C L A S H . O F . W I L L S

a chaptered story by insensato

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Sunlight filtered in through the curtains, dancing upon the contours of the nestled bodies in the bed. Porcelain skin lay juxtaposed against olive gold skin.

Rachel stirred and then her eyes jerked open when she realized she was not alone. A pair of arms held her round the waist, their grip having loosened over the course of the night. Her eyes bore into a well-sculpted chest, and hastily, she glanced down at her own, expecting to see herself equally naked. However her black strapless bra was still on.

Rachel didn't dare lift up the covers that shrouded this mysterious man's and her lower halves. She didn't want to know. Her head throbbed and her mouth felt dry like someone had taken a cotton ball to it. Not knowing what course of action to take--it wasn't everyday you woke up with a stranger--she decided it was best to scream, so scream she did.

Instantly her companion leapt out of bed and grabbed for his gun that lay on the end table. He swung around, his body wound up like a clock, his fingers round the trigger.

Momentarily she stopped, shocked to realize that she had been sleeping with none other than Ricard Grayson. The sight of him, with tousled hair, clad in nothing but green silk boxer shorts would have been comical if the situation had been placed in another context. But the situation here was not a laughing matter.

"Richard," she said at last, as she got out of bed, her fingers clutching tightly the sheets round her nearly nude form. "I want to know what happened..." Her voice broke and it took all her willpower to not begin crying.

Richard blinked and then put the gun back on the table. He rushed forward to envelope her but she stepped back fearfully. "Oh my god. Rae, Rachel--I need you to hear me out for one minute--"

"You slept with me didn't you!" She whispered accusingly, her hands trembling with a mixture of shock and rage. She felt an urge to choke him, slap him, hurt him--how could he do this to her?

"No! I swear I didn't. Now please, clam down, and hear me out," he said in a pleading tone, as he tried to near her.

She shook but steeled herself. "A minute, a minute and no more," she allowed at last. Fatigue was beginning to overtake her. Immediately he took her into his arms, holding her tightly, before bringing her to the bed to sit. He sat next to her, and took her small hands into his.

"Rachel, look me in the eyes. I want you to know I'm not lying, I would never ever do anything like that to you." She nodded weakly and he continued. "Last night, you had too much wine and got drunk. I brought you home instantly. I gave you some water and then later I helped you out of your dress--it's hanging in the closet--and asked where your pajamas were. You were kinda out of it and I didn't want to snoop so I just tucked you in in your underwear. Afterwards I considered leaving but I didn't want anything to happen to you so I decided to crash on the couch. Anyway you woke up a few minutes later and started crying so I went to see what was wrong. You begged me not to leave you and..." he sighed, taking a breath. "I knew I shouldn't have, but I agreed to sleep next to you, because you were so upset. It didn't sit right with me to just leave you like that."

The ebony-haired woman could only stare at him wordlessly. Why would he do such a thing for her when she had been nothing but cold to him?

"For what it's worth... Rachel Roth, I am so sorry. It was bad judgment on my part and I totally understand if you're disappointed, and hell, disgusted with me. I'll keep our relationship strictly professional from now on." His stormy blue eyes held none of their usual glimmer and light.


"You didn't eat last night so at least let me make you some breakfast and then I promise I'll be on my way. I think I overstayed my welcome." He made to get up but she pulled back at his hand, stopping him.

"Thank you Richard," she said softly, looking him in the eyes. "It means a lot that you stayed with me, it really does."

He smiled gently. "Take a shower to freshen up," he suggested. "I'll see if there's anything I can make, otherwise I'll take you out for brunch since it's almost ten thirty anyway." With that he got up and pulled on his slacks. "Mind if I just walk around in this?" She nodded and he smiled and went over to kiss her forehead.

She watched his retreating figure. There was more to the cocky boy than met the eye and a part of her desired to learn more about him.

The man stared at the walls of the room which were plastered in pictures of young couples, giving the suggestion that the room belonged to a teenager, if it weren't for the several knives or darts that were embedded in foreheads or eyes. Red paint was splattered in random splotches, giving the illusion of blood.

"Young love is so pathetic," he thought sneeringly as he rubbed a leather glove tenderly. After months of use, the material had become soft and supple. He took good care of the gloves, making sure to keep them pristine so that they were spotless despite their gruesome usage.

He strode forward to another corner of the room, glancing upon an old news article: YOUNG GENIUS DETECTIVE ARRIVES IN JUMP TO JUMPSTART HIS CAREER.

"And here I was thinking I'd have to come find you, my little pet," he smirked as he traced a finger round the picture. A smiling black-haired man stood out from the rest of his colleagues in the yellowed photograph.

"Myself, eight; JCPD, zilch. Oh, what a wonderful world we live in."

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