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Chapter Thirty


Seven hours later, after a grievously long night, Severus made his way through his unsettlingly empty common room, up to the senior boys rooms, where he knew Draco and Virginia would be. He walked up to the door and knocked lightly, when he received no reply, he opened the door slowly, looking inside.

He gave a small sigh as he saw them, curled together, hands linked, both playing small smiles of contentment, on their lips. Severus watched the two bliss-filled pair, with a pang of envy and pride. The two of them had something he never had or though possible in a time as dark as this.

He shook those thoughts from his head, and he walked over to Draco to wake him up. He shook Draco's shoulders lightly, and spoke his name. The younger man snapped his eyes open, and Severus caught the glint of fear, and it made Severus wince at what this boy, who, overtime he had begun to think of as a son, had been through. The look passed quickly as he recognized his waker, and his surroundings. "What do you want?" he asked concerned.

"Dumbledore wants to see the two of you immediately... It's rather urgent..." he replayed the message Albus had given him not ten minutes earlier. By now Ginny had opened her eyes and sat up groggily. She stretched her arms above her head and yawned rather immodestly. Draco's face of worry and apprehension melted away and he gave Ginny an adoring smile, which she returned.

"Alright." he began, then got up off the bed, and went to find his shoes, "Severus, have you slept at all this night?" he asked with a concerned note in his voice.

Severus turned to away from the bed to reply by just shook his head indifferently. A hand on his shoulder caused him to turn back to the bed. He looked down into the warm, caring brown eyes of Virginia Weasley. "Severus, sleep." she said, and he opened his mouth the retort for a reason unknown to him, but she continued. "We all need sleep for the upcoming day, and with a prize on your head by most of the opposing forces, you need to be at your peak." she said oddly motherly.

His mind wanted to argue further, but his mouth and body disagreed. "You're right... Now go see Dumbledore! He's outside the front doors."

"Thank you Severus." Ginny said sincerely, walking over to Draco and slipping her hand back into his. They bid Severus farewell, and walked down through the empty common room. They reached the entrance, and turned to each other, staring lovingly into each other's eyes, not needing to say anything because they both understood.

Ginny stood on her tip-toes and brushed her lips gently over his, and then he pulled her into a tender hug. "Time to go." he whispered sullenly and the two of them let their power flare and they took on their God given appearance and they both split apart, but kept their hands linked between them.

They walked out of the common room, and made their way to the upper levels of the school, to the front entrance. The light outside was still gray, and the air frigid. The atmosphere was solemn and even though people rushed around making preparations, all was quiet.

Every one seemed a little less edgy when they saw the two of them, but they didn't seem any less anxious. Draco and Ginny finally got outside to the fresh air, where it tried to bite at their skin, but the magic coming from them caused it to lose its effect. They looked around for Dumbledore, but the only person outside they saw, was someone near the edge of the forest. They looked around once more, but decided they might as well try. As they got closer, they saw that it wasn't one person, but two. And only one of them could actually be considered a person, because from it's torso down, it was a mare.

When it saw Draco and Ginny arrive, it bent down in a low bow and Albus turned to look at the two of them. He gave a nod to signal his greetings, and they returned it. The centaur rose up to its full height again and spoke to them as they came within hearing distance.

"Greetings my Lady and Lord; I come bearing gifts from the forest." he informed, as they walked up to him. He opened his hand and showed two pairs of silver gloves. Only the gloves were not made out of any material known to man. Draco was the first to touch it and as soon as his fingers came in contact with the material, he felt the familiar tingle of magic, and he picked two of them up with his hands and studied them.

Ginny followed, and when she touched them, then only thing she could say about the texture was that it felt like liquid silk only softer. She felt the same tingle of familiar magic. The two of them were at a loss for words, so they only looked to the centaur to find them.

"These gloves are woven from the roots of the Arlyn tree in the centre of the forest. They have resided in our care for over thirty centuries awaiting the arrival of the Chosen. Use them, in time of war." He explained with a slightly solemn voice.

Draco couldn't wait any longer, so he slid his hands into the gloves and felt the magic flare to life. It was waiting for him to call it into use, and he let a stream of it flow out into the air and the gloves glittered brightly, before the glitter began moving off his hands and it swirled around forming a long point up above his head, that grew down in an arc towards his hands and once it finished in his grip, a string of light shot straight up from the bottom of the point in his hand, to the top of the point, attaching them. He was holding a beautiful long bow in his hand. The bow was a pale blue and some sort of ancient writing went down the entire length of it, glimmering, even in the shadows of the forest. The string had a glassy appearance, but that didn't alter its strength. When Draco looked down at his hands, he noticed that the gloves were gone. Everyone but the centaur looked at it with awe then he spoke again.

"The Arlyn tree is the oldest living organism on this planet, here long before wizard and man kind. Here even before the Gods. It holds the planets source of magic and keeps everything balanced. These weapons that have been given to you will merge the flow of magic in your bodies and allow you to harness it and make a physical or purely magical instrument for your use." As he finished speaking, Ginny placed her hands in the gloves and they did much the same thing, only the spark of glitter started by her feet, then coiled around twice, then it came up to her hand and Ginny felt a grip of sorts form in her hand. Then in a matter of seconds, after a loud sound as if a match had been struck, the coil burst into white hot flames. In her hand was a lethal whip of fire from the earth's core. As with Draco, her gloves were gone, and after inspecting, the handle of her whip was the same colour as his bow and had the same runes etched all over it. She grinned.

"You will not be limited to these single weapons; this magic flows to your will and be in you absolute control." Ginny looked at her whip with fascination, but she wanted to try something. The whip began twitching strangely, then it transformed into a long sword in one fluid motion.

Draco shared a glance with her, and they both smiled to each other warmly, before Draco's bow seemed to melt back into his hands and reform the thin silver gloves. Ginny did the same, and once she was done, she couldn't help but flex her hands as the energy flowed layers beneath her flesh.

The centaur looked proudly at the two of them and they both knelt down on one knees and bowed their heads in respect. "Thank you, friend." Draco exclaimed sincerely.

"This is not all that you are to be given." he explained, and as if on cue, two of the purest white unicorns came trotting out from the cover of the forest to greet them.

They inclined their heads as a show of respect, and Draco raised his hand and touched the nearest of the two. He felt a wisp of magic flow into his finger tips, and he understood that they were saying 'hello'.

"These two are the princes of the unicorns, and they have come to take you to your next bequest." a moment of pause. "They ask you to climb on their backs and ride with them through the forest." Draco and Ginny turned to Albus, whom they had momentarily forgotten was there.

He looked to the two of them with an expression of pride and regret as everyday of their lives as children were taken away, but when he looked in their own eyes; he saw nothing regretful, only fierce passion and love. He smiled.

"Albus, go back to the castle and rest." Draco commanded kindly.

"We will be back before the battle." Ginny finished, and she swung her leg over the unicorns back, and pulled herself up with ease and grace. Draco did the same, and before Albus could say anything more, they were galloping away into the darkness of the forest.


They galloped on for who knows how long, but the forest seemed to welcome them. The forest became lighter and a warm glow appeared, even thought the sun could not penetrate through the leafy cover. The deeper they went, the warmer the air grew. And no matter how fast the unicorns galloped, the ride remained smooth, unlike the horses muggles use. Ginny would have dozed off had they not started to slow, then finally come to a complete stop. Draco jumped off, then came over to help Ginny. The unicorns watched them and they understood that they were meant to continue. They dropped to a low bow and sent a string of magic to show their appreciation, then they continued on alone.

They walked together, hand in hand, letting the absolute silence of the forest wash over them. Over half an hour of walking uphill, they finally came to a small rocky hill. They wasted no time in climbing up.

When they reached the top, they found themselves standing on a large, flat plateau... and they were stunned. In every direction, the forest fell beneath them and they could see no border to it. This was the centre and peak of the forest.

A strange noise from behind them startled them after being in absolute silence for so long. They turned quickly to see a magnificent beast approaching from the opposite side of the plateau. At first it appeared to be a giant eagle, but when they hind legs came in view, they realized how wrong they were.

What stood before them was a Griffin. "Hello Children of the Wood." it said in a majestic voice, but they were once again startled, for its mouth remained still. "You shall receive the final gift bestowed upon you from the mighty Mother of this Earth. Now turn your backs from me and look to the rising of Her Sun as I shall cleanse you wholly." it explained and they did as it commanded.

The sun shone with its golden rays and it lit their faces. It shone over the tree tops, and sparkled with radiance from the drops of dew collected on the leaves. They let the tingle of warmth play against their face, and they knew true peace.

A whoosh of air from behind them followed by a searing pain cutting through their backs caught them off guard. The pain was hot and cold at once, as well as terrifying and amazing. No matter how many times they tried to explain it later, it never came out right.

A ripping sensation took over their bodies, tears coursed down their faces, and white light filled their eyes. In moments it was over and the Griffin addressed them again. "You may turn, Children." They turned back around and stared at the beast. "I have rid you of your human, impure flesh, so that all that remains is your Holy entities. You have been dressed in the skin of Gods." it stated, and before either of them could ask questions, Draco looked down and noticed his shoes had disappeared and before he noticed anything else he felt his shoulders tense uncontrollably, and he tried to stretch them out, but when he did, another strange noise followed and he turned back to see large serpentine gray wings protruding from his shoulder blades. Ginny looked at him with understanding as she expanded hers completely, admiring the dark maroon of her own. Each wing had a span of approximately three meters and the both of them started flapping them about to get the feel of them when they finally turned back to the Griffin, much to their dismay, it was gone.

"Well Draco, this is it." Ginny said at last turning to him.

"You're right... I can sense our time approaching." Ginny gave him a sad smile, then Draco collected her in his arms, and wrapped her in his warmth. Their wings made a sort of cocoon around them, and they shared their first proper passionate kiss.


Severus woke hours later in his bed, taking a moment to remember what was about to happen. He rubbed his eyes, and slipped out from under his heavy blankets. After wiping the sleep from his eyes, he grabbed his wand and put it in his pocket, then slipped into his shoes, and went outside into the corridor to help prepare. Most of the corridors were empty, and that didn't seem unusual, but when he reached the Entrance Hall, almost everyone seemed to be missing from there as well. Then he realized most people would be sleeping, or at least trying to, to gain their energy for the final battle. He turned back around and was about to return to his room, when his name was called out from the opposite end of the hall near the entrance doors. He turned back around and saw a young man, of about twenty years of age, jogging towards him. When he reached him, he stopped for a second to catch his breath and then he told Severus that there was something important he should see outside. Severus thanked him and made his way outside.

He was not the only one there. McGonagall and Flitwick, Arthur and Molly Weasley along with many other aurors and Phoenix members were looking towards the sky above the forest and pointing while murmuring between themselves. Severus followed their gazes and noticed two dark blots approaching quickly from the sky.

At first the two shapes were indiscernible, but as the forms grew larger, Severus felt a jolt of familiarity, and deep down he lost all sense of doubt. Before he even knew what he was doing, a smile crept onto his features, and he whispered out aloud, "It's them." Everyone looked at him in confusion, but they all eventually figured out what he meant. After watching in suspense, the approaching forms developed details, and all suspicions were confirmed.

Everyone was too stunned to react when Draco and Virginia flew over the edge of the forest and drew near with astounding agility. Once they were a mere twenty yards from the group of spectators, did they begin their descent.

The beating of wings set a ripple through the grass, and the two slowly let their cleansed bodies return to the soil. They landed with absolute grace, letting their bare toes touch the ground first, and the rest of their form followed fluidly.

Severus overcame his awe instantly, and walked hurriedly to the two of them. They met him halfway and before he could ask questions, Draco opened his mouth. "Voldemorts army is here Severus. They reached Hogsmede." His eyes widened in alarm.

"They will be here by nightfall."


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