Freespace: Hopesfire Prologue

Greetings! My name is Tommi Honkala, alias Merlac, a 20-year-old student from Finland. Though Freespace is already a rather old game, it still represents certain strong parts of my imagination.

My previous Freespace-story, the Legacy of the Destroyers, was my first attempt in creating a versatile science fiction story with my own terms that takes place in the Freespace-universe, but I decided to discontinue it due to lack of time, imagination and satisfaction towards the story itself.

Freespace: Hopesfire is my latest piece of imagination, taking place six years after the destruction of Capella star in the aftermath of Freespace 2. I emphasize that this story will contain certain liberties, so I hope you are understanding enough to respect some "inaccuracies". However, I will try to refer all historical data from the Freespace-series as accurately as I remember.

Please, express your comments and let your imagination fly. This story will suit also those, who haven't played the Freespace games, but still enjoy some forms of science fiction.

Thank you,

Tommi Honkala