"Hey Harry. Do ya know why I'm gay?" Ron looks up from the magazine he's reading and turns toward me.

"Because you like my cock up your arse and you like to put yours in mine, or maybe it's that you love the feeling of a hard body against yours and curves make you ill. Most likely, it's that I'm your best friend, your one true love, and you loved my soul before you loved my body. Well the body could be part of it, who couldn't love all of this." Walking over to him, I flex my "muscles" and strike a pose.

"No, no, no, those are all way too obvious. I'm a homosexual because I have five older brothers." My lover delivers this news with a completely straight face and I don't know how to react.

"Really? Huh, why is Ginny straight, or how about Fred? George is a flaming faggot and he has three older brothers… or is it four?" I question Ron as I climb into his lap, taking the magazine and putting on the coffee table.

"Well Ginny is a girl, and as such older brothers don't affect her. Fred is left handed and therefore none of these new scientific discoveries apply to him. It said so right there' he shuts his eyes and thinks, 'for every older brother a male right handed child has their likely hood of being gay increases by one-third. Something like that."

"Is that so? What about me then,I don't have any brothers and I'm definitely gay." I mumble the last part into his neck as I place kisses up and down his jaw.

"You Harry are an anomaly. I will accept all blame, after all who couldn't love me." Ron asks, right before he kisses me firmly on the mouth.

'Who indeed?'