Chapter : Thirteen?


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After rushing into the kitchen only to find the curtains ablaze, you could say that Sirius Black was not amused.

You could even go so far as to say that he was ... serious. (MUWHAHA. the pun. you knew i couldn't resist including. THE PUN.)

While Fred and George took care of the burning curtains, "Never liked them anyway George." "Nor did I.", Sirius turned to face the two at fault.

"GO. TO. YOUR. ROOMS. NOW." He growled, turning slightly red.

The two scurried away, fearing what their 'guardian' could do in this angered state of his.

Later said guardian calmed down - and went even as far as to go fetch the two and tell them dinner was ready, but they would not forget the terrifying look in his eyes.

And opted to stay in their rooms for the rest of the day, which was a very good idea indeed.

The next few days practically flew by without a hitch. 9 years old, 10 years old, 11, and 12.

Of course, there was the odd disaster here and there. Most notable was when Remus and Tonks took on George and Fred.

Sirius never really truly understood what took place that day, but he did know that Fred couldn't look at couches without flinching and George was oddly afraid of marshmallows.

But then again, those Weasley twins had always been odd.

Regardless, the house had remained relatively quiet and things had gone relatively well. Or at least until the eight day (12 years old) day, when realization dawned upon our favorite 'babysitter'.

After making sure that both Tonks and Remus were safely and soundly asleep, Sirius ventured down to the kitchen to have one last cup of tea before turning in for the night.

As he drank, he thought of the lasts few days. It had definitely been an adventure. Tonks and Remus were what.. twelve now? So they would be thirteen tomorrow. Only five more days left until he could have his friends back to normal.

Wait. Thirteen?

Swearing, he ran over to the drawer and pulled out some parchment and a quill.

Dear Hermione and Ginny...


"HERMIONEEEEE" The younger girl shouted as she knocked on the door.

"JUST A MINUTE!" Hermione shouted back. In less than thirty seconds Hermione stood in the doorway, dressed in pajamas and long black robes -which just happened to be a bit too long for her short frame.

"Hermione, are those Ron's robes?" Ginny eying the older girl suspiciously.

"Er.." Hermione stammered, looking as red as a Weasley, "Um.. would you believe me if I said no?"


"Well then, what was so urgent that you had to wake me up at 6:00 AM?"

Before replying, Ginny checked to make sure the hallway was empty. "Order Business. Sirius has arranged for us to floo to Grimmuald Place from Dumbledore's office in about.. ten minutes."

"Wait .Order Business? What kind of business?"

"He didn't specify, except that its only necessary you and I go."

"Oh. "

"We should probably get going."

"Er.. yes! Yes we should."

The two girls hurried off to the headmasters office, not wanting to be late for this 'urgent order business'.

"So.. Hermione?" Ginny asked as the staircase to Dumbledore's office was revealed. "What exactly are you doing wearing Ron's robes?"

"Good Morning Ms. Wealsey and Ms. Granger."

"Good Morning Professor," The two echoed back.

"Sir," Hermione paused. "Did Sirius mention anything about this urgent order-related business to you?"

"Ms. Granger, I can assure you he only asked me to have the floo network set up for you two. He did not give me any details on whatever reason he needs your help."

And with that the two girls took their turn, stepping into the fireplace and being sent off to the house at 12 Grimmuald Place.

"Hello Ginny, Hermione." Sirius looked distraught. "Wait... are those Ron's robes?"

Hermoine turned red once more, and promptly began to glare at Ginny.

"Okay. I'm not even going to ASK."

"Sirius, what exactly do you need our help for?" Ginny looked around Grimmuald Place - there were no deatheaters, no attacking monkeies, everything seemed to be as calm as it could be in such a place.

"Er.. well you.. er.. you two know about the predicament Remus and Tonks have gotten into, right?"

The two young witches nodded, both wondering where he was going with this.

"Well.. er.. today they're thirteeen.. and well er..."

"Sirius, just get on with it."

"Tonks is THIRTEEN."

Laughing, Ginny stared at the ex-Auror. "You called me and Hermoine out here, on 'Urgent Order Business' because you're not man enough to explain to a thirteen year old g-"

Before she could finished, a scream echoed throughout the Ancient (and VERY noble) House of Black.

"Well, just be happy we came."

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