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Ed slumped against the edge of the bathtub and shakily wrapped his arms around himself.

Prince Kimbly had left just a few seconds ago, leaving Edward in the room alone, something he was all too grateful for.

For his whole life, he had, had plenty of people to be afraid of. And for a while, he was afraid of most of them. But, as he grew older, the fear subsided. Other people in the world held power over lowly scum like him, that was a fact, and he'd come to accept it. But Prince Kimbly, Edward had been afraid of him.

Needless to say, this unnerved him a bit.

He let out a deep breath and stood up, then turned around and pulled the drain out of the tub. As the water drained, he gathered up the soap and other supplies, then walked out of the room.

He was greeted by the beaming face of the maid. "There you are hon. Here, I'll take those." she walked over to him and plucked the objects out his arms, then turned around and headed back to the counter.

"That was probably your first time talking to the elder prince, wasn't it honey? Isn't he wonderful? Don't just stand there sweetie, come here. He has a wonderful sense of fashion too! Remember that shirt I showed you the other day? The red one. I knew he would appreciate it."

Ed had walked over to the nurse and now stood behind her, listening to her ramble. He turned around and started to undress.

The nurse sighed. "If only the two princes could combine their traits. That would be lovely, don't you think so dear? Imagine, a man with the looks of Prince Roy and the taste of Prince Kimbly. And if you combined their charming personalities! Well, I'd have to say that would be the perfect man, wouldn't you? Whatever are you doing dear?"

The nurse had turned around and was now regarding Edward curiously. Ed stood, with his back turned to her, clad only in his boxers. He pressed the robe and belt against himself to conceal his chest, or in this case, lack of, and turned around to face her.

"Sweetheart, are you wearing boxers? That's a bit strange. . .Well, anyway, why on earth are you getting undressed? You don't plan on serving the young prince in the nude, do you? I understand he's handsome, but that seems a bit crude. . ."

Ed's cheeks flare. "He said I could wear my normal clothes, ma'am." he choked out, mentally willing his face to cool down.

"Oh honey! You don't have to do that! You don't want to wear those dreadful things, do you dear?"

"Ma'am, I-"

"Especially when you have the option of wearing such an elegant kimono as that. Foreign clothes aren't cheap you know. That's quite the outfit you're holding. Surely you'd rather wear that."

Ed blinked. Kimono? Any other time, he probably would have asked what a kimono was, but he knew he didn't have much time until Prince Roy would be there. "The prince said he would prefer my normal clothes, ma'am."

He couldn't remember if the prince had actually said this or not, but either way, it suited him.

The nurse groaned and turned around, rummaging through a cabinet. "Blast that man's taste. I swear. He's denying you the thrill of getting to wear such exotic clothes, more beautiful than you probably ever dreamed."

She found his clothes and pulled them free of the cabinet, then turned to face him. She handed him the outfit, fitting him with a sympathetic look. "I'm sorry dear. But look on the bright side, at least you get to wear beautiful outfits for the elder prince."

Ed took the clothes, still holding the robe tightly to himself with his free hand, and nodded, humoring her. He turned around and handed the robe to her, making sure she didn't see his chest. He then pulled on his shirt and shorts and turned back around. "May I have a hair band, ma'am?" he asked.

The nurse nodded solemnly and started digging through a box on the counter. "Why did you take the chopsticks out dear? I was meaning to ask you that."

"Prince Kimbly did, ma'am."

"Oh, I see. Well, nothing you can do about that. Sometimes even his sense of fashion falters. Here you are hon."

"Thank you, ma'am." Ed took the band, which was a lot nicer than the rubber band he usually used, and put it on his wrist, then set about braiding his hair.

"You sure you don't want me to do your hair for you, sweetheart?"

"I'm sure." he paused, then added: "Thanks for offering though ma'am."

The nurse nodded and took in Ed's appearance as he braided with a solemn look on her face. Suddenly, she furrowed her eyebrows. "Hmm. . ."

Ed tied the end of his braid. "Is something wrong, ma'am?"

"I never noticed before but. . ."

"Yes?" he shifted, the nurse's gaze starting to make him nervous.

"Your arm is very. . .toned. Leg too."

Ed blinked. "Toned, ma'am?"

"Yes. Oh, how do I put it?" She tapped her foot in frustration. "Muscley."

Ed blinked again. "Muscley? Like, muscular, ma'am?"

"Yes, that's it! You're muscular. Not very becoming for a girl, especially one as young as you."

Ed decided the subject could do to be changed. "I should really get going, shouldn't I ma'am?"

"Oh right! Of course, of course. One moment sweetie." she gathered some things off the counter and out of the cabinets and handed them to him. "There you go dear, now run along."

Ed nodded, grateful to be leaving, and headed to the room he went in yesterday. He paused in front of the door. "This is the right room, right ma'am?"

"Yes, dear. There's only two doors." she called back, not looking up from what she was doing.

Edward nodded, mostly to himself since the maid wasn't looking, and walked into the room. Once inside, he was once again struck by the similarities of the two bathing rooms. Utterly identical.

He shook his head. "I still think it's a waste, but I guess I can see Prince Roy's point. I wouldn't want to have to share anything with a guy like Prince Kimbly either."

He sat down and started the water, adjusting it to his tastes like always. He hugged his knees up to his chest and ran his flesh hand over his left leg. 'I wonder if the prince will be so put off by my limbs that he'll ask for someone else to take over. . .' he thought.

He sighed. "One can only hope." he muttered as he reached over and turned the water off.

As he waited, he pulled his braid over his shoulder and started fiddling with the ends, a habit that showed he was either nervous or impatient.


Ed gave a start at the sudden noise and looked toward the door, where he saw Prince Roy, once again clad in only a bath towel, leaning against the wood.


Roy slammed the door shut and threw his back against it to make sure no one on the other side could get in.

"I'm going to fire that woman one of these days. . ."he muttered sourly. He waited a few seconds to make sure the maid wasn't going to burst in, then slowly peeled himself away from the door. He sighed, closing his eyes and massaging his temples.

Sensing someone's gaze on him he opened his eyes and looked up. He stared.

The slave girl, Edo was her name if he remembered correctly, stared back at him. Finally, the awkwardness seemed to get to her and she broke eye contact, then turned her head and stared at her lap.

Roy blinked then walked toward her. "Miss Elric?"

She visibly grimaced, but Roy paid no heed.

"Miss Elric, what happened to your limbs. . .?" he asked, the shock evident in his voice.

The girl looked up at him. "Nothing sir."

Roy knelt down next to her. "Nothing? Miss Elric-"

The girl surprised him and cut him off. "Please sir, may I ask that you call me Edo? Miss Elric makes me. . .uncomfortable."

Roy nodded hastily. "Miss Edo"-the girl cringed-"this is automail, isn't it?" he asked, reaching over and grabbing her right hand.

"Yes sir."

He ran his fingers over the cold steel, turning her hand over to examine the palm. "How can you say this is nothing? This is very serious Miss Edo."

"Please sir. I've had automail since I was six years old. It's nothing."

Roy broke his gaze away from the automail and stared at the girl. "That's. . .impossible. Just yesterday, you-" he halted mid-sentence as the girl took her hand from his grip and placed it on her lap, placing her left hand on top. He stared at her hands folded in her lap, silently cursing himself for being so ignorant.

"But still, grown men have been said to go insane from the operation. There's no way a 6-year-old girl could. . ."

The girl coughed and looked away. "As I said sir, it's nothing. Please don't worry about me."

Roy ignored her and sat down crossed-legged next to her, making sure his towel was still covering all the right places for her sake.

The girl looked a little downcast. "Sir, the bath water will get-

"That's alright. I can take a bath anytime. Right now, I'm more interested in you."

The girl's cheeks turned pink. "I appreciate your concern sir, but I'm fine, really. If you find my limbs displeasing, I'll happily accept all punishments and be dismissed."

Roy raised an eyebrow. "Why would I punish you for having automail limbs?"

The girl blinked at him. Once, twice, thrice.

". . .That's never happened before, right?"

". . .No sir."

Roy frowned. Her answer wasn't all that convincing.

"Could you tell me how you lost your limbs?" he asked.

The girl fidgeted. "Yes sir." she said, a bit quietly.

"You don't have to if you don't want to. I understand."

The girl blinked again. "You're. . .giving me a choice sir?"

"Of course."

". . ."

Roy made a prompting gesture with his hands.

"I'd. . .prefer not to sir. But, I'll-

"Alright then, you don't have to tell me." Roy said, cutting her off. "But I have to say, I am. . .impressed. Those who get through the surgery all right are usually never able to adapt. You seem to be pretty content though. Or, am I misjudging?"

The girl shook her head, her face held a bit of a dazed look. Roy figured she probably didn't expect his interest.

"Someone told me once that you can adapt to things more easily when you're young. I don't think that's true for all situations, but perhaps it's what happened here sir." she said.

Roy nodded. "I suppose so."

This statement was followed by an awkward pause. Edo shifted. "Your bath sir. . ."

Roy sighed. "The water's probably cold by now."

"I could run you a new one. . ."

"Look, I already told you. I can get a bath anytime. It's no big deal."

"Yes sir." she said hastily.

Roy blinked. "You don't have to be so tense. I'm sorry if I came off harsh, I didn't mean to be."

"Of course not sir."

"You don't have to call me sir you know. It kind of makes me feel old." he said, running a hand through his hair. He was having a difficult time making conversation with Edo, but still, something about her intrigued him. Something was also a bit off about her. . .

"Yes your highness."

Roy groaned. "Fine, have it your way. And here I thought you looked like the kind of person that enjoyed being casual."

His statement was met with a wordless stare. He sighed in defeat.

"So. . ." His looked around for something to talk about. Finally, his eyes landed on the girl's flesh arm. That was bugging him a bit. He could just ask her. . .


She perked up a bit; Roy guessed she had been thinking or daydreaming during his silence.

"Yes sir?"

"You seem to have a pretty muscular figure. Is that from working?"

". . .Yes sir."

"But still, for a woman to have muscles like that. . ."

She shifted uncomfortably.

After he had gotten over the shock of seeing her arm and leg, Roy had quickly noticed how well toned Edo was. No other female slave he had seen looked like that. He had his suspicions, but he would have to take a chance to see if they were correct.

Roy reached forward and grabbed the end of Edo's shirt, then yanked it up. "I thought so."

Edo made a squeaking sound and fell back, wrenching his shirt back down. "E-Ecchi!"

"I had a feeling you were a boy." Roy said, nodding to himself and ignoring the insult. This changed things quite a bit.

Roy's deduction was rewarded by a sideshow of emotions from Edo. First, he simply stared, his face beat red. That didn't last long, as he quickly replaced the expression with one that looked slightly peeved. His face was still red. Then, almost all the color drained from his face, making him look as white as a ghost, and he regarded Roy with wide, terrified eyes.

This last expression worried Roy a bit.

"Edo. . .are you alright?" he asked.

"I'm sorry sir."

"What? Look, there's nothing to be-

"I'm sorry sir, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me."

Roy had originally thought the whole situation was a bit humorous. Sure, he was a bit disappointed. Edo had been a very lovely girl after all, and now Roy was pretty sure his kindness and attempts to woo her had been for nothing, considering 'she' was actually a 'he.' But overall, it had been fun to blow the boy's cover and embarrass him a little. It had only been a joke, harmless, yet the reaction he was getting was hardly what he expected.

"Please sir, I mean your highness! Please your highness, I didn't—that is, I—I really didn't—"

He rambled on, not saying anything that made sense. Finally, he seemed to realize he wasn't getting anywhere in his attempts to talk, and he bent down on his hands and knees, pressing his forehead to the floor. Roy was hit with a sense of deja vu from his last encounter with Edo.

"Get up." Roy said, grabbing Edo's shoulders and forcing him off the floor. "You're not going to be punished. I'm not angry."

Edo looked up at him and Roy found himself again immersed in deep pools of liquid gold.

His hands still holding Edo's shoulders, Roy leaned forward, transfixed by those eyes.

He snapped out of it when Edo started wiggling around, trying to get out of Roy's grip. Roy let go and Edo fell back, holding himself up with his hands. He quickly scrambled into a sitting position, staring at Roy uncertainly. Roy noticed he was shaking slightly.

"Prince Roy. . ."

Roy remained silent, waiting for him to finish.

". . .I don't understand."

"What don't you understand?"

Roy found himself staring at Edo's eyes again, watching the flames of emotion dancing beneath the surface.

"I lied to you, your highness. Yet you don't wish to punish me. . ."

Roy rubbed his temple. "Technically, you didn't lie to me."

Edo blinked. "My gender sir. . ."

"Yes, you never said you were a girl. I just assumed. You are rather feminine after all."

Edo's face went red, from embarrassment or anger Roy wasn't sure. Perhaps it was both.

Edo coughed. "Yes sir, but still. . ."

Roy gave him an exasperated look. "Do you want me to punish you?"

Edo hastily shook his head. "No sir. I mean your highness. That's not what I meant at all, it's just. . ."

"No, it clearly sounds like you want to be punished." Roy closed his eyes and cupped his chin, nodding to himself. "It would only be fair for me to grant your wish."

Edo stared at him then slowly lowered his gaze to his lap. "Yes your highness. . ." he whispered quietly.

"As punishment, I, Prince Roy, have decided not to relieve you from your duties here. You'll continue to draw my baths for me." He then stood up and turned around, heading toward the door.

Edo looked up at him wide-eyed. "Sir. . .I mean, your highness. I–" He bit his bottom lip and clenched his hands into fists on his lap. ". . .Thank you."

Roy looked over his shoulder at him and smirked. "If you'll excuse me Edo, I have work to do. Busy life, being a prince you know." With that said, he turned back around and walked out the door.


Ed was left sitting on the bathroom floor, staring at the doorway where Prince Roy had previously been.

After a minute or two, he hesitantly stood up. He stepped over to the tub and pulled the drain out. He watched the water swirl away, his mind reeling with bewilderment.

He had gotten off, scotch free. He had lied to the prince, and gotten off without so much as a slap to the wrist.

Ed gathered the unused towel and soap off the ground and headed toward the door.

All he had to do was keep drawing the baths. He wasn't sure WHY Prince Roy would want him, a guy, to keep the job, but it suited him just fine. Sure, he didn't like the job, but it was still better than some of the alternatives. Well, for Prince Roy at least. As for Prince Kimbly, Ed wasn't as sure. He was already starting to think it might be better to get tortured than keep drawing his bathes. Prince Kimbly was strange, and he admitted, frightening. Never before had someone made him consider there being worse things than death.

Prince Roy on the other hand. . .

Ed walked out of the room and walked toward the maid at the counter.

The maid, hearing the clank of his automail against the floor, looked up. She seemed a little peeved.

Edward handed the supplies to her wordlessly. She snatched them up and started putting them away harshly.

They remained silent for a moment before the maid let out a cry of frustration and slammed a cabinet shut, making Edward jump slightly.

"I just can't believe him!"

The maid whirled around and faced Ed. He blinked.

"Can you? Of course not! I knew you'd agree. Sometimes I wonder just what goes through that man's mind! I mean, for God's sake!"

She threw her hands up. "Tonight, he says! Well, that's just peachy, isn't it? Hmph. Well, he had better not come crying to me later that everyone in the palace thinks he reeks. Goodness! And if he wasn't taking a bath, what was he doing in there all that time? Teaching you to tango?"

Ed blinked again, not quite sure whether he was supposed to answer or not. Finally, he said what he thought would be the safest. "Ma'am, what's a tango?"

The maid sighed, calming down. She closed her eyes and rubbed her temples. "It's a dance dear."

"Oh. . ."

The maid opened her eyes and took her hands away from her temples, opting to pinch the bridge of her nose instead. She regarded Edward. "Please tell me sweetheart, what was he doing in there?"

"Talking." he answered bluntly.

The maid took her hands away from her face and furrowed her eyebrows together. "Talking? To you?"

"Yes ma'am."

She raised an eyebrow. "About what honey?"

Edward held out his metal hand.

"Oh, I see. Was he displeased?"

"No, ma'am, he–"

"What am I saying? Of COURSE he was displeased. How could he NOT be displeased? Oh, you poor dear." She enveloped him in a hug.

Ed wiggled a bit. "Actually ma'am–"

"I hope he wasn't too hard on you." She gasped and, much to Ed's relief, stopped hugging him so she could look him in the face. "He didn't dismiss you from the job did he? Oh, honey!" She hugged him again, this time more tightly, pressing Ed's face to her chest. "But you're so sweet! And I was becoming so attached to you too! Can't he see it's what's on the inside that counts! Poor dear!"

Ed mumbled something.

The maid sniffed, she seemed to be holding back tears. "What was that dear?"

"I can't breathe. . ." Ed mumbled, a little louder this time.

"Oh! I'm sorry dear!" She let go of him.

Ed took a deep breath, then looked up at the maid. "He didn't punish me ma'am."

She blinked twice. "He. . .didn't?"

"No ma'am, I'm to return here tomorr–" He was cut of as the maid pulled him into another bear hug.

"Oh honey! What a relief!"

Ed squirmed around in her grip, frantically trying to get loose and muttering illegible things.

"And her I was, all worried for nothing! This is the best news I've heard all day! Granted, it is still pretty early in the morning and I haven't had much chance to hear anything at all, but still! That's besides the point! Is something the matter dear?" She loosened her grip on him and he reeled back, gasping for breath.

She smiled, not seeming to notice his state of breathlessness. "So you were really just talking about automail? All that time? My, I never knew the young prince had such a fascination! How peculiar. . .hmm, well, I suggest you better be running along sweetie. You have other work to do, don't you?"

Ed looked at her, astonished at her sudden change in demeanor, and slowly nodded.

"Well, then, don't just stand there. We can't just gad all day. Go on, skedaddle." She gripped his shoulders and turned him toward the door, then gently pushed him toward it.

Edward walked toward the door, glancing quickly over his shoulder at the maid. She had already gone back to work, cleaning up the counter. Ed guessed she would probably leave for other duties soon.

He walked down the hall at a brisk pace. He could see the sun through the windows, and judging from its position, he would get to laundry room within time. He had gotten out of the bathing room a little early, since Prince Roy hadn't bathed. As long as he kept a swift pace, he should get there in time.


While Ed was hurrying his way the laundry room, his little brother was heading outside to go to work in the garden, the duty he minded the least. Sure, pulling weeds was a pain and it was a little annoying when he was done and his hands were covered in dirt that he wasn't aloud to wash off. . .

But, it was still kinda fun. He liked plants.

There were a few gardens around the palace, they were all vegetable gardens except one. Aru had been lucky enough to be assigned to care for the one flowerbed.

He reached the small garden and smiled, sitting down next to the patch of dirt. "Good morning flowers."

He went to work weeding, occasionally talking to the flowers and telling them about his day yesterday and anything else he felt like talking about.

"Hey slave! Who are you talking to?"

Aru jumped in surprise, falling backwards and knocking over the watering jug he had with him, wetting his clothes.

The guard who had spoken laughed, as did his companion.

"I swear Jim, where would we be without slaves like that?"

"Six feet under, that's where. I can see it now, 'Here rests Joe, a faithful guard to his kingdom till the last. Brave, strong and loyal. Died of boredom.'"

They both started laughing again.

Aru pouted and wrung his shirt out. He eyed the now empty watering jug and sighed. 'Well, like mom always said, "no use crying over spilt milk," I'll just have to get more from the well when I'm done weeding.' he thought.

The guards were walking away now, though Aru could still hear them talking.

"So, who do you think he really was talking to?"

"Beats me. Probably the flowers."

They started laughing.

"Mama must've told him it helps 'em grow!"

"If he's ever even met his Mama!"

Their laughter started to die down. Jim scratched his nose and looked at Joe. "Hey Joe, why is there a flower garden here anyway? Seems kinda girly. . ."

"Queen Mustang put it in, I believe. I heard the King wants to get rid of it now that she's dead but one of the princes threw a fit when he mentioned destroying it."

"Oh yeah? Which of the princes was it?"

Aru didn't hear anymore as the guards' voices faded away. He turned around and watched their retreating figures.

He picked up the watering jug, deciding to just go and get the water now rather than later.

He walked a way to the well and set the watering jug down on the ground, then lowered a bucket down the well.

"What are you doing boy?"

Aru jumped once again, letting go of the bucket. It flew down the well, hitting the water with a loud splash.

"I'm getting water for the flowers sir." he said hastily.

The guard regarded him for a second, then slowly nodded. "Fine, but don't you dare take more than necessary. Understood? Water's precious these days."

Aru nodded. "Of course sir. Understood sir."

"Good, now get back to work." That said, the guard walked away muttering to himself about those 'damn bratty slaves.'

Aru sighed heavily. One after another. Why did the guards always have to sneak up on him like that? Always popping up out of nowhere. . .

He looked down the well, trying to see the bucket. He grabbed the rope and started pulling it up.

'I hope it didn't hit the sides of the well and break when it fell. . .' he thought worriedly.

The bucket reached the top and, to Aru's relief, it was unscathed.

The pulled the bucket out of the well and started pouring the water into the watering jug, being cautious not to spill any.


Aru looked down at the soft noise and saw a small yellow kitten.

He smiled and put the bucket down. "Hello there Koneko-chan. What's a little kitten like you doing in a place like this?"

"Meow." The kitten tilted its head to one side.

Aru internally melted at the cute gesture. 'Kawaii!'

The kitten blinked and meowed again.

"You shouldn't be here Koneko-chan, who knows what the guards will do to you if they spot you. Don't you have a home?"

The kitten walked over to him and started rubbing against him, purring.

Aru smiled. "I guess not. I doubt many people have pets nowadays, huh? But still, it's not safe here. . ." He snapped his fingers. "I got it! You're just thirsty, right? That must be it." He looked down at the bucket. It was almost empty now, the water was far to low for a tiny kitten to reach without getting drenched. . .

He dunked his hands into the bucket, putting them together to serve as a cup for the kitten. He took his hands out, his palms now carrying some of the water and offered it to the kitten, who happily lapped up the water.

He smiled. "That's better, isn't Koneko-chan?"

Once the kitten was finished, Aru dried his hands on his shirt and filled the rest of the watering jug. He stood and picked it up, then glanced down at the kitten. "Well, I have to go now Koneko-chan. You should be going to. It was nice meeting you. Goodbye!" He smiled at the kitten, then walked back to the flower garden.

He set down the watering jug then sat down and resumed weeding once more, humming a happy tune to himself.


He blinked and looked down. "Koneko-chan? What are you still doing here? I though I told you it's dangerous here."

"Meow." It rubbed against him and started purring again.

He picked up the kitten by the scruff of its neck and tried his best to look angry. "Koneko-chan, you can't-"

It licked him on the nose and meowed.

Aru couldn't help but smile. He chuckled and set the kitten down. "Fine, have it your way. But if your going to be keeping me company, you should at least have a name. Koneko-chan isn't a very good name after all."

The kitten stared at him as Aru put his hand on his chin. It licked its paw and started to clean itself.

Aru stared at the kitten, then picked it up again, interrupting its bath. "I think I'll call you Mame-chan. Is that okay with you?"


He smiled and set the kitten down beside him. "Mame-chan it is then." he said as he set back to work weeding.

The kitten watched, occasionally batting at the weeds he pulled out.

"Don't tell him this, but I actually named you Mame-chan cause you remind me of Nii-san. Your fur is really similar to his hair color." He paused. "Though. . . I suppose that means it's also similar to my hair color. . . I never thought about that. Hmm." He shrugged and resumed weeding, ignoring the curious look Mame-chan was giving him. "It isn't just that though. Nii-san does kind of remind me of a cat. In the way he acts, you know?" He gave the kitten a smile. "Plus, you're short like Nii-san too."

Aru laughed as the kitten started playing with one of the longer weeds, ignoring his words.

After a while, Aru finally finished the garden. He put the watering jug away and wiped the sweat off his brow. "Looks like I finished just in time, ne Mame-chan?" he asked, looking at the gray storm clouds overhead.

He started toward the door leading inside from the garden when he felt something wet hit his nose. He looked up and got hit between the eyes with another drop. He ran to the door as it suddenly started to downpour, Mame-chan close on his heels. He got to the door, then stood in the doorway uncertainly.

"Mame-chan. . .you can't. . ."

He bit his lip and stared at the poor little kitten, already soaked and looking as pitiful as ever. It shivered.

Aru groaned and opened the door. "I'm sure no one will mind. Just make sure you stay out of sight, okay? I don't want the guards finding you."

Mame-chan scurried inside and quickly ran off the find someplace inside to dry off and get warm.

Aru smiled as he watched the kitten disappear into another room. He walked down the hallway, heading toward the kitchen for his next shift. He sighed.

'I hope Nii-san doesn't find out that I let a kitten into the palace. . .or worse, that I named it Mame-chan after him.'

Ecchi- pervert (mild)
Kawaii- cute
Mame- bean
Koneko- kitten

Bean cat. XD lol. Poor Edo, I'm always poking fun at the characters I love the most.
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