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"Ne, Daddy…Do I look like mom a lot?"

Blue eyes glanced at him briefly, before returning back to his paperwork. There was a touch of sadness in his voice.

"Why do you ask?" He still smiled. Suddenly, Naruto saw how much older his father had become.

"Dad…looks sad these days. Especially when he looks at Naruto." Naruto flailed his arms around to liven up the mood.

His father's eyes widened. He pushed his glasses back onto his nose as he softly smiled at his young boy.

Naruto looked away shyly, but their eyes connected when he said,

"Dad thinks of mommy a lot."

'Naruto's still such a child.'

The taller of the two laughed loudly. Naruto's look of nervousness melted away, and a wide smile was placed on his lips. 'But, he's intelligent…'

He brought the young joyful boy to his knee.

"You…look like your mother only a tiny bit. You have her small body. You have her wide eyes. You have her lips. Your tan skin looks like hers too." With each comparison, his rough fingers brushed against Naruto.

Naruto's bright blue eyes gleamed. "R-really? Is…Is mommy pretty?"

His father pulled him into a hug. "Yes." He quietly said.

"She's beautiful."




Chapter 5

"Court…Is in order." Sasuke's father was sitting right in the center of the gigantic and lavish room. His chair was the highest of them all. His voice was cool and dangerous. Even though he had uttered those words quietly, the loud room instantly became still.

Fugaku cocked his head towards the guards who seemed to appear out of nowhere. The members shifted their feet uncomfortably. What was happening? Ominously, the large skies seemed to darken, dimming the room considerably.

Sasuke and Naruto were both on their seats. Sasuke was cold, seemingly devoid of emotion. His glances at his servant went unnoticed. His frowning exterior darkened even more. Naruto looked intensely at the masked guards as they made their way to that woman.

She lifted her chin a little bit, alert that something was going to happen. Her blindfold didn't stop her from realizing she was going to be moved to the center of the courtroom. A small grin placed its self on her lips. About time…she had fallen asleep in the dark corner anyway.

She didn't move in shock as the guards roughly lifted her chair, which she was chained to. She was promptly dropped in the center, and that annoyed her. How rude!

Her blond pigtails stopped swaying.

"Shall I unlock her, Fugaku-sama?" One of the guards asked.

"No. I'll do it, thank you." Fugaku gave him an empty stare. The Guards bowed and left the room.

Pink lips parted, smiling. "Fugaku, are you planning to release me?"

Fugaku glared at the blindfolded lady. "I did not give you permission to speak, Tsunade." His voice dripped with venom.

The woman did not say anything. The hint of a smile was still on her face. Sasuke grimaced as his father's face darkened. This woman was pretty stupid. If she kept on pissing him off like that, there would be no chance of her survival. With his father's short temper, he was already surprised he hadn't begun any type of unreasonable torture. He frowned. What was going on, anyhow?

Naruto frowned at the busty woman. There was something about her…

Fugaku stepped in front of her and tore off the blindfold, only to see her light brown eyes glare at him. Fugaku was taken back at the amount of venom she had in her eyes. He knew that she was somebody usually not messed with.

The glare was quickly gone, and she smiled sweetly.

"Fugaku. What am I doing here?"

"You mustn't be excited, Tsunade." He took out a parchment from his shirt and unrolled it. "Be patient. I will make sure to point everything you've done throughout the years."

Tsunade was still smiling, and there was a sharp twinkle in her eyes. "Before or after my unreasonable imprisonment?"

"All of it. I do believe you meant reasonable imprisonment."

With certain levity, she replied mockingly, "I do believe I meant what I meant."

Sasuke felt a sudden awe for this woman. She was incredible and stupid all at once. He had never gotten enough courage to speak to his father like that, and he was the prince. Now there was this woman who had been in prison for years-She wasn't going to give someone she didn't like respect, although he was royalty. Although Fugaku's power didn't alarm her at all, he still had such a grasp over her life. Sasuke narrowed his eyes at her, wondering what she was going to do to get out of his father's clutches. She definitely wasn't concerned about winning over Fugaku.

Naruto stared at how intense the King was. He then glanced at the busty female. Why was she being so carefree? Was she dumb?!

"I'm getting bored. Please tell me what I did wrong."

Fugaku stared down at her for a few awkward cold seconds. "You're only rushing your death." He finally said. A sneering glint was in his eye. Tsunade didn't say anything.

"A month ago, I found several prisoners dead. Some of my sources say it's you. Your cell is right next to the victims."

"Did you forget, dear Fugaku? The cells are locked."

"I've infiltrated some of the guards. You were quite a favorite amongst everyone, and I discovered they allowed you freedom."

Tsunade eyes dimmed. She worried for the guards. "I did nothing wrong." She said, her tone leveled.

Fugaku continued to read matters against her, crimes she did not commit. Tsunade was quiet. However, the animosity radiating off of her was hard not to miss.

"I also read some of your past affairs."

"Oh, Really?" Her tone was feigning interest.

"Yes. You've quite a background, don't you?" Fugaku stopped in front of her, leaning over her, forcing eye contact.

"As interesting as a person with amnesia can get." Tsunade remarked quietly, serious. She looked back, unblinking.

"You were found twelve years ago-"

"Eight of which, where I had resided in prison unrightfully." She interrupted, her amber eyes flashing.

Fugaku gave her a hard glare.

Sasuke shivered. Why was he humiliating her so, when he could just kill her? Well, his father was attempting humiliation anyway. Humiliation was only required when a prisoner absolutely refuse to tell a secret. It was used to break somebody, to their last hold of sanity. His father wasn't good at it, but why was he trying to reinforce it on this women? Still, the awe fear he had of his father didn't waver; he was awfully frightened of him. Yet he hated him. Why was he still so unworthy in his eyes?

Naruto felt sympathy. Staring intently at the blond, he felt something draw her in.

Amnesia. He felt bitter. How he wished he had that.

"You reside in prison for many crimes! I pity fools like you, who refuse to see the truth!" Fugaku roared. Impatience! This woman was so stubborn!

Tsunade thundered, "You have no right to say any of those things! What crimes have I committed?!"

The courtroom became quiet. The silence was deafening.

She muttered darkly, "I am no fool."

Fugaku was red in the face, but he refused to allow her to irk him further. Ignoring the words she said, he continued. "Your host family found you in the snow. You're injuries were substantial. Even with powerful medicine, you were fully healed after two years."

Tsunade looked sad. "Somebody like you will never be able to understand the pain of not knowing anything, not knowing something so needed, your identity."

Naruto smiled ruefully.

Murmurs went around the large room. Fugaku cleared his throat, continuing. "You immediately pursued a medical life, working with the family. Your knowledge for medicines came 'naturally.' You took the name 'Tsunade.' You healed within the host family, thanking them."

"I believe I was a medical worker, in the past. And Tsunade is my name. It is the only thing I am sure about." She looked helpless, but strong. Admiration for the woman rose in Naruto's heart.

Fugaku ignored her. Naruto tensed in his seat. God, was this guy annoying as hell! Why was he being so unsympathetic and dumb?!

"However, soon after, people accused you of witchcraft. You healed, but many of your patients died in your hands. The newly acquired husband you had fallen in love with, died suddenly, under mysterious circumstances. Apparently, you-"

"Don't you dare! Don't you dare say that about Dan! I would never kill him! I loved him, you wretch of a man!" Her voice cracked with fury and depression.

"I will never kill somebody….who has helped me." She whispered remorsefully. "I would never kill innocence."

More murmurs and whispers stirred along the crowd. Fugaku looked surprised at the outburst. Sasuke and Naruto looked at each other.

Fugaku compose himself, straightening his shirt. "How do you explain all the accusations and murders?" He sat down on a the high chair.

"There was a rival medicine family, and I was taking everyone's business away. I healed impossible cures. I was famous, for a little while. I have no right to accuse anyone-the last thing I want to do is to be like them…but it cannot be more obvious. They staged my downfall. My two years of happiness, everything! They took it from me!"

She was hysterical. The Guards appeared in front of Fugaku, who looked stoic and collected as ever. However, if one would take a peek at his eye, they'd immediately notice…there was rage and bewilderment that was surfacing. The room was loud with speech, form all of the court members. Naruto looked around, eyes wide. "Sasuke…!" He said urgently.

Sasuke could do nothing, but give him a reassuring look. He glared at the center of the colossal room. What was going to happen? Edgy emotions were begging to be freed.

She hissed, the rope behind her struggled. "They aren't that different from you, Fugaku. Do you have something to blame me for…? Is it because, after opening young Itachi's mind, you grew jealous? Is it because, you blame me for his departure? Itachi was always unhappy. That was why he came to me." Her voice was dark and cruel. Jocularity was evident in her amber eyes.

Fugaku's eyes widened at the name of Itachi. Bitter rage pricked him, foreboding what would happen in a few moments time.

"It must hurt, when you think about it. You must know it, too. Doesn't it make you feel so much regret, when your own son left you? Doesn't it hurt when you realize, everyday, that he left…BECAUSE OF YOU??" Her voice rang with icy laughter.

Fugaku rose from his chair, his face blanched. Anger, embarrassment, and mortification were in his eyes.

"OFF WITH HER HEAD!" He shouted. His face pale with passion, he pointed a finger at the smiling offender.

Sasuke looked in shock. Naruto gasped in shock. "NO!" He stood up, glaring at the king. "YOU CAN'T KILL HER…YOU-! YOU-!" He could not find the words for such a repulsive man!

Naruto's outburst caused the room to be more tense and frenzied.

Sasuke looked around. Women were distressfully yelling at each other. Things were getting out of control. The gentlemen were arguing with other gentlemen. He was afraid fistfights would suddenly start. What was going on? A blur of confusion passed a long the crowd and the pulsing throng got more panicky. Shock that words were so direct to their respectable king was swirling. However, the shock that the words said were possibly true seemed to have a greater effect on the people.

Sasuke didn't know what to do. He didn't realize when he stood up. Before he could stop himself, he yelled, "STOP!"

Time seemed to freeze. Silence greeted him. It was the first time they heard young Sasuke say something so clear and loud. Naruto, who had been shouting, looked up at him, equally surprised.

Feeling eyes on him, he cleared his throat awkwardly. Steady, he told himself. "We all have had a rough morning. Why don't we go have some breakfast and sort out this confusion? Let us rest, before we do anything brash."

The members nodded, tired. Fugaku looked in shock, as his people began to disappear from the large arena. Sasuke refused to look at him, exiting as well, with Naruto. He knew his father would question him of his actions. His father was in a bad mood; another thing he was wary of. He knew he'd be confronted, sooner or later.

Still, he felt a good type of lightheadedness he never felt before. He realized he was proud of himself. His heart was drumming.

Sasuke and Naruto ended up in the same Tea room as before. As soon as both collapsed on the cushioned-seats, Naruto gave him the brightest smile he had ever seen.

"T-that! That was absolutely amazing, Sasuke!" Naruto yelled. He hugged Sasuke, wrapping his arms around his head.

Naruto's heart was thumping a thousand miles per minute, he felt so proud of Sasuke. He thought the bastard froze up, the way he was just sitting there when the ruckus was happening. He had no power to control the crowd, he was no prince. But Sasuke used his power, and they listened to him. That was amazing! Of course, he knew he'd have acted faster if he was the prince…so Sasuke wasn't that great! He wasn't! Naruto smiled.

He was. A little bit.

Still…He withdrew his arms slightly, and kissed his jaw. Sasuke's eyes widened. Naruto turned pink.

"Don't look at me like that! You deserved it, you pervert!"

Sasuke touched the part softly. "I'll give one to you too." Leaning over, he kissed the unsuspecting Naruto on the crook of his cheek. Naruto blushed, rubbing the place.

When Sasuke took his lips from the soft tan skin, there was knock on the door. He got up, straightened himself out, and opened the door. Hard eyes met with his. Naruto glared at him, but Fugaku did not spare him any notice.

"Come in." Sasuke said.

Fugaku remained outside. "What was the meaning of that little outburst?"

"Nothing, Father. Everyone was tired, and it seemed like the right thing to do. Fights were going to break out if somebody didn't do something."

Fugaku stared at him coldly. Sasuke returned the gaze.

"How old are you this year, Sasuke?"

Sasuke told him.

Fugaku looked surprised. Sasuke inwardly glowered. He was probably thinking how old Itachi started receiving his court cases. He hated being compared to his brother. Nobody ever saw his worth.

Fugaku looked at him closely. Then he said calmly, "I will give you this one chance to do the right thing. I will be handing you this case. Do the correct thing. Do what Itachi would've done."

Both boys looked surprised. "Pardon?" Sasuke asked.

"The case is now yours. I am getting too riled up for any type of meeting with that woman!"

Fugaku turned away briskly. Down the hall, Sasuke heard his voice.

"Remember…it is she who made your brother leave."

Sasuke stared outside for a moment, awestruck. Closing the doors behind him, he sank next to Naruto, meeting eyes with him.


Sasuke glanced at the speaker of the urgent voice. He was slightly taken back at how serious the blond looked. "We have to save her, Sasuke. I know for sure it isn't her fault your…brother left." Naruto didn't know Sasuke had a brother. He had never mentioned him before. He looked at the floor, puzzled. What had happened? He glanced up.

Sasuke closed his eyes. He used to hate it when he never had a decision to make. Every case or important matter was handed out to Itachi. Sasuke had wanted responsibility. Why was it that when he finally had what he wanted for so long, he didn't want it anymore? Did Itachi feel it too? This type of pressure. He didn't want to kill anybody, even unintentionally. He was too afraid. He hated this side of him, but he didn't want to be responsible for something so precious, a life.

The bright blue eyes pleaded. Sasuke stared at him lazily.

But he wanted to do the right thing.

"All right. I'll save her."


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