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Chapter 1

Ginny was sitting in the common room watching the new first years. Today was their first day back at school and everyone had just got back from the great feast. This year, five new students were welcomed into the Gryffindor population. Ginny was watching them experimenting with their new wands and it always brought a smile to her face to see such young people laughing and fooling about despite the war that the entire wizarding world was anticipating. Ginny, who was now in her sixth year had grown weary and almost wished the war would come sooner. She hated to wait on the edge of a battle knowing what would happen, knowing the death that would come, knowing nothing would ever be the same, even if the light side won, she just couldn't take it. Her smile soon turned into a frown, and she decided she might as well go have some sleep before her classes start. She knew it was going to be a hard year, plus, she had advanced potions with Snape.

One of the things that no one ever knew about her was that she admired Snape. She loved potions, and she was actually very good at them, but his class would still be hard on her because she was a Gryffindor, a Weasley, and probably one of the only Gryffindors who are even going to be in this class so that will make him go harder on her. But she could tell that he never really disliked her like he did her brothers, he wouldn't take pints off her and she had only gotten a detention once because she threw a poisonous ingredient that was extremely rare and expensive, at another Slytherin's face. Her brothers were highly amused by that.

Like usual, when she walked up the stairs to her dorm, no on even noticed. None of her supposed friends even batted an eyelash. She sighed and kept on walking. She went to the bed that had all her things at the bottom and plopped down with all her clothes on, and fell into a pleasant sleep.

Ginny didn't mind the girls in her dorm, there were only four others, they never talked to her and she wouldn't talk to them, they were still cautious of her even from her first year, all those years ago.

When Ginny was little, she used to wake up and go outside into the forest near her home, no one ever knew of these little escapades until she was nine years old, her brother Percy came back from an escapade of his own, with one of the girls from the town near by. Ginny was very surprised that night because she would never have expected him to be with a girl, but she soon got over it. They decided to keep each others secret, and since that day they had grown closer, knowing that they could trust each other. Sure Ginny loved her family, but she would always feel like the one who was the odd one out, or the one who was always left behind. So she learned to fend for herself and to be strong even in tough times. She would always like to play with Bill and Charlie because they were the oldest of the seven children, and they wouldn't single her out because of her gender, but the one who she really talked to with her heart was Percy. He was also the odd one out, and wasn't really a physical type of person. Both of them shared a fond passion of reading, which was very rare in the Weasley house hold. Percy would always teach Ginny knew things about life and nature; it was him who had encouraged her to keep up her visits to the forest. When he picked Fudge's side over the family, she was truly heart broken. Of course she could never remain angry with him, he had been the most understanding person in her life, and she figured this would be a time when he would need someone's support. They remained in contact for his entire time apart from the family, but after Voldemort made an appearance in her fourth year, he came back pleading his apologies, and he was welcomed back with open hearts form both her parents. The entire night Molly outdid herself in the kitchen and Ginny and Percy had their long awaited reunion, filled with tears on both sides.

Tonight was another of Ginny's odd nights. She woke when the sky was the lightest blue, almost a dull white colour, and put on her warmest cloak, which incidentally was a hand-me-down from Percy. She then walked out of the common room to the quiet halls. She made her way to the front doors and quietly pushed them open. The fresh air always awakened her and made her feel right at home. She decided to go for a little walk around the lake. She walked about a half way round, when she just couldn't resist and she climbed up a tree and onto its thick branch, over looking the water. She sighed a happy note and closed her eyes. Sometimes she would imaging herself as one of the mythical woman in the stories her parents would tell her when she was a young girl. She knew them to be foolish thoughts for a sixteen year old, but she couldn't resist. She wished she could swim in the lake and command the fish or be free in the sky, with no boundaries and be queen of the birds, but these were mere fantasies, nothing more. After a long time, the light was now clear and starting to warm her up, so she got down and walked the rest of the way around the lake and then back all the way up to Gryffindor tower to get ready for her first classes this year.

When she got down to the Great hall there were few students there, so she found herself a seat closest to the head table and started filling her plate full of bacon and eggs. In one way, she was a lot like her brothers. She liked her food, but she liked it in a little more refined matter. Professor McGonagall came around with the schedules and then she bid her student farewell. She looked over her timetable to see which class she had first. Divination.

"Oh boy." She muttered silently under her breath. She finished her breakfast and began the long walk up to the Divination tower. By the time she got there, she was surprised to see that a few students had actually got there before her, but of course, none of them had been in her house. She only knew one of them by name and that was Melissa Flint, one of the Slytherin graduates' sister. Fortunate for Ginny, she wasn't as bad, or as scary as the other one. She said a polite hello, and then continued to stare off into space. Fifteen minutes later, the rest of the class began to arrive and the famous ladder dropped from the ceiling. Ginny didn't mind this class; she just thought the teacher was an old crack pot. She climbed up the ladder and took her usual seat near the back and took out her text for this class.

"Hello, hello my dear students! It makes me feel so joyous that you could all come back to this class! Now, today we will be looking into crystal balls for review, and if you have forgotten how to use your inner eye, do not worry, it will come back to you as soon as you let it!" She said with that misty look that never leaves her eyes. Many of the students snickered at her, but every one soon got up to take a crystal ball. Ginny would always wait until every one had gotten theirs before she would get hers, due to the time in her third year, when she got shoved my some other student, and knocked an entire shelf of tea cups onto the ground causing them to shatter. Luckily for her, she only got one detention for that little incident. When she got her ball and took her seat again Professor Trelawney started up again.

"Every one, grasp your balls tightly," the whole class burst into fits of laughter, including Ginny, "and pear into the white mist and then look up the shape you see in the crystal!"

The whole class then proceeded to "grasp their balls", and gaze into the mist. The ruffling of papers, silent whispers and giggles could be heard through out the room. Ginny barely even touched the ball with the tips of her fingers, when it turned a jet black colour and drained the light from her corner of the class. She gave and abrupt shriek and let it fall onto the table, it gave a loud thunk and the class went silent as they all turned to look at her. Ginny was not one to make a commotion in class. She was oblivious to the stares and used the tip of her index finger to touch the now light blue orb. The same phenomena happened again, and she let out a strangled cry. She looked up to see the teacher looking at her in the most intense stare she had seen on the face of the normally misty eyes teacher. Every one in the class was wide eyed and staring with their mouths open. There was not a sound to be heard in the divinations class. Until the Trelawney broke the silence, ever head snapped towards her.

"Um...uh...did you...? How did...Can you show me again?" Ginny raised a shaking arm and touched the ball, this time it drained more light and faster. She quickly took her hand off and paled even more than anyone thought possible. "I-I'm terribly sorry, but this h-has to be reported to the Headmaster!" Ginny barely nodded before she was being led down the ladder, through halls, past classes, until they reached a stone gargoyle that Ginny remembered all too clearly from her first year.

"Smarties!" She said, and then the statue moved aside and let them through to the door of the Headmaster's office. They both walked up to the door and Trelawney knocked three times.

"Come in." Said the warm voice of the old Professor. "Ah, what can I do for you Sybil? And what is this, Miss Weasley? What is this about?" He said with that sparkle of humor in his eyes.

"Miss Weasley, why don't you show him why we are hear!" She said while almost going into hysterics. Ginny didn't even realize that the professor had brought the crystal ball until she laid it out onto his desk.

Ginny was hesitant, because she did not want to see what happened once again, but she looked up to see them both gazing intently at her so she once again raised her shaky hand and touched the ball. By doing so, the ball went black and a black mist formed around the ball and Ginny jumped back in fear. She looked down at her hand and saw that there was a dark tinged to her finger but it looked as if all her pores absorbed it, she looked at the ball and it had gone back to its blue colour, but was now covered in this thick black substance. Ginny felt her knees give out as she fainted.

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