Sora was cute when he slept, but he snored like a buzzsaw.

Riku frowned at his friend, where the younger brunet lay on the floor. The kid had fallen asleep over three hours ago, with his covers barely on his stomach, and bare legs sticking out in the weirdest positions. As soon as Sora had conked out, he had began that awful snoring, as he usually did.

And it kept Riku, who sat on his bed, awake the entire damned night. It was already four o'clock in the morning. The silver-haired boy crossed his legs again, resting his elbows on his thighs with his chin in his hands as he stared down at his best friend.

Stupid, stupid Sora. His best friend never enabled him to sleep. Riku had half a mind to take his pillow and smother Sora. Really, he was just about to do that when Sora abruptly stopped snoring.

Riku frowned, slightly. Sora never stopped snoring. Maybe he had unwittingly choked on his hair or something? Quietly, Riku crawled off of his bed and made his way over to Sora. Even in the bleary dark, Riku could see that Sora had his face in his pillow, and that had muffled any noise the brunet could make.

"Idiot," muttered Riku, wondering if Sora could breathe properly in that position. Riku reached out a hand to grab the boy's shoulder, and pulled him onto his side. Upon doing so, he discovered that Sora's pillow was completely covered in drool. "Oh, ugh."

"Bunnies..." Sora giggled, still utterly asleep and sporting a trail of saliva from his lips. Riku raised an eyebrow. Sora didn't often sleep talk. Maybe he was getting sick and delirious? The little brunet suddenly latched himself onto Riku's neck, nuzzling his face into the boy's chest. "You're a soft bunny! Big… bunny."

Riku groaned. "I'm not a bunny…" he whispered to no-one in particular. Of course, the sleeping Sora didn't hear, and just kept snuggling the 'bunny'. Really, Riku didn't mind the contact. Sora was always a snuggly person, and usually latched onto Riku for no real reason.

"Buuuuuh-neeeeeee," gibbered Sora, tittering eerily in his sleep. Okay, he needed to get away from Sora, concluded Riku. The kid was creeping him out. With the errant urge to get up and run away as fast as he could, Riku wrapped his hands just above Sora's elbows, intending to pull the boy off of him. The brunet gave something of a groan of protest, and didn't let go. Instead, he tightened, slithering up into Riku's lap, pressing his entire body against him.

The silver haired boy froze up. He could feel the outline of Sora's body against him, through that thin, worn-out shirt that Sora insisted on keeping because it was from Riku. Sora really was an incredible best friend.

"No, don't go away," Sora pleaded in his sleep, tightening his arms around Riku. "Who will I play with if my bunnies are gone?" The older boy couldn't help but feel a little loss, himself, because of the mere sorrow in Sora's tone. His friend never did like being alone.

"Fine, I'll stay," muttered Riku, lowering his arms. The comatose Sora nuzzled further into Riku, and began to snore, again. The older rolled his eyes, lowering his body slowly so as not to wake Sora. As his back hit the floor-mattress, Sora straightened out his legs, half on Riku's body.

With his head on the pillow (carefully avoiding the drool-spot), Riku used one hand to pull the blankets over his legs, and most of Sora. Despite the fact that he wasn't completely covered, Riku still had Sora to use as a make-shift blanket.

Riku sighed, closing his eyes. It'd be hard to sleep with a buzzsaw as back-ground noise.

Sora yawned, pulling his face off of Riku's chest.


Riku's chest?

Sora squeaked. Loudly.

It woke Riku up. Quickly.


Riku sighed. Maybe if there was a real buzzsaw around, he'd use it to cut Sora's head off.