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Chapter one.

Uchiha Sasuke looked into the balcony, looking for something to catch his interest. He found nothing, and glared at a nearby dove outside, hating it for its freedom.

This handsome, black-haired beauty is Prince Sasuke, heir to the throne and future ruler of the North Kingdom. His life truly sucked. At age 16, his parents had proclaimed that he was old enough to choose a wife, and get married. He ran his fingers through his hair, slightly frustrated at his parent's wishes. Before Itachi ran off, he was always ignored. But after Itachi, their 'prized' son was gone, they started paying more and more attention to Sasuke, and that made him a whole lot happier. Spending his whole childhood being ignored by his own family members made him realize the only way for them to be proud of him is if he obeyed there every wish. Now, standing in front of his balcony, he felt slightly foolish for making such a choice.

He shook his head slightly. It wasn't a foolish choice at all! Being the emotion starved child as a youngster made him this way. The dove stretched its flawless wings, unaffected by Sasuke's actions. Still…He leaned back and closed his eyes.

Still…he preferred to marry someone he actually would love, unlike the senseless fan girls his mother and father chose for him. His parents insisted on meeting them, and when he did, he found that they were all annoying. When he declared he hated the whole female population of the North kingdom, his determined parents brought girls from the West kingdom.

Ugh. They were horrifying. There was Princess Tenten. The West was well-known for its violence and gruesome ways of killing people, its barbaric rituals, and it's warring. Sasuke had been really aware of that. He walked into the living room with a terrified feeling in his gut, and the first thing that greeted him was a pole. Yes. A stinking pole was shoved into his stomach, and he barely dodged the rest of the attacks coming. They spent about three minutes of the time talking (About war) before the girl had challenged him to a fight. Before Sasuke could answer, she tossed at least 500 different knives at him, and he ran off like his ass was on fire. The West kingdom was insane!

The East kingdom wasn't much better. He shuddered, remembering one particular girl. What was her name again...? Ino. Yamanaka Ino. Princess Ino of the East Kingdom. That girl would not stop talking. Seriously, she went on and on and on, and every time Sasuke would interrupt, she would clamp up and smile so sweetly, her jaws creaked. She spoke of pointless things, and applied make-up every five minutes. Every time he spoke, no matter what the subject was, she'd nod and look at him with astonished eyes, which was very creepy. She was the most annoying wench he had met so far.

When he declared that the North Kingdom was filled with useless females, the East was filled with talkative idiots, and the west was filled with scary ill-tempered females (They sent three human heads after hearing this.), his parents were disappointed. They were at least hoping he'd marry Princess Tenten since the North and West Kingdom weren't on friendly terms, and his marrying the princess would help greatly.

Sasuke sighed, he still had to choose. There was one more kingdom left. The South Kingdom. Princess Haruno Sakura should be arriving any minute now.

If Sasuke wasn't a dignified prince, he would've gotten a rock and threw it at the carefree dove. Sadly, it would be unsuited for the future heir to attack wildlife. Forcing himself to turn and walk back to his room, he fell head first on his bed, and groaned. He honestly didn't want to get married. He was only 16, and he was to find a bride in less then a month, get hitched when he's 17 and a half, and screw his wife without condoms every year to make lots of Uchiha Babies for the kingdom. Sasuke could see why Itachi ran off when he was 16. Their parents must've tried to force him marry some random girl and bear 'fruit', so he ran off. He almost, just almost, forgave Itachi. But he couldn't. Sasuke shook his head. 'Stop thinking such stupid thoughts.' He knew that wasn't the real reason. Itachi had always had some sort of creepy shadow lurking behind his expressions. "I guess after holding all that anger in for 17 years, he finally woke up and snapped." He muttered to himself, rolling to his back. He could remember his brother's retrieving back as if it was yesterday. He was very angry at Itachi for just leaving and not picking up his responsibilities as he should've, but he was also kind of happy the favorite son left. Aw, god. His nervousness was making his thoughts ramble.

Sasuke flipped over on his stomach again, and awaited his future 'wife.' He just hoped that this one wouldn't attack him with a pole.


Sakura was late. Sasuke was grateful, and he hoped with all his heart that she wouldn't be able to make it, or at least fall into a ditch and turn back or something. He silently smirked to himself, happy that god finally granted him some joy.

A huge array of heels ran down the hall, clicking the marbled floors with each step. Followed by knocks on the door, and Shizune's voice yelling, "Sasuke-sama! Sasuke-sama! Sakura-hime is here! Be ready in 5 minutes!"

Sasuke's smirk slid off his face and he looked at nothing for several moments. Then he began to bang his head on his bed repetitively.

He got up his bed slowly, and each step trembled. He seriously did not want to see another female (much less a possible candidate for his bride-to-be.) and just hoped that this one would be normal. He walked to his dresser and put on a black shirt with matching pants, before setting of ever so enthusiastically down the stone stairs to meet Sakura.

Instead, he met his parents, and his father barked, "What kind of gentleman makes his lady wait?"

Sasuke gritted his teeth. "Sorry, Father."

"Ah well." Sasuke's mother said. "Sakura just arrived." She smiled at Sasuke, and ruffled his hair affectionately, and murmured, "Be nice."

Sasuke sighed. "I'll try."

Just then, Sakura walked into the room, her eyes cast down, and she moved with grace. Sasuke was a bit shocked at first, he had never seen pink hair in his life, and rarely saw eyes of green. She bowed three times to Sasuke, and the first thing Sasuke noticed was that there was a ball of yellow hair behind her. Sasuke's parents nodded approvingly at the girl. Sasuke looked sideways behind Sakura as she bowed and noticed a small blond boy behind her. Sakura kept on moving up before he was able to catch the blonde's face and that was irritating. After the girl stopped bowing, he got a good look at the boy's face. Three whisker-like marks graced each cheek, and light sunny blond hair fluffed around his head. What captivated Sasuke was how amazingly pretty his eyes were. They were blue, color of the deepest ocean, and they shone brightly, making everything else about him stand out. The blond hadn't noticed him staring; he was too busy looking at the room's lavish décor.

The bright blue eyes widened at the painted ceilings to the food on the table. Sasuke could just imagine him running around and laughing with happiness if the royal family and a princess weren't in the room.

He continued to stare at the blonde's eyes with fascination as they glimmered. Blue eyes were rare in the North Kingdom, so were green. Most citizens had black eyes, minus the Hyuuga generals and their family. Although Sakura had equally pretty eyes, Naruto's seem to sparkle. His eyes were reverted when the princess cleared her throat. Sakura bowed again, and said, "It's very nice to meet you. I am Haruno Sakura, princess of the South Kingdom." She turned and then introduced the blond as Naruto.

Outside, Sakura was acting pretty confident and was acting like a respectable princess. Inside, she was squealing like a little fan girl. They had given her a picture of Itachi and Sakura was instantly attracted. She was praying desperately that Sasuke would look like him, and what she got was even better. Sasuke was drop-dead gorgeous. He was hot as in innocent hot; whereas Itachi was the type of hot that was badass sort of hot. Either way, Sakura would prefer to have Sasuke, because Sasuke seemed nicer. He wouldn't threaten to kill off the Uchiha family or hurt innocent by passers to prove his threat. Back on topic, she inwardly thanked the gods because Sasuke was everything a girl would want.

Inner Sakura shook her head and she thought fiercely to herself, 'I can't let Sasuke reject me! I'll be married to the heart throb of the four kingdoms and laugh in stupid Ino's pig face!' She then secretly cackled. Sakura then noticed that her beloved wasn't staring at her, but at Naruto. Her eyes narrowed. Maybe she hadn't heard him when she introduced Naruto.

"This is Naruto, my servant." She said curtly. 'Pay attention to me, damn it!' Naruto heard his name and turned to Sakura, noticing Sasuke for the first time. Sasuke's breath hitched when the blue eyes widened and their eyes met.

Naruto was very pretty.

He grinned at the blond, while Naruto stared. Sasuke watched in amusement as Naruto scrutinized his appearance. When he stopped, he raised an eyebrow at Sakura, who was trying to tell him to shut up in body language while trying not to look bad. Naruto didn't catch on, and said loudly, "What's so good about him?" giving her a disappointed look at her choice of a husband.

Sakura's face burned. She turned and bowed apologetically at Sasuke's parents, who were shocked.

Sakura was humiliated. "Naruto!" 'Shut the fuck up, or I'm gonna kill you later, you buffoon.'

Sasuke smirked, "Well, I'm a million times ten much better then you, aren't I?" Sasuke watched as Naruto's innocent image turned into rage. "What did you say, you asshole?" He looked like he was going to comment on something nasty, but Sakura gave him the coldest glare possible, effectively shutting the blond up. Sasuke's parents still looked surprised, and were glad Sakura had the willpower to make him stop talking. Sakura turned and smiled at Sasuke, "Sorry. Perhaps Naruto didn't know you were royalty, Sasuke-sama." Naruto opened his mouth to protest. "I did know-!" He stopped and his blue eyes crumbled when Sakura gave him another piercing glare.

Sasuke's father's mouth twitched. "Princess Sakura. Perhaps you should teach your servants how to act."

Sakura bowed yet again. "I'm really sorry." Naruto bowed next to her, not wanting Sakura to get in trouble.

Queen Mikoto nodded and gave them both a friendly smile. "It's quite all right." To her husband she playfully nudged at him with her elbow. "Lighten up!" King Fugaku brushed her away, pretending he was unaffected by his loving wife.

"I can't help but notice your exotic look, Sakura-chan, Naruto-kun. The South Kingdom must have some beautiful people there. I'm sure Sasuke will be fascinated by all the details in your life. Escort your princess to the nearest Tea room and get to know each other." She winked at Sasuke. Sasuke nodded; silently disappointed that he couldn't deny the sweet smile his mother gave.

Sasuke offered his arm for Sakura, which Sakura accepted, and Naruto followed shortly behind. Sasuke led them up the stairs, and as soon as they reached the hallways, out of the sight of Sasuke's mother and father, he put his hands behind his head and pretended not to be amazed at the beautiful tapestry on the walls. To show that he didn't care, he skipped in front of Sakura and Sasuke. He turned and stuck his tongue out at Sasuke. Sasuke raised an eyebrow. Before Sakura could glare at him, he whirled back around. He whirled around so fast, he spun and stepped on his laces on his boots,. Causing himself to collapse and twist his ankle. He yelped. Sakura sighed. 'That idiot.' She wasn't about to let go of Sasuke though. To her surprise, Sasuke let go of her. He walked up to where Naruto was and bent on one knee, staring at the boy's foot. He then probed around the boy's ankle, looking for the spot. When Naruto yelped and pouted, he smirked quietly. He found the spot.

"Come into my room. I'll get some bandages." He said quietly, and turned to the surprised Sakura. "Royalty or no, you still have to help those in need." He glared. Sakura bowed her head. "Sorry."

Naruto smiled and tried to get up. "Don't worry, Sakura-chan-OW!" He tripped and fell over Sasuke. H wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck to keep himself balanced. "Owie Owie…" He mumbled, his blue eyes watering slightly. Then he noticed he was hugging Sasuke's head. "GEH!" He let go and fell on his butt again. Sasuke smirked at the blushing boy. 'So cute…'

Naruto caught his smirk and glared. "I don't need your help! Stupid Sasuke! Go away!"

"Naruto…" Sakura said dangerously.

Sasuke was unaffected, however. "We're in the middle of the hallway, idiot."

Naruto turned red with embarrassment, "I know that, you asshole! W-What…What?" Sasuke had tossed him over his shoulder. "No! You bastard! Leggo! You meanie! Put me down!" Ignoring Naruto, he offered his arm to Sakura. Sakura's eyes held a look of disbelief but accepted the arm anyway. Sasuke's eyes lingered to where Naruto's rear was. It was right next to his face, so he took this as an advantage to nonchalantly place his hand on his butt. Thankfully the ranting Naruto didn't notice.


Sakura yelled, "NARUTO! SHUT UP!"

Sasuke didn't say anything, and began to gently stroke Naruto's ass. Naruto's face turned bright red.

"GYAH! PERVERT!" He squealed. Sasuke smirked.

"SASUKE-SAMA IS NOT A PERVERT!" Sakura would've punched Naruto, but she didn't want to lose Sasuke's hand.


Sakura looked around Sasuke's room, trying to find something she hadn't seen before. The bright tapestries and the four poster king sized bed didn't seem to have much affect on her, but for Naruto, it was a different story. He gaped at the beautiful items that were scattered around, and at the high ceiling. He looked at the balcony longingly, and looked at his leg, knowing he couldn't go. Sasuke looked silently at the blond, and without the two noticing, he went to another room to get a medical kit. Sakura soon noticed the prince was gone, and asked worriedly, "Naruto, where's Sasuke-sama?"

Naruto glared at the wall, and muttered, "I don't know, but I'm glad that's stupid pervert is gone." He pouted. "He touched my butt! I can't believe you like him, Sakura-chan!"

That earned him an angry glance and a fist at his head. Sasuke returned to find Naruto hugging his head, and his big blue orbs wide with pain. "Owie Owie..." He heard the blond whimper. "That's no way to treat the injured." He stated to Sakura. Sakura bowed, hiding her furious expression. 'Stupid Naruto. He's making me look like a bitch in front of Sasuke! I told mother he should stay home.'

Naruto felt a hand on his face, wiping the small beads of tears coming from each eye. Naruto opened his eyes, and gasped. Sasuke was...wiping his tears. He blushed. "Stupid Sasuke! Stop that! I'm not a girl! No...! ...Stop...!" He moved his face away from the intruding hand, and found that Sasuke was equally flushed. The only different was that he was able to force it down. Sasuke bit his lip in frustration. Naruto was so pretty, and having him pouting with his reddened lips, his innocent face crimson, and his eyes beaded with tears, Sasuke found himself thinking how a horny Naruto would look like. He fought down the growing blush again. Sakura watched the weird contact between the two boys. She could've sworn Sasuke blushed, but if he did, it left as fast as it came. 'Nah…' She shook her head slightly. 'But…that was weird.' Sakura rolled her eyes as she watched Naruto cry like a baby. It wasn't like she didn't care for Naruto, but sometimes the boy was just so plain childish. Naruto had been her servant ever since she was 5, and they both spent a lot of time with each other, Naruto acting more like a friend then a servant. Her eyes softened. Naruto was like a little brother, although he was the older one. She sighed.

She stuck her hand in her petticoat pocket, and grasped a packet of tissues. Sakura walked towards with a tissue in her hand, and handed it to Naruto.

"Here." Sakura sighed as the bright blue eyes shined. Naruto took the tissue and wiped his face. "Thank you, Sakura-chan." He said brightly.

Sasuke watched this interaction between the two, and felt a nagging feeling in his gut. Naruto seemed to cheer up instantly whenever Sakura was around. He had no idea what this feeling was, so he just brushed it away. Looking down, he remembered his medical kit. He opened it, and got some bandages and ointment out. Sasuke asked Sakura to move away, and he took Naruto's foot. Naruto's eyes widened. "What are you doing? Stop touching me!" When he struggled yet again, his foot twisted in pain. He stayed still, biting his lip from crying out. "Stay still." Sasuke commanded. Taking Naruto's foot in his hand, he began to use the ointment on the painful stop.

Naruto's eyes bulged when Sasuke poked the sore spot. "OW! S-SASUKE!" Sakura glared. "Sasuke's helping you, you idiot. Be quiet."

Sasuke applied more ointment, probing the spot more and messaging it with two fingers in circular motions. Naruto stopped crying out, but it still hurt. Gradually, the pain stopped, and Naruto stared at Sasuke in surprise. "Special Uchiha Ointment." Sasuke muttered in reply. "You shouldn't move so much. The pain is gone, but if you move a lot, it'll come back." He wrapped Naruto's foot in the bandages. "Now you can go to the balcony." Sasuke murmured. Naruto's face turned bright pink. 'How did he know?' "T-t-t-thank y-you…" His face erupted into flame, and he turned before neither could see his burning face, running towards the balcony.

Sakura giggled. Sasuke grinned. After watching the blond boy's back, Sasuke offered Sakura his arm again. Sakura, of course, accepted, and found herself seated with his majesty on a sofa, sipping tea.

Sasuke was asking her questions, trying to get to know her. You might as well become friends with the person you're going to marry.

"So, Haruno-sama, you're 15 this year?" Sasuke was trying to not look at the bright blond hair swishing in the wind. It was terribly hard, since he was sitting facing Sakura, and with his luck, he faced Naruto's back.

"Yes. Um…Call me Sakura. It's okay." Sakura smiled.

"Okay. Sakura it is then." He smiled back, and saw Sakura relax visibly. "You live in the Yon Castle, right? How is it there?" He asked.

As Sakura gave an elaborate description of the town, the city, her palace, Sasuke found himself watching Naruto's every move. A butterfly had flown towards the blond and the idiot tried to catch it, almost tripping. When he did catch it, Sasuke watched as a bright smile shone Naruto's face, and found his lips tugging up into a smile as well. Naruto then held the butterfly to his chest, before letting it go, laughing. Naruto was so innocent, child-like, and cute. He grinned.

Sakura smiled. 'Looks like Sasuke-sama is enjoying our conversation.' She continued to tell him about her life.

"-Naruto was given to me when I was 9, and-" Sasuke ear caught Naruto's name. "Naruto?" He asked.

Sakura flashed him a smile. "Yea."

Sakura sighed, sipping her tea. Her emerald green eyes looked sadly on the carpet floor. "Um…Sasuke-kun? You know about the war, right?"

Sasuke blinked. The war? "Was it the one that happened 16 years ago? The one where the great Yondaime died?"

Sakura nodded. "Yes. That was when raiders and outsiders were trying to take over our lands. At first, they were succeeding. They killed thousands of our people, and harmed innocent civilians, raped, burned our villages, and destroyed families."

She took a deep breath. Sasuke held his. Naruto had something to do with all that.

"Our Kingdom was outraged. Luckily, The King of that time, Yondaime, had an ingenious plan. He devised the strategy to the soldiers, and decided to be the one to lead the army." Sakura gave a proud smile, but it quickly disappeared.

"The South Kingdom took drastic measures, and once they were sure of victory, they left no survivors. That's right. Even after the victory was already in their grasp, our kingdom, or rather, the soldiers killed everyone." Sakura muttered, clutching her porcelain tea cup.

Sasuke sipped his tea calmly. He had heard worse.

"The soldiers had lost everything from the war, you see. Their wives were raped and then killed, their children dead, their livestock, money, everything they had owned were either repossessed or were ashes."

"Yondaime was the leader of the army, and had no idea about the crazy massacres. When he arrived, there was only one survivor left. Naruto. I heard different things of how Naruto was found. Some say he was being beaten and tortured to death, while others say that he was being raped. Some other person told me that Yondaime was outraged and killed the soldiers, but I doubt that's true. Otherwise, our village wouldn't have hated him so much to put him into slavery. Someone must've told everyone about the last survivor of the enemy."

"What had happened to him?" Sasuke asked. To say the least, he was surprised. The beautiful child on his balcony was hated and hurt? It all seemed too false. Naruto's eyes were filled with innocence.

"I don't know what he's been through, but Naruto...he's…" Sakura coughed and looked away.

"…He's….pretty. I'm sure even you, Sasuke-sama, noticed. I don't know what happened, but he was given to me at age nine, and I recall being scared of him 'cause he had bruises all over his body. He refused to tell what had happened, and the reason why I know all this is because I looked at the very small amount of records he had."

"Why did you look into his records?" Sasuke was curious.

Sakura smiled sadly. "Sasuke-sama…when he was first with me, he annoyed me to no end. I had a tutor along with him. He was always so happy, and filled with joy, even about homework. There was this one time, this one small time when we just turn ten, that I realized his whole happiness was fake. His mask had slipped slightly, and I was able to see the deep sadness for once. On that day, we were going to the Main Hall in one of the villages to celebrate a festival. When we arrived, I immediately knew something was wrong. Naruto had stopped walking when he saw a father and son exchange candies and hold hands. He started to walk faster, and refused to look at me. I was small at the time, and when I finally caught up to him, Naruto just smiled at me, and told me he was fine."

Sakura glared at the floor. "He was lying."

"There were tear drops on the roads where he ran. He had obviously been crying."

She sipped her tea, and continued, "I demanded to know what was wrong. I wasn't stupid, and I knew he was hiding something."

"He never told me." She said.

Sakura gave Sasuke a small, small smile, and concluded, "That was the first time he looked so sad…He never told me what was wrong though, and he cried on my shoulder that day. I didn't want to hurt him further, and decided to research on him. People often refused to tell me anything useful, only to inform me there opinions of him, calling him 'Demon' or any other disrespectful name."

Sasuke stared at the happy blond outside, doubting the story. It was ridiculous! He was so innocent and…he couldn't have!

Just then, the clock struck at three, and Sakura got up. She bowed and said calmly, "I have to attend to the academy right now. I'm sorry that our meeting was short-lived, and I doubt that you have learned anything of me, and I you. Perhaps…" A thought crossed her mind. Inner Sakura snapped her fingers. "Perhaps…Naruto can tell you about me, so we won't be complete strangers! I'll be back in six months anyway, Summer Vacation, you know. We can meet up then. I'll get to know you anyway, so there'd be no problem." She smiled.

Sasuke looked up at her, and replied, "So…what you're saying is…Naruto will be my servant so he can tell me about you?"

Sakura nodded. "It only seems fair. I've wasted our time to get to know each other, so why not? Then, I'm pretty sure that we can get to know each other more in the summer, and Naruto can inform me all about you. It may not show, but I think he's quite fond of you. Also, Naruto has been with me most of my life, so he knows everything. I trust him."

Sasuke looked at awe as the girl continued to speak.

"But I only have a month with you then, so we'll have to make most with the short amount of time. I suppose by then Naruto could stay with you, if you want, since I'll be attending an all girls school, and I'd hardly be home."

Sasuke nodded. "…fine." Well, at least if he married this girl, he'll never have to figure out what laws to make and do paperwork.

Sakura grinned. "You better let me handle this." He went to where Naruto was, and Sasuke watched as Sakura whispered something in Naruto's ear. The boy gave a shrug, and nodded. Sakura said something again. The blonde's eyes looked suspiciously at her, and nodded slowly, saying something back. Sakura smirked and said something to him again. This earned a humorous response from the blond. His face turned red, and Sakura held her ears, knowing what was going to come.

"Wh-WH-WHATI AM NOT STAYING WITH THAT PERVERTED SON OF A-" Sakura continued to hold her ears, careless. She was used to it. She'd ask for a favor, the blond would seemingly reject, but in the end he'd always do the thing she asked him to do. Sasuke felt his lips twitch upwards as the blond continued to rant in colorful words. Well, he succeeded in making the dove fly away, something Sasuke couldn't accomplish.

After a few moments, Sakura realized she was going to be late, and she was slowly becoming pissed at what was being said about Sasuke. She glared and punched him in the head, effectively shutting him up. "You're staying." It wasn't optional. She sighed as the blond curled up into a ball and looked sad. "Do you really want to get rid of me that bad?"

Sakura's eyes softened again. "Look, Can you please do it for me? It's not that I want to leave you, but I'm going to have to anyway, school and all. Besides, I'm going to visit you soon. In six months."

Naruto looked like he was going to protest, but stopped, and sighed. "Fine, fine. For Sakura-chan." He murmured gruffly.

"Thanks." Sakura lead the blond to Sasuke who was watching them. He couldn't hear what was said between them, and what made Naruto so sad, but Naruto looked defeated, so he was going to stay with him. Definitely. Shivers went up his spine at the thought of the beautiful boy staying with him, and he smirked. Naruto refused to look at him, and Sakura bowed, "This will be your new servant, Uzumaki Naruto."

Naruto suddenly found the wall next to him very interesting.

"Well, I have to go now! See you soon, Sasuke-sama, Naruto!" She walked out the door, giving them a little wave before leaving.

Naruto suppressed the shiver as he felt the other boy scan him. He snapped, his face red, "WHAT?"

Sakura was truly gone. She had left him with a perverted bastard that'll probably molest him for the next six months. Ugh. Horrible.

Sasuke got up, and Naruto stumbled back, "Wh-What do you want? Don't come near me!"

Naruto shut his eyes as he backed away into a wall. Sasuke's pale hands were…petting him?

"Hey, does it hurt here? You got hit twice on the same spot."

Naruto lied, "No."

Sasuke poked the spot, and Naruto yelped. "Owie.."

Sasuke watched in fascination as Naruto's boyish face turned child-like, with tears and a blush and everything. He was so adorable.

Sasuke smirked. "To ensure that I'll know everything about Sakura, we will do everything together. Eat together, walk together, sleep together, and bathe together." He was grinning, and Naruto's eyes widened. "P-pervert!"

Sasuke wanted to make sure that he'd be with Naruto every second. Why? Because he was his for the time being. And he didn't want others to take advantage of his innocence. He had no idea why, but he was somehow more attracted to Naruto more then he should. The blond was very intriguing. At least now, he had something that was his own, and not Itachi's. Before he could stop himself, he placed a gentle kiss on the spot where Sakura had punched. Naruto's big blue eyes widened a fraction, and his face reddened a deeper crimson. Before the Uchiha could do anything more, Naruto scooted away from him, and demanded, "Why did you do that? You're Sakura's future husband!"

Sasuke looked bored. "Who says?"

Naruto's eyes widened (His eyes have reached the size of plates.). "Sakura told me to tell you about her. That's why I'm here!" 'That asshole! He's using Sakura as an excuse to molest me!' Surprisingly, the thought didn't creep him out. He never felt wanted before.

Sasuke smirked, "That's what she thinks."


Sasuke locked gazes with Naruto.

"You're here…to please me."

To be continued…

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