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"Come on! Just try once." Ms. Meadows urged Lotion as she walked through the festival holding the goldfish she had just won.

"I am NOT entering a pie eating contest!" Lotion yelled in aggravation. "I'm just going to find the other members of the Science club so I can tell them off! Then I'm going back to class!"

"You're no fun."

"I just don't like festivals! Is that a crime? They're a little childish."

Ms. Meadows looked off down the pathway towards a large gathering of people yelling 'fight' over and over again. "Well…I guess I can concede that. Look at all those full grown men and women acting like they're back in middle school, egging on a fight. I hope the police break it up."

"Yeah, that's just what I-" Lotion's head snapped up and her eye grew a size wider. No way. I must be seeing things. "Is that who I think it is?" She pointed towards the ring.

"GAH!" Daichi fell into the elastic bands and sprang back away from Setsuko, who was in hot pursuit.

"IT IS!" Lotion yelled. She ran towards the ring, pushing her way past the people.

"Wait for me!" Ms. Meadows ran after her.


Daichi slipped across the ring, away from Setsuko again. But instead of running after him, Setsuko stopped for moment to catch his breath. "This is starting to get annoying!" He shouted. "Are you TRYING not to fight?"

In all honesty Daichi was just astounded that he wasn't pulp yet. He hadn't fought back because every time he moved he lost sense of what was up and down. The adrenaline pumping through his veins didn't exactly calm him either. He grabbed hold of the elastic band to stand up again.

"Daichi!" Makoto called. Daichi didn't look back at first but then he heard Iikiba and Jatsuma trying to get his attention too.

He turned and saw they were pointing franticly towards… LOTION! "AHH! NO!" He shouted. She was quickly making her way to them. Daichi stood stunned, his brain suddenly shut down.

The moment that Daichi looked away, Setsuko took advantage of his opponent's distraction. He ran forward and grabbed Daichi by the collar and pushed him roughly into one of the posts holding up the bands. The crowd gasped.

"It's over now!" Setsuko sneered. "You never really had a chance!" He drew back to punch.

"SETSUKO!" Lotion yelled angrily. She climbed up into the ring; her face was contorted in fury. Setsuko froze. "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" She stomped towards them.

Daichi just stared with his mouth hanging open slightly; his brain hadn't started working again yet. Setsuko stood in a similar state until she was much closer, then he jumped away from Daichi. "Lo- Lotio-"

"So this is it!" Lotion shouted accusingly. "This is what Daichi was trying to warn me about! He didn't want me to get mixed up with a guy like you! What? Do you just go around beating up on innocent people!" She kept walking towards him and he kept backing away.

"No, no I-"

"Daichi hasn't done a thing! He's not a martial artist! Why then, you jerk! And after all that talk about how you hated violence!"

"I, he-" Setsuko was backed up against the elastic bands. The crowd was watching, agape.

"I've never met anyone so two-faced! Just GET OUT OF HERE!" Lotion screamed. Setsuko lost his balance and fell back out of the ring. He landed with an 'ouff' on the ground, all of his pride evaporated.

Daichi stood frozen in the same position he had been for the last minute. But now Ranma, Jatsuma, Makoto, Iikiba and the rest of the people watching had the same expression.

"Holy crap!" Jatsuma yelled.

Lotion folded her arms with a "hmph" as she continued to glare at Setsuko for a moment. A few more moments passed before anyone dared to say anything.

"So…uh…the fight's over?" Ted asked.

"The fight is over!" Lotion confirmed. This statement was followed by some half hearted protests from the audience.

"You…you heard her!" Ranma said in agreement. "The fight's over! Go on!"

The audience slowly began to disperse with angry groans and boos. "Well that sucked." Bill said as he and the other construction workers went on their way.

"Daichi? Hello?" Makoto waved a hand in front of his face. "Are you okay?"

"I…I'm alive?" Daichi asked, his brain starting up again.

"Alive? Yes. Dignified? Not so much." Jatsuma said.

Lotion turned and looked back at Daichi, and then she swiftly walked towards him. "Daichi!"

Daichi twitched badly and turned his red face away. He had never been more embarrassed in his whole life. He didn't care what all those people thought, but surely Lotion would think he was a total wuss.

"Are you okay?" She asked as she kneeled down next to him. Jatsuma and Makoto moved away and tried to listen while pretending they weren't.

"Y-Yeah." Daichi said, still not looking at her.

"That was so brave!" Lotion exclaimed.

Daichi snapped his head to look at her. "HUH?"

"HUH?" Both Jatsuma and Makoto turned back to them. Daichi glared at them and they quickly went back to pretending like they weren't listening.

"You two need a hobby." Iikiba said. He was still sitting in his seat eating a funnel cake.

"You took a stand!" Lotion continued with enthusiasm. "Even though Setsuko was beating on you, you refused to give into those violent tendencies!"

"I did? I mean, I guess I did." Daichi said.

"You know, anyone else would have tried to punch him back. But you turned the other cheek! And that was really brave of you!"

Daichi smiled happily. He couldn't believe it! He just couldn't believe it! Maybe his luck was finally changing.

"Come on. Let's get you to the nurse." Lotion took his arm and put it over her shoulders so he could stand up. She led him out of the ring, through the crowd and towards the school.

"Well, what do you know?" Makoto said as she watched them go. "Looks like things worked out."

"Not quite." Jatsuma said. "Come on Iikiba."

"What? What do I need to do?" Iikiba asked in an agitated voice.

"Would you just come?" Jatsuma persisted. With a grunt Iikiba set down his funnel cake and followed Jatsuma around to the other side of the ring, where Setsuko was still laying on the ground in a daze.

Setsuko saw them coming and quickly scrambled to his feet. "What? Come to tell me off?"

"No. We're here to beat the crud out of you!" Jatsuma glared at him. "I seem to recall you kicking me in the face and smashing Iikiba into a wall."

"Hey! Yeah!" Iikiba agreed, suddenly remembering.

"Oh." Setsuko said. Then he sneered again. "Fine then! Bring it-" Just then they jumped him. "AHHH!" A moment later he was kicked into the lower stratosphere.

"He really deserved that one." Ranma said as he watched him fly away. "Everyone could use a good kick into the stratosphere every now and then."

"That's either the coolest or weirdest thing you have ever said." Makoto said to her father.


"Nihao! Get some hot ramen here! We have much variety!" Shampoo called to potential customers as she pushed their Cat Café cart along.

A spark appeared in the sky and about a second later Setsuko fell, screaming, from the sky. "AAAAHHHHH!"

Shampoo looked up just in time to see him land on and demolish the food cart in front of her. "Aiya! What you do stupid boy? You ruined all my food!"

Setsuko sat up stiffly and pulled the noodles out of his hair. "How did-?" Just then he turned and saw Shampoo glaring angrily at him.

"Well? What you got to say for yourself?" She said.

Setsuko's whole face turned red. She was older, but she was much much MUCH prettier than Lotion!

He stood up and tried to look as dignified as he could after being punted into a foot cart. "I'm VERY sorry, Miss! It won't happen again!" He bowed slightly to show respect.

"Hmph. I should hope so. Now I have to get Mousse clean up this mess!" Shampoo tromped off towards the last place she had seen Mousse.

Setsuko sighed deeply as she watched her go. "I always liked older women anyway."

LATER, AFTER SCHOOL (Yes, they still had school.)

Daichi and Jatsuma were walking home, both with a satisfied look on their face.

"So it looks like things turned out for the better after all." Jatsuma said. "After all that worrying everything went just great! You should try to be more care free."

"If I were as care free as you I would never get anything done." Daichi said, though he still had a big smile on his face.

"What did I tell you? Just beat the crud out of 'um! Works every time!"

"That's not how it went at all! It was NOT fighting that solved everything!"

"Yeah, but if you hadn't challenged him in the first place then you wouldn't have gotten the chance to not fight him!" Jatsuma persisted.

"The weird thing is that I understood that." Daichi sighed. "Look, I didn't fight and everything turned out for the better. Can you see some moral here?"

"Say you'll do things and then don't follow up?" Jatsuma asked.

"ARRH! Why do I-" Right in front of him a string attached to a manhole cover went tount. The cover lifted up at just the right moment for Daichi to fall right down to the sewer.

"AAHHH! Oh God! It REALLY smells down here! God!" Jatsuma could hear Daichi splashing around down below.

Yuri came out of her hiding place behind a tree and some bushes. Her fan boys stayed back there and kept a hold of the string. She strutted over to the manhole and looked down at Daichi below.

"Hmh, hmh." She cleared her throat and took a small breath. "Don't yell at me." She said with a glare that sent a shiver down Daichi's spine. With that Yuri returned to her fan boys who let go of the string so the manhole cover fell back into place.

As it turns out Ms. Meadows was so tickled by the festival that she forgot all about the group projects.