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Bo and Luke Duke cruised along the back roads of Hazzard on a beautiful August morning, heading into town. Daisy had a list of things to pick up, and Uncle Jesse had some packages for them to pick up.

"Who do you suppose owns all the stuff that's been sent to Uncle Jesse?" Bo asked, glancing at his cousin riding shotgun.

Luke chuckled. "Someone from Arkansas who has a lot of stuff."

Bo frowned. "Who do we know in Arkansas?"

Luke shrugged. "Ain't any of our business, cousin. Come on, let's see if we can catch Cooter before he goes to lunch."

The General sped on, his occupants unaware of the horse and rider on a ledge of the steep hill they passed. The rider watched the General vanish in a swirl of dust before wheeling her horse around and kicking him lightly into a gallop up the slope.

Meanwhile, Boss Hogg sulked in his office. "There go them Duke boys again, Rosco, free as the air."

Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane shrugged. "They ain't botherin nobody right now, Boss." Flash sighed her agreement from her spot on the floor.

"Well, they're botherin me. Say…" a gleam appeared in the commissioner's eye. "If those boys where to be found with something like…oh, the contents of the armored truck on its way here this morning, why, we'd have a civic duty to take them into custody, wouldn't we?"

"Oh, I love how your mind works, little fat buddy!" Rosco said, for once catching on right away.

Boss looked at his sheriff. "Well, don't just stand there! Go write some tickets or something. And take that bag of fleas with you!" He shook his head as Rosco left his office, busily assuring Flash that Boss didn't really mean what he said. As soon as the door swung shut he picked up the phone, making a call to someone who owed him a favor.

About four hours later the boys were on their way back to the farm. They'd treated Cooter to lunch at the Boar's Nest in exchange for when he'd fixed up the General the week before. Bo drove on, unaware of what lay ahead waiting for them. He soon passed a dusty green car, hood up. A man tinkered with the motor, while another waited in the driver's seat.

"Reckon they might need a hand?" Luke asked. Bo nodded, cranking the General around. They slid to a stop behind the green car. Climbing out, they walked up to the front of the car. "You boys need a hand?"

The man under the hood straightened, sweeping a hand through his disheveled black hair. "Could use one. Me and Joe were passing through and all the sudden the car just started clanking. Can't find what made the sound, though."

Bo shrugged. "Well, start it up. Let's hear how she runs." Joe turned the key and the car rumbled to life. Bo watched the motor work, then turned to Luke. "I don't hear anything, do you?"

Black Hair suddenly grinned, an evil grin. "You must have fixed it. Let me repay you." In a flash he punched Bo hard in the stomach, and as Bo doubled over, Black Hair knocked him hard over the head. Bo sprawled in the road, unconscious. Luke started after the man but Joe had abandoned the driver's seat and caught him from behind. Struggling with Joe, Luke didn't see the other man grabbing a sack from the back of the green car. He didn't get too far before the sound of thundering hooves filled the air. The rider of a tall black horse leaped from the saddle, slamming the man against the car. His head hit the car's frame; he slumped to the ground, not moving. Luke wasn't doing well; Joe was a heck of a fighter. He ducked Luke's swing and delivered a solid hook to his jaw, knocking Luke off his feet. Dazed from the hit, Luke was surprised when Joe suddenly pitched forward, knocked out. Behind him stood a woman holding a long heavy log. She pitched it aside before holding a hand out to Luke. He took her offered hand, surprised at the strength that pulled him to his feet. Stumbling a bit, he leaned against her as she led him to the General.

"Stay here, Luke," she said firmly. However, when she went to check on the unconscious baddies, Luke hurried-as much as he could, anyway-over to where Bo still sprawled. Bo's breathing was shallow, but he didn't look that worse for wear. "He'll have one hell of a headache when he wakes up, but that should be it," the woman said. Luke looked up to see her leading the black horse over.

"Who are you? How did you know my name?" Luke didn't know that the slender woman with gold-sprinkled auburn hair had helped him and Bo out of a sticky situation.

"You can call me Emily," she said, hefting Bo onto the back of the horse.

"Whoa, wait a minute," Luke said, alarm growing in his voice. "He should get checked out at the hospital…"

Emily turned to him. "He'll be safe with me, Luke. I'll bring him back to Hazzard as soon as I'm ready to do what I have to do." Something in her eyes told Luke to trust her. She swung herself up behind the saddle. "Go back to the farm. Tell Jesse that an old friend is in town. He'll understand." Keeping Bo from sliding from the saddle, Emily wheeled her steed around and kicked him into a gallop, up the hill and out of sight.


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