Second story! Whoo! Yeah, I decided to go ahead and post it. This is the second story in the Not Another Generation Fic series. It would probably be in your best interest to go back and read the first story before this one so you understand everything that's going on. But, super short recap, Iikiba got tired of Makoto bothering him Jatsuma defeating him all the time so he went on a training journey. Somehow he ended up in China where he accidentally got in engaged to an Amazon named Mascara. Makoto followed after him and tried to break it up and in the process they all got Jusenkyo curses. Iikiba turns into a chihuahua, Makoto turns into a monkey, and Mascara a frog. When they finally got back to Nerima Jatsuma accidentally defeated Mascara as well and it is still unresolved as to who Mascara will marry. Okay, so that wasn't so super short after all.

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A flash of lightening. Someone hunches over a beaker of bubbling concoction, meticulously adding ingredients and cackling to herself. A glow from the unknown potion reflects off the mad scientist's protective goggles and white lab coat. The dark camber fills with hushed murmurs as the darkness closes in around the figure.

"It is complete!" The scientist held the vial of blue potion over her head. "BWAH HA HA HA HA HA! Igor, the lights!"

And with that the lights flipped on to reveal a classroom full of thoroughly weirded out teenagers. "Ms. Meadows, I told you not to call me that!" A boy complained from his desk positioned next to the light switch.

"And that, class, is how you make a Bromothymol solution!" Ms. Meadows said as she pulled her goggles off her eyes. "Sorry Iggi, I keep forgetting."

She turned back to her class with a big smile on her face. "Alright then, everyone copy down the notes I have written on the board for you. Chop, chop! We've still got something else to do before class ends!"

The sounds of paper and pens shuffling erupted as the students began to copy the notes. The classroom was set up so that two people could sit at an island table with their own beaker set and Bunsen burner. There were about ten of these tables.

"EEIIAH!" A loud scream and crash rang from the back of the room.

"DUCK AND COVER!" Ms. Meadows grabbed the fire extinguisher without hesitation and drop-rolled to the back of the class. "STOP DROP AND ROLL!"

"IT'S OKAY! It's okay Ms. Meadows! I just fell out of my seat!" Daichi got up from the floor, rubbing his head.

"Oh, it's you Daichi." She said, apparently disappointed. "Do try to stay in your seat."

"I will." He sat back down…only to slip off on the other side. These stools just weren't made for him.

The whole class started laughing loudly, including Ms. Meadows. "Oh, Daichi! You really are too much!" She waved her hand passively and returned to the front of the room.

Daichi blushed from embarrassment. Lotion had turned around to look back at him; she was sitting at the front of the class. I don't need Yuri to sabotage me. I do it just fine on my own. He though.

He sat his stool back up again and tried to sit down more carefully. But he was losing his balance again. The guy sitting at the table with him caught his arm to steady him.

"Dude, come on. Get a hold of yourself." The boy let him go and rolled his eyes.

"Geez, sor-ry." Daichi said, irritated. But at least he could sit up straight now. He pulled his notebook closer and began taking the notes.

A few minutes later he had finished so he chanced a glance at Lotion. She was resting her head on her hand and staring off into space. She yawned. She's cute when she yawns. Daichi sighed happily.

"Alright everyone!" Ms. Meadows regained their attention. "It is time. BWAH HA HA HA! Aha…hm." She coughed in her hand. "Time to choose lab partners!"

All the students immediately started sliding closer to their friends.

"Which you won't be doing because I have taken the liberty of assigning your partners!"

The class groaned and broke out in protests. But Daichi looked up hopefully. There was always the slightest, slightest chance he would be paired with Lotion as a lab partner. It was kind of a daydream he had been having since he had signed up to take this class. Of course, Ms. Meadows hadn't paired them up together on any of their other projects. But he couldn't help but hope for it.

Ms. Meadows clapped her hands together. "Alrighty then! Groups of two. Let's see…Luffa and Iggi."

"I demand a reassignment!" Luffa shouted.

"Chk chk." Iggi smiled, winked and pointed a finger at Luffa.

Ms. Meadows continued handing out partners and the number of people left for Daichi to be partnered with was quickly dwindling. "There's almost no one left." Daichi whispered to himself.

The people left went down and down and down until there really was no one left for him to be partnered with! It was just him and Lotion! They could go out to eat every night and work on their project! Lotion would laugh at his jokes and start to think he was cute, and then they would keep going out long after the project was finished! Then Lotion would come to realize her true feelings and they would kiss for the first time on a starry night when the snow was falling!

"And Daichi with Setsuko."

"YES!" Daichi jumped out of his chair, drawing the attention of everyone in class yet again. "Wait. What?"

"Your partner is Setsuko, dear." Ms. Meadows repeated.

"I'd be happy to have Setsuko as a partner too." Luffa scoffed. "He's really smart."

"But…but!" Daichi couldn't seem to form a sentence.

Just then the bell rang for class change.

"Whoops! Looks like time just ran away with us! You have one week to finish your group projects on the acidity of household products!" Ms. Meadows called as the students quickly filed out the door.

"Ms. Meadows! You must have made a mistake!" Daichi ran to the front of the classroom, trying not to get tangled in his backpack as he slung it over his shoulder. "Lotion didn't get a partner!"

"Oh yes! Thank you for reminding me Daichi. Lotion, could I have a word with you?" Ms. Meadows motioned for her to come over.

Lotion turned around and came back. Daichi attempted to camouflage with the wall.

"Yes, Ms. Meadows I had wanted to ask about partners." Lotion said.

"Well since there's an odd number of students in the class and since you are my best student, I was wondering if you would mind doing the project on your own. Is that alright dear?"

"Oh! Of course!" Lotion didn't seem upset about having to do all her own work. In fact she was rather flattered. "That's no problem at all Ms. Meadows! Don't even worry about it."

"Hey Lotion!" A boy walked up, having just finished packing up. He had short wavy brown hair and was wearing a pair of glasses. Daichi knew him only by sight.

"Hi Setsuko! Daichi, you guys are partners right?" Lotion asked.

"Uhhhh…yeah, I guess so." Daichi finally managed to say.

"I think you two will really get along. Setsuko is really good in Chemistry; we worked together at the science fair a few months back." Lotion continued.

"Great." Daichi said, crestfallen. So close. He had been so close to getting Lotion as his lab partner. And now he had this nerd instead.

"I don't think we've meet." Setsuko stuck out his hand. "Setsuko Sato."

"Oh. Daichi Saotome." He shook hands with Setsuko. Somehow he felt like he was entering into a binding contract.

"You kids better run along!" Ms. Meadows urged. "You're going to be late for your next class."

Daichi rushed out of the classroom as quickly as he could, even though he got the feeling Setsuko wanted to talk to him more. Daichi sighed; he just couldn't shake the feeling that his perfect romance had been snatched away from him.

He had to make a mad dash halfway across the school to get to his locker so he could put his books away before gym.

"Damn it! Why do they have to make these darn books so heavy?" Daichi cursed as he fell down a flight of stairs. Falling down stairs was normal for him. It was a good day when he only fell down stairs twice and a great day if he only tripped ten times.

Daichi had always been clumsy. His dad, Ranma, insisted that it was his mother, Akane's, genetic clumsiness. But Daichi had the sneaking suspension that one of his grandfathers had dropped him on his head as a baby and thrown off his center of balance.

Whatever the reason, Daichi knew he would never be an accomplished martial artist. That was fine with him, but his dad was another matter. Daichi had always been expected to carry on the dojo and the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts. Daichi was smart enough to know that was never going to happen, but he did have to put up with a lot of his father's failed attempts to train him for it.

He reached the hall with his locker. Some people were standing around chatting. A boy and girl were also making out in front of his locker.

"Move." Daichi growled.

The couple glared at him and went on their way. Daichi quickly put in his combination and opened his locker. Only to have a bunch of books fall out on him.

"AAHH!" Daichi had just enough time to yell before he was hit.

Everyone in the hallway started laughing. But just then the bell rang so everyone started making their way towards their classes. Daichi sat there until the hall was clear. He knew he would be late but he didn't care right now.

"Why does this keep happening?" He yelled as he sat up. "I know I arranged those books so they wouldn't fall again!" He stood up and that was when he realized…

"What the?" The books and papers were sticking to him. He pulled a paper off his arm but it stuck to his hand. Then he tried to pull a book off his head but it was stuck in his hair! "What's going on?"

No matter what he did the books and paper only stuck somewhere else or were cemented in place. They were all covered in something sticky.

"You seem to be having trouble." Someone said. Daichi felt a horrible cold chill run down his spine.

"AH! Yuri!" Daichi jumped back as Yuri came down the hallway, carried in her feudal style carrier by her entourage or fan boys.

"You really should keep your books cleaner." She smirked. This was her doing.

"Uh-huh." He was sure to keep at least five feet between them.

"Spear, please give Daichi a towel to clean up with." Yuri instructed. On of the fan boys ran out and shoved a pink towel into Daichi's hands.

"We are almost late so lets be on our way." Yuri said. The fan boys trotted on their way. "Farewell Daichi."

Daichi waited until they were gone before shaking his hand. The towel had stuck to it of course; it was also laced with the same kind of invisible super glue.

Just then the final bell rang. "Oh crap!" Daichi tried to make a run for the gym but accidentally stepped on the bottom of the towel and tripped.

"GAH! I'm late!" He tried to stand up but the towel was intertwined in his legs now and the book on his head had made the landing extra painful. It was then that he realized he couldn't stand up. He tried to roll but the towel was stuck to the floor too.

"Well, only one thing left to do." Daichi said. He took a deep breath. "HHEEELLPPP!"


"You're lucky we didn't have to shave your head to get that glue out." The nurse said.

After soaking his head for about an hour they were able to remove the book from Daichi's head and wash most of the glue out. The nurse had had to call in the janitor to help her cut away the towel, along with most of his pants legs. In the end they just decided it would just be better for him to take his clothes off.

So that was why Daichi was sitting on one of the infirmary beds wearing a school robe and also why the aggravated nurse was scrubbing off the remaining glue residue from his arm.

"Honestly, high school students should know better than to pull such juvenile pranks." The nurse said.

"Have you even met a high school student?" Daichi asked.

"Don't get smart with me. I think we have some extra uniforms at the school store." She sat down her scrubber and stood up. "I'll pop down there and get you one, seeing as you wouldn't want to go out dressed as you are. I'll be back soon. Remember, no one's allowed in here unless they're sick." She walked out the door.

Daichi sighed. He had already missed two classes and lunch. It hardly seemed worth it to go back to class. That was when he heard a knock on the door.

"Hey, Daichi!" Jatsuma stuck his head in the door. "I heard you were in a sticky situation!" He laughed at his own wit.

"Ha ha. You're hilarious." Daichi said sarcastically. But he couldn't help smiling. "How long have been waiting to say that?"

"What? You think I have nothing better to do than come up with witty one-liners during English?" Jatsuma came on into the infirmary and looked around. "Where's the nurse?"

"She went to get me another uniform. They had to cut mine off to get to that stupid glue off! How did you know I was up here anyway?"

"Yuri was bragging during lunch."

Daichi snorted. "Figures. I can never get a moment's peace because of her!"

"Yes, she's evil, a pure devil, blah blah blah. I just thought you ought to know that Coach Oshiro a wants you to make up the twenty laps we did today."

Daichi groaned and fell back on his pillow. "God hates me. Those laps are going to take me four times as long as you guys!"

"No, I think it's Oshiro who hates you." Jatsuma smirked. "But all Oshiro and Yuri disasters aside…how was your day?"

Daichi raised an eyebrow. "How was my day? How was the one period I attended before I was covered in glue and sent to the infirmary?"


"Since when do you care how my day was?" Daichi said.

"What? Can't a brother ask his brother how his day was without being insulted?" Jatsuma asked, acting offended. They were silent for a moment. "Did you get Lotion as your partner or not!" Jatsuma yelled.

"Okay, putting aside how you even knew about that, no I didn't." Daichi said in a more sober tone.

"Aw-well." Jatsuma shrugged. "Better luck next time."

"What's going on here?" The nurse walked in carrying a uniform. "No one is allowed in here unless they're sick!"

"Does sick of school count?" Jatsuma asked.

The nurse put a finger on her temple. "If I had a nickel for every time I heard that one."

"Jatsuma, maybe if you paid attention in English then you would have something better to say than clichéd jokes." Daichi said.

"Sorry, I got to be going Leno. See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!" Jatsuma left the infirmary.

"Honestly!" The nurse said. Daichi laughed.

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