((So wow, here I am after a long break. Well, I've had this idea bouncing around in my head for awhile now, I guess it's time to put in into words. It's a alternate universe fiction and slightly OOC Naruto...well, you'll get the idea soon enough. What exactly would have happened if Naruto had a teacher during the early parts of his life? Well, in my fic he gets one, just not the kind you would expect...anyway, enjoy!))

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Chapter 1: Of Dreamers and Rejection

It was raining...he always hated the rain. A young boy walking through the streets of Konoha muttering to himself, one question pulsing in his mind: Why? That was a question the five-year-old Naruto had been asking himself more and more these days. Why were people always so cold towards him? Why wouldn't his teachers help him? Why would he get chased out of the park by angry parents just because he had talked to another person? Why did they hate him so much...

Flash Back

A young boy sitting on a park bench was watching several children play kickball. He would be here every day, watching other people his age run and play, their parents talking amongst themselves. They would look his way from time to time, shooting him glares and whispering. He didn't understand it, why would they always stare at him that way? Why would..."OUCH!"

"Owwww..." Naruto rubbed his head where a red ball had just careened into him. He picked it up and was about to toss it back to whatever adult had just hit him when a little blonde girl ran up to him panting.

"Oh gosh, I'm sorry! That lazy Shikamaru wasn't watching where he kicked. You alright?" She asked as she shot a glare back at a shrugging boy with a pigtail. Of all the things running through Naruto's mind, this was the least expected. It was the first time someone had actually apologized to him, the first time someone had talked to him while he was there. This girl didn't call him names or tell him to leave. He recovered and nodded to the now smiling girl. He held up the ball to her and rubbed the back of his neck as she smiled at him.

"Umm, I'm ok. Here's your ball." He said, shifting from one foot to the other nervously as she took the ball.

"Thanks! Uh, well, see ya." She said as she quickly bowed to him and started to walk off. When she was several feet away she turned back to the boy as an idea hit her. "Hey, you wanna come play with us?" She said with a smile.

Before Naruto could exclaim a happy "yes!", one of the mothers ran over to where the two children were standing. She had a angry, yet frightened, look on her face as she stepped between the two blondes.

"Get away from her, you demon!" She exclaimed as the other parents started to walk over to the trio. Naruto cringed and started to back off. He was on the verge of tears and was about to shout back at the women when a rock hit him on the side of his head, sending him to the ground.

"That that, demon! Get out of this park and don't corrupt our children!" Came the cry from somewhere in the group. The little blonde girl looked at the boy with a look of pain and confusion, if not a hint of worry.

"But mom...!" She was cut off as her mother pushed her further back.

"No, Ino! Don't ever talk to this...this...MONSTER...again!" She turned back to Naruto, "And you, get out of here now!" Naruto was already on his feet running, whipping the blood away from his head. He barely heard the cries from the other children as he ran and he certainly didn't see the several ANBU swooping down on the crowd. All he could do is run, run away from the hate of the crowd.

End Flashback

The boy sighed as he walked down the main street of the Leaf Village. It had started raining soon after he left, the perfect end to a perfect day. What did I do? I'm...not a monster...am I? He wrenched his eyes shut as he tried to chase the painful thoughts away. He decided to head home, the only place where he could escape. He would almost be happy if he had someone to talk to. The old man is nice to me, he thought, He gave me my own house, apartment, so the people at the orphanage didn't hit me...

As he was thinking to himself, a door shot open out into the street where he was walking. He stopped and peeked inside before a old man crashed into him, sending both of them sprawling.

"You damned Samurai scum! Get out, we don't want you here!" Came a gruff voice from inside the bar. The old man muttered curses and grabbed his coat which was tossed out with him. He stood up on shaky legs as he used what looked like a walking stick to prop up on. Naruto also got up, rubbing his head. He looked at the old, and drunk, man that was stumbling off. The man took three or so steps before he fell over. Naruto was torn between running or helping when he remembered what was said to the man before he came crashing out into the street. "Get out, we don't want you here!" The words echoed through Naruto's head as he stood there watching the senior try to get up.

"He's...just like me..." The five year old quickly made up his mind. There was someone like him! Someone no one else liked. He quickly ran up to the man and slipped an arm around his waist, helping him stay upright. The old man looked down with dreary eyes at the young kid with wild hair.

"Uhhhhh...you ok, mister?" Hearing him mutter, Naruto took that as about as much of an answer the man could provide. He started leading him towards his apartment. "You're in bad shape, mister. I'll take you to my place so you can rest up, ok?" He looked up into the white haired man's eyes. Silently, the man nodded and walked along with the young man as the rain continued to pour. For the first time in the day, Naruto was smiling as they made their way towards the small apartment. One thing Naruto noticed, the people were glaring at him...but also at the old man walking beside him. This only made the blonde smile more. Finally...someone like me...