels unusual or uncomfortable feeling like someone is following behind them. The brunette haired lad secretly glances behind but found nothing. Kira could not help that feeling that there's someone behind them. Still he plays along acting he didn't sense it.

"Hey Yzak what kind of business do you have with Athrun?" questioned the twin lad.

"Hmp! Why should I answer that Kira?" Yzak snorted.

Shiho eyed the platinum-silver haired lad with a little piss off look. "I'm sure you just want to come along since you have nothing else to do." She teased him.

"Shut up…" he growls at her but she ignores him as she looks in her cell phone. "Just who the hell you texting to? Hey!"

"From Heine but he wasn't answering me… It's the same when Athrun didn't attend to school." Said the great designer, which causes to winces Yzak's eyes. "He always text me after class, I wonder what happened?"

Cagalli listens to Shiho's words, which causes her more worried. "You don't think something bad happened to Athrun and Heine I mean they're cousins right?" she cracked her voice in worry tone.

"Don't say that, Cagalli probably Heine's cell phone got snatch…" Lacus told her.

"I just hope so…" Kira whispered.

They continue to walk until they finally reached their destination. They were all standing in front of the door waiting for Athrun to open it but he didn't. Lacus tried to ring the doorbell few times although that didn't work. Yzak tried to shout yet he got shut up by Shiho's powerful punch to his face,

"Are you sure Athrun is sick? He doesn't open the door." Said Cagalli still has her worrying tone.

"I don't think Athrun is here…" Kira inquired with a serious tone. "He's probably in another place."

"Quit joking and acting like Detective Conan." Shiho yelled at him but then she got shut up when she saw his purple eyes were being serious.

"If Athrun is not here then where do you think he is?" Yzak asked him.

Kira's expression still remain serious as he looks his girlfriend then to his worried twin sister. "Let's just ask someone who knew Athrun." he suggested as he walks away silently then stop. "Isn't that right, mister?"

Lacus gasped at her boyfriend's strange behaviors yet it makes her even more surprise to know Kira had already sense someone else's presence. Shiho and Yzak stares at him thinking that the brunette haired lad had gone whacko due to his acting like detective. While Cagalli looks at her twin brother confusedly. Few minute later, the young man with a cap and shades finally reveals himself to the five young teenagers which surprises for the four.

"So I was right…" Kira hissed at the mysterious man. "What have you done to him!?"

"You've got it all wrong young man. I'm not the one who kidnapped Athrun." Said the man, "Also Heine…"

"YOU ALSO KNOW WHERE HEINE!? TELL US!!" yelled the long copper brown haired girl.

"I'm about to tell you what I know but this isn't a good place." The man continues. "I suggest we go inside Master Athrun's apartment house."

"Master Athrun?" Cagalli gasped. "Did I hear it right, Lacus?"

"Yes I did, Cagalli." Lacus replied who is also in shocked.

"YOU BETTER EXPLAIN WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!" yelled the platinum silver haired lad angrily.

"He's much an annoying person than someone I know." Whispered the young man.

Inside of Athrun's apartment room, the five teenagers learn the young man's name is Rusty MacKenzie, codename RM-20. Rusty tells them that he is a bodyguard to a high politician and his whole story of his knowing of Athrun and Heine. Cagalli seems surprise at the young man's story then again she is even more surprised to know Athrun and Heine's true background. Even for Shiho, Kira, Lacus and Yzak were also surprised of the two cousin's true story. Rusty takes notice to the five teenager's reaction as he expected this would happen.

"Still those two want to live normal like life everyone. Athrun's Father had kept them like a prison in their early childhood years." Rusty added the details. "However it made them fear the eternal darkness, which made Mistress Lenore worried them."

"Lenore? Is she Athrun's mother or Heine's?" Lacus asked Rusty.

"She's Athrun's mother also Heine's aunt. Their mothers are sisters." Replied the young bodyguard. "Anyway, Mistress Lenore could not stand seeing her son and nephew suffers so she divorced her husband and took Master Heine with her. I'm sure one of you must've heard how she died."

"Oh that'd be me He told me his mother died from an accident. It was meant for him to die although she pushed him away." Cagalli told the story. "However he didn't mention Heine was there. Also I do heard Heine's mother died earlier."

"If Athrun mention that then other searchers would have found Athrun and Heine so easily if they are mention." Kira pointed out. "But I guess he was aware there are more people are still on search of him and his cousin."

"HMP! Sometimes there are some fathers use forces to his children to follow their footstep. If I were in their place, I'd rather runaway from home." Yzak said out loud.

Rusty stares surprisingly at the platinum-silver haired lad even Cagalli, Kira, Lacus, and Shiho were surprised to hear his words. The young bodyguard is speechless to the young teenager's words then again he knew Yzak was right. Yzak takes a notice at the silence and their stares then he glares at them angrily.

"Do you guys want to see Athrun and Heine again?" he asked them. "I'm willing to pay my life to save them."

"Mr. Mackenzie… why are you doing this?" Kira questioned him obviously he wasn't trusting to him.

"Rusty looks at the brunette twin lad's purple eyes then he smiles simply. "Let's just say that I helped them escape once." he replied. "Those two deserve to have their happiness. Also I owe my debt that's why I want them to be free."

"Well then let's go!! Shiho exclaimed. "I don't care how rich Athrun's Father is but it's not right to decide others' life!"

"RIGHT O!!" the famous mangaka agreed.

"LET ME OUT!! LET ME OUT!!" Athrun yelled as he bangs his hands to the wall.

The navy blue haired lad is in an isolated room without any light to support him sees his surrounding. Everything is dark, very dark that no one could see his or her way. Athrun continues shouting and banging the wall hoping anyone could hear the noise unfortunately his father order his men to leave him and his cousin in the room so no one could hear the noises. The handsome lad turns around and calls Heine but then he remembered that he's in a different room. He falls into his knees then held his head.

"No please… I don't like it… SOMEONE HELP ME GET OUT OF THIS PLACE!!!" he screamed in fear and pain.

As Athrun is suffering at his cell as he keeps on shouting and feels scare on the other room where Heine is held on, he is in much deep pain. The blonde haired college guy lying on the ground motionless, his emerald-green eyes shrank small yet he stares ay the eternal darkness ceiling. More sweats were coming out of his skin while his body trembles in fear. He could not move his arms and legs because he is tie down. He struggle again using force but fails. They were tied really tight making sure he won't escape.


Patrick is in his room watching two televisions that shows his son and nephew in the deep and dark cell somewhere in his mansion. The screen shows clearly how Athrun and Heine were doing thanks to his new cameras that could see in darkness he had installed. He sighs irritated then he presses the button shutting off both televisions.

"Things will go back like before." Patrick whispered softly.

Outside of the mansion, many men in all black suit and sunglasses were guarding the rich man's house for any intruders or suspicious people that may come in. Rusty takes a peak while he is hiding behind the bushes he wears back in his black suit and glasses over his eyes. He curses silently as he notices the increasing of bodyguards.

"Damn that man we should be more careful." Rusty advised them.

"You sure this would work?" Shiho asked him, "The suit you gave us really itch my body."

"Are you sure they won't notice it?" Lacus asked with nervous tone.

The older guy sighs irritated. "I said they won't why don't you trust me?" he said.

Rusty turns his attention to the five young teenagers who aren't wearing in their casual clothing instead they are now wearing in a black suit and black sunglasses that are similar to the older guy's attire. They're all feeling uncomfortable wearing it yet Shiho and Lacus were wearing wigs to hide their true gender. Luckily Cagalli doesn't need to wear one.

"Suits are fine but the wig is killing me!" Shiho exclaimed with irritated tone who is wearing a short brown wig.

"Maa… Mr. Rusty doesn't have other choice nor do we have one." Lacus told her as she wears in a boyish pink hair wig. "Plus I kind of like this idea."

"Look people we can't stand here and act stupid. It'll be a total waste of time!" Yzak hollered. "So stop complaining, Hahnenfuss."

"I agree with him so let's move. We have to rescue them as soon as possible." Cagalli said.

"Well I can't argue with that…" Kira sighs.

The young bodyguard nods in agreement then he leads them the way in the Zala Mansion. They've managed to pass through the guards from the outside now they're currently inside of it. The girls were amaze at the beauty of art collections they passes by, which causes to irritate the platinum-silver haired lad yet Rusty and Kira manages to calm him down.

"Hey Rusty how far Athrun and Heine's room can be?" Shiho asked the older guy curiously.

"To be honest, Ms. Hahnenfuss, their rooms are at the second floor from the other building but I don't think we'll find them there." Rusty replied.

"If they're not then where do you think they're being held at?" Yzak snapped him.

The older guy looks at the five young teenagers with painful expression while he stares at the floor. "They're at the deepest and darkest place in the basement." He said.

"In a deepest and darkest place?" Cagalli whispered in shock.

"Come on we haven't got much time." The older guy told them.

Rusty is right they don't have time enough to talk they must rescue Athrun and Heine as soon as possible. They continue to walk normally to avoid the guards' suspicious on them as they still manage to get through thanks to the older guy's cover up. Cagalli begins to worry on the navy blue haired lad as she gets an uneasy feeling. Lacus notices the famous mangaka's expression then she tells her that it'll be okay. The blonde haired girl replies with a smile but she was still worried from the inside.

"The dark place… I remembered Athrun mentioned the place plus he was scared…" thought the famous mangaka. "Gasps… it couldn't be right?"

"Hey sis move faster or you'll be left behind!!" the brunette haired lad yelled at her.

"Hang on I'm coming!" Cagalli panicked.

In the Hibiki residence, Via is busily doing the house chores as she carries a basket full of dirty clothes. The mother of twins' looks really happy as she sings beautifully then she suddenly drops the basket, which lands on the floor. Her face gone as pale as a white sheet of paper and trembles surprisingly she is seeing. A woman wearing in baby blue dress floats in the air while she is looking at the mother of twins with a very sad look.

"Why are you here?" Via gasped.

"I've come to tell you that two boys are in danger…" the woman replies with a sad tone. "He and his cousin are back in that miserable place… Please help them..."

Back to the five young teenagers and Rusty after few minutes or hours on walking in the huge mansion they've finally reached the basement. Cagalli gets really worried than ever, as she could not stop feeling all trembles. She could sense something bad is about to happen. Lacus feels the coldness in the basement she detest it so much as she clings on Kira's arm for secure. For Shiho and Yzak they show their despite look to such a cold place even the older guy feels the same way too.

"I can't believe Athrun's father sent them in a place like this. What the hell is he trying to do?" Kira cursed softly. "It's not good treating his family like that!"

"I don't think that man deserves to have a family." Yzak thought, as he looks really angry to surroundings.

"Master Patrick thought it's a way to make these young Masters to mature." Rusty replied looking in pain. "That man he shouldn't do that…"

"So all those years they spent their years here?" Cagalli gasped surprisingly.

"This is the first time I play things like that." Athrun's words ring in her mind.

"So that's why…" she thought. "No wonder why he's like that plus being scared of going back to the place he hated most."

"That's really sad." Lacus said as she is about to cry but she didn't.

"We should start searching. They're in here somewhere in those numerous rooms!!" the older guy exclaimed. "We have to get them out."

"RIGHT!" they replied in unison except for Yzak.

"Geez… why did I end up in a place like this?" questioned the platinum-silver haired lad.

They began to search around the dungeon-like-place separately except for Lacus who stays with Kira since she is too scared of the dark place alone. The twin lad didn't mind at all. Cagalli looks around the place desperately and worrying for Athrun as she looks on the next cell to another until she hears a fading voice that she seems to know. She follows the voice until she ends up in another cell but different from the others she had seen. It is a metal door yet it looks so strong that may be impossible for her to open. She looks on the next one and finds out identical to the first one. She holds on the doorknob and tries to open but it didn't budge she tries to open it and the result is the same.


Cagalli just stands and wait for the others to come. She waits and waits until Rusty came first, Kira and Lacus came second finally Shiho and Yzak were the last one. The older lad tries to kick the door but it doesn't work.

"No good it's impossible to kick such heavy and hard door." Kira said.

"How about we blow up these doors using the bombs that I brought?" Yzak suggested as he took out few bombs from his pocket.

The great designer twitches at the ill-tempered lad then she punches to his face directly. "YOU DUMBASS!! THAT WOULD CAUSE ATTENTION TO THOSE BASTARDS!!" she screams at him.

"DON'T HIT ME YOU CRAZY WOMAN!!" the platinum silver haired lad shouted at her back.

Rusty runs between Shiho and Yzak as he holds them apart. "Okay you two shouldn't fight or that will cause more trouble." He advised them.

"Yah… also I agree what Shiho said. If we do that then Athrun and Heine would get hurt by that." Lacus pointed out. "We don't want that to happen."

"Well I'm glad you didn't do that." Said a monotone middle-aged man.

Rusty gasped and shivered when he heard the monotone voice. The five young teenagers notice the older guy's fearful expression as he really knows the voice. They turn around an see a middle-aged man wearing a gray formal suit with a frown look plus two or more body guards were standing next to him.

"Why are you here Master Patrick Zala?" Rusty asked the man.

"Huh!? That man is Athrun's Father!?" Cagalli gasped surprisingly. "The man who imprison his son and nephew!?"

To Be Continue… Next Volume

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