C L A S H . O F . W I L L S

a chaptered story by insensato

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a big thanks to abyssus angelus for the help! rachel is a forensic investigator, not pathologist

T H E . C A S T (to be updated)
K. Anders,
A. Garner, Chief
R. Grayson, Detective
R. Harper, Coach
G. Logan, Comedian
T. Markov-Logan, Housewife
B. Roth, Brother of R. Roth
R. Roth, Forensic Pathologist
V. Stone, Chef
S. Wilson, Convict
The man smirked evilly as he wiped the still warm blood off his weapon with an old rag. "Numbers five and six," he told himself as he put the weapon away into a large pocket in his jacket. He glanced over the dead bodies and smiled at his handiwork.

The couple lay together on the ground, their hands joined together across their chests. Their clothes lay neatly on their bodies. If someone had stumbled upon the two, that person probably would have assumed they were sleeping, albeit on a sidewalk. However their eyes were open, betraying the shock and fear on their faces. Plus blood oozed out steadily from the wounds to their heads, and a thin trickle of blood continued to stream out of the woman's mouth.

He laughed again and bent down, touching the stream with a glove-covered finger before bringing it to his nose. He sniffed and exhaled with pleasure. "Still warm." He then stroked the woman's face, almost lovingly, tracing a random pattern in her blood.

"What a night it's been," he sighed happily as he stole away into the darkness, careful to make sure no one saw. Not that anyone would anyway, he always chose the best locations in the city, popular enough that someone would eventually chance upon the corpses within a few hours, yet secluded enough at certain times so that he could do his handiwork in silence and unobserved.

"There's been another double homicide, third one in two weeks." Chief Andrew Garner grumbled. He was a middle-aged man, with balding brown hair and sharp brown eyes. He was a tough no-nonsense man but despite that image, he was very amiable and well-liked. For those who knew him well, he was a wonderful and loyal friend, always ready to lend a hand. For those who didn't, he had a stick up his ass and liked to boss around the subordinates and lackeys.

Rachel Roth sighed. "I'll be on duty Andrew, even though technically I'm supposed to be on vacation." She looked the part too, in a violet racerback top, a white cotton skirt and white sandals. Her shoulder-length black hair which shone purple in the light, was down and even a little wavy, deviating from her usual severe bun.

"Good. I only trust you to be thorough, everyone else does a slipshod job." He said, purposely ignoring the last part of her response.

Probably because they have lives and I don't, she thought sarcastically. "Thanks for the honor. Anyway, I'll forward the autopsy results to the precinct when I get back to the lab. Same cause of death, blunt force to the head with scalp contusions. I think it's safe to say you have a serial killer on your hands."

Garner shook his head. "Ugh. Well I've appointed a new detective to the case as Detective Hilton has been reassigned to a new precinct in Bludhaven. Shame to lose him, he was always so helpful."

"Fetching your coffee and dougnuts," she added dryly. "Let's hope your replacement isn't so docile."

"Ah only you can get away with insulting my personnel," the fifty-year-old chief laughed. "He happens to be a new transfer from Gotham, very respected and known for his dedication and passion in the field despite his youth. Especially considering how he grew up under Commissioner Gordon's tutelage. Speaking of which, he's due to come in a few minutes for a briefing. If you have time, feel free to stay and meet him, seeing as you'll be working with him closely over the next few weeks or even months."

Rachel shrugged. "I suppose so."

Garner looked up. "You don't sound very thrilled."

"I never sound thrilled," she reminded him. "Besides it's not everyday I get a call and have to cut my vacation short."

He laughed again, his hand resting on the handle of his favorite coffee mug. "You never get a moment's rest in this line of work, Rachel."

"I know, I know, but this is my first vacation in two years."

"You're only twenty four and already one of the best in the industry. We can't afford to lose you to a resort in the middle of nowhere--why, good afternoon Mr. Grayson!"

"Please Mr. Garner, call me Richard. It's a pleasure to be working with you on such a highly-profiled case," the young man said as he strode forward and shook the chief's hand firmly.

Rachel raised an eyebrow as she looked him over from head to toe. The man had raven-black hair that was styled back in a professional manner, and piercing blue-gray eyes. He wore pressed navy blue slacks, a light blue button-down shirt, a navy blue tie and black shoes. I thought I looked uptight, she thought as she appraised him.

Garner smiled. "Ditto. Rachel, this is how you should be addressing me."

She rolled her eyes. "Only if I wanted to suck up Andrew, which I never need to do."

"Actually I'm not sucking up," the detective interrupted. "I believe it's called pleasantries. Judging from that last exchange, something you rarely engage in." He smiled toothily, and she wanted nothing more than to sock it to him and perhaps break one of his dazzling white teeth.

"Is that so?" she asked coolly, an eyebrow raised. Cocky little thing. I ought to punch his face in.

Richard Grayson smiled mysteriously. "Who are you anyway?"

"Rachel Roth, forensic investigator."

"You certainly don't look like one," he commented. "I thought forensic investigators--"

"Well you thought wrong."

"She's back from vacation," Garner said, a small smile on his face. "Fiery little thing, but one of the best."

Rachel snorted. "Last time I read the papers, only the words 'cold like ice' were associated with me. And last time I checked I was just starting out, certainly not enough to warrant such empty praise."

"Certainly look the part, what with--"

"Please," she said dismissively. "Let's not flatter myself. Andrew, I'll be in the lab in two hours." Fixing him with a glare, she added as she walked out, "I have to unpack because of certain unforeseen circumstances."

"Great news. Now Richard, why don't you sit down and take out a notebook? There's a lot to go over and you're apt to be tired if you stand around all day."

"Will do," Richard said and pulled a chair up to Garner's office desk, which happened to be cluttered with paper and pens. "It was nice meeting you," he called out to the disappearing figure. "Friendly isn't she?"

Garner only laughed.

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