Sorry about this story. I'm warning now that it's a little choppy, but still good. It wasn't meant to be split up into chapters, so I tried my best to keep the ideas together. Also, this hasn't been edited yet, I'm trying to work on that, so it will be revised as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy the story!

Just A Story

Ch. 1Fight Before Sleep

Who says you can't stay with your first love? Who ever said that you have to tell the one you like, that you liked him? I wasn't, so I never did. I was locked from him…Even though he felt the same for me. So close yet so far away it seemed to be. I had trouble with love; it had trouble with me. I was liked by many, but I always had my eyes on one person. You may find this confusing, why would I not tell the one I liked, who also liked me, that I liked him? I didn't for protection of my group of friends. For the protection of the person I liked life. I feared to be loved or to love someone. What would it be like? I had so many questions, but there were no answers to them. If I told my truth, my story, he would never understand. Besides, someone in my group of friends likes me; I wouldn't want him to be heart broken. I don't know if he truly likes me, but he gives out so many signs. The guy I like and the guy that likes me are always fighting over me. I, pulled to both sides, don't know what to do! Why has this happened to me? I never did understand. Should I tell the truth, or be left alone because I won't let myself be loved by anyone else but him! Listen to this story, it may seem like it is going nowhere, but it is.

"Hey guys!"

"Hey! We've been looking for you Kari!" Davis said in a sweet, but dark voice.

"I'm sorry; I've been looking for you!" I said.

"No worries!" T.K. told me.

I'm a normal type girl, skinny, brown, short hair, nothing special. Yet people made me feel that way. I wear dresses that go down to my knees in a pinkish color. I was normal.

"Hey Kari. Want to have a picnic for lunch? Today is such a nice day, don't you think?" Yolei was questioning. I didn't know why she kept on talking. I honestly didn't know what I was doing!

"Sounds great! Who else is coming?" I just wanted to leave.

"The whole gang, I think," she said back to me.

"That means I can come to, right?" Davis was being his normal self.

Davis is my height with brown spiky hair. He wears a long sleeved black shirt with a blue vest over it. His pants are light brown and baggy. He also wears goggles atop his head.

"Sounds great! Where should we meet?" T.K. asked.

T.K. has blonde hair. He always wears a white hat over it. He wears a long sleeved blue and yellow shirt. He also wears green shorts.

"At the tree we always hang out at," Yolei answered him.

Yolei has light purple colored hair. She wears a blue bandana over it. She has glasses, too. With her dress, it looks great. Her dress is a red color. The dress is long sleeved and past the knees. She wears a short sleeve, orange-pink, opened shirt over it.

"We should tell the others," I suggested.

"I'll tell Cody, could you guys talk to everyone else?" Yolei told us.

"I can tell Matt and Joe," T.K. decided.

"Fine, I can tell Tai, he can tell Sora, I will also see Izzy, I can tell him too, he'll tell Mimi for me," I told them.

"I can go with Kari so she won't forget anyone!" Davis exclaimed.

"Ok, we should go now, we'll meet at the tree at 12PM," Yolei reminded us.

Davis and I walk over to the computer lab, we knew we could find Izzy there.

"Izzy!" I exclaimed.

I must have surprised him. He jumped out of his seat in fright.

Izzy is the smart one out of my group. He has brown hair and is a little taller than Davis. He wears his nice, green school uniform. It is a nice pair of pants, white shirt with a black tie, and a green jacket over it. He is known as the Computer Wiz in our group. He always has his laptop with him.

"I wasn't doing anything!" Izzy yelled.

I don't think he knew it was Davis and me.

"Izzy? Are you ok?" I asked.

"Oh…I thought…Never mind," Izzy said, sounding like he was hiding something.

"Izzy, we wanted you to have lunch with us and the gang. We're having a picnic," Davis talked in a strong voice now. That voice sometimes scared me!

"We also wanted you to invite Mimi for us," I told him.

"Umm…Sure, when, where?" Izzy said in a puzzled, but calm voice.

"12PM, at our normal meeting place, by the tree," I said sweetly.

"Izzy, what are you hiding from us?" Davis blurted out. It was kind of rude, but funny.

I laughed at what he said.

Izzy looked puzzled. Then he said, "Nothing…Nothing important."

"Will you ask Mimi if she wants to go? Davis and I have to ask Tai and Sora still," I was trying to change the subject.

"I guess…Fine," Izzy frowned at us.

"If you don't want to, I can…Izzy?" I said calmly.

"She doesn't want to talk to me…Ever!" Izzy shouted.

"Why?" Davis said slyly.

"I wrote her a stupid e-mail that I didn't mean to send to her…I wanted it to go to Tai!" He sounded so mean.

"You are still mad at Tai?" I was shocked.

"What happened any ways?" Davis wondered.

"Yes, I am still mad at Tai…We got in this stupid argument…We were playing soccer, Mimi came to ask me a question. Tai got mad at me for going over to talk to her. He called me a stupid know it all. I told him that he was one of the stupidest people I have ever met! He hit me, we got in this big fight…I wrote an e-mail to him saying how much I hated him, but I sent it to Mimi on accident. Now she won't answer any of my phone calls or my e-mails, and it is all Tai's fault!" Izzy explained.

"Izzy…I will invite Mimi, don't worry!" I exclaimed.

"At the picnic, I will make sure you and Tai don't get into anymore fights, I'll try to anyways!" Davis told him in a proud and confident voice.

"Ok…Thanks," Izzy said softly.

"We have to go, see you at 12," I said slowly.

We left for our next destination…Tai.

"Tai! Wait up!" Davis yelled to him.

"Hey Davis, what do you need?" Tai questioned.

Tai is a little taller than Izzy. He also wears the same outfit, but today he wore his soccer outfit, blue shorts with a baggy blue shirt. Around his head, he wears a blue band, once he had goggles, but he gave them to Davis. Tai has thick, brown hair. He is also my brother!

"We wanted you to come to the picnic we are having, at the tree we always meet at, 12PM, will you be there?" I wanted to get this all over with.

"Sounds great…Count me in! Will I have to change?" Tai said in a playful voice.

"No…Just come," I was the one sounding playful now.

"Cool, I'll bring my soccer ball; we can play after our picnic!" Tai yelled.

"Great! The girls can do whatever, while we play!" Davis said looking at me.

"You don't want me to play because I'm better than you!" I told both Davis and Tai.

"We got to go, see you later Tai!" Davis said as we walked away.

"Hey Kari, Davis!" Sora said in a joyful voice.

Sora is a sporty girl, around Izzy's height. She has short, orange hair. She wears a white, short skirt with a white shirt. It's her tennis outfit.

"Sora, at 12PM by our meeting tree, we're having a picnic, you should come," I said quickly.

"Sounds perfect, I could use a nice picnic, I'll be there," She said calmly.

"I would change before you come, we will be playing soccer afterwards," Davis informed her.

"Awesome…I will!" Sora said in a playful voice.

"Sora, we will see you there. We have to go," I said softly.

With a nod from Sora, we left to talk to Mimi.

"Mimi…We are having a picnic, want to come? It is at 12PM, at the meeting tree," I blurted.

"Of course I'll come!" Mimi screamed.

Mimi is a nice girl. She is the same age as Tai, and all the other, older kids. She has medium-short hair; it is pink with yellow stars in it. She wears a white short skirt with a short sleeve, red, white, and blue shirt that has a star on it. It shows her belly button!

"Great! We're going to play soccer after our picnic, you can play with us if you want to," Davis offered, even though Mimi wasn't a fan of sports.

"Maybe you guys can teach me how to play, I haven't played sense Tai and I were little, I wonder why we stopped playing," Mimi slowed down at the end.

"Cool, we can! See you there! We have to meet the others," I told her.

Davis and I walked to where we were to meet Yolei and T.K.

"Hey guys!" T.K. shouted to us when we came in sight.

"Everyone we invited are coming, what about you guys?" I said to them.

"Yeah…Everyone will be coming," Yolei looked around.

"We will finally be a group again, just like in the good old days," T.K. said pleasantly.

"Not really…Tai and Izzy are fighting, and Mimi and Izzy are fighting…It will kind of be messy, but we can handle it, we did all the time with Tai and Matt, right T.K.?" I joked around.

"Yeah, we've been through a lot these days," T.K. said slowly.

"Tai is bringing his soccer ball with him, we can play after lunch," Davis informed them.

"I know who we forgot to invite…Ken!" I said surprise.

"Here, use my cell phone to call him, tell him to get here as fast as he can!" Yolei instructed.

"Shh…May I please speak to Ken?…Hey Ken, it's Kari…We are having a picnic, can you come?…It is by the meeting tree…Come now…Ok…Bye," I told Ken over the phone.

Ken was the new guy in our group. He was a year older than me. He was Yolei's height. He had short, blue hair. He wore white pants with a white shirt.

"Is he coming?" Yolei questioned.

"Yeah, he'll be here in a couple of minutes," I said with a smile.

Everyone had arrived…Tai went up to Izzy; I knew something like this would happen.

"I didn't know Izzy would be here! Why didn't you tell me?" Tai yelled.

"I can be here if I want to…Kari invited me first!" Izzy yelled right back.

"Kari! How could you!" Tai said in a mean voice.

"I…He…It is not my fault you got into a stupid argument over the stupidest thing!" I yelled.

"Tai…You are just jealous!" Izzy smirked.

"Jealous? Of what?" Tai questioned.

"Of me being smarter than you!" Izzy said in a sour voice.

"Izzy! You are the rudest person!" Mimi got into the argument.

"Mimi…That e-mail, it was made to go to Tai…Not you," Izzy said in a calm and sweet voice.

"Don't even use that sweet voice on me!" Mimi snapped at him.

"Izzy! I would never be jealous of you!" Tai jumped back into the argument. Tai went over to Izzy and pushed him down. He fell with a thud.

Izzy got an evil look in his eyes. I had never seen it before. He jumped back up and punched

Tai in the face. Tai being his normal self, hit him back, but in the stomach. Izzy fell to the ground.

I wouldn't let this go on any longer. I ran up to them. "Stop!" I screamed.

Izzy almost struck me, but stopped just in time. He wasn't going to hit me; I jumped in right when he was going to hit Tai. They look at me with a puzzled look.

"Kari, you are not involved in this, now move!" Tai told me.

All I did was give him a mean look. I turned to Izzy, slapped him, turned back to Tai, and slapped him. I walked over to the picnic blanket, then sat down by Yolei and Cody.

"Kari…I didn't know you had that in you!" Yolei said shocked.

"I'm sorry you had to see that," I said in a slow and sad voice.

"It's alright Kari, you got mad at them for ruining our picnic, I don't blame you!" Cody said.

"Everybody! It's time to eat!" Yolei yelled to them.

Tai, Mimi, and Izzy were in a group farther away. Everyone else was playing soccer. They started to walk over to the picnic blanket. I saw someone lying on the ground where Tai was. It was Izzy! I got up and walked over to him. I hated what Tai had been doing.

"Izzy! Get up!" I told him.

He opened his right eye, then his left, he stared at me.

"I'm sorry, I ruined your picnic," he said out of breath.

"Come on, you need some food," I said softly, and held out my hand.

"Thank you Kari, at least you are nice. Why can't Tai be like you?" he questioned.

"It isn't that he isn't nice, he gets mad and stays that way until he gets his way," I said.

"I guess you are right," he gave me a hard look.

When we got to the group, Izzy sat by Matt. I walked over by Tai and kicked him in the back. He looked at me, then at Izzy, then back to me. I walked over to Davis and T.K., I sat down by them.

"Izzy? Are you ok?" Matt asked.

Izzy didn't look ok. He looked weak, like he was about to fall backwards.

"Yeah…I'm fine," Izzy answered, I knew it was a lie.

Sora, who was sitting next to Tai, smacked him. "You stupid jerk!" she yelled at him. Sora moved over to where Izzy was sitting. It was by the ice chest. She took out some ice and wrapped it in a piece of cloth. "Here, put this over your black eye, it will help," she said softly, and gave it to Izzy.

"Thanks Sora," Izzy said slowly.

"You should be ok after awhile," I told him.

He looked at me, then at Tai. "I'm sorry Tai, you are right, I should have never started this stupid thing, I was wrong. I'm just a little mad that we can't be like we were back in the good old days…A team!"

"Don't be sorry…We should have stayed that group, it was great. I blame myself that we broke up and went off in different directions. Sora is right, I am a jerk," Tai said to Izzy.

"It's my fault we broke up! I was the one who moved to stupid America!" Mimi said.

"It isn't any ones fault! We brought it up on ourselves, Mimi moved, T.K. moved, Matt started a band, Joe takes classes all the time, Izzy and Tai are the only ones that can hang out anymore, and Sora plays tennis most of the time," I told them.

"What about you Kari?" Mimi asked me.

"I met other friends, like Davis, then T.K. moved back here, and I got to hang out with him more! Anyways, I was always the different one from our group," I answered.

"Then we came along," Yolei said.

"I never had any friends until I met you guys!" Cody admitted.

"Yeah…Kari changed me," Davis said with a quick glance at me.

"Did we ruin anything?" Yolei asked.

"No…You made our group stronger!" I said.

"Now I came into the picture with my many differences," Ken looked sad.

"Don't even think that you changed our group in a bad way, you made me know who I truly am!" Davis said with a smile.

"Izzy…I am sorry for hitting you…I shouldn't have," Tai said.

"I'm sorry too, I shouldn't have hit back!" Izzy admitted.

"Oh Izzy! I should have known you didn't mean to send that mean e-mail to me!" Mimi exclaimed.

"We're messed up, we can't change that," Matt said with a smile.

We talked for hours and hours.

"Look at the time! We have to get home!" I said with a glance at my watch.

"Yeah…We do, Sora, can I walk you home?" Tai questioned.

"Sure Tai!" She said with a happy look.

"It is getting dark, do you want me to walk you home Kari?" Davis asked me.

"That would be nice," I said with a smile.

"T.K.! Cody, you, and I can walk home together!" Yolei exclaimed.

"Izzy, would you walk me to Sora's house? I don't want to walk with just them; I'll have no one to talk to!" Mimi said in a daze.

"Matt…Want to spend the night at my house?" Tai asked.

"Sounds great!" Matt said back.

"I got an idea…We should all sleepover at my house! A slumber party!" I shouted.

"Our mom shouldn't mind," Tai said with a smile.

We all walked to my house.

"A slumber party? Sounds fine, but you'll all have to stay in your one room," my mother told us.

"Our room should be big enough!" I said, hoping it was.

We got to the room that both Tai and I shared.

"Big enough?" Tai questioned.

We all laughed!

"The guys will have to sleep on one side, and us girls on the other," I decided.

"Like we'll sleep! We'll be talking all night," Matt said laughing.

"He's right, we should stay up and talk about the good old days, when we were a big happy group, before we broke up, it will be fun," Sora suggested.