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I'm My Daddy's Son

The small boy with midnight hair watched the memorial silently

His mother was shaking and sobbing beside him

He didn't know what to do

It had been six years since the day

The day that his father never came home

The day that his mother had her heart torn apart

It was supposed to be a routine mission

But he was ambushed

They were going to try and take the village

Under the order of their leader

His uncle apparently

He had never met the man

But his father had killed his uncle

To protect the village

To protect his wife

To protect his son

When the news came he was too young to understand

But he figured it out

When every year he and his mother came to grieve at the memorial

His father was a hero in the village

One of the great Uchiha clan

The last member of the clan

Except for him

He was the only son of Uchiha Sasuke

And Temari of the Sand

They had fallen in love

And gotten married

Then he came

And everything was good

Until that day

When daddy didn't come home

He was able to hold his head high in the village

His father was the best

But the only thing was

Everyone who knew him could tell things about him

All he could do was say he heard about it

After all

He was just one year old

He barely remembered his father

The only thing he could remember was an image

His father's face

Looking down at him with a smile

Saying five words

' I'll be back soon, son'

Those words stayed with him

And he knew his father was watching over him and his mom

He loved his daddy

And would make him proud

After all

He was Uchiha Sasuke junior

His mother had named him after his father had died

Said that it would make him strong

And it did

He had just graduated from the ninja academy

He hoped his father knew that

His mother got up and took his hand

Giving him a warm smile she turned to walk away

Whispering as she went

' I love you, Sasuke, always and forever'

He looked at her curiously

She never got remarried

Never went on dates

She would wait until her time

To be with him

He smiled

' I love you daddy, thank you for saving the village'

As he and his mother walked away

He looked up at her

' I'm going to make daddy proud'

' I'm going to become a hero just like him'

' After all I'm the son of Uchiha Sasuke'

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